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Helping Tools Presentation

  1. 1. Products and Devices to Improve everyday Activities Compiled for Irish Thalidomide Survivors Society
  2. 2. The aim of this presentation is to describe products and devices thatmay improve the convenience and safety of everyday tasks and sofacilitate an independent lifestyle.Please let us know of: -- any other products or devices you think should be included,- your experience of using any of the items included.The appearance of a product, manufacturer or supplier in thispresentation is given as an example and should not be taken as anendorsement of that product, manufacturer or supplier.Alternative products and suppliers may be available for any deviceshown in this presentation.Any prices shown are current and of course subject to change.
  3. 3. CataloguesThere are a number of companies that supply a wide range ofmobility and daily living aids.You can telephone to request a catalogue or view it online andcan order good by post, telephone or online: -Assist IrelandCitizens Information BoardGround FloorGeorges Quay House43 Townsend StDublin 2IrelandTelephone Support (1890 277 478)
  4. 4. KeepAbleTel 08705 202122Email & Means(Nottingham Rehab Supplies)Tel 0845 121 MedicareA range of products for the kitchen and bathroom (e.g. handrails,seats, shower cubicles)Pointon WayHampton LovettDroitwich WR9 0LR0800 195 9077email:
  5. 5. BATHROOM Solutions
  6. 6. Suction Grips These are removable hand rails for use in bathrooms etc. Roth also supply a range of devices that attach to the suction cups e.g. clips to hold shower heads, hooks to enable items to be hung from the rail, arm armrest for computer work stations The lower image shows the extensions which make operation easier. Fa. Roth Kohlbergstrasse 5 72213 Altensteig TEL: 07453/9381-0 FAX: 07453/9381-23 Email: website www.roth-
  7. 7. Clamping Retainer Endless position options flexible fitting on all smooth, pore- tight surfaces; e.g. door frames, desks or shower cubicles, etc This could be your third hand.
  8. 8. Telescope mirror The mobile Telescopic mirror is perfect to use because he is freely pivoted and extractable.
  9. 9. Mobile Shower Head Holder Endless position options The mobile, adjustable ROTH MOBELI® shower head holder are an important accessory to promoting independence in showers with folding seats/stools. Fa. Roth Kohlbergstrasse 5 72213 Altensteig TEL: 07453/9381-0 FAX: 07453/9381-23 Email: website www.roth-
  10. 10. Body washer The shape of the body washer makes effective use of the power of the shoulders, arms and hands. The ergonomic design makes it easier to get at all parts of the body. It has a replaceable wash cloth in a special material that washes effectively without absorbing water. This means the washer stays light and balanced even when wet
  11. 11. Back washer The design of the back washer makes it possible to reach all over the back without straining the hands, arms or shoulders. The replaceable wash cloth washes effectively without absorbing water. The washer stays light and balanced even when wet.
  12. 12. Hair brush/ hair washerThere are two lengths of theBeauty hairbrush. They are curvedto follow the shape of the head.This means that the handle can beheld close to the body withoutlosing power or reach. The hair washer is used instead of the fingers to apply shampoo and massage the scalp. The shaft and handle are of the same design as the body washer, making it easier for the user to reach the head without putting strain on the hands, shoulders or arms.
  13. 13. Comb There are two lengths of the Beauty comb. They are curved to follow the shape of the head. This means that the handle can be held close to the body without losing power or reach. Balder 24 Murrell Green Business Park London Road Hook Hampshire RG27 9GR Tel: +44 01256 767181 Fax: +44 01256 768887 Website: Email:
  14. 14. Beauty Multi Purpose Grip Nail files are usually impossible for short arms or stiff fingers to manage. The nail file holder rests securely in the whole hand and can bridge the gap between hands it is therefore easy to use. The disposable file is also easy to replace. The Multi Purpose Grip may also be used when shaving or brushing your teeth. Page/Products/Small-Aids-for-Daily- Living/Beauty-body-care-products/Multi- Purpose-Grip/
  15. 15. Tap turners Tap turners that can be used on crosshead and crystal taps. The soft textured handles provide a comfortable and secure grip whilst in use. There is no installation required due to the screw handle that tightens the grip on the tap. Colour coded so that those with limited vision can identify the required tap. Length 180mm (71/5"). Width 70mm (23/4"). Height 45mm (13/4").
