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PerfTest in SOA
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PerfTest in SOA


Presentation done at the inauguration of the Colombo PerfTest Meetup

Presentation done at the inauguration of the Colombo PerfTest Meetup

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  • 1. Performance Testing in SOA and Enterprise Middleware By Charitha Kankanamge
  • 2. Heading….Agenda • SOA and Enterprise Middleware – Overview • Typical Server Performance patterns • Performance Test Environment • Open Source Performance Testing tools – Apache Jmeter • Open Source Performance Testing tools – soapUI • Monitoring tools
  • 3. Heading….SOA and Enterprise Middleware A Service Oriented Architecture is a set of components which can be invoked and whose interface descriptions can be published and discovered
  • 4. Heading…. of Performance Testing in SOA Importance • Higher level of integrations • Reusable components • Heterogeneous platforms • Cloud complexities (auto-scaling etc..)
  • 5. Heading….Server Performance • Latency – End-to-End processing time • Throughput – The amount of messages server processes during specific time interval Reference - http://srinathsview.blogspot.com/2012/05/how-to-measure-performance-of-server.html
  • 6. Heading…. Performance Testing Environment • Clusetered setup identical to production environment • Warm-up servers • Initial Tuning • Isolated Network • Disable unnecessary server features – e.g:- DEBUG logs
  • 7. Heading…. Performance Testing Environment • Allocate enough memory for testing tool • Tune open file limit in Linux • Run clients from separate machines • Avoid VMs (IO issues) • Run testing tools in non-GUI mode • Validate the stats given by tools by manual inspections
  • 8. Heading…. Java Bench • Java clone of AB (Apache Bench) • Simple Performance comparison tool • Lightweight tool without GUI
  • 9. Heading…. Apache Jmeter • Not a browser, no HTML rendering • SOAP/XML-RPC and Webservice samplers for SOA performance testing • Data driven testing
  • 10. Heading…. soapUI • Easy-to-Use, open source web services testing tool • Functional to Performance conversion in no-time • WS-* support • Pre-defined load test strategies
  • 11. Heading…. Analysis and Monitoring Performance • Tools provided by OS (e.g:- top) • Profiling Tools (e.g:- Jprofiler) • Monitoring tools (e.g:- Jconsole with plugins)
  • 12. Heading…. Q&A
  • 13. Heading…. Thank You! Charitha Kankanamge uoccharitha@gmail.com http://charithaka.blogspot.com