Clan Donald Mid-east
A’ Bhratach—The Banner
A n nu a l G e n e r a l M e e t i n g ( AG M ) N ew s

Late Fall 2013

As the...
Clan Donald Mid-east
A l ex a n d r i a C h r i s t m a s Wa l k I n fo
We’ve one Scottish event left for the year: The
Clan Donald Mid-east
Page 3 — Late Fall 2013

Mid-East Annual Dinner
For those interested in hotel information we are reco...
Clan Donald Mid-east
Page 4 — Late Fall 2013

S t o r y C o r n e r : T h e B row n B e a r o f t h e G r e e n G l e n
Clan Donald Mid-east
Page 5 — late Spring 2013

S t o r y C o r n e r : T h e B row n B e a r o f t h e G r e e n G l e n
Clan Donald Mid-east
Page 6 — late Fall 2013

S t o r y C o r n e r : T h e B row n B e a r o f t h e G r e e n G l e n
Clan Donald Mid-east
Page 7 — late Fall 2013

S t o r y C o r n e r : T h e B row n B e a r o f t h e G r e e n G l e n
Clan Donald Mid-east
Page 8 — Spring 2013

Clan Donald Mid-East Officer Information
Clan Donald Regional Officers
Clan Donald Mid–Ea st
6907 Hard Rock Ct
Alexandria, Virginia 22306
Tel: 703-768-1526

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Clan donald late fall 2013
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Clan donald late fall 2013


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this is a the Mid-east Atlantic newsletter from Clan Donald

