AS media studies questionnaire results


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AS media studies questionnaire results

  1. 1. AS Media Studies - MUSIC MAGAZINE QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS Opening question This question had defined the individuals’ gender. This was particularly important for my Music Magazine research as I needed a bigger number of females filling the questionnaire as the magazine will mainly target the female gender, however having males complete the questionnaire also gives their opinions, which is equally significant. Gender (M/F) 0% 0% Male 30% Female 70% Opening Question Age range 10% 10% 16-20 21-26 27+ 80% This depicts the age group of all the individuals. This helps to attain all features manipulated in the final Music Magazine front cover, the contents and the double page spread, based on the opinions of those who completed the questionnaire. Most of the people I had given the questionnaire to were 16-20 year olds as this is my target audience, therefore their opinions will have a big influence on my Main Task. Thamina Lipa Chowdhury
  2. 2. Q1. In which particular aspect of a magazine front cover draws your attention? 10% The main image 10% The main headline 10% name of the magazine 70% A promotion (WIN! Or free posters) This question significantly concluded what particular element of a magazine cover people prefer and find the most eye catching when they look at a magazine. Most of the individuals had chosen The Main image, only 1 person chose the main headline, the name of the magazine and a promotion. With this data I will create an eye catching magazine front cover that will appeal to the age group of individuals. Q2. What genre of music magazine Rap do you read? 0% Rock 0% Classic Country 0% 0% R&B 33% Pop 67% Thamina Lipa Chowdhury As you can see there were 6 genre options and only 2 were chosen, this shows which genre is more popular and which are more interesting. Pop was the popular genre out of all of the options, these answers were ideal as my Music Magazine will be a POP genre magazine. Therefore all of the elements and features that I materialize in my Main task; I will do this based on the chosen selections.
  3. 3. Q3. What price range do you think is suitable for a magazine? 0% The price range that was selected more often was £0.99-£1.99. Therefore I will use this as my price for my Magazine front cover. 10% £0.99-£1.99 20% £2.00-£2.99 £3.00-£4.99 70% £5.00+ Q4. How often do you read a magazine? 0% Weekly Monthly Annually 100% Thamina Lipa Chowdhury From deconstructing the results of how often a magazine is preferred to be released, it is monthly. This is the preferred selection made from all the students who had completed the questionnaire. A monthly issue of the magazine will help readers keep in touch and read about celebrity news and new music often, it is at a reasonable issue time length with a reasonable price. Weekly and Annually have not been selected.
  4. 4. Q5. Interested in an editor's letter in the contents page? 50% 50% Yes No Yes and No were both selected equal amount of times for this particular question. An editor’s letter is interesting for some and for others they feel it is unnecessary. However I will add my own editor’s letter, it gives a wide range of options for the readers to view and read from the magazine. Q6. In a double page spread, would you prefer the image to be on one page and the article on the other page, or would you prefer to have the image and the article to be spread over both pages? 0% Image and interview/article spaced over two pages 1 image and article on two separate pages 100% It has been clearly justified which option is most preferred, this is “image and interview/article spaced over two pages”. Therefore I will use this option and materialize this in my double page spread. Thamina Lipa Chowdhury