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Talk talk talk 2

  1. 1. :I<>!,;;z.~ .ojo<>I", Topic.-Di5C<lSSiC>"l T-tbodc Sotios .. t tf&Ic:!" :Jf. ~~~.i.J#-ei 4 i!J-t -jotf. ~ ~ 3ll4ot" 1" Illjot ~~~ It!t2t .oiL .£- R.."I-t "7t1! . ,;;z.~ Teolk Teolk Teolk (I) ICZl.f 1oI~1I ~<j-G-~~. ::l t ;;!..:a- ".J-G-1l"--(. .fI! 1I"1 ~~c:! -i<>J1J i!1~ 3Iill,* .:t.ot~oj ~J. " Illjot ttt"lto TeolkTeo!k Teolk m I alto L·? ·;;!..:a- l!..f ..i -G- II-j-t.fl ~ ,;;z.~"J~q. I. 1t~ 11" .;t~ ~ ~ .!!." 11" L.asson .£. 11".,1 q! .t. .,.!!. ... .;t~~" !loQ-"-I-. 2. 11 L.asson ~ ...""01 Exampr. " ol aUt"ll~ o!!;aI~~",". Ans_. t >I", . 1o! ~(r"ttol 1t l_son HI ~l;j f ~J .!!..i.." ~" ~G-"tt21 .....1 • • -t -1-""1 aJ"J t~ .. £. ,. foal Book III 11 PM I, ) "L..ts p,,",,",;.,., Maki"l a.-I;QN" ~ If 11 "£~ t- §."f 411 >I-l.iJ • • 0J"~. :t -i0JoI !j.f. IJ~~ -j·ot ~1<1t.!J "J-¥01".1 ~"JIt- .f·~4 e!:~~!.lQ. ~i!t"" ~J ~"l.f 0I~ "n·t -.lll,,·oIt ~.f, ";alit ~".f~.l". ct~~ lI0/ 4(~"t"t tt. n 0..,1 !I~oJ.l". 4. :1"".1901 !I".-.t "l"hl ~ !!..,ff. a.ji 21 t -jj.f. ~" J. 11t ljI. ~o! .i. .I..1!!~Jtt- "lj oJ.l .... 01 1:01~~ 01","," :J.f 4"!"Jf.lf" :I"t :IotJ. 1 ~It- t ·i!!-¥· ~"* !lJ<." ~.f OU...." ,..",,101.f."t! ~ * !l£. 8J~.l". 5. 1t lusc" 01-1 t.ll.J /l-i.{ .,1"ljI. 0; .. 108"0 t "!-t" Pod (6) t ~~Iot ;i-t.l .... 21 ...J" :I"tll!-·P!!ot £",01 ~ £ .. 6. lE!"~f ~", ol ~ ".to!" "~.-.t~ "!t4" :Iotj.»J ")1.1 ,,;!:It lI i-ot £ i oi .iI£.f 8J~ .l". 01 1-I1l ill ~ :ilillot ,!! IJ IJ.eJ k.i!!l 21 "J.ioJ " Tlalk Teolk Teok m I 1210 ~ ~. l<{<>I2I.f21 :1<>1.,1(;" " J.f. If";!", "l tlJ~c.I. ol l~ ol ~£" 1 1It11 "J~oI of-!4"d ill~ jJillot !!"J"!-!-. ::lill..:!. IJ l°J1i*7It"r JJ4 ... 0..-.. Vo.toeoJs ..1 ,! <>111 <!H· 1f4+ ~iI-I~ . .Ii t¥ "jt}~ .:t iJI~ ""J -.J!lIOJ ..1. ::l il/2 ~""J -"Jf 1tlIe!! <>3""~"J 01 ~",;"1 <>I7I£ y.o.t-f ~~-I~.
  2. 2. R"""m.... ndatlon . . .. . . 230Lessons li)fiji lilMll!I hatooulO k? W D Y Th . 31. What Do You Want to SIIy? .... .. B. 94 32. Whllt Should H. Do? ...... 10. 96 33. "s" 0. DI"8 .....? .... .. 12. 100 34. Do You a. li.".? .... .. 14. 102 3S. itin ...... 16. 104 36. Whllt " 18 tK"U,n? ..... lB, 106 3"1. P.os " Cons ...... 20. rOB 3B. Whllt Wou ld You Do? ...... 22. 110 39. Mllk in8 Chol ..., .... . 24. 112 40. Whllt " •• th. R.uons? ...... 28. 114 4 1. Risht 0. W.ona? .... .. 30. 116 42. Whot Would Hllpp.. n? . . ... 32. rra ilMlI~uilles 43. Quinn ...... 36. 120 44. Whos Who ? ...... 3B. 122 .S. Whllt Sub-Cot-so. ln ".a Til•••? ...... 40. 124 46. Whllt Is It? . . .. . . 44. 126 4"/. W"+. t h. Oiff•••"",,? ...... 50. 130 4B. Difftl.nt P. lsonlll it i. s ...... 52. 132
  3. 3. c o T E T s What Does It Mean~LiIl!IIIIL_ _ _~ , 49. WhOof 00•• Thi, ""....1 (t) .•.•.. ~. I~ ;0. What Do.. Th i. /11..,"1 (l l ...... ;6. r:}6 ;1. Wh"t Does Th is "..,.n1 (3) ...... ;8. 1;8 ;2. Pove.b, ..... . 62. 140 53. Idiom • ...... 64. 144 ;4. " ..,o"ym, ...... 66. 146 55. l.ifnty l. Quips ...... 68. 148 ;6. l."u8h<l., I. ti,. ant JoI.dici""l ...... 10. 1;0 Make Your pOin"ti1lmL-----~ 51, "".k. You. Point m ...... 14. 1;2 ;8. Mal{. Ve...., Poi nt (2) ...... 80. 1;6 59. SCle;al Ph",.,omane. ...... 82. 1;8 Reading Comprehensio,ftlilmL1ll___ n ~60. R..,d iI,. passas" and An....... tt,. Quntion....... 84. 160
  4. 4. Lets Warm UP with Some Riddles!1. What kind of room has no windo_ or doortl72. They are dark. and alwaye on the run. WIthout eun, would I>e none,3. What haa hande but I", not; fleeh, bone Or 1>100.:174. I have hola" on the t.op and I have holeo on my left and On my right. And I h... ve hal". In the middle. y.n; I "till hok:lwater. What am"5 . I look at yOIl. you look at rna. I raiN my rig ht, you rare<! your left. What am 116. What 6048 around the world and "~ylO In ill GOmer?7. The "",II who Invented It, do",snt want It. The man who pought It. doesnt need 11:.. Th" rna" who need. It, doeent know It.&. Lig ht alii ill feather. there Ie nothing In It; the eotrons"et man Ga"t hold It for much rna..., than. minute.9. What aate rocke. level" mOUMUlI"",. ru&tllt m~l, pueh"e the .::Ioude acroes the sky, and maha a young mil" oldr10. Yellow and white Hard outelda St.ola" from 11f". Wh .. t 111m 1711. What .:an fill .. room but tlIitee up no epau?12. If you throw It off th .. hlgh.. &t l>ulldlng It will not break. If you plae .. It in the oc .. an it will. What Ie It?1:3. No SOOner epok.. n than broken. What Ie It?14. The rich men want It, the wi".. men know It. the poot all nHd It, and the kind m .. n "how It.15. You tlee a knife to ellu my head. and weep bee Ide me when I am dead.
  5. 5. •·.f;
  6. 6. "W,IIWWhat Do You Want to Say? I:",amplc Many people Ihln k lec h nology brings about ha p piness and Iha l lime-savIng mach ines give us eKlra lime. How would you lell Ihem that modem tec hnologIes and ~ convenlenees ~ are really a maIn SOu rce o f s lress?i "t"1" very L lime I lose something on the computer after working on II for hours, I regret that I didnt jus! write it or type il on paper, because Ihen I IWOI.IId have somethIng concrele to show foe all my effort. Whenever I eal ramyun because it is fast and che<lp 10 fix, I get hungry for Ihe real food that my mom used 10 make with such lender, loving CIIre. And I have a watch that can tell me what time it is any place in lhe wortd, and its guaranteed to keep time accurately 10 within a few mierosoconds a year, and wiU work even under 30 meters of water. Bul il <:051 me almost half a weeks salary to get it: I didnt i»Y for il aU al once, of course , [charged il: but Im still paying for it, and the high inter~ is really mounting up . And whats worse, J cant really go on IRlcalion In some foreign country or even go diving someplace, since I dont hrlIve the money or the lime.