  16. 16. Tap turners These moulded turners hook over the top of a X type tap, to make it easy to turn. They are supplied as a Red and Blue pair for hot and cold taps. Length 140mm (51/2"). Weight 65g.
  17. 17. Tap turners This device clamps around the top of cylindrical tap tops, and provides the leverage to turn them easily. The barrel of the handle is spring loaded to allow the jaws to clamp down on the tap, which is gripped by soft non-slip rubber linings in the jaws. The jaws can also be locked in position. The handle is comfortable and easy to grip. For use with taps up to 60mm (21/2") in diameter. ClosedHomecraft Rolyan length 190mm (71/2"). WeightNunn Brook Road Huthwaite Sutton in 112gAshfield Nottingham NG17 2HU UKCustomer Services 08702 423
  18. 18. ORAL B HUMMING BIRD Excellent gadget for flossing with replaceable heads. + Gentle vibrations massage your gums + Choice of two interchangeable attachments - flosser and soft dental pick + Single-use refill attachments + Designed to reach between your teeth and below your gum line to remove plaque + Hummingbird reaches areas your toothbrush can’t + Handy 4-inch tall compact design fits in the palm of your hand + Easy and convenient size lets you floss with one hand + Powered by one AAA battery (included) heads.aspx
  19. 19. THE CLOSOMAT- PALMA - VITA The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita automatic WC shower toilet provides flushing, washing and warm air drying from one simple operation. It is user-friendly for people who have restricted use of their hands. By reducing hand contact, it also provides improved hygiene for all users. Simultaneous flushing and washing (a unique feature). Improved personal hygiene – cleaning with water not paper. Can be used at all times as a conventionalClos-o-Mat’s unique one touch WC.system allows the user tobenefit from the toilet’s Combines functions of a WC and bidet withautomatic functions by just addition of drying air.pressing and releasing the flush. UK made in a dedicated plant. Wash time adjustable to clientneeds.
  20. 20. Lima Lift Shower Toilet The Lima Lift Shower Toilet is a height-adjustable toilet with integrated folding armrests and built-in washing and drying functions. The height adjustment of the toilet is made through a handheld remote control. The elbow pad when pressed flushes the toilet. When held it flushes and washes like a bidet, and on release of the pad, warm air-drying starts.
  21. 21. Aqua Joy Bath lifts Portable Bath lifts lifts/portable-bath-lifts-c-87_121.html
  22. 22. Aqua Joy Bath liftsTwo piece lightweight reclining bath liftAllows the client to recline in the bath like they used toSeparates easily into two compact sectionsNo awkward locks or buttons to press, backrest simply folds forwardto detachCompact design saves storage space and allows the Bath lift to becarried against the body for an unobstructed viewFits almost any style of bath - even corner bathsSuitable for deep baths - maximum seat height 460mmSuitable for shallow baths - minimum seat height 80mmMaximises legroom In the bathroomBath lift seat locates as for back in the bath as possibleRecline angle makes full use of all the bath spaceBariatric weight limit as standardMaximum weight limit 170kg (26.5 Stone)
  23. 23. Torkel toilet paper tongs Clean the product with a solvent- free detergent which has a pH of 6-9, or with a 70% disinfectant solution. Can be decontaminated at max. 85°C if so required.
  24. 24. This is how easy it is to use Torkel toilet papertongs: 1) Tear off a length of toilet paper (approx. 40 cm). Open the tongs by squeezing the handle. Thread the paper between the tongs. 2) Roll the toilet paper loosely so that it covers the end of the tongs. 3) Put the tongs between the legs and wipe. 4) Open the tongs and shake the used toilet paper into the toilet. Can also be clamped to permanent fixture.
