Leveraging Social Media to Drive FAFSA Completion - 2


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Sept. 18, 2012 presentation at NCAN conference in LV: Leveraging Digital Media to drive FAFSA completion

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  • Leveraging Social Media to Drive FAFSA Completion - 2

    1. 1. Digital Engagement:Leveraging Social Mediaand the Web to DriveFAFSA Completion Susan Thares| 9.18.2012
    2. 2. Federal Student Aid Objectives• Provide superior service and information to students and borrowers• Know what our customers want and ensure we meet their expectations• Be the most trusted source of federal student aid, information, and services in the nation
    3. 3. We Asked Ourselves….• How are we currently serving students and borrowers?
    4. 4. The Customer Experience
    5. 5. We Asked Ourselves….• How can we improve that experience?• What do our customers need from us?• What new delivery mechanisms do we need to add?
    6. 6. Integrated Student Experience (ISE) Federal Student Aid (FSA) launched the ISE initiative to establish an integrated, customer-focused web experience for students, parents, and borrowers to facilitate decision-making about funding a postsecondary education Simplifiesand streamlines FSA’s web presence by consolidating content from 14 websites and existing publications, and retired 5 websites in first phase Launches properties on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter; Accessible on mobile devices and tablets. Showcases FSA’s new look-and-feel.
    7. 7. Consolidating Websites FSA Gateway College.gov Student Aid on the Web Ombudsman.ed.gov Students.gov
    8. 8. Included in the Initial Release• Comprehensive information on federal student aid – from awareness, to application, to repayment• Serves audiences from middle school and parents to adults, applicants, and borrowers• Available in English and Spanish• FSA’s first mobile-optimized site to display on all devices• Links to FSA’s other key sites
    9. 9. StudentAid.gov Homepage
    10. 10. Spanish Homepage
    11. 11. Prepare For College
    12. 12. Types of Aid
    13. 13. Who Gets Aid
    14. 14. FAFSA: Apply For Aid
    15. 15. Repay Your Loans
    16. 16. Calculators Budget Calculator Loan Repayment Calculator
    17. 17. Infographics/Videos
    18. 18. Mobile-Optimized
    19. 19. Announcments & Links to Social Media
    20. 20. Online Listening How We Listen And What We Listen To Effects How We Strategize And Respond To OurSocial Mention Customers Identifying Key Customer Issues Radian 6 Listening To Our Customers HootSuite Creating Content Towards Customer EngagementSprout Social
    21. 21. Online Listening
    22. 22. Turning Listening into ContentFAQs
    23. 23. Customer Engagement• Listen for trending topics/questions and create generic posts to address those issues• Respond to Direct Messages when possible• Limited responses to posts/questions on Facebook and Twitter• Monthly @FAFSA Twitter Office Hours
    24. 24. Customer Engagement
    25. 25. @FAFSA Office Hours
    26. 26. Storify
    27. 27. Facebook
    28. 28. YouTube
    29. 29. Visual.ly (site for infographics)
    30. 30. July 2012 Social Media Report Retweets- How far is our tweet being spread across the internet? Mentions - We’re talking, but is anyone listening? Are they talking back? Links- What types of information is our audience engaging with?
    31. 31. Most Popular Tweets for July
    32. 32. New Media (as of 8/23)Facebook.com/FederalStudentAid Visual.ly/users/federalstudentaid Two Infographics: 14,000+ viewsYouTube.com/federalstudentaid The 2 new videos (Overview of the Financial Aid Process and FAFSA Overview) have had 20,375 views Twitter.com/fafsa Storify.com/fafsa 3,950 views of our stories
    33. 33. Building External Online Partnerships & Networks• Creating Toolkits for partner use Tweets & Facebook Posts Visual Engagement Articles & Blog Links Content (videos & infographs) Print Materials Awareness & Outreach Info (Presentations)
    34. 34. Connect With Us! PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE Federal Student Aid @FAFSA Federal Student Aid www.twitter.com/FAFSAwww.facebook.com/FederalStudentAid www.youtube.com/FederalStudentAid
    35. 35. Questions?