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Clan donald late fall 2013

  1. 1. Clan Donald Mid-east A’ Bhratach—The Banner A n nu a l G e n e r a l M e e t i n g ( AG M ) N ew s Late Fall 2013 As the Mid-East Regional Commissioner, news letter editor and chief bottle washer, I’d like to thank all those who attended this years successful AGM held at Williamsburg last September. I’ve heard that most all of you had a good, maybe even great time, and the region is very honored to have hosted greater Clan Donald and shown all of you some hospitality. This year we had planned Southeast: 23 Mid-West Great Plains: 11 Rocky Mountain: 10 Mid-South: 9 New England:7 AGM News 1 Alexandria on about the same turn out as recent AGMs in San Francisco and Milwaukee but were pleasantly surprised when our numbers ended up far higher Bessie and Chris Rapp dressed to the 9s for than we anticipated. The final tally for the event Saturday’s banquet was about 150 folks with the following breakdown: 2-3 XMAS Walk South Pacific: 7 Northeast Atlantic: 6 Central South: 6 Great Lakes: 4 Central Pacific: 1 North Paciific:1 Mid-East (host): 64. Story Corner This year we were lucky in the head count thanks to a big turn out by the Southeast region and plenty of members from Mid-East who decided to attend an AGM for the first time. Next year’s 2014 Clan Donald AGM is in Arizona so start making your plans. Again, I would like to thank all attendees for coming and hope you had a good time. Also, If you happened to have lost a cameral please contact me because I have one here in Virginia. Stan Darroch Mrs. Dana Niday at the start of the Hagis ceremony In this issue: Mid-East Commissioner Upcoming Events 4-7 7
  2. 2. Clan Donald Mid-east A l ex a n d r i a C h r i s t m a s Wa l k I n fo We’ve one Scottish event left for the year: The Alexandria Christmas Walk which is slated for Saturday, 7 December in Old Town Alexandria. Page 2 — Late Fall 2013 Pat Troy’s: breakfast site and our first event of the day Our weekend plans start with breakfast at Pat Troy’s at 900AM with an American or an Irish breakfast. Last years prices were (American=$10.99 or Irish=$14.99) and we are told that the prices have not changed. The Irish breakfast includes rasher sausage, black and white pudding, home fries and scrambled eggs). Pat Troy’s is located at 111 North Pitt Street and is very convenient for walking to our parade starting spot. Dress is casual. Pa r a d e On the 7th of December 2013 (Saturday), Alexandria will host the 43rd Annual Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend and Parade, in partnership with The Scottish Government, The Saint Andrew's Society of Washington, D.C. and the City of Alexandria. The event is consistently ranked by the Southeast Tourism Society as one of the top 20 events in the South and regularly draws nearly 30,000 attendees. We will line up for the parade between 10:30 and 11:00 depending on where we are numerically in the lineup. If you join us for breakfast then you can walk with us from the restaurant to our start point. If you just want to join us for the parade, the best way to find us is to check in at the information desk near Lyle Crouch Elementary School on South Asaph Street to find out our line-up spot. The Campagna Center site is if you want more info on the event. We will have and advance party at our starting spot for the parade if you choose to skip breakfast. PLEASE BRING YOUR LEFT OVER Halloween candy….since we will be handing it out while we march. Mid-East Annual Dinner After the parade everybody can shop or rest up for the annual Mid-East Clan Donald Dinner which will be held at T. J. Stones restaurant. located on 608 Montgomery St., Alexandria, VA 22314, near the Alexandria Sheraton. Dress for the dinner ranges from casual to day jackets and a few Bonnie Prince Charlie jackets. This year, you need to reserve a spot by sending a check for $25.00 per person when you RSVP to Stan Darroch, 6907 Hard Rock Court, Alexandria VA 22306. The restaurant will charge the Clan $25 per head for no-shows this year. Upon your arrival at the dinner, we will gladly give your $25.00 deposit back. Unfortunately, T.J. Stones will hit Mid-East with a big bill if we have no-shows and don’t take the deposits in advance. Please RSVP with your deposit check by the 28 November deadline. We have been promised space in the large dining area with a rustic fireplace and plenty of seating if we can get at least 35 folks committed by this deadline. We will start arriving around 3:15 to 4:00 and pipe in the haggis promptly at 4:00 PM. Dinner is ordered off the full T.J. Stones menu and each group of folks will settle their bills table by table. I hope to see you all for dinner and don’t hesitate to contact me (H) 703-768-1526 or if you have any questions. (continued)
  3. 3. Clan Donald Mid-east Page 3 — Late Fall 2013 Mid-East Annual Dinner For those interested in hotel information we are recommending the Hampton Inn in Alexandria which is Forrest Lee Piver’s favorite hotel in Alexandria located at 5821 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA, 22303. If you want to stay at the Hampton Inn, please contact the hotel desk at (703) 329-1400 or toll free (800) 426-7866 or check out their site at: After dinner, folks traveling from greater distances can get home before road conditions become hazardous or join us for after dinner libations at an establishment of our choice (we are just going to pick a place and head there after dinner). Dinner is likely to last from 4:00 to 5:30 PM. O u r AG M L o g o About our AGM pin…….The artwork was executed by Mr. Robert Sparks of West Virginia whose family has been Clan Donald Mid-East members for several years. I’d like to thank Robert for getting this just right. This