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On Tune Leaflet

  1. 1. Easiest wayto manageyour systemsonTune of TeemStone is a Next Generation SMS(System Management Solution) that works as a self-developed system to suggestsolutions, quickly analyses trouble in performance, and supports history analysis for the system operating status using performancedata collected in real-time.onTune collects and saves system information without a separate customizing process since the Manager, Agent, and User Viewerprograms are composed of packages, and can monitor immediately in real-time. The system administrator on duty can check andanalyze the resource usage status for all processes in the system without a separate complex environment setting as were previousSMS systems. (System Management Solution)The system administrator can monitor the essential elements required to analyze the system operating environment such as CPU,Memory, l/O(Disk & N/W) in real-time and analyze the history for the system performance using the saved performance data. onTuneuses the resources within the system, monitors the usage status of CPU, Memory, I/O, and saves the data results as performance data.onTune supports monitoring of system resources in the virtualization environment as per H/W vendor, such as IBM, HP, Oracle(SUN),EMC(VMware). onTune is currently being used by IBM for Virtualization monitoring systems with great results.onTune supports monitoring function through any scenario, as well as ensuring performance for the virtualization and systemmonitoring/analysis in real-time. Customers can check whether the system is in error or not by maximum 5 staged levels through simplemanagement index, and the person in charge can also check it by SMS or e-mail.onTune is already in operation and fully tested in major banks, insurance companies, corporate and government. It has proven to be acapable and reliable system.
  2. 2. Monitoring Real-time Performance 01 onTune maximizes the analytic capacity to understand the reasons for trouble when real-time monitoring detects problems via performance monitoring and analysis.Realtime CPU MEMORY PARTITION APPLICATION NETWORK DISKMonitering 1. Shortest interval in its class for real-time performance monitoring 2. Confirmation of resource duty cycle as per process/user 3. Identification of which resources are overused by which process 4. I/O monitoring per disk or Veritas Volume 5. Traffic monitoring per network interface Monitoring virtual system 02 onTune supports real-time monitoring for all main functionality and analysis virtualization resources. 1. Available to monitor virtual environment of every HW vendor 2. Recognition of information composed of every server partition 3. Supply of configuration Map for the IBM VIO server 4. Expression of resource duty cycle appropriate to the virtual environment 5. Real-time monitoring of resource duty cycles as per partition Basic functions 03 System operating organization can secure business continuity through IT Infrastructure performance optimization of onTune. 1. Supply of perfect package solution 2. Installation and/or update automatically 3. Simple point and click functionality 4. Pre-formatted and customized performance report through our Reporting Tool 5. Handling 5-staged event through simple event registration 6. Real-time monitoring of resource duty cycles as per partitionSystem Analysis & Performance Instrument TEEMSTONE
  3. 3. TeemStone Pty Ltd Tel 03 9005 7973 Fax 03 8678 1269 Email sales@teemstone.com.au http://www.teemstone.com.auLevel 10, 50 Market Street Melbourne Victoria 3000