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Thamer google plus

  1. 1. Google plus ?Google Inc. is a multinational Internet search technologies corporation. Google hosts and develops numerous Internet-based servicesand products, and generates profit primarilyfrom advertising. The company was founded by Larry.
  2. 2. why the people use Google plus since its launch in June. The service, on the surface,seems exactly like Facebook: You can share photos and updates with friends, chat with people, follow your friends activities, and sort individuals into differentgroups based on your relationships with them. Only the vocabulary seems to have changed, with Facebooktrafficking in "friend requests" and "likes," and Google+ in "circles" and "+1s."
  3. 3. how many people use google plus• My friend Jason Hiner, better known to most of you as the editor-in-chief of TechRepublic, suggests, based on data collected by Mohamed Mansour, who created a tool to import Facebook friends information to Google, that G+ already had reached one million users. Not bad for a service that’s not even two weeks old yet and is still in beta.
  4. 4. how to make a good business Google plus Once you have a page, you will have a URL for it thatyou can include on all your other marketing collateral and in any communications your organization sendsout. If you make the information on your Google Plus business profile available to everyone on the Web, then your page URL will also appear in Googlesearches, making it more likely that your organization will be discovered.
  5. 5. how we can shopping on google plus• Today we are a society that is all about how quickly and easily we can get our desired results at the lowest cost and biggest return. We want everything at the push of a button. Simply put, we want shortcuts. Google Plus (aka: Google +, G+) heard our demands and is giving us what we want: Google Plus Pages. Google Plus Pages is the one-stop shopping spot for online businesses
  6. 6. how we can chat in google plus• 1.Hover over the Chat list.• 2.Click on the down arrow that appears.• 3.Click Privacy Settings.• 4.Select the Circles you want to be able to chat with.
  7. 7. How to Search Google Plus to Find People by Location• I will walk you through the problems with Find People on Plus and Google’s own Google+ search before I show you something I’ve been tinkering with that seems to work well to reliably find people who live in a specific area.
  8. 8. who is owner of Google plus• Michael Saul Dell (born February 23, 1965) is an American business magnate and the founder and chief executive officer of Dell Inc. He is one of the richest people in the world, ranked 44 with a net worth of US$14.6 billion in 2011
  9. 9. how we can watch tv oinline google plus• Wed like your input on how you are using your #GoogleTV. Share with us some of your favorite tips and tricks that we can share with others. Your ideas may be featured in upcoming blog posts and across our social channels.
  10. 10. how to use watch youtup google plus MQ8CSIxizyI
  11. 11. how we to use the google plus hangout• You can start a hangout from the stream whenever you want. You can either go to or simply click the Start a Hangout button on the side of your stream.•• Youll be taken to a "green room" where we’ll help you get your camera set up and choose additional circles or individuals to add. No one can see you while youre in the green room. Once you click the Hang Out button your video feed will be broadcast
  12. 12. how we can use rent the car on google plus• It is very easy we can just found any place aroend the world
  13. 13. how to make you friend on Google plus• In any case you have to click “Add circles or people to share with” and then you will be provided with options to choose circles (if you have already created them) or choose people by email.• Read more: Google+ Tutorial: How To Make The Most Out Of Google Plus
  14. 14. Is Google plus easy or difficult now• I think very easy for everybody