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  1. 1. 1. ọccâuchuyệncóthựcsauvềcuộcvượtngục. Prisoners at a jail in Iowa in the US were trying to think of a way of escaping. At last they found an answer to their problem. They told the governor about their interest in drama and their need for creative activities. They put in a request for some tunnel-digging equipment for a play about coalminers. They knew that the governor felt sympathy for his prisoners and wanted a good relationship with them, but they weren’t surprised when he said no. But later, when the prisoners mentioned the importance of physical fitness, the governor agreed to let them use a trampoline. Their skill at trampolining was put to good use when six prisoners bounced over the prison wall and escaped. Mộtsốdanhtừcóthểcógiớitừđisauchú way of, answer to, interest in. Giớitừthườngcócụmtừ ừtheosaunó. the answer to the problem their interest in drama Vàgiớitừ ạng “-ing” đisaunó. a way of escaping their skill at trampolining 2. Danhtừ + giớitừ Sauđâylàmộtsốvídụ . your ability in history an example of this your opinion of the play a cheap alternative to plastic some experience of selling the price of food an attack on the government an expert on computers the reason for the delay my attitude to/towards him no hope of winning respect for the environment a belief in God an invitation to a party a student of economics the cause of the accident some knowledge of English a substitute for fish the cost of living a lack of money success at golf/in my search
  2. 2. some damage to the car something the matter with you a tax on tobaccoes a difficulty over/with visas a new method of storing data having trouble with my teeth 3. Connection, difference; increase, reduction… * ốikếtvới . a connection with another crime Mike’s relationship with Alice the contrast with yesterday’s lesson * ốikếtgiữ ... a connection between the two crimes the relationship between Mike and Alice the contrast/difference between town and country Hãyxemnhữngtừ ảm. Chúng ta sửdụng “in” trướ ặcgiả of” trướ ảm. an increase/rise in the price an increase/rise of £200 a reduction/fall in the number of unemployed a reduction/fall of 10% 4. Need, wish… Danhtừ need”, “wish request” cóthể for” sauchúng. There’s a need for new buildings. ( .) There was no demand for the new product. (Khôngcónhucầumuasảnphẩmmới.) Sauđâylàmộtsốvídụ: appetite for, application for, demand for, desire for, need for, order for, preference for, request for, taste for, wish for.Danhtừđivớigiớitừ• Noun + for…A cheque for (a sum of money):- They sent me a cheque for £75.A demand for/a need for…..:- The firm closed down because there wasn’t enough demand for its productA reason for…:- The train was late but nobody knew the reason for the delay.• Noun + of…An advantage/ a disadvantage of…:- The advantage of living alone is that you can do what you like.
  3. 3. Nhưngchúng ta thườngnói: “there is an advantage in doing something”There are many advantages in living alone.A cause of…:- Nobody knows what the cause of the explosion was.A photograph/ a picture/ a map/ a plan/ a drawing of…:- She showed me some photographs of her family.• Noun + in…- there has been an increase in the number of road accidents recently.• Noun + to…Damage to…:- The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage to the other car.An invitation to…(a party, a wedding):- Did you get an invitation to the party?A solution to (a problem)/ a key to (a door)/ an answer to (a question)/ a reply to (aletter)/ a reaction to….:- Do you think we’ll find the solution to the problem?- I was surprised at her reaction to my suggestion.An attitude to (towards) …:- His attitude to his job is very negative.• Noun + with…/between…A relationship/a connection/contact with…:- Do you have a good relationship with your parents?- The police want to question a man in connection with the robbery.Nhưng: a relationship/a connection/a difference between two things or people- There are some differences between British and American English.