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Online Brand Audit
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Online Brand Audit


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 1. Official website analytics of Client and Competition 2. The Social Media Presence of Client and Competition 3. Sentiment of mentions (Positive, Negative, Neutral) 4. Brand score 5. Summary
  • 2. • Official website: Client website • Global Traffic Rank: 696,214 • Global Traffic Rank Status: LOW • Optimum Global Traffic Rank Range: <50,000 • Highest traffic from: India (94.6% of visits) • India Traffic Rank: 140,715 • Sites linking in: 18 • Click Stream: – Upstream : – Down Stream: NA
  • 3. • Official blog: NA • Latest post – NA • Technorati authority rating – NA • • Official Tweeter: NA • Latest tweet – NA • Following – NA • Followers –NA • Official Facebook Page: • No. of fans – 10 • Last post – NA
  • 4. Platform Mentions Percentage News 33 31.48% General Web 32 30.42% Blog 19 18.09% Twitter 19 18.09% Forums 02 1.92% Total 105 Mentions
  • 5. 5.73 14199 6797 Average Authority Followers Following 19 Total Tweets 20% 10% 10% 10%10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Top 10 twitter sources bloqcafycom smartinvestor probablytrippy slockezy picks mishaalhk preethz danfan simplication quickermaths mercuryman3a An authority ranking is between 0 to 10 with 10 signifying someone with very high reach and influence. This authority ranking is based on the number of followers, following, updates, and several similar measures. Twitter Acquisition Index 747.31 The Redigital Twitter Acquisition Index is a measure of dividing the total number of followers by the total number of tweets of a tweeter. The index represents how interesting or ‘viral’ (potential to spread) the tweets of a tweeter are.
  • 6. 16820 8 3.47 19 Total views Total comments Average Rating Total Favourites 1971 Total Duration (seconds) 09 Total Videos
  • 7. Fig: News sources which mention the search query most often and have an authority score of at least 3. 249 Top sources of News
  • 8. 2.10 30 Male Average Authority Average Age Over-represented Gender 19 Total Mentions An authority ranking is between 0 to 10 with 10 signifying someone with very high reach and influence. This authority ranking is based on the number of followers, following, updates, and several similar measures.
  • 9. 48 Positive 09Sentiment Negative 65 Neutral
  • 10. » BuzzGraph shows a visual summary of buzz around the searched query by listing the words that appear frequently along with the search query. » Association between different keywords is represented by edges between them which can be bold, simple or dashed based on the strength of association. » Strongly related words, which frequently appear together, have darker edge between them.
  • 11. Rank Brand Brand score Factor 1 Competitor 1 5254.44 Video uploads 2 Competitor 2 5065.22 Web mentions 3 Competitor 3 915 Web mentions 4 Client 669.82 Video uploads 5 Competitor 4 338.2 Video uploads 6 Competitor 5 69.07 Web mentions Brand score is calculated by adding the following factors where each factor has a different scoring metric: Alexa Ranking + Site Linking + Blog mention + News mention + Forum mention + General web mentions + Twitter mention + Video uploads + Video favourites + Video Comments + Facebook score
  • 12. Share of voice : – 75% of the mentions of the client are in general web compared to blogs, forums and Social Media. – Future activities should focus more on these platforms Influencer: – Influencer websites are the drivers of the conversations and linking back to their site and following them on relevant platforms can help increasing visibility of the brand. Twitter Acquisition Index: – Twitter Acquisition Index shows that the tweets that mentions the client were mostly relevant and people followed them. – Twitter Acquisition Index for the client is 501.33 and is considered to be good. Videos: – The total number of views for the 44 videos we analyzed is 20,782. – The average rating is low at 0.41. Highly-rated videos appeal to a specific group of individuals with related interests/tastes that tend not to represent the mass. – Videos with average rating probably appeal to larger groups of people that have more diverse interests, and this tends to bring down the average rating. Blog: – Average authority ranking of blog mentions is 2.77 which mean the overall influence and reach of the client on Blogs is comparatively low. – As the average age is 30 which is the clients TG and activities can be planned on the clients blog and website keeping them in mind.
  • 13. Sentiment: – Sentiment of the client on the entire internet is favorable as the mentions are mostly positive and neutral. – However there was one tweet which was found negative. This negativity can be handled by giving feedback and answers to the tweeters or the users. Popular phrases : – Popular phrases can be very useful while planning SEM campaign and also the content for the blog and the client website. Brand Score: – The client is 4th on the list. The factors that influenced the ranking are mainly Video uploads and web mentions. – These factors should be kept in mind while creating the website or any other similar activity
  • 14. Client v/s Competitors: Brand score: – The main factor for Competitor 1 to be at the top in the brand score is Video uploads and even for the client. – The client however has less general web mentions. On the other hand Competitor 2 and Competitor 3 have a good presence on the general web. Twitter: – Users are talking about the client in random tweets but a more integrated approach could be followed like creating an official Twitter account (as the client doesn’t have one) and following relevant people. – A content strategy to be followed to engage more followers. – Competitors haven’t done anything significant on Twitter so tapping this platform can play a key role. Blog: – Creating an official blog of the client and generating content around it. – This will help users to participate and getting involved. Videos: – Total 44 videos are related to the client but they are posted randomly by users. – A more efficient approach could be to create a dedicated YouTube channel for the client and adding all the videos in the channel. Facebook: – The clients Facebook page is inactive and has just 2 fans. – Facebook page could be promoted through the links on the official client website, twitter and blog for the recipe game application.