  25. 25. Drive Bath Lift - New This ultra modern bath lift takes the Bellavita away from an austere and clinical look and is more in keeping with todays requirements. Features The lightest bath lift on the market at only 9.3kg At 6cm minimum height the Bellavita is the lowest bath lift available Backrest reclines to a market leading 50º Reaches a record seat height of 48cm Lifetime guarantee on frame & motor lifts/portable-bath-lifts/endres-bellavita- bathlift-3-p-9967.html
  26. 26. Magiplug® Bath Plug & Kitchen Sink PlugAvailable as either a bath or kitchen sink plug, the Magiplug® isa unique device the reduces the risk of scalding and flooding. AMagi plugs® ingenious pressure release mechanism allows abath or a sink be filled to a specific level and then if leftunattended, releases excess water to prevent overflow. Preventsthe damage and expense caused by flooding your bathroom orkitchen. The heat sensitive pad on the plug changes colourwhen the water temperature reaches 36&degC to alert the userthat the water may be too hot, reducing the risk of scalding. aids/home-accessories/magiplug%C2%AE- bath-plug-kitchen-sink-plug-2-p-10456.html
  27. 27. Soapy Soles Soapy Soles is designed to aid individuals who have difficulty with balance, bending or reaching when bathing and showering. The unit securely attaches to the floor of the bath or shower with suction cups and features a pad with many tiny fingers on which to rub the foot back and forth. It is suitable for use with any liquid soap and provides a gentle massage and thorough wash for the feet.
  28. 28. KITCHENSolutions
  29. 29. Relieve cheese slicer Gives extra power and precision This cheese slicer allows people with impaired strength in their hands and arms to slice cheese. The Relieve cheese slicer is particularly suitable for people with shorter arms, as the handle permits a stable grip. The handle has rounded edges and it is close to the slicing blade so that less force has to be used. The slicing blade is “wavy” so that the cheese comes free of the blade with ease.
  30. 30. Buckingham Cool hand The Buckingham Cool hand is a device for carrying warm plates. The device spreads the weight of the plate around the whole hand and grips to the rim of the plate. The device can be used to carry plates from the microwave but not a conventional oven due to the heat produced. The device can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  31. 31. Gordon Peeler and ClampThis device is designed tofacilitate one-handed peeling.It clamps onto the edge of a tableor worktop with a slidingmechanism.The swivelling peeling blade is setinto the top of the device.The user holds the vegetable andpushes it across the blade to peelit.The peelings drop behind thepeeler onto a plate for easydisposal.
  32. 32. Mini ChopperThis food preparation machine canbe used to chop and mince food.The device features an easy-to-handle lid, a chopping blade and apush-button control. This machineis mains-operated and isdishwasher safe.Tel: (353) 01 276 2770
  33. 33. Fix preparation board Gives extra power and precision when preparing food. With the Fix preparation board, tasks such as grating, cutting, whisking and peeling can be carried out even with weak hands or one hand function.
  34. 34. Preparation Board The preparation board is a good aid for people who have difficulty managing some tasks using just one hand, or one hand at a time, or weakness in both hands. The clamp means it can easily grip and adapt to left- or right-handed use. The board sits firmly on four anti-slip feet. Suction pads are included for fitting if necessary. Dishwasher-safe Page/Products/Small-Aids-for-Daily- Living/Household/Fix-preparation-board/
  35. 35. Ring Pull Can OpenerThis device removes ring pull lidsfrom pressure sealed tins andcontainers.The contoured plastic handle withrubber grasp section provides gripand leverage when opening cans.To use, slide the device over thering pull until it locks into place.Then lever the opener upright tobreak the seal and remove the lid.Push the button at the front ofthe tin opener to release the lid.This device may be helpful forindividuals with arthritis, weakwrists or limited grasping ability.