AGM pin depict a Scotsman dragging the galley from San Francisco, where last years AGM was held, to Williamsburg, Virginia. This was to symbolize that Clan Donald was claiming all of the United States as its territory. The symbolism behind this pin goes back to very early history in the western islands of Scotland. In early NorseScottish history during the 10th and 11th centuries Vikings were in control of vast swaths of Scotland’s western seaboard, the Isle of Man and even some lands in both Ireland and England. In a time just prior to Somerled’s ascendency, a new strong and vigorous King of Norway by the name of Magnus Barefoot gathered together an imposing fleet in 1093. With this fleet he descended upon the western isles to reassert his control over the lapsed territory. At the time, Scotland’s King Malcom II (Malcom Canmore) struck a deal with the Viking King promising him control of all islands that could be circumnavigated. As the story goes, King Olaf sailed up the Firth of Clyde and around the Isles of Arran and Bute to claim them as his territory then had his men drag him across the Kintyre Peninsula, probably somewhere near the present day Crinan Canal. The Scottish King was good to his word and the Kintyre Peninsula was classed by the Scottish government as one of the South Isles until the beginning of the seventeenth century. Much of this land first claimed by the Vikings and circumnavigated by Olaf Barefoot was later ceded over to Somerled in 1156 after his fleet of eighty galleys fought the King of Man to a draw. At the time, Somerled gained what was referred to as the South Isles which were Bute, Arran, Isla, Jura, Mull, several smaller islands and the district of Kintyre . The Viking chronicler also dated the decline and eventual ruin of the Vikings control of the isles from this date. T h o s e w h o h e l p e d t o m a ke t h e AG M a s u c c e s s Among those who made this AGM a success by helping with the AGM committee or donating to the event were: Marsha and John Gillis, Carla Jackson, Louise and Mike McDonald, Dave Rankin, Bob Scripp, Tim Batten McLeod, Covert Beach, Julie Canfield, Cindy Coppock, Sande Darroch, Sara Bridge, Rick Keller, Susan Makris, Alastair Macdonald, Llyod Craighill, Dave McConnel, Maureen McConnel, Charlie Chalkey, Dave Chalkey, James and Char McDaniel, Barry McDaniel, Bryan McEachern, Duncan McIver, Jim and Hilda Muller, Dana and Ian Niday, James and Mary Patterson, Kyle Portopage, Christopher and Bessie Rapp,, William Schwarz, Brian Turner, Gary Wagner, Charles Wipperfurth, Bill and Lorry Yoder, Mary and Robert Sparks, Michele Bagby, Marilyn Weary, and Tracy Darroch.
  4. 4. Clan Donald Mid-east Page 4 — Late Fall 2013 S t o r y C o r n e r : T h e B row n B e a r o f t h e G r e e n G l e n This story was originally told by John MacDonald who was a travelling tinker or “Caird”. The word comes from Gaelic ceard and was first used to refer to a craftsman, an artist mechanic, and later a traveling tinker or vagrant. This story was captured from the tinker John MacDonald in a quarry near Inverary at Easter in 1859. There was a king in Erin once, who had a leash of sons. John was the name of the youngest one, and it was said that he was not wise enough; and this good worldly king lost the sight of his eyes, and the strength of his feet. The two eldest brothers said that they would go seek three bottles of the water of the green Isle that was about the heaps of the deep. And so it was that these two brothers went away. Now the fool said that he would not believe but that he himself would go also. And the first big town he reached in his father’s kingdom, there he sees his two brothers there, the blackguards! “Oh! my boys,” says the young one, “is it thus you are?” “With swiftness of foot,” said they, “take thyself home, or we will have thy life.” “Don’t be afraid lads. It is nothing to me to stay with you.” Now John went away on his journey till he came to a great desert of a wood. “Hoo, hoo!” says John to himself, “It is not canny for me to walk this woods alone.” The night was coming now, and growing pretty dark. John ties the cripple white horse that was under him to the root of a tree, and he went up in the top himself. He was but a very short time in the top, when he saw a bear coming with a fiery cinder in his mouth. “Come down, son of the king of Erin,” says he. “Indeed, I won’t come. I am thinking I am safer where I am.” But if thou wilt not come down, I will go up,” said the bear. “Art thou, too, taking me for a fool?” says John. “A shaggy, shambling creature like thee, climbing a tree!” “But if thou wilt not come down I will go up,” says the bear, as he fell out of hand to climbing the tree. “Lord! Thou canst do that same?” said John; “keep back from the root of the tree, then, and I will go down to talk to thee.” And when the son of Erin’s king drew down, they came chatting. The bear asked him if he was hungry. “Weel! By your leave,” said John, “I am a little at this very same time.” The bear took that wonderful watchful turn and he catches a roebuck. “Now, son of Erin’s king,” says the bear, “whether wouldst thou like thy share of the buck boiled or raw?” “The sort of meat I used to get would be kind of plotted boiled,” says John; and thus it fell out. John got his share roasted. “Now,” said the bear, “lie down between my paws, and thou hast no cause to fear cold or hunger till morning.” Early in the morning the Maon (bear) asked, “Art thou asleep, son of Erin’s king”” “I am not very heavily,” said he. “It is time for thee to be on thy soles then. Thy journey is long --- two hundred miles; but art thou a good horseman, John? “There are worse than me at times,” said he. “Thou hadst best get on top of me, then.” He did this, and at the first leap John