  7. 7. Til lk, T.llk, T.llk 2 I Im1 I t> V,..t do ItO" _Itt to _111 1. Apologize to your ~ for being lot e 10. work d ue 10 a trofflo: 10m. 1. Tell your boss you wont Ihe doy off beatuse you have a bod O:Old . 3. Tell a friend why he shou ld sove money for a rainy day. II. Cheer up your friend who foiled Ihe o:ollege exam a n d advise her to try another so:hool. 5 . Counsel your friend to stop sm oking. 6. Advise your porent to exerdse more. 1. Tell you r boyfriend (or girlfriend) 10 be sure 1 curry 0 0 good $un5Creen on his or her summer voo:ollon . lJ. Tell your (Io»mate!l 101 10 give up on [ngllsh. 9. Advise your brother nOi to choose a job bostd o n solory alone. JO. Tell your f"end to get 0 medl(OI checkup ~ery yeo r. 11. [xplol n to you r Ch ildren why II Is Important to siudy hard. 11. Inform your employees that 1 1 nec:essory to wt thei r $ poy and 10. loy some af them aff. · U. Let your besl friend know thol you WOnl be oble 10 poy bock his loon on lime. 1 ... Tell you r porents that you ore In love and wont to get married. 15. Tell your girl or boy ("end that you hove a new lovtr. __ . ___ _----._".... - " :..-~ .. -"-"rwnyd8y - _ _ " _ _ _.... on _ _ " _ _ _ .""- ~ ""• .____ ................... .....:v..._....... _""a-fuI _ . _ " " : ....... ........... ...... : ........ " _ _ .. _ !It>!, _ _
  8. 8. IU;4,;., What Should He Do? Hfl 1 very fo rge lful. $l f>.••_, r<t f he forgets IIppointmerlts. he needs to get in the habit of writing them down lind checking hl$ calendar regularly. If he forgets names. he should try to create II memory link between II person"s appearance or position and the name-the more absurd or exotic, the easier It Is to remember. II he forgets Information on tests. he should slop trying to memorize everything and try to understand basic processes and relbtionships. We can aU remember between 3 and 8 things III once. 50 we need to learn how to organlu bigger and bigger thoughts into a small number 01 tllregorles: remembering becomes very easy then. Ifs Just /I maner of training. not intelligence .._ -1-.. . ... -.- :-..-,-_-•_ ... " _ .... _ .. """90 .. be _ . _ _ _ ........
  9. 9. T,lIk. T,llk. T.:llk 2 I" .. I .. V,,"t -"-," ,,_ <101 1. He found oul his young $On ho.I "orted s.moldng. 2. He ho.I hod his pockel picked on Ihe bus. J. He ho.I (1 not lire on the expressway . ... He $Ce$ $Omeone drowning. 5. He sees $Omeone trying 10 commll sUldde. 6. His friend Is about 10 drive home drunk. 7. I-lis friend 05ks him to lend him $Ome money. IJ. His wife Is spen dIng 100 mUCh wllh Ihe credit cord. 9. His son says he Isnl Inlfresled In gelling a co llege education. 10. HIs wife wonts a fur" coal faT her birthday. 11 . His bo$:s wants 10. dole his .lisler, bul $M doesnlllke him. 12. He hos a chance for 0 big promotion. bUI If he occepts he will have to move to another country for a long time, wilhoul his family. H. His Wife wants to get a divorce. 14. His doughIer wonts to move In with her boyfriend. I S. He n ~s a n~ Car and a new opartmenl. bul he afford bolh. 16. He has no. money bul has 10. fHd his child. 17. His brolher has com mlned a serious cr1me and need5 on alibi. 11J. HIs father Ihrealens 10 CUI o ff his Inheritance If he monies the only woman he has t"Ver loved. 19. He wonts 10 eol anolher helpIng 01 his fovorile food on hIs birthday. bul his doctor has worned him he muSI 106e $Orne more weight. 20. Ht can ellMr ovoid on orgumenl wllh his mother.ln.low, ._,._- ...... ---_ . ---_.- Or he can leLl her why her advice 10 his wife Is wrong.,pid<....,_ ,_ _--_ _- ,·Il00 -.1.- _ ... _ ...... .. - .... _ G.. ~ _ _ ... _ "...... , ... ". _ , ... 0<1 ..... _ - - . ; _.. . ..... _ _ _ ""-"" _ _ " . ....-.ouot> •• ,_._." ... .... --.-_.--" .. ._:"-"-.- - __- .... .,...- .cuto!f , _ t .... _ - . . . . . , . . . · . _ .".."... :. _ .... .,
  10. 10. hiis.t.i..Agree or Disagree?Ii> E.ampl. Men are selfish by mlilu re. en." of course. is synony mou s with "Mllnkind." So. by nature. ~ (lind women) are sellish and generous. sell"Cemered and altruistic. all at once. But. in terms 01 gender. rTl(!n are also selfish. They Wilnl to be like the lion. who lolls about aU day In the hot sun lAaiting for his mate to catch the lood and bring il 10 him 1he lioness also lakes care of the cubs and makes herself available sexually to u "the king of the beasts" III lilly lirTl(!. Unfortunlliely. human femllies are less willing to put up wilh this behllvlor from their husbands. so men are not nea rly iIS 5:!lfish as they would like to be. ,-_ _...:~:.,.~::::::;=~_oI __..,.._,.,....01... . .......,.,- _ ._ ......... . . . ongo . - - - - . . . . _ -.....·1IUI""_:_Ioat IO;~ _ _ .......... _~
  11. 11. Talk, T,llk, T,llk 2 ! Putt 1 .. ~ OJtOM a9.... ordl$a9.... 1 J. Wo m e n are ready to do anything to look more beautiful. 2. He $OYS li fe 15 worth living for 100 years o r longer. J . Marriage Is the best part of 0 human being·, life. II. The more children you hove, the hopple. you are. S. A maxim says Ihe worst wife Is better than a dutiful child. 6. Money mokes you happy. 7. DyIng is bener Ihon living with disgra~. Il. Animol$ a nd pla nts can think and feel like us. , . There Is na such place as heaven or hell. 10. Love and morriage are nal the $Ome_and should nol be trealid alike. l l. Good looks do not go wllh good brains. 11. The end justifles the means. H. If we have the courage of our con victions, anyt h ing we do Is objectively all right . 11. The meek shallinheril the earth. I S. Honesty Is always the best policy. 16. All politlctoru are crooks. 1 7. You have to be crazy 10 be a great artist. Ill. Women ore the weaker sex. 19. After 40, IIs all downhill.__ :_ _--_ - ZOo Boy babies ore better thon girl babIes.·"""""" 0_ _ ".-"_:.-.~. ........-k :. _: ""-"-~". -- ..... _ _ _ _ ....
  12. 12. iitti,u.aDo You Believe? ) I.". ampl. Do you believe In love a l firSI s igh t? It bsolu tely not. Jf you think you a re in love but you .[)- don t know the object of your affection very well. its not really love. It"s just infatuation o r lust. Love must grow with time and understanding. It requires patience and responsibility . Infa tua t ion is a desire fo r an immediate relationship (usually sexual i nte rcour~) with li tt le or no thought about what the other person is really like .• oa,.cl , J>UllOM Q<>OI _. ln l all... lIotI , 1_ .,.,.·lual ... _ ... .... - . .
  13. 13. Tollk, Talk, T,llk 2 I I"n t .. ~_ .. th . . . " ... .tlo ... : 1. Do you believe thO[ t:nglLsh ablllLy can help you get through this ever-chaUE>nglng world? How? Z. 00 you believe what polm reoders say? 3. 00 you believe what the newspopers say? of. Do you believe what your porents say? S. Do you belieVE> what politldans say? 6. Do you believe that sponklng schoolboys ha5 a good educollonal purpose? 7. 00 you believe In God? I. Do you believe In UFOs? ,. Do you believe what ods say? 10. Do you believe in any supersllllon? JJ. Do you believe In ghOSts? J1. Do you believe thot your destiny Is predltE>nnlned? J3. 00 you believe that money con buy anything? J ... Do you believe that your Love toward your swet>thear1 wont fade away as years go by? IS. 00 you believe II if your spouse says that he Or She will not marry ogoln after you die? 16. Do you believe In Ufe after dooth? II. Do you believe that 0 while III" Is nece5S0ry In some 00=1 II. Do you believe the beautiful die young? ---"...-_................-_..... -."---... _---- .. 1. _ Do you believe what sa.1~people say?........._.....,------_ ZOo Do you believe whot religious leaders sa.y?.-.. ,--""-"._"Iiw.. .>g.- -",- "" . .-_to_._·.--.go_-.o""" ." ._. _._·- - - --ay,. U FO ... _ ~ _.-~ .... _ " . - - ....... _ " " _ .. mogiC",-.- iny
  14. 14. "#%UI Priorities E".ampl. Buying a car n f course, U the first priority is price, Id like to boy a cheap model with cash, so I wouldn t have borrow any money, if possible, Im willing to buy an old car to get the best bargain, Design and make are also important factors to me, And you know gas is gelling expensive these days, so everybody is concerned about mileage, I like compact cars be<ause they are economical in terms of taxes, gas, insurance, etc. Another oovantage is that thieves are NEVER interested in small cars.~~~~~~~~~ ·"-"-_. __ COtI_on. __ c<""" ........ : ....... ..."...-IIaO . _....,. _ _ .CQmlNOCl ... . 18C"" ." ....... "~ .... t_" , ~ , _
  15. 15. Talk atooort fIOf4 prio,ltlcs: I . when you ch~ Ihe plo«, 10 go for your honeymoon. Z. when you look for Q girlfriend or boyfriend. J. when you ch~ a plo« 10 live . ... when you decide your major In college. S. whe n you choose 0 resloumnt for lunch. 6. when you look for Q job. T. when you choose wherE 10 spend your vOCQllon . I. when you choose 0 school for your children. ,. when you pkk your church. 10. wh.m you subscribe 10 a newspoper. 11. when you go shopping for dothes. II. wh en you go drinking with your friends. I J. when you wonl 0 dOClor. 14. wh en you chonge your cunenl job. IS. when you Off! going to fly 5OmewheTe. 16. when you hove two Importont events to allend 01 the same lime. 1 7. when you choose a hobby. I I. when you are shopping for a pel. I. when you want to get somf!One a gift. 10. when you emigrate .. 1 .......,...,-..-""_ .. - ....,.,-_....--- .