  36. 36. Safety Gas LighterThis refillable gas lighter removesthe need for matches and the risksassociated with them.The long shaft ensures a safedistance from the gas fires orstoves. aids/daily-living-aids/safety-gas-lighter-p- 497.html
  37. 37. Carving Fork This range of Easy-Grip Kitchen Utensils have comfortable, contoured handles with a non-slip "soft-feel" finish, giving a firm grip in either hand. The handle is angled at 90° . The utensil is lightweight and all metal parts are made from stainless steel. All items within the range are dishwasher safe. Overall Length 195 mm PROMEDICS ABLE 2 CARE TEL: 0845 330 2220
  38. 38. Magnetic Toast Tongs Much better than burnt fingertips, our bamboo tongs are the safest way to retrieve your toast from the toaster. when it’s time to make another round, you’ll know exactly where they are – being magnetic, you can keep them to hand by attaching them to the toaster whenever you’re not using them. tongs/F/keyword/tongs/product/14236
  39. 39. This wall-mounted oven has a Siemens motorised base which lowers at LiftMatic the touch of a button. So access for getting food in and out should Oven be easier than a conventional design. Additional racks/shelves are available. It is claimed to be more efficient because the hot air is retained better when you open the oven It also has the self cleaning feature. You push the button and heat gets so intense, all the post cooking residue turns to ashes and can be simply wiped off with ahttp://www.siemens- cloth or paper It is costly however (around £1200)
  40. 40. MISULANOUS Solutions
  41. 41. Easy Snip Motorised ScissorsThese motorised scissors eliminate theneed for the repetitive hand actionrequired when using standard scissors.This device may be helpful for individualswith limited handgrip.The on/off button at the top of the handlecontrols the scissors.When the button is pressed, the bladesvibrate. The user pushes the device in therequired direction and the blades cutthrough the paper or plastic. When thebutton is released, the cutting actionstops.This battery-powered device can cut multiple sheets of paper, card and roducts_Directory/Recreation_Leimost plastics. The wide plastic handle is sure_Sports/Scissors/Easy_Snip_comfortable and easy to grip. Motorised_Scissors.html
  42. 42. Mounted Table Top ScissorsThis device has scissors mountedon a plastic base, with rubber non-slip feet. The scissors areoperated by depressing the "t"shaped handle and the spring willautomatically reopen the bladesonce the pressure is released aids/scissors/mounted-table-top-scissors-2- p-10396.html
  43. 43. Lite Touch Pen The Lite touch pen requires almost no pressure to write. The pens built-up, textured surface makes it easier to hold than standard size pens. This ball point pen with lightweight plastic case is especially suitable for arthritics and rheumatics. The built-up contoured shape is easy to grip, and virtually no pressure is required when writing. It can be weighted with sand etc. Parker replacement refills are available at any good stationers. Dimensions: Length: 15.5cm Weight: 24g Diameter 18mm (3/4") aids/writing-aids/lite-touch-rheumatic-pen-p-13626.html
  44. 44. Long handled Scissors These long reach scissors with ergonomically designed handles are designed to give a longer reach to minimise stretching. PRICE: £10.56 (£8.99)
  45. 45. Nail Clipper Board This device consists of a standard nail clipper attached to a plastic base. The attached base means the user only has to apply force to one side of the clippers, which may be helpful for individuals with decreased finger dexterity , weak grasp or foot use. The base has two suction cup feet that firmly attach to surfaces providing stability and preventing the board from slipping during use.
  46. 46. Accufit 3400 Door Closer The Accufit 3400 Door Closer attaches to the top of the door and automatically closes it once open. It features an adjustable delay which allows for more time once the door is open before it begins to close. It is available in various finishes and a choice of covers.
  47. 47. Telescopic back scratcher KLEENEZE CATALOGUE
  48. 48. Leveron Door Knob TurnerThis device attaches to most round doorknobs to give a lever action door handleand can be useful at home or away.It may be helpful for anyone who hasarthritis, weak hands or limited grasp.The easy-grip handle is made of alightweight, thermoplastic that is warmto touch.This device attaches to the door knobwith two adjustable gaskets that can betightened or loosened to fit a variety ofdoorknob shapes.The device is supplied with an installationwrench.
  49. 49. TRIO (Magnetic jar opener ) Magnetic Jar opener from Sweden. Simply press down on both ends of this device with hands or foot and turn in the direction of the arrow.Only currently available via the Thalidomide TrustEmail : administration@thalidomidetrust.orgPhone: 01480 474074
  50. 50. DRESSINGSolutions
  51. 51. Aktiv reacher with hook The jaws can All models The handle is be set to two have a magnet angled to positions. in the handle utilize the to help you strength in the pick up hand and metallic provide an objects. effective grip. l30&feature=player_embedded#!
  52. 52. Aktiv reacher with power grip and hook This reacher is designed with an 90° angled handle and an adjustable forearm support which enables use for persons with very limited lifting ability and weak hands. The jaws are provided with hooks for the user to pull or push things away. The jaws of the reacher can be set in two positions, which means that the reacher can be used both horizontally and vertically without having to turn the arm.
