05. brand visioning


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Brand visioning by Tharaka Dias

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  • Escapism –indulging enjoyable activities, ignore unpleasant reality
  • Listen: understand customers needs, have a 2-way conversation, whether that is face to face, online or over the phone Respect: reward our customers and be sympathetic when things go wrong Love: choose wisely and work hard to keep them - motivate, empower Keep: Lack of hierarchy, freedom of expression, entrepreneurial culture, have a sense of humour, allow boundaries to be pushed So in real terms, here’s a couple examples!
  • 05. brand visioning

    1. 1. THARAKA DIASMBA(USA), BBA(USA), Dip in Mgt,ACIM(UK), FAEA(Dip in AEA-UK),FinstSMM(UK), CPM(Asia), MSLIM
    2. 2. Factors enhancing brand visioningUnderstanding a Brands Vision A dream of a brand A brand vision provides a sense of direction Brand visioning is all about considering how a brand could benefit its stake holders over along time horizon Characteristic of a successful brand is having a strong leader with a clear vision • Bill Gates – Microsoft • Virgin – Richard Branson • MAS – Dian Gomez AOT - www.tharakadias.com 2
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    4. 4. Brand vision is encapsulated with three main components1. Values – The accepted characteristics2. Desired future environment – How the world will be a better place as a consequence of the brand3. Brand purpose – The whole objective of the brand AOT - www.tharakadias.com 4
    5. 5. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 5
    6. 6.  It provides a richer array of ideas It makes staff more aware of the challenges and opportunities for the future It helps all employees better to understand the resulting vision It encourages staff commitment if their ideas are seen to be taken seriously It provides a stronger culture bond AOT - www.tharakadias.com 6
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    11. 11. Brand purpose reflects on the whole reason for the brands existence. Johnsons & Johnson – To alleviate pain & disease Walt Disney – To make people happy Nike – To experience the emotion of competing, winning and crushing competitors. BBC – To educate, inform and entertain AOT - www.tharakadias.com 11
    12. 12.  Re-conceiving the product/ service through  Radically improving value equation –HP printers to lazar jet  Separating function and form  Achieving joy in use –KFC using double décor bus Re defining market space through  Increasing accessibility – ex: 24 hrs banking via internet – HSBC  Striving for individuality; Mass customization – Levis jeans, Toyota Re-Drawing the Industry boundaries through  Driving convergence – 1. Automobile dealer offering leasing facility 2. Grocery stores offering financial services or credit facilities. Cargills loyalty/credit cards AOT - www.tharakadias.com 12
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    14. 14. A Brand is considered as a collection of values. Any successful brand would have and should have a collective values. Caltex- 5 stars of Caltex represents five different values GSK – Innovation, ethical Land Rover – Individualism, authenticity, freedom Virgin – Quality, innovation, value for money, fun, sense of challenge.For effective branding there should be low number of values underpinning the brand. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 14
    15. 15.  Values drive behavior – Internal perspective cluster of values results in specific behavior . Ex – Red Cross, they have 3 core values – humanity, unity, independence. Value relate to particular trait – thus customers choose brands that reflects the desired personality of the user. Ex – Nike Identifying the core values, helps an organizations to clearly differentiate the brand Ex- Nike  Authenticity – being real in the eyes of athletes  Inspirational – through emotional and passion for sport  Courage – convection to stand by beliefs AOT - www.tharakadias.com 15
    16. 16. Core vs. Peripheral values Core value of a brand Values that the brand will always stick to at any given situation and this will remain as the central most important character. ( Ex: Land rover – individuality, authenticity and freedom) Peripheral values These are secondary values that are less important to the brand (Ex: color, shape, size which are based on changing competitor environment) AOT - www.tharakadias.com 16
    17. 17.  Listen to our customers Respect our customers Love our People Keep It up! AOT - www.tharakadias.com 17
    18. 18. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 18
    19. 19.  The brand, representing a cluster of values, is ideally placed symbiotically to give meaning to employees and customers, to give staff a common cause, to provide them a meaning to come to work, to motivate them, and to gain commitment.“apple is all about people who think out of the box” AOT - www.tharakadias.com 19
    20. 20. HIntellectual buy in L L H Emotional buy in AOT - www.tharakadias.com 20
    21. 21.  Champions – Staff with high intellectual buy in and high emotional buy in Loose cannons – Staff who emotionally committed to achieve the goals of the organization, yet do not understand what the goals are. By standers – Knows what needs to be done yet they are less committed to achieve these goals Weak links – They neither has the emotional commitment nor the understanding of the firms goal. They are serious problem for any organization. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 21
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    24. 24.  What are the components of Brand Vision? Illustrated using examples of your Choice? AOT - www.tharakadias.com 24
    25. 25.  Brand Values Land Rover- Freedom, authenticity, individualism Brand Purpose Disney – To make people happy Desired Future Environment Striving for individualism – Levis, HSBC AOT - www.tharakadias.com 25
    26. 26. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 26