  16. 16. UUicgWhat Are Their Excuses?" 1 ~."dM., 1 We hear a 1 of excuses In the COUrtie of our personal 01 and socia l lives. Let , talk about the kinds of T1Idonal~tkms people often make. What lIrt! their most common exCUse5?r E.",,"pl. Drivers who speed "r 0 was in a huny.· " didn·t roily notice how fast I was going. " " I was IlIte. " "[ was JUSt keeping up with the flow of traffic," "[ was in oomplete control of my car. lind it is always weU· maintained. There was no danger alllll. " "I didnt think there would be a policeman there." "People who drive too slow lire more dangerOlJS Ihan IhO§e J who go too fasl ."
  17. 17. Tllk. Tollk Tollk 2 / ,,u1 I .. V hat ar. th./r ."c wscs1 J. Tax evaders 1. Drunken drivers 3. Ohrordng couples 4. Pa ren ts who spank their chILdren 5. Those who roll to quLl smoking 6. who are unable 10 quit drinking 1. St udents who do poorly In $(hOOI &. PoILlldans who don" keep their promises " Men or women who ha ve 1000e affaIrs 10. An ex-convIct who commIts another crtme J1. HubbIes who forgellhelr wedding onnlvel$(lry J1. Employees who are lOll for work J J. tmployers who just cut their companys wages 14. Studenls who gave up trylng to loom EngILsh 15. Singles who do nOI wont to marry 16, Girls who smoke 11. Kids who want to stay out very late 01 night 1&. Spouse (or child) obusers 1. PoILce who kill a suspected aimlno l 10, Doctors who do nOl tell their pallents the truth .. _.", _--""----_........ .,_... _- ._- ... .·......,.a , _IOtII ..... _ - _ " " ........•• • _ I0I>l _ _ " " " _
  18. 18. iiUi,;WUPros Be Cons --, --.I ••~ E••Mpl. Yo u are e lected president . A."SWflI ....: . ;a hy would any honest man wan! 10 be presidenl? "" No president is able to live his own life anymore. He is o!ways being targeted by his poIilic.!ll rivals. And he must always decide Important mailers correctly whi le, a t the same lime, maintaining high moral standards. In short . his life has 10 be unexciting and beyond reproach if he is going to COfItinue to hokI public esteem. But somet imes he must also make deals with friends and foes alike In order to &CComplish anything . But if ill man has some inlelleclual ability aod wants 10 serve his coun try. he should try to Improve socie ty if he can, Such an acllon deserves the respecl of his fellows. And such a person could use Ihe poYJeT of the presidency to make things beuer for everyone. This person would be far beUeT" than just a power-hungry politician who cares more about the benefits of office than the national welfare. ._:__IJI_ Of_• beyond _ _ : _I0~_.-- : -~: ­._ ...........- . ... _ -pr..,.... :......
  19. 19. T.,lk, T.,lk T.llk:l 11 IIII> r al" about" t"fr. ad_ .. t"agcs a ..d dl_d"a .. t"apes of t"fr. foII_I ..g : I . Bei n g a woman 1. Being a ma n 3 . Watching TV 4. Hovi n g a coll~ degree 5. Re ma ining s in gie 6. livin g with yOUT pan- n bi ofter you get man1e<i 7. Living with yOUT pare n tli-i n .law If. Being a full·llme hou5ewlfe 9. You r w ife h aving a job outside t h e home 10. Wi n ning the lottery 11. Being the oldest 50n 11. Hovi n g d a u ghters only 1 3. Being he n .pecked 1 4. Being a bl111on alno 15. Hoving no children 16. OWning a car 1 7. You r daugh teT in h havi n g a boyfTlend l lf. College stu dents having part-ti m e jobo> 1 9. Helng 0 nu n 10 . Living In the big dtyL
  20. 20. d£ii·,,·:JWhat Would You Do? ,------=----=--,... E.ampl. What wo uld yo u d o If yo ur wife re fu sed to li ve w llh your pare n ts? ~ irs t I would give he r many reasons why living -r togethe r ImIkes sense. For example, I would tell her they a re ge tt ing older and weake r. and more lonely. We also have a moral responsibility to support them. Bul if she still didn"1 accept my reasons. I would let he r llve with our children and I would live with my parents by myself. I can, let my parents live alone. because they need someone to take care of them, They sacrificed everything to bring me up. and now its my turn to support them ...urn :._ . . _• " " " . _ : belc>gotc.t
  21. 21. T,llk, r,lIk, Talk 2 I I" n 1 to ~ _ _ r t,,_ "....eion" 1. What would you do Jf your hu~bond come home drunk every night? Z. What would you do if your chlld",n were behind In their $ChOOIWOTk1 J. What would you do If your INnager slOrted smoking and drtnldng? of. Who! would you do If you saw $Omeone with a not II", on the IO(Id? 5. Whot would you do If you heard $Omeone $hout. "Slap. thief"] 6. WhO! would you do If yo u law m oney foil from $Omeon e$ bog? 7. What would you do If your child gol 0 blao. eye from 0 clo.$$mole1 II. Whot would you do If you got too mUCh chonge bock 01 a 5tore1 ,. What would you do If 0 vending machine dldn, return your money? 10. WhOI would you do If you foiled 10 gel promoled- Iwice? 11. Who! would you do If your $w(!(theort WQnted to break up wllh you? 11. WhQt would you do If you were In line ond Qn old womon cut In? 13. WhQl would you do If you .row 0 noked person Qt Ihe beach? 14. WhQt would you do If you won the lottery? 15. Whot would you do If you and your best (rtend both loved the same person? 16. Whot would you do If you were In Q fo",lgn country with no money? 17. What would you do !fyou saw (I UfO? 111. What would you do If you hod to choose belWNn your job and you r morrlage? J,. Whal would you do If the doctor told you hod on __ Incurab]e dlsea$e? ZOo What would you do If you were the lost person In the world?._"",_.· blKk eye _• CUI ... _ .... _ _ ... ~_ .... ..... ......... " _ ............. " ...... ..
  22. 22. IISq.;,4#Making Choices.. E.Gllftpl. S uppose yo ur c hild we re spa nk e d In sc h ool. Wou ld yo u protest to the s chool a uth orities or prete nd nothing happened? cY panking is an act o f violence regardless o f who does C2) it. Teachen shoukl no longer be allowed to engage In such behavior. We all know violence rn.s no educational value. Violence just begets more ""olence. ___ : _~_IOIeooI_o __ -",_"". _ _ of : - - . . o - . v _ .... _ _ _ ..... 1M9M : ~~._.-
  23. 23. T,ll k. Ta lk T.ll k 1 I,,,, I .. ~.k• • d,oIe• • ltd t . 1I wit"" 1. wl1I you 9tt mamed o r remain si ngle? 2. If you were stopped for a traffic vlololion. would you accept the ticket or Iry 10 make excuses? J. Vour hubby Is unable to su pport your family. Will you gel a job yourself or simply seek a divorce? ... Will you lake your next vacation by the sea Or In the mountains? 5. Vau a ..... going to moke a trip to Susan. Wlil you take the expres$ bus, the troln, or 0 plone? Or will you drive? 6. would you give your s.eal 10 Q young child sionding on the bus Or k~p It yourself? 7. Would you .other live In an apartment or a hou~? 8. you use the f$COlator or the elevotor If you have 0 ()c) chola? 9. Which do you like belter. Q dog Or a cat? JO. Who Is more Importon •. your parent or your Spouse? 11 . Which do you like belter, pop songs o r classical music? 11. Which do you like belter. an analog watch or a digital ane? A botery·operated one or one you must wind you.,...lf? U. Which foreign languoge do you want 10 siudy after you master English? I ... ()c) you prefer going to Ihe movie theoler or watching movies on TV? __ _---..- 15. Do you like black coffee or caff~ wLlh milk ondlor ... _ -- sugar?._:. ....--.-...~ ...... ~ ...
  24. 24. 16. Will you try to quit smoking or cont inue?1 7. Do you want a son or 0 daughter as your first child?1 8. Would you remarry o r remain single If your spouse died?1 9. What do you like 10 drive more. a compaci car o r a luxury model?20. Which do you prefer. an imported car or one made In Korea?21. 00 you llke to read magazines. or newspopers?22. Where do you usually meet your friends? A coffee shop. a bookstore. a fast-food restaurant, a park? Why?23. Do you smoke domestic cigarettes or foreign o n es? Why?24. Do you like beef or pork better?25. Which do you like better - mokkotl. soju, beer. or whiskey?26. Whot would you like for breakfast - cereal with milk or a traditional Korean dish?27. Would you rather subscribe to a morning newspaper or an evening paper? An economics paper or a spor ts paper?28. Are you going to buy a desktop computer or a notebook?29. Do you wa nt your baby to be breast-fed o r bottle-fed?30. Which do you like be tt er - baseball or football? Amateur or pro sports?
