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Gmym Leaflet

  1. 1. Girls! Make Your Mark is a campaign to encourage more young women to have ideas and make them happen – either through running their own business or social enterprise or by making an idea happen at work. The campaign is brought to life through the inspirational stories of young people, and aims to recruit ambassadors from across the UK, who together will use their stories to inspire others. You can find these stories and further information at or email to get in touch. Girls! Girls!
  2. 2. Can you name any well-known female entrepreneurs from the UK? How many have you got? Three? Four maybe? The Girls! Make Your Mark campaign aims to change this by putting more female entrepreneurs on the map! There are now over one million women in the UK who are self-employed or running a business. If these women can do it, why can’t you? One of the campaigns’ youngest ambassadors, 20 year-old Emily “ I wanted to do some- thing for ME, ME, ME as an individual, a woman. Cummins is a serial ethical Not just being a wife and People start up businesses for many reasons. You might want inventor and entrepreneur. a mum. As women running to achieve a better work-life balance, meet a social need, take Her latest invention is a our own businesses we face control of your working life or fulfil a passion. solar-powered fridge that she developed particular barriers such as caring responsi- on her self-funded gap year in Africa. The bilities and work-life balance. However, it Whatever the reason, we hope you are inspired by these ” whole product is recyclable, employing can be possible to do both successfully. examples of successful women who have already innovative shape technology. Hafida Sarachi, HandyGirl, Girls! Make Your Mark “ turned their ideas into reality. Ambassador It’s a really simple design that people could make themselves at home using everyday scrap materials, it wouldn’t cost ” much at all. Emily Cummins, Girls! Make Your Mark Ambassador Women’s Enterprise Day 2007 is a chance to learn from the experiences of others and “ Women should be celebrate the many businesses which are started up and run by women every year. “ encouraged in business, I’m very driven when and it’s a tragedy that It takes place on Wednesday 14 November so get involved: it comes to transforming “ there are still so few. If the my own ideas into • Attend one of the many events happening It’s encouraging to see that so UK had the same rates of business successes, across the country during Enterprise Week. many young people have an appetite female entrepreneurship and believe it’s really for ideas and really want to take part in as the US there would be 750,000 more important to help other initiatives like Enterprise Week. There is female businesses, boosting productivity • Run your own event at school, in the young women and girls to do the same. a wealth of talent out there and I hope by up to £23billion a year. ” workplace, at university, with a network to see even more in 2007! The Girls! Make Your Mark campaign is key I was very encouraged to hear about the or in your own business. Ask a successful to providing tomorrow’s business minds local entrepreneur to speak at your event Kanya King, Founder, MOBO awards Girls! Make Your Mark campaign which is with strong, realistic role models who can providing a positive and practical way to – contact us and we can put you in touch show them by example what the route to encourage more young women to become Whatever you do to celebrate • Arrange a meet-up with colleagues, peer ” success can look like. I look forward to entrepreneurs. Women’s Enterprise Day, remember to groups, likeminded business people or seeing how it changes minds and brings it tell us all about it. Let us know what ” Jacqueline Gold, Chief Executive of Ann Summers students to talk about ideas. You could to the top of the business agenda. you’re planning by registering on the and Knickerbox, has offered her support to the Girls! form a new enterprise network, club or Sarah Beeny, presenter of Channel 4’s Property official Enterprise Week events diary Make Your Mark campaign. She is one of Britain’s group and launch it that day Ladder, columnist for the Mail On Sunday and most charismatic and successful businesswomen and entrepreneur an inspiration to thousands of women