Ym2 elite program - asm 20 - thien an - nghi nghi


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Ym2 elite program - asm 20 - thien an - nghi nghi

  2. 2. BACKGROUND 1.Vision: To promote health, wealth and happiness by protecting the financial futures of families and businesses in Vietnam 2.Commitments: To be the preferred life insurer in Viet Nam, recommended by families and friends, trusted by our customers for financial advice and quality service. COMPANY/ BRAND BACKGROUND Phu Hung Life Insurance Joint Stock Company (PhuHungLife) officially entered the Vietnam life insurance market in 2013 and is the first joint stock life insurer in Vietnam with an initial capitalization of VND633 Billion. >>> Key finding: Phu Hung life insurance is a new company which need an outstanding and epic launch. And famous Rubber Duck event is their timely suitable choice. “We are a new company, and we could think of no better way to announce our launch than sponsoring the duck in Crescent Lake,” said Phu Hung Life Insurance general director Graeme Hannah.
  3. 3. COMMUNICATION MESSAGE OBJECTIVE Generate awareness about Phu Hung life as a mean for your family safety life with happy moment and peaceful daily life Build a joyful place for Tas to enjoy weekend Make an impressing and widely-known event to support launching for Phu Hung life insurance Phu Hung life insurance is the best choice for your life and family to have a happy and peaceful lifetime
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE Young family, young dad and young mom with little kid, AB, urban Busy in their daily life and desire a moment of happy childhood to balance and nurture the hasty reality Need a playground for their kids in the weekend through that enjoy their life
  5. 5. LET’S GO BACK TO CHILDHOOD WITH PHU HUNG LIFE CAMPAIGN BIG IDEA Come back to childhood to enjoy your lifetime with the happy and peaceful moment with the signature image of little childhood – A RUBBER DUCK CÙNG PHÚ HƯNG LIFE TRỞ VỀ TUỔI THƠ Phu Hung life insurance will support you to have a safety life as happy and peaceful as your childhood MESSAGE
  6. 6. CAMPAIGN ROLL OUT TRIGGER EXPERIENCE AMPLIFY Objective Trigger TA about the upcoming big yellow duck Give TAs a chance to experiethe famous big yellow duck Amplify those to mass consumers Message The famous giant rubber duck is coming to town – the 1st ever in Vietnam Together with Phu Hung life & yellow duck come back to your childhood and enjoy the lifetime with happiness and peacefulness Let more people experience the happy moment and enjoy lifetime Key hook Demo yellow duck before 2day launcing Bring the famous yellow duck to Vietnam - Place it in Crescent lake Online advertorial Supportive tactics Online advertorial Tv news Weekend on ground activities “Cùng Phú Hưng life trở về tuổi thơ” photo contest Social seeding Influencer Social seeding
  7. 7. TRIGGER Generate awareness by trigger news and information via online and offline advertorial
  8. 8. EXPERIENCE – BRING YELLOW DUCK IN VIETNAM – CRESCENT LAKE Place yellow duck in Crescent lake to draw attention and give Tas a chance to enjoy weekend with happy moment
  9. 9. AMPLIFYEXPERIENCE – WEEKEND ACTIVITES AT CRESCENT LAKE Beside that, create more weekend activities to keep attention and continue to generate awareness about this big event
  10. 10. EXPERIENCE – PHOTO CONTEST To bring those happy moments happen on- ground to ONLINE to spread them to SOCIAL to make a trend as well as generate awareness and trigger more Tas to engage in those activities
  11. 11. EXPERIENCE – INFLUENCERS/SOCIAL SEEDING Cooperate / inspire influencer to take photos then seeding to social to trigger more and more Tas engage in those ON GROUND experience
  12. 12. AMPLIFY
  13. 13. KEY LEARNING high traffic touch point Created a huge awareness about campaign with nice key hook as rubber duck Be the talk of the town for a while Crescent lake is not the most favorite place for young family with kids Weak link to brand People just know about the giant yellow duck , they do not care much more about Phu Hung life and its communication message PROS CONS