  25. 25. T.11k , T.11k, T •• lk 2 I 1r1 I
  26. 26. "mulp.,What Are the Reason ..?II> "E.",mp/c We s tud y hi s tory In sc hool. Why? ~ he most popular reason is that 101(: can learn from 1 our past mistakes. But any serious study of history show!; that 101(: dont learn much -we keep doing the same dumb things lime and time again. 1hc real reasons we take history is to gain a deeper understanding of human activity at large. and to give ou rselves som e sorl o f nalional Identity. ·- : ~.-. __ ~_"Ihe_cf"~· ·IerJIe ~ . _ ........... .. -Oity : _ ... _
  27. 27. Tdlk, T"lk, Talk 2 , 1"" I J. People o~ getting faner. W h y? Z. People o~ s(II;ng mo~. Why? 3. People o~ getting married younger. Why? ... We requl~ good morals from our leaders, Why? S. [very coun try hos lows. Why? 6. We study philosophy. Why? 7. We exercise. Why? &. We n~ re<:reotton. Why? 9. We try to find extraterNStrio!s." Why? 10. Mony people hove 0 ~llgion . Why? II . One mon: one wOTTlOn. Why? J Z. People wont totroyel. Why? U . People wont to wotch the some movies other people o~ wotchlng. Why? 14. Some people lust wont to be seen on television or hove their nome$ In the papers. Why? IS. The older people OTt!. the more reluctont to dlyulge thillr true oge. Why? 16. College degrees hove lost some o( their oppeo1. Why? J7. They s.oy sire» can ~ the means for accomplishing something. Why? J&. Voriety is the spice of life. oocordlng to some. Why? 19. Democracy is the best fonn of government devised by monklnd . Why? 10. Love usuolly fodes owoy os time goes by. Why?.-...· .-,... ...... . ._ _-10_ . ,_ ___.- """-- .--.. ...... " ......... "_
  28. 28. hAi,.. " .Right or Wrong? )I r .•[ _pl. Mo ney makes people happy. A.n_,. CXI could never understand what people "!!ave against r money. "Money canl buy you love." for example. Of course it cant! But it allows you to get 1IoO edllCbllon thaI lets you gel ill good;oo. so you can afford to take a desirable womlIn on an interesting dale. It Jets you buy good clothes and II nice car and home, which will help Impress her. And you can give her expensive presents. None of Ihe5e activit ies cons tilule "love," bu t they all represent important steps In the procen . Its better to halle money in order to win the hean of lhe one you love than to Jose your true oYe for Ibck of re<Vly wh ..-~-~- : -----­.ooon.bIuI ·" _ _·__ "_"~:_ ;_" _IM>I",(otPi in .~_. -!r : _
  29. 29. T.1Ik. Talk, T.11k 2 / 1",1 I t.t right or tIWOftg? f9/-, "St? 91_t, ..,hSt .... t ?} I. lustlce olwoys triumphs. 2. The more we know about the world. the more we have to suffer from ~1reSS. 3. PIQtonlc friendship Is ponlble between men Qnd women . ... Children should be free from homework. 5. Porenl$love u.s ·uncondltionally." 6, Men wUh a religion are hoppler Ihan men wllhaut one. 7. A call"9l dlplamo helps a mon get 0 lob. 6. Environmenta l problems can be solved by technology. 9. Harsher punishments dbcauroge aimes. 10. A love motch guoronl~~ hopplness beller thQn on orronged mon1oge. II. We get whot we deserve. 1 2. It Is beneT to have laved and t hon never to have laved at all . 13. All men are created equol. 14. Divorce b better than unhappiness. 15. A. friend In need b a friend Indeed. 16. LoHls 011 you need. 1 7. The squeaky wheel gets olllhe gre<l$t." 16. A. fool and hIs money ore soon ported. 1 9. Patriotism Is the lasl refuge of the scoundrel. - ...-- . ---,.-_ 20. The first casuolty of war Is truth . .......... ..-..;"--.........-,._ .................. _· .......... ..... _ •• _01 ......... 0 _
  30. 30. "AUHWhat Would Happen?~ "E.alftplc Many people are c alling for the abolit io n of t he death pe n all y. T h ey 5a y capital punlshme nf 15n t he lping bring down crime ratel>. What would happen If their d e mand we re IIccepted? Answer ii;!) n faci. many countries have done lIv.ay with capital I punishment. The odd thing is that it does not make any difference al all. The various kinds o f crimes ~m to committed in any given sociely remain hllrly constant. If murders were common before the death penalty was removed. they continue to occur al II similar rate. If kidnappings hardly ever happened. they don"t suddenly Increase JUSI because of the removal of Ihe alleged deterrence Ihat the dealh penalty represents. Laws need 10 be fairly and effectively enforced to avert rising crime rates. but the actUllI nature of the punishment doesn l seem 10 make much difference ..__ ,_El"_." ........ _ _. ....,.. _ _.capII" puni_ ,__ *""Y"" "~(UI1J. 1)<Ing <IOwn : _ _ 100>1 " (. 11110 ,all ... _ _ -• <10 _ay .... " : gel rid "· odd : .....-.......-:_._:_--,...."-. ltoIrty : 0 _ . .""""""". -- : -~. - .... ".... _.--,.....:_eocf ....-. .......,.-..-... . . _-,...,.--"1.~ , ctwn_ ...... _" _ _ .ICA. dw . . poa<>I 11- ................... -._ :_ /OOfi ...... - _
  31. 31. T"lk, T"lk, T.:lIk 1 ,"rt " Tobocco ond alo:ohol problem Ore to blame for many dl~ses ond aimes, Their bad effKU ore sometimes even c:ompared wllh drog problems. So what do YOll think Obaul doubling t he p ri ce o f liquor and o:Igarettes7 Whot would hoppen tf the govemment suddenly did 50? (lJ Ma n y people sOli like to have a baby boy for their fin;t o:hUd. Whot would happen If this trend went unabated? If people, upeclolly the young, rontlnue to enloy Junk food (or Instant food). wha t will hopptn? 1" Many ~ple dont like polltlo:lans. most of whom are men. Who do you t hink about electing a female prestden{1 Would It lead to higher trust for govemment orrlctals1.__-----.-.- ....-_--"-- :_------·0-... _,.,. ___ ..... -_-".""", .........- ... - - . ...... ~- , --.- . .... .. ..... ...... ...
  32. 32. (5)If there were no mandatory retirement age In theworkplace, what would happen? Who would benefit andwho lose?(6)What would happen If the gloOOI computer sySIlim brokedown, Including Ihe internet?InWhat would happen If English b«orne on o rtl do] languageIn Ihb country ? Would it couse on Improvement In mostpeoples English obillty?"All workers seem tired and under heovy Sire" these days.What do you think about giving them m o re leisure time?What would happen If they worked o nly four days 0 w~k?Do you think II would help lmpm ...... productivity?(9)Current lows are sold 10 be much too permissive. Whot doyou think 0001,11 moking thlm stricter? For Instance, whotobout sending drunk drivers 10 1011 for long periods of lime?Would there be any bad side e ffects?( 10)What would happen If adulterers did not hove 10 worryabout going 10 prbon?.-- .......--.wy, -,*""""",, ~·_.-y -..-...N..... _ _ _ ......... _ _ _ _"""_ _ IO" _ ........• _ _ :: ... ...-....::-Iod_oI ......._o<_oI_ ... _ _.~ ~-: -
  33. 33. T.:llk. T.:alk. T.llk 2 ! I"rt ,1 =
  34. 34. nW,lIi!IjQuizzes... [q ..d.Md l An swer lhe followlng quesllo ns IlIld .... 1 Y addltkmal P1 commenlary. Whal IS lhe dlslance belwee n Seoul "nd S usan? r l» 1 is more than 400 un and It takes about 5 hours by car. If you take a lraln. you could get !kere In 4 hours. But flying Iillkes ~ than &l hour· _ I I I o y : ... ......,. ... _oI..-.....,--. ...._
  35. 35. Talk. T.llk, Talk 2 I"" II ~ "A.-n , ._ tlr. . . .,.....flo ... 1, Where Is the Statue of Liberty? 2, Whot Is the highest mounta in In the world? Wheni 1$ 111 J, What three things Is raris famous for? If, What Is the biggest lake In the world ? Where Is It? 5, Name the counUles that are known to have mode atomic bombs. 6. What Is the hlstol1collmpoct of Apollo II? 7. Who are the top S automokers In the world? 6. Which countries have the strongest populotlon control poUdes? 9. Nome 10 countries that produce petroleum. 10. What are the th ree events that comprise a triathlon? 11. What WIlS the lorgest empire In history? 12. Who Is the world, rkhest person? H . What 3 cou ntri es have the largest populations? n. Whot ore the .5 large st cities In the world, by population? 15. Whot Is the worlds tallest building?. __- ...
  36. 36. iii;; 1.41Whos Who? -) Martin Luther King. Jr. Answer A l~g. was an AFrican-American minister who led the l . ~ cIVIl rights movement in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. H e used the tactics of nonviolent civil disobedience {or. deliberately and publicly. but peacefully, disobeying unjust, immoral laws) to achieve his goals . Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he was assassinated in 1968. He is the only American whose birthday is a national holiday.
