Brief summary of onTune [teemstone]
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Brief summary of onTune [teemstone]



explain how onTune make life easier!

explain how onTune make life easier!



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Brief summary of onTune [teemstone] Brief summary of onTune [teemstone] Presentation Transcript

  • System Analysis & Performance Instrument July 2013 Austin Lee CEO TeemStone Corp.
  • Problem, Fault, Crash ~~~
  • In HSBC, SMS is Lack of information for analysis - Long interval (over minutes) - useless information (just average) Too complicated to use - Difficult to learn and use Don’t know about customer requirements - Lack of service experience - didn’t find root cause Why SMS didn’t meet needs ?
  • Only one solution for Customer Seconds basis real-time monitoring -can find specific behavior of system [why1] Abundance of collected data -can find root cause fast and effectively [why2] Functions for problem & performance analysis -reduce recovery time [comparison chart, case study] Customer use onTune for their BMT test - Tivoli, OV, Patrol, etc is not usable [win-back record] Lightness in resource consumption -save customer’s investment [demo] why onTune?
  • 1 minute 10 minutes What makes a difference! 2 seconds Why 1 : second monitoring
  • 10 minutes5 minutes 1 minute 2 seconds 2 hours` window Why 1 : second monitoring What makes a difference! competitors
  • Network Disk Network Disk %usr, %sys, %idle, %wait, %usr+%sys, Run Queue, Block Queue, Pending Queue, Wait Queue Correct statistics of duty cycle is the basic item. %Active Virtual Memory, %Free Memory, %Comp, %FileCache, Total Memory, Total PagingSpace, %Used PagingSpace, PagingSpace In, PagingSpace Out, Freed Page, Scaned Page, Filesystem In, Filesystem Out Supporting precise monitoring for the Cache, page, and physical memory. EC,PC,APP,Pcrate Real-time monitoring of resource status as per partition. Accurate system predictability based on system-wide observation. Duty cycle of CPU and Memory, amount used in IO , ThreadCount as per Process/Command/User Real-time monitoring of resource status of individual user/task unit process. Send(KB), eceive(KB), Transfer(KB), error(packet) Monitoring precise status as unit of individual network interface. Read(MB), Write(MB), ReadWrite(MB), Busy% Verita Volume ManagerMonitoring Monitoring unit elements influencing the performance from physical disk to VG/DG. Network Disk Network Disk Network Disk Network Disk Network Disk Network Disk Network Disk Network Why 2 : collected data CPU Memory Partition Application CPU Application Partition Memory Application Partition Application Memory Partition Application Partition Application Partition Application Partition Application Partition Application CPU Partition Application Memory CPU Disk Network Virtualization Process
  • Why 2 : Monitor/Analysis on every business process What makes a difference!
  • Functions onTune SMS Real time monitoring by the second1) O Log collecting cycles getting longer if objects are numerous OS parameter monitoring2) O X Creating performance statistic data without limit of time interval(second ~ year) O X Performance reports available4) O Customizing needed (High cost) Less resources consumption for Agents5) (CPU: less1 than 1%, Memory: Less than 20Mbyte) O X Depends on the objects’ number Infra expense for installation Low Medium Customizing needed in most cases Comparison I : basic functions onTune vs. IBM Tivoli / HP OpenView / BMC Patrol 1) Available to monitor objects in the second- Generally other solutions take 30sec~ few minuet for monitoring, and the interval get longer as objects increase in number 2) Easy to confirm the factors affecting performance of servers by managing OS configuration value (OS parameter) 3) Available to make groups with business service or productions/developers/tests in terms of servers, and set monitoring interval for the each group individually 4) Available to make performance or issues reports for days, weeks, and months through excel and PPT with simple clicks. 5) Despite of performing real time monitoring in the second, onTune shows that agents use only small part of CPUs. Confidential
  • Functions onTune SMS Monitoring CPU/Memory/IO of PID6) O X Monitoring CPU/Memory/IO of a process by Command7) O X Monitoring CPU/Memory/IO of a process by Users8) O X Monitoring Memory Leak of a process9) O X PSMD Monitoring10) O X Monitoring for usage of individual Adapters (Network, FC Adapter) O Monitoring usage of individual physical disks O X Monitoring for Volume Groups and Assigned disks O Monitoring Veritas Volume Manager O X Easy monitoring and analysis, so training is not needed O Intuitive UI Easy to use X Special training needed IBM virtualization monitoring11) O 6) Once agents are installed , onTune performs monitoring for performance resources usage (CPU / Memory / IO) of all processes without extra setting. 7) Once agents are installed , onTune performs monitoring for performance resources usage (CPU / Memory / IO) according to users’ command groups ( i.e. All the java processes of web-WAS users) without extra setting. 8) Once agents are installed , onTune performs monitoring for performance resources usage (CPU / Memory / IO) according to users (i.e. accounts of -WAS, ROOT, or Oracle) without extra setting. 9) As a function explained in 6), when memory leakage is suspicious in a certain server, it is possible to diagnose which process makes trouble and when it is started through history analysis about memory usage of each process. 10) Available to monitor Promotion/Demotion of IBM AIX’s Multi Page Memory Pool (4K/64K) 11) Available to monitor CPU/Memory Pool , VIO’s performance for IBM virtualized servers Tivoli is trademark of IBM, OpenView is Trademark of HP. Comparison II : performance functions onTune vs. IBM Tivoli / HP OpenView / BMC Patrol
  • IBM AIX Increasing Memory Usage 500GB Memory Identified a process that shows increasing amount of memory usage Problem • IBM AIX G-ERP which uses 500GB of memory. • Computational memory usage used to be 50% but the memory usage kept increasing after a specific application was installed. • Found that it reached up to 85%. Solution • onTune had the long-term performance data. • onTune analyzed the memory usage for each process in the system. • A specific process was found to keep increasing its memory usage continuously. • Asked the programmer to check the application. • The application was fixed and the problem solved. G-ERP Server - In usual cases of memory leak, it is not easy and it takes very long time to identify a suspicious program using various Scripts. - It is always possible for the system to halt while trying to find a problem. - APM had been installed and running in the system but onTune did all these steps while APM did not recognize any problem at all. onTune found a suspicious system status in a ERP server which used large amount of extended memory. The problem seemed to be related with Memory Leak and a specific process was identified through onTune and the problem was fixed. onTune Performance Monitoring / Analysis Case study
  • Customer From Why Samsung fire & Marine Insurance OpenView Customer want to support -IBM PowerVM, virtual OS -Real time analysis -Find root cause -Every process monitoring -short installation project -easy to use IBK Bank Patrol Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute Patrol Korea Securities Repository Patrol Woori Bank OpenView IBM Korea Tivoli, nmon For customer support Winback Track record
  • Sensitive in System Performance If someone use Virtualization, major issue base on Operating System. They need onTune Using trial, over 90% decided to buy onTune Best fit for
  • LGCNS is a major IT service company in Korea. LG used onTune on a trial basis in a new trading system development project for e- Trade securities firm. Letter from customer
  • Demo & Technical Deep Dive the others vs. OnTune agent engine viewer
  • Austin Lee M : +82-10-7345-7393 T : +82-2-2057-7393 F : +82-2-2057-7394 Email :