was to earth. “Foil! Foil!” says John. “What! thou art not bad at the trade thyself. Thou hadst best come back till we try thee again.” And with his nails and teeth he fastened on to the bear, till they reached the end of the two hundred miles and a giant’s house. “Now, John,” said the bear, “thou shalt go to pass the night in this giant’s house; “thou wilt find him pretty grumpy, but say thou that it was the brown bear of the green glen that set thee here for a night’s share, and don’t be afraid that thou will not get share and comfort.” And he left the bear to go to the giant’s house. “Son of Ireland’s King,” says the giant, “thy coming was in the prophecy; but if I did not get thy father, I have got his son. I don’t know whether I will put thee in the earth with my feet, or in the sky with my breath.” “Thou wilt do neither of either,” said John, “for it is the brown bear of the green glen that set me here.” Come in, son of Erin’s king,” said he, “and thou shalt be well taken to this night.” And as he said, it was true. John got meat and drink without stint. But to make a long tale short, the bear took John day after day to the second and third giant. “Now,” says the bear, “I have not much acquaintance with this giant, but thou wilt not be long in his house when thou must wrestle with him. And if he is too hard on thy back, say thou, ‘If I had the brown bear of the green glen here, that was thy master.’” (Continued page 5)
  5. 5. Clan Donald Mid-east Page 5 — late Spring 2013 S t o r y C o r n e r : T h e B row n B e a r o f t h e G r e e n G l e n As soon as John went in --- Ai! Ai!! Or ee! Ee!!” says the giant, “If I did not get thy father, I have got his son;” and to grips they go. They would make the boggy bog of the rocky rock. In the hardest place they would sink to the knee; in the softest, up to the thighs; and they would bring wells of spring water from the face of every rock. The giant gave John a sore wrench or two. “Foil! Foil!! says he. “If I had here the brown bear of the green glen, thy leap would not be so hearty.” And no sooner spoke he the word than the worthy bear was at his side. “Yes! Yes!” says the giant “son of Erin’s king now I know thy matter better than thou dost thyself.” So it was that the giant ordered his shepherd to bring home the best sheep he had in the hill, and to throw his carcass before the great door. “Now, John,” says the giant, “an eagle will come and she will settle on the carcass of this sheep, and there is a wart on the ear of this eagle which thou must cut off her with this sword, but a drop of blood thou must not draw.” The eagle came, but she was not long eating when John drew close to her, and with one stroke he cut the wart off her without drawing one drop of blood. (“Och! Is not that a fearful lie?) “Now,” said the eagle, “come on the root of my two wings, for I know thy matter better than thou dost thyself.” He did this; and they were now on sea, and now on land, and now on the wing, till they reached the Green Isla. “Now, John,” says she, “be quick, and fill thy three bottles; remember that the black dogs are away just now.” (“What dogs?” “Black dogs; dost thou not know that they always had black dogs chasing the hero!”) When he filled the bottles with the water out of the well, he sees a little house beside him. John said to himself that he would go in, and that he would see what was in it. And the first chamber he opened, he saw a full bottle. (“And what was in it!” “What should be in it but whiskey.”) He filled a glass out of it, and he drank it; and when he was going, he gave a glance, and the bottle was as full as it was before. “I will have this bottle along with the bottles of water,” says he. Then he went into another chamber, and he saw a loaf; he took a slice out of it, but the loaf was as whole as it was before. “Ye gods! I won’t leave thee, says John. He went on thus till he came to another chamber. He saw a great cheese; he took a slice off the cheese, but it was as whole as ever. “ I will have this along with the rest,” says he. Then he went to another chamber, and he saw laid there the very prettiest little jewel of a woman he ever saw. “It were a great pity not to kiss thy lips, my love,” says John. Soon after, John jumped on top of the eagle, and she took him on the self same steps till they reached the house of the big giant, and they were paying rent to the giant, and there was the sight of tenants and giants and meat and drink. “Well! John,” says the giant, “didst thou see such drink as this in thy father’s house in Erin?” . (Continued page 6)
  6. 6. Clan Donald Mid-east Page 6 — late Fall 2013 S t o r y C o r n e r : T h e B row n B e a r o f t h e G r e e n G l e n “Pooh,” says John, “Hoo! My hero; thou other man, I have a drink that is unlike it.” He gave the giant, “I will give thee myself two hundred notes, a bridle and a saddle for the bottle.” “It is a bargain, then”says the giant; but, to make the long story short, he left each loaf and cheese with the other two giants, with the same covenant that the first sweetheart he ever should get them if she came the way. Now John reached his father’s big town in Erin, and he sees his two brothers as he left them— the “blackguardian!” “You had best come with me, lads,” says he, “and you will get a dress of cloth, and a horse and a saddle and bridle each.” And so they did; but when they were near to their father’s house, the brothers thought that they had better kill him, and so it was that they set on him. And when they thought he was dead, they threw him behind a dike; and they took from him the three bottles of water, and they went home. John was not too long here, when his father’s smith came the way with a cart load of rusty iron. John called out, “Whoever the Christian is that