  37. 37. T,Jlk, T.lIk, T.. lk 2 I [>...1 II• V ,.hat did the" a c co,"pll$ h ]I Alben Einstein 2. H elen keller ,. king Sejong •• s. Wolfgang Amadeus M ozon Abrohom lincoln ,. Nell Armstrong 7. Alfred Nobel 8. C horles Donvin •• Thomos Alva Edison 10. Sigmu nd FreudL
  38. 38. ..iii i.C.,., What Sub-Categories Are There? ) I Ql) What kinds of crimes are there? Q2) What do you think is the most he inous c rime? AI) There are many. For e xa mple. mugging. fraud, vandalism and murder. A2) The worst crime is torture. I think. It destroys victims· minds as well as their bodies. It makes people confess to things they are innocent of and forces them to abandon their most deeply cherished principles. Even if people survive to rture. its effects stay with them their entire lives. Rape is another heinous c rime we often overlook. It demolishes a woman·s (and sometimes. also, a man s) self- respect. But society o ften blames the victims of rape, rather than the rapists themselves.~F~=c: -..ywd<ed __ Of _ : -.- -muv: _<..,)_ ....... .1rloI,ool: _ _ .,.Omal<e ........ Of ............ g.oltIo ....,01~ - , , _ : ........ _ -.-0 Of _10m.-.: _ ..,.oIc....-q_ pMl. _1tUCI_ 01 _~ p.lbIK: Of Of priva. <><OP6rty ~.I<>< ~ a oonteoalon Of _ " " . Of I<>< ""*Y. _ . _-.don: !1M" ,"",I ""comp1eIeII - _ : .... _oIl<>ft:on!I _ _ _ _ IOOUmr1IO_..,. • • . . . . . - : .... 0-.00 _ _ _-.-r. : -InI_comp1eIeII: _ C .... jcomp1elell
  39. 39. T.l lk. T,llk. T.1lk 2 • ], II,.Q l ) What kinds o f movies a.., there?Q21 which do you like the m ost?,.Qil Whal kinds of fntlts are there?Q21 Which do you like ~t?J.Q I) Whol kinds of mU$ic are there?(2) Which do you enjoy the m O$H••Q I ) Ust the klndsofweother.Q21 What kinds of weather do you like the m ost?s.Qil How ca n we classify personality? Q2) Define your own personality type. ••Qil Whol kinds or professional sporU are played throughout the world? Q21 Whal$ the dlfferen«, between amateur and profrsslanal sport?
  40. 40. 7.Ql) list the trofflc rules drivers break most oflen.Q2) Which of these are the most dangerous to break?8.QI) Whot kinds of coreers are there?Q2) What Is the worlds best profession?••Qll What kinds of cars ore there?Q2) What kind of cor do you want? Why?10.Ql) Ust (I few common diseoses,Q2) Whot disease ore you most afraid of?ll .Q I ) What kinds of books are there?Q2) Which kind of book do you prefer to read?12.QI) How mony colors are there?Q2) Which color is your favorite? Why?
  41. 41. T.lIk, T.llk, T.llk 2 I,, II B . QI) Name Mero l ~Igner brond$, Q2) W h ot 1 m O$t Important In c h ()()$lng a brond nome- $ cO$t, q u ollty, o r rome? . Q I ) U$t 10 counuies you would like 10 vis it. Q2) Which one wouLd you like to spcnd th e lo ngli!stllme In ? H. QI) Whal ore severol popular TV $how$? Q2) which night has Ihe bli!sl leLevlslon Sh0W3? What are Ihey? . QI) Th ere are m a n y kinds or newspaper articles. Name as m any as you can . (2) Whot l$l h e m OSI enjoyabl e part o f th e n ews paper? - Q I ) Make a list of composers or songwrilers. Q2) W h ich o n e Is you r favorite? ,.. QI) Who are th e worlds greol.St $Ingers1 Q2) Which one do you spc nd the m ost lime Ii$te nlng to?J
  42. 42. What Is It?II- The gradual Increase In Ihe wa rmth of Ihe nlr afound the eanh because lhe heal can, leave 1he Illmosphere. This can a lready be seen In the exlTtnIe tempen.lures o f rec.:enl yelUs. Even ftre as with modera te climatesI repOrt much houer s u mmers and colder win ters .II- Questions I . What Is II? 2 . What are the cuses of this phenomenon? 1. Greenhouse Effe;t. 2 . Aimosl certainly. Ihe majo r reason Is the Increased amoun t of carbon being burned by fllctories and automobiles. As II lIoCcumu~les in the atmosphere. it (!liPS more s.mllght ..--...... _---...... ,._._- . - - ----~---botI - ---................
  43. 43. T.llk. T.llk T.llk 2 I 11 J. Someone who 15 responsible for prolec1lng one or more specific penons ogolnst possible ollack. QI) Who Is thi s perwn? Q2) Who e mploys thll; person? A contest In which ticket:!; are JQld , The winning ticket ar number Is picked randomly. QI) What Is 1t7 (2) What Is the main purpose of th is ocllvlty? 3. Inability 10 sleep Q I) Whalls Ihls disease called? Q2) Who usually suffers from II? •• A plea of equlpmenl worn around Ihe upper body 0 keep Q penon 00001 In Ihe water. QI) Whal 15 It? Q2) Who needs II?..._, :-...... _:-. _-- ..... _.
  44. 44. 5.A su dden violen t movement of the eart h s surface, causedby volcanic action or by the re loose of buill-up stress olo nggeologic fa ul ts. Q I ) What is it?Q2) What happens when It occurs?6.An Im agi n ary machine In wh ich people ca n t rave lbackwards o r forwa rds I n lime.Q l ) What Is it?Q2) Do you think we ca n change the past or future?1.A croom or lotion used to. protect the skin from the sun.Q l ) What is it?Q2) W h o. needs it ?8.A containe r tho t Is filled with objects tyPloo of 0. particulartime and place.QI) What Is It?Q2) Why would people bury one of these?
  45. 45. Tdl k. Tdlk, T.11k 2 1.1 II •• The right to remain In another couny If you cannot live sofely In your own because of the polltlcal sI tuation t he re. QI) Whotls II? Q2) Who seeks II? w. A branch of computer science that explores and develops the abmty of computers to Imitate human reosonlng. Q I) What Is It? Q2) Would you «-Icome hu m an_like roboU? Permission to tmv..1 In Or conduct ~rtaln klnd$ of octlvltles In a foreig n country. QI) What Is It1 Q2) Should countries restrict the activities of foreigners? lZ. A document ~rtlfylng thaI one has completed the number and kinds of courses required for gmduatlon. Q I) What is It? Q2) W hat b lu us..fu lne5$7-- . g - _ .. _ _ ... _ - - - -
  46. 46. 13.A place whlll books, periodicals, films and o ther types ofInfonnorton media OT stored. tQI) Whol is It?Q2) Why is It nec6SQry1l4.A source of government revenues levied upon a personsIncome, purchases, or possessions.QI) Whol is il?Q2) Is It fair, proper, or neessary?H.A method of choosing government leaders by meons ofpopular co nsent. Ql) What is it?Q2) Wha t Is its biggest foul t as a way of providing good government?16.Private donations of money or services to the needy,QI) What is it?Q2) Wou ld gover nmen t programs be morl effec ti ve In dealing with the problems?_.~-Iwy .-__ .__ _._100 _ _ ,_ _-IoIa4 .~-_.-r__
  47. 47. - A. means of providing for the noUon, dtfen:lfl by n!qu1rin9 military $Crvla from certain ptople. Q1) What 1$ It? 02) Is II fair, proper, Or n~ry? . The notion tha t everyo ne within a give n society should have exactly the Slme opporlunltles ond fe5pon 5l bllities rtgOrd less o f gl: nd@r, .... li9;on, stotus, elc. QI) Whot Is II? Q2) Should Ihe! be exCO!p!lon5? J9. One means of persuoding ptople 10 buy certoln products or 5ervkn. eSIXClolly vlo the medlo. Q1) Whotls II? Q2) How do we know If 115 claim s are true? 20. Agree m en t bel ween nall ons regulollng their relallans toward f!O,h o ther. Q I ) WhotlS It? - 02) Why Is this neceiiMlry?.~ : ..,....· _ : .... _ 0 0
  48. 48. Ii£i§.!¥il Whats the Difference? S tude nts a re some times confused b y s imila r wo rds . Let s ta lk about how their real mea nings diffe r. £.a m pl. Pub lic Re lal km s (PR) and a d w rtisl ng tCl R is often called ~spin. ~ It is an attempt to promote a w~ good public Image for a person or company. Ads are, quite simply, designed to sell goods or services. ra ther than create an Image.~=====~
  49. 49. Talk, T.1Ik, T.11k 2 I Iurt II1. POllution and c:ontamlnatlon2. Com m erdab and odsJ . Fiction and nonfictionI. Weather and dlmOle5. Biography ond autobiography6. Sports a nd exerdse1. Translation a nd In terp~taUan8. Hospital and cli nic:9. rlred and laid off10. 00ct0l$ and physidans11. learn and memorize11. Aptitude o nd abilitylJ. Quolity ond quontlty11. tsplonage and I ntelUge n~15. Infer and Imply16. College a nd university1 7. Custom and habit18. Reponer and journalist19. Statesmon and poli l idon20. Thrifty and sU ngy
  50. 50. W··.£1;1Different Personalities.. I.Z.,d M.! 1 People h llve diffe rent p erso nalities. lind hen ce differe nt attitudes towlIrd the sa m e thing. Talk abo ut these d ifferences In the following cases ... E.ampl. Those who live In thE! c ity and those who live In the CQuntry ~ any people live in lhe city becuse lhey have 10. for ~ - school o r employmenl. Bul some would rather live in a rural a rea. . City life is hectic. impersonll!. noisy. and expensive. Country lile is more relaxed. and people kn ow ellch Olher beller. BUI Ihe re is nOI liS much 10 do Ihere ._.i __ ... _-....... ,-...;,,,,_Ic ... :__ .... ..,...,....,. aI _ _ . - . ..... . - no~_
  51. 51. ~ Kow do tett d iffer ] 1. Buye~ and n o n.buye~ of lottery ti;kelS 1. Those who drive wfely ond lhose who drive recklessly 3. Those who moke money In the stock market a nd those who lose ... ~ who ore wcce:ssful In Ihelr job and those who are not 5. Those who lead a happy Ufe ond those who do nOl 6. Rich peop le ond poor 7. OptImists ond pesslmlslS . leoders ond followe~ ,. Those who quI! smoking ond those who co nnOl 10. Crimlnols and low-obldlng prople ll. llors ond h o n est fo lks 12. Playboys (and bullerflles ) and Ihe monogamous U . Hard workers ond goldbrickers H . Good studcnlS and poor sludents 15. The physlcolly octIw ond the couch poiOtOlll 16. Tourists ond 5lay-o t·homes 17. Readers and televiSio n walchers 1. lovers of fasl food ond lovers of gourmel reSlaumnts 1. Fans of pop music and o f dosslcal music 10. Writers ond rMders 11. Cot· lovers ond dog-Iovers 21. 8oskelboll fans ond wre5IJJng fons 13. Those who wOlCh soop operos and those who just watch the news 1. Concert goers ond lhose who only lislen to CDs._....,._-....... .__- . --- 15. Skiers and scubo dlwrs ._-_ _-·:OuCh ....... o: ... - .. _ _ _ _ _ . ........~ , ----- ..... oonng ..... --.g_ ...... _ _ ....cto.~ _-w.OUI ..__ ... _..... _.fIOUOI : . _ _ _ _ ..... _ ,_
  52. 52. .. W·j·ft· What Does this Mean? (1) E••Ple Backseat drive r It. passenger who constantly gives the drlw:r unwanted ll- advice, warnings. and criticism. Backseat drivers often make the driver irritated and neTPOU5. making it more likely tnal he will gel into a traffIC eccIdenl. So. when you are riding in a ear with someone else. you , e belle, off remaining silent and letting him do the actual driving. even if you think he isnt doing a very good,lob,. - , afI OIOng. be beft .. ......,....~ Do .... _ _ ....... _ _ ~ ,
  53. 53. ... 1:: _pi...,,,, wlt...t t1f _ _ rd.. _ ,. Defen s Ive drlve r 2J. Dutch treat z. Su nday drlver 22. BIg Brother z. reer pressure 23. Anlfldallntelllgence •• Cheapska te S. BIg m out h 21f. C ulture shock 25. Henpec;ked hUSbond 6. C lock watcher 26. Yes-man 7. lunk food 27. Black sheep •• Skin chaser 9. Nine·to-flve lob 28. Social drtnker 29. Know·lt-oli 0. BrainwashIng 30. Junk mall U . Bralnslonnlng 3J. Back stabber J 2. Pre nuptiologreement 32. Back slopper J3. Vending maCh i ne 33. Gold digger J -9. l.1amos boy 31f. Gold bncker J 5. O n e· night ·stand 35. Golden years J6. Eutha nasia 3 6. Mr. (or Ms.) Right J7. White Ill. 37. Crying wolf 18. Sh o plifter 38. Wolf In sheeps clothing J 9. Unan imous deis lo n 39. Yuppi e 20. Ufe expectancy 1f0. Spin doctor
  54. 54. What Does This Mean? (2) E.mpl. The bo ttom li ne Is thai I a m pa id to wi n ga m es, nOI to prom o te good will. ].SWC, ......,.s he bot tom line- is the sum of a column of figures, 1 such as an accountant might make. So it is the Final. most imponant. result.