  53. 53. Aktiv reacher with hook The hook makes this reacher specifically suitable for dressing.
  54. 54. Steel telescoping dressing stick RSLSTEEPER, Unit 7 Hunslet Trading Estate Severn Road Leeds LS10 1BL Tel: 0870 2404133 Fax : 0870 240 4779 Steel telescopic dressing appliance B05553 costs £208.31 Additional bite tab SB12202 costs £43.52
  55. 55. Butler buttoner The Butler buttoners are available with two different grips. The one with a round grip can also be used for both buttons and zippers. The model with a long handle can be used for all types of buttons, even jeans metal buttons.This small device helps in button fastening.Two types available wood and plastic.Type: Wood: Length: 16cm Weight: 11g Length: 16.6cm Weight: 35g t-dressing/dressing-aids/zip-grip-p- 14764.html
  56. 56. Button Hook / ZipperPullerThis small device assists in buttonand zip fastening. It incorporates astainless steel shaped hook at oneend and a "C" hook at the other.Two types available wood andplastic.Type:Wood: Length: 20.5cm Weight: 25gPlastic: Length: 21cm Weight: 40g dressing/dressing-aids/zip-grip-p- 14764.html
  57. 57. Bra AngelDesigned by an Occupational Therapist, to assist women who find itdifficult to bring both ends of a brassiere together when dressing.Simple to useOne size fits allLight, durable and latex freeCan be used with most brassiere typesTelescopic action adjusts easily for size and shortens it for storageand travelling rt-dressing/dressing-aids/bra- angel-p-7957.html
  58. 58. Getting dressed with the help of a chair. Getting dressed with the help of a chair. Putting on clothes on the upper body can be made easier if an kitchen chair can be used like a clothes hanger. The dresser gets into his clothes by wriggling into a coat or cardigan. A simple method for a person with short arms or no arms.
  59. 59. Trouser pockets A clever pocket for money and keys. Make a cut in the trouser material. Sew in a lining pocket into the inside of the trouser leg. Use either a zip or Velcro to close the pocket with. Remember to sew the pocket onto the left leg for a right-footed person and the other way round for a left-footed person.
  60. 60. Leather Tab Zip PullersThese leather tab zip pullers willmake life so much easier; they willfit 95% of zips because of the thinwire clasp.They are packed in 5s with threeblack and two brown pullers. dressing/dressing-aids/zip-grip-p- 14764.html
  61. 61. Zip GripThe Zip Grip is ideal for personswho have difficulty grasping andpulling small zipper tabs.Just insert the peg of the Zip Gripthrough the hole in a standardzipper, fold in half and press tosnap shut.Ring diameter measures 25mm(1").Sold in package of 6. dressing/dressing-aids/zip-grip-p- 14764.html
  62. 62. Shoe RemoverRemove shoes effortlessly with the Shoe Remover. Thisproduct is ideal for persons with a limited range of motion orthose who have difficulty bending over. Made of sturdyplastic. Not suitable for clients who have had total hipreplacements or restricted hip abduction. Colour may vary. dressing/sock-stocking-aids/shoe-remover- p-15039.html
  63. 63. Elastic ShoelacesThese elastic laces are for persons who find reaching or tyinglaces difficult. Colour in Brown, Black & White (sold in set of 3)Colour & Sizes: Round StyleBrown - 24" or 32"Black - 24" or 32"White - 24" or 32"Flat Style Elastic Shoe laces Coiler Elastic shoelaces-4-p-16159.html
  64. 64. Lace-lock for shoelacesThese elastic laces havecollapsible knots that allow you toachieve a custom fit between eacheyelet.
  65. 65. The shoelace-lock, "Lazylock" locksshoelaces into place so they don´tloosen, plus they can then be easilyopened.Perfect for children that are in toomuch of a hurry to tie their shoes,also for handicapped people thathave trouble whit shoe-tieing. , "
  66. 66. Large and small dressing hook This gadget suctions temporarily on to a smooth wood door or tiled wall with a flick of the middle switch and helps with light weight dressing. The hook can be used as a lever positioned in the horizontal or vertical position for both dressing and undressing. It can travel with you in a large handbag.Currently only available via the Thalidomide Trust.Enquiries :Email: administration@thalidomidetrust.orgPHONE: 01480 474074