  55. 55. to E_pltII/tt tilt the unde,.lItted - a s ...-tt: J. My wife ond I 0 mired ond living on 0 fixed Incomc 2 . Thf:) how. two (hild,n ond 0 fol rly ~ 3. Ttll him , In no uncena!n lenns thol he mUSI gel 0 Job. 4. My wife ond [ have 0 typlcol morliogt, wllh the usuol yps gnd dOwns, s. lone occepted her divorce matter-pf-factly. 6 . My personal recipe for success Is: do whot you love o nd dont look QI Ihe dock T. 11 IS (tnainly 0 strong orgument ogolnst euthonlzlng pets until gil possible a!Jema tiya haye bun explored 8. Never ngag In a shouting motch with your daughter. If sh $CJMm5, bite yoyr tongyc, lowr your voke ond .$Oy onythlng you fee] (Ompelled to Kly In a volce only slightly 000 0 whisper. If you (Qnt monogt thOl, tell her quie t ly Iho! you will di$(u$5 the subll(t wllh her when you 0 colmer. Then do it. 9. Mom hos mode II plain t hat under no clrcymstan(es will she ever live In a rell,m ent home. 10. IImmy Is 100 selfish. He has nO notion of olvecQnd-tgke wi th olher children.-todpoo ; - - - - ........ - ... -1- ___~II_
  56. 56. 4,,·,i ,.What Does This Mean? (3) )[ £••mp,. h s a kind of spiritual snobbery thai makes people think they can be happy wilhoul money,,. -5_,. ~ his means thaI some people are proud 10 claim they 1 don t need money 10 be MpPY. But lhey are nol really happy, lhey are only lTying 10 pretend that they are. Actually, they have no ab!!ity 1 make money themselves 0 and lire 100 poor to recognl~e how money helps make people happy......-v .... _ _ _ _ Of _ _ _ _ _ * - * to _ _ _ - , nO _ -I _ _ _ ...... _ .; .... _ ........... 0_ Of cIoaM .... _ -.g,-- no _for _ 0uI1O ~ 1/10 or_
  57. 57. Tal k, T,l lk, T,l lk 2 1 1rt II I ,. I: _pial .t t,,__ ...t_ca .... ... _ ..: 1. Nobody co n glye y:Iu wiser odvtce tho n y:Iunelf. 2. Glye. ond you ma y keep your friend eytn If you lose your m o ney; lend, a nd t he ( h onCfl o~ Ihm you will lOS( you r friend even If you gel you r m o ney back . .J. Blessed Is he who expects nolhlng, for he shall never be dlsa p polnled. 4 . Never truSI t he advice of a ma n In dlfflC.l lt y. S. A leon com prom ise 15 beller Ihon a fo l lawsuit. is. W e ask advice, but we m eon opproballon . T. Your sionding In Ihe comm u n ity is U labllshe-d by whm people soy behind you r back. . The borrower Is serva nl 10 the lender. ,. A woma n s beau ly Is not a gift 10 m a n _only a bribe. 10. II tokes 0 loose rein 10 kec-p a morr1age IIgh l. 11. So m t pta p ie se ld o m repe al gassl p - the woy t h ey heord II . 1 2. A marriage wi thout contllet Is a lm ost a s Inco ncelyo ble 0$ a nation wit hout crbb. 1.J. You ca n mak e m a re frien d s In a monlh by bei n g Interested In t he m than In le n yeo rs by trying to gel t he m interested in you. 14. Children hove more need o f models Ihon o f crlllcs. 1.5. II is on error to suppose thol courage means brovery in everythi ng . -_.- --- ................... --- . . . . . . _ ------ --.,__ _ -_:.... _10--.-J --- _ .... -,,-- ,- ... - : .---~ -poooiP ---.;.....-._ .... ---_ ...... ......
  58. 58. 16. Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am thankful that thorns have roses.17. Adolescence Is like a house on moving doy- a temporory meu.lB. Much of good mo nners consists In knowi ng when to pretend that what Is happeni ng Isnt.19. The opposite of love is not hate, Its apathy.20. When a man says money oon do anything, that settles It; he doesnt have any.21. Love Is the whole hIstory of a womans life, but jusl on episode In a mans.U . I find television Vf!ry educational. [very time same-txxIy turns on the !let I go into another room and read a book.23. The first half of our life Is ruined by our parents, the second half by our children.24. How little we would enjoy life if we never flattered ourselves.25. We must be greater than God, for we have to undo His Injustice.26. There are two kinds of failures : those who thought and neVf!r did, and those who dId and never thought.27. There 15 no failure except In no longer trying.28. Some people merely ask ·whyr and others de ma nd to know why not.
  59. 59. T.llk, T.llk, T.llk 2 I III 19, A ~ure route 10 humlliotlon 1$ 10 admit that you paid what the car dealer was aSking. 30. The tlme 10 stop talking Is when the ot he r pe~n nods afflrmatlvely· but soy$ nothing.1__-_._ :.. . .......
  60. 60. Proverbs )l l:.mpl. Beauty Is only s kin-d eep cY omething that 15 skin deep is shanow and SllpeTficlaJ --e) It doesn t e)(tend very far To say Beauty is only skin-deep - Implies that something has a pretty exterior but that s about all. What you don t see i$ hidden unde r the skin and it may be more important than physical beauty , l.___ ~_Of_ __ - 0.-=_ ... _ - ~__Of__ ~_Of
  61. 61. Talk Tlk. Tllk 2 lOtl III E xpla/tt whGt eh __ $A!t/ttgs _ t t: J. wsy come, eruy go. 1. Dont gel mad. gel even. 1. Man dOt$ not live by brood alone. 4. Money lol u. 5. Actions speak louder than words. 6. A mon Is known by Ihe company he kei:ps. 7. Money begels money. Il. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. ,. A roiling ~Ione gothers no moss. 10. The shoemakers kids alwaY go borefO(I. JJ. Thots life. 11. TIme will tell . H. You cont teach an o ld dog n_tricks, 14. You contplea~ everybody. J5. One mons trosh Is another mons t~sun!. 16. It Is better to die on you r feet than ll~ on your knees, J7. Jt Is easier for 0 comet to go through the ~ of a nttd.le thon It Is for 0 rich man 10 enter the kingdom of heaven , Ill, It Is better to light one ca ndl e than to curse the darkness. J. Everybodys bU5lne:s Is nobody. busIness. 20, If you dont make mIstakes you dont make anything. lJ. Guns dont kill people. People do. 11. The g055 Is always greener on the other side of the ren«, 11, Money dOt$nt grow O n trees. 14. lovt Is blind. 15. Do os I say, not as I do. 16. Then! Is no such thing as 0 free ride. l 27. A penny saved Iso pennyeamt!d. 11l, Business before pleasure. 1, Behind every successful man there Is 0 womon who ~nt have a thing to wear. 10. Every man Is hIs own worst enemy, _ - - - - - - - -= ~~~,qp
  62. 62. #,4IdiomsII tXlllmplc The company ha s bee n In the red for e ig h t Ylars . .....-s his means 1 company h.. been in debt o r losing money for a lo n g time. A profitable concern is in the black. T he colors refer to the ink accountants use to make the situation obvious.
  63. 63. .. r .p. what tlr_ ld lo....t lc ••PlnMo..• ..._ .... 1. It serves you right 2. Walk a mlle In my shoes/Put yourself In my pla~. J. I dont buy that eplanotlon. . [yery man has his price. S. Youre the boss. 6. lotts make up_ T. I mean it. a. I quit smoking cold turkey. 9. Two of the flye candidates who hod thrown their hou In the ring hoye now thrown In Ihe towel. 10. Two malor credit card firms have gone belly up. ll. All the condldoleS look to hoye a strong position, but lone has the Inside trock because shes single. 12. We will toke a chance on the wealher and hoye the party outdoon. H . People fighting for their freedom often do not draw the llne at murder. 1. He thought the soup 100 hot and mode a scene about It. 15. Dont do It! You are playing with fire. 16, When he 50W the slu of the bill, he hIt the ceiling, 1 T. After yean of ftnondol struggle, the company now sees light 01 the end of the tunnel. la, It moy toke two to lango, but I still Ihlnk It was more her fault, 19, Its a deal. 20. The book mode a big splash a couple of years ago ..- :.----~.- ... -.-. ...-
  64. 64. in!,;:Acronym s = =-_ __~E•• Mpl.r AI Ql) What does It mean? Q2) What benefits may thi s technology bri ng abo ut?.. ft..nswer A I ) Artificial Intelligence A2) If machines can learn to think. they can make accurate. objective decisions almost immediately. People take longer and are prone to both error and bIas . So. AI could take much of the guesswork out of ordinary life.
  65. 65. T,llk , T.tlk, T,llk 2 11 ttl1. UNICEf QI) What don It mean1 Q2) What does II 0012. IMf QI) What does II mean? Q2) Whal does II 0013. CEO QI) Whal does II mean? Q2) Name 3 famous CEOs.of. GMfs (genetically mooltil! foods) QI) Whal does II mean? Q2) Are they sofe? Why do people worry aboullhem?S. urOs QIJ Whal does It mean? Q2) Why are _ exdted obout them?6, HDTV QI) What does It mean? Q2) Whal makes uS exdled about It?T. AIDS QI) Whal does II mean? Q2) Why Is II o ne o f the most fearful diseases?6. FDA QI) What does II mean? Q2) How does this InsUtute affect ather countries Indwuies19. CCTV Ql) Whot does It mean? Q2) Where ort they~?10. CPU QI) What does II mean? Q2) Whot kind of machine needs a CPU to Opo!Mte?
  66. 66. £(i,I,JILifestyle Quips ~to I:.Q,P. Even waler laSles bad when taken o n doctors orders. ~ his means Ihat being forced 10 do something takes 1 the pleasure away from that activity.
  67. 67. Talk. Ta lk. T,llk Z ,, ,,, III .. r IIplal,. what th . . . .,..,,,. mea,. : 1. A m lstoke Is proof thot $Om eone WQ$ lit loo~t trying to occomplbh $Ometh lng. 1. Hoving m oney ond friends Is eosy. HOving friends and no money Is on accomplishment. ~. Ability will enable a mlln to get to the top, but It tokes choracter to keep him there. I. Man blames m ost accidentS on fate-but feels 0 m ore personol responsibility when he makes a hole-tn-one. 5. Every accomplishment, great or smnll, ~ torts with the right dectslon, JII try. 6. AdviCe 15 never nppredo ted. If 11 leads to 0 good result. the recipient thin ks It W05 hIs own Idea; ond If It turns out bodly. he eternally biomes the gIver. Ambition wlthout delermlnntlon h05 no destination. II. A wealthy oochelor 15 wmeone whll :;aved money 10 get married. and then changed his mind. 9. The le05t experienced flshermon always cotches the blQ9Ht flsh. 10. Whenever your teom trades away a useles.s no-nome. he Immedlotely ri5lS to stardom . ll . A 10umey of 0 t hou$Ond mlles begins w1th 0 si ngle step. 11. Knowi ng when 10 hold Or to fOld_lts the $Ome In cords OS In love. 11. You should make hay while the sun shines. H. Moybe money cont buy love. but It con rent It. 15. Wisdom meon s knowing the difference between determination to transform those condit ions which can be changed. and acceptance of thO$e which connOI. 16. Its never too late to put your past behind you. 1 1. She W05 a woman w1lh II past - but Ihot dldn l stop her._ - , oy. . - ...._. from looking for a man with a future!.- -,-.--.... -.o...... _._ ....-. .._._ ,._----._-,--- ,-.-. . _ _ . . _ _ ..... odO .• _ _ ---~
  68. 68. #9,ii41#1Laughter Is the Best Medicine! ) 1 ~.QdM./ 1 laugh your way to better health! A lot of medical research Indicates that laughter produces significant changes In Immune system functionality, beginning on the cellu lar leve l. We ha ve long been aware that negative factors, s uch as depression and stress, can compromise the Immune system, But now scientists have clear evidence that laughter can Improve It, And the best part about this discovery Is that you dont have to walt until youre III to experience the medical benefits of laughter. Even If you dont laugh much now. you can begin to prac tice right away,.. E.ampl. They ve been married five years and she still hasn t to ld him ho w muc h money he s earning, -·Immune syat..,, : _~_tem tho, ~.depr-..Ion : _ oe!!, 01 ~ ..., -.owtuI· cornpnmIH : .. _,o--=~ _0, _ _....,
  69. 69. Talk, T.1Ik, Talk 2 I I III -rs his means his wife regards her husband as ~ money- 1. making nw:hlne, ~nd he seems 10 accept his destiny as ~ henpecked hubby, giving her all the money he makes without quest10n or (ompioint. 1 II Irllgedy thllt most 1$ husbands hand 0YVr .n the money lhey make to their wives ~nd then have to beg for an IIlIow~nce . Do you think this Is a good kiell Or do you think husbands should handle all financial matters themselves?. . . . . ._.. . . _ . ._ot_..... , _._ .. _-_.--- -- ...--- ....~ . od...-y ...- .... _-- _- • _ _ _ • _ _ .. _ _ .... _ ....... ....... _ .. _ _
  70. 70. I~ t .pla/n whm th.- gap mean And con.,n.llt About the,: 1. He doe~nt carT) life insurance, only fi~ insurance- he knows where hes going. 1. My mother-in-Iow W kidnop ped lost week. The QS kidnapper saId If we didnt send $25,000 q uick, we would hove to lake her bock. 3. He married his secretory. think ing hed continue to didO!e 10 her. II. Hes marrying ot 70 ond stllllooklng for Q home near a school. 5. When he buys anything. he sees on ly the initial payment. 6. They took the for better or worse vow, but they didnt say for how long, 7. The only time he opens his mouth is to ask her for the apron and the vacuum cleaner. B. She threatened 10 divorce him o nce, and he could nt help shedding a few cheers. 9. He never knew what hoppine$S was until he married her-then it was 100 lote. 10. fudge 0 dere ndant: I n ote that in a dd itio n to stealing cash, you took watches, ri ngs and pearls. Yes, your honor: replied the mon In the dock. I wos laug h t that money alone doesnt brIng happiness.~ 11. Joe is the man for me: sold a starry-eyed young woman to her mother. Hes nice. Hes handsome. Hes sma rt. Hes hard·working. Hes runny. Hes strong. Hes kin d.
  71. 71. Tdlk, Tllk. T.. lk 2 11 111 ~He5 malTled. inlerrupted her mather. ~So? Nobodys perfectl~ 12. He told his children SonIa Claus is 100 old to gel around ony mare. 1$. Father, I want to gel monied, NO, my $On, you.., not wise enough. Whe n will I b@wise.noug h ? When you rid yourself of the ideo that you wont to b@ monied. 14. When he, in. shes out. Wh,m shes In. hes out. They cant find eoch other to discuss a dIvorce, 1 5. He could convince his wIfe that she looks fat In 0 fur ~,. 16. She swore she wouldnt tolk to him tor 0 month ond hes unhappy oboutlt~the monih 1$ olm()$t over. I T. Hes very sympathetic. He conl beor _Ing on old lody standing up in the subwoy, $0 he always buries his heod in a newspaper. 18. As soon as she stans giving her side of the argument, he shuts off his heorlng Old. 19. Ive had bod luck with both my wives. How comer The flnt ron off with another man . And (he s«ondr OidnI. 20. My uncle hod on automobile aeddent, but the doctor told him he would have him walking In 0 month .- And did her Yes. When the doctor sent his bill, my uncle had to sell his car 10 pay It..-:-...---:--11_-........... .... -- .... --~­ :
  72. 72. IIN,1I4UMake Your Point (1) 1 Bas.ed o n the a lven outline, g ive u. your opin ion in detail , E••mp.r o Helll lh Is lhe moll ImpOrUml thing In life . o O no.:e II Is 10$1 you can l gel II Mo.:k o.:om p le le ly. o Be .... re 10 elll we ll , sleep e nough li nd IllIOld $Ires.s If p05Slble . o Exe rcise also helps you remai n fit . o Regula r checkups are Indis pensa ble 100.._./10 .. _ .... ........... _ ..............oftp_, _ , _ - - .. _ - 1
  73. 73. tel eopIe air recoup their laMes on the Ioo:k market, ~~ eg.!ILn 1I Iowr s ffect1ons (or find 1I new lover). or reform their cha racter. but they may nol ever be able 10 recover Ihe,r 1os1 health. However. laking eliTe o f ourselves Is lIc l UlIlIy eas ier thlln we may think . If we have lin adequ.eile. bIIlanc:ed diet. if we gel enough rest. and if we PK8 ourselves lind keep everything in proper pl!lSpectiw to mlnlmi~e stress. most of US aIIn mbinlllin our physical activity Oller II long period (ll lifetlmel comfortably nd en)oyllbly The other really Important aspect of si llying healthy Involves regular exercise. BUI you don , hlIve 10 work out In lin eKpensiYe gym for many hours a week. A brisk wlIlk lo r 30 minute$ II lUay Is all most people need. though they may want to suppl emen t Ih ls wilh a few minutes 01 stretching. Last. but nol eMt. gel II thorough medical examl~lion every yell •. Within dIoys, you will either know that you must take some necessary steps to keep from geUing sick. c. you wiH nave complete peace of mind knowing thai nothing is wrong with you::::r.,r.,~ :.:..:..·_ovt ,...... __ .... __ . _--- -- --- :!:..: -:-. ... _ _ _• .. r! .... , _ _ 10 ........ . . . - ........... . . . . . . _ _ •
  74. 74. (I)• Gas prices are skyra;kcting. • Y want 10 ge l rid of you r ca r soon. ou• Too mony cars arc on the road.• The subway lakes you onywhcn! in the city Oil lime.(2)• You wanlla stQrt laking Q lunch box to work.• Youre sick o f eating out.o Restaurants are too expensive.• Too mo n y people fill th e restaurant, ma king it noisy and uncomfortoble.(3)• You think TV con never be educational.• It rots a childs brain.• Commercials encourage overspending_• Child re n are gett ing fat from watching TV.(4 )• Its amazing how few people seem 10 be really worried about A IDS.
  75. 75. Ta lk. Talk. Talk 2 / 1.1 o AIDS kills you, (lnd it~ spreodlng (lst. o YOl oon get It from ... n9Oglng In lnsoe sex or even getting a blood transfusion. • MOSI Impo rtantly. o n e musl get adequate In form ation aboult he disease before It b too late. • By ta kIng preve n tive measures. onyone oon be sa f.... (S) • People o~ prejudiced a golnst rot people. • ObesIty Is a • Fa t people do not just ea t whatever they p!(l$f. • They hove difficulty burning up· colorll!$ In theIr everykly activity. o Even exerdse doesnt help same fat people. (6) • We shOu ld make tObacco Ill egol. • It Is fatal to smo kers a nd nonsmokers a li ke a nd poses great rlsks to peoples health. • Il ls among the addictive of all subslances. • Stcond·hond smoke can ruIn the health even of Innocent non4mokers.~J .... ~ ~~~~ _._:_ ._JWIO,..-: _ o r _ _ _ _ _ _ or a _ . ... .........· _ _ : *-IO _ _ _ _:=:::.=:=_ ...... -._ .. ............. ,~ - __ _ t o )OU _n ~ - - --
  76. 76. (7)• It is true that politicians disgust us with their low moral standards.• People are becoming indifferent to politics.• They often neg lect to vote.• The easiest way for evil to triumph Is for the good to sl! bock Gnd do nothing.• We can only stop the vicious circle of corrupt politics by voting Intelligently.(8)• Stress is unavoidable in modern society.• We must learn how to cope with it. If not, we will all be destroyed by it.• But we can also moke It our lifes locomotive. • If well managed, It stlmulates our creative power Gnd leads us to better lives.(9)• Crime rates ore on the rise.• Laws are 100 permissive.• Strict punishment is sold to discourage criminal acts.• Singapore is the outstanding example of this theory.• But the death penalty should be the exception, not the rule.
  77. 77. Talk, Tl lk, T.- k 2 / 1,1 1 lI1 • Co pitol punbhmenl is 100 eXlreme, given Ih e uncenolnrles of th e law and police practices. • No o n e sh ou ld be ollowed 10 take (I human Ufe-not even 11 ju dge. ( 10) • Som e peop le say life Is predetermined before ou r birt h . • ~511ny co nn o t be chang ed. • But we shou ldn , be di scouraged. T here 15 $O m e lh lng even stron ger thon fotc. • Good hoblls and bad habits ore Our reo l destiny. • If you choose good hobits. your life Is full of IIghl, but bod o nes lead you to dorknes5.l =~
  78. 78. XU];I Make Your po,n@D l7.alttpl. W hy Is a co llege ed uca tion Importa n ~ college education expands ou r knowledge of Ihe Il.. world. II deepens our interests. II widens our abi lities. it makes us more broadmioded and less ignoran!. it provides us with useful human contacts, it forces us to work hard to ach ieve something wort hwhile. and. perhaps most importantly. it gives us a certificate (called a diploma ) for success.
  79. 79. Ta lk, Talk, Talk 2 / Iu n 1 .. ~ alee fIOUl po/ott; Oot t;he follow/ltg is.....: 1. Why a~ friendS Importa nl to us? 2. Why do we hav 10 be o n lim fOT appointm en ts? 1 . Why Is It m os t difficul t to k ee p our pr omises to ourselves? 4. Why 1$ II don9rou~ 0 driVio drunk? S. What does having a lob moon fOT you? 6. What Is the Importance of family? 1. Why Is low necessary? 8. Why ore morals necessary? 9. Are you afraid of dying? Why or wh y no? 10. Tell us why WI shou ld 100m English . 11. Wha t lneflts doos money provld(? 1 2. Ho w does m o n ey spoil us? 11. Argue that me n (Ire more In telligent Ihon women (or vice versa). 11. Refute Ihe argument lust mode. lS. Why do many lrople gel mmTled? 16. [x p lain why be Ing s ingle Is b e lleT Ihon having a sPOUSE. 1 7. Illustrate why swdylng Is imponant. 18. !rove Ihat swd ylng Isnt everyt hing In life . 19. Think of all t h reasons why peop le can, qull drinking and s m oki ng. 20. Co nvin ce uS Ihol all t he reasons give n In 19 a re lust lame excuses. 21. Capitalism Is Ilter Ihon soda lism _ or Is It1 22. ~ I wo uld rather be 10vOi!d Iha n be rich . 21. Dtspite ilS inl/fidency. democracy Is Ihe best form of goVl!rnment. 2 4. Such Is the war of Ihe world: th e big fish always feed upon the smal fish . 2S. Why Is loornlng English a n ecl5S0ry evil? --- ._...:------_00 - __ ---__ ~ : .,_ _oIc._:__ . . . :.===,C . _ =-_:__. _-_ -___ ·:=., =~___ 0-. . ..,....-~ , .. =::.=---_ . . ----.. . ..... .... ... ..... ,=-=::..-.:;--- - ~--oo---
  80. 80. Social Phenomena ) F xample J uve nil e crimes a re beco m ing m ore prevale nt. ( US! a gilnce at any population chart will show that e....J wherever there are a lot of young men (between thei r early teens and late 20s). crime rates will go up. These are a veIY act ive force in SOCiety. they have lots 01 ene rgy and probably too much free time. but they also lack matu rity. So. unless they have jobs. they are usually on the prowl for something exciting to do. especially something that may make them some money. But they dont usually understand the consequences of their actions. they are focused only on shortterm thrills or needs.
  81. 81. Tol lk, T.llk, Tollk 2 / I,., 1 • ~ cdl. flOUt poit 0 tit. /OlI04Nl..g . -/AI plt ......... .. A: 1. People are getting more impatient. 1. Divorce rotes are going up. 1. The gop between rlch and poor Is wldfnlng. 4. The number o f wOmen who smoke Is Increasing. $. The number of childless couples Is on the rise. 6. Many young people are choosi n g to remain slngl~ lo nger or not getting mamed at all. 7. A two-Income fomlly Is becoming the nonn. · I. People are almost always busy. 9. Almost everybody invests In stock. 10. Among young people. physical Iltness Is getti ng worse. 11. Ufe~xpectoncy 13 expanding. 12. More people are driving than ever before. /1. As women become more like m e n . men are gell[ng mall! feminized. lI. Children show less respect to t heir elders than they used 0. 1$. Many emigrants are returntng home. 16. No o ne reads as much as his grandparents did. 17. Dis h onest, unsc r upulous people are more likely to succeed thon the morolly uprlght. II. The old ways are d[soppearlng. 19. Mall! alcohol Is being consumed tho n ot ony other time in history. ,,... _ .........__. _10... - 10. family size is much smaller than even 40 years ago ..,.,_ ......m-,::;:::,:_ ..10_1010_01._·-- - _ _ _ _ ... ____ .... _ .... _·_··_· _-v_ ..... -_IO._
  82. 82. iiU@Read the passage and Answer the Questions )lotr A t Oba cco ·co mpany executive traveled th e co untry lookIng for long·time smokers In good he-o.lth. He found one man who admItted to smokIng for 70 YWTS. If yo u do a commercIal for u s . th e executlve explaIned, well pay you $10,000, It$ 0 de-o.l, sold the smoker, When do I 5Iort? How a bout IOa.m, tomorrowr Con , do II the n, son - I newr quit «!ughlng till noon !.. !2fttloJ1. (I ) Why did the executi~ lrovel sa far? (2) Whot did he offer 10 do for the smokel?.•• ..:W... : ~= _ _ _ .... _ , _ _ . _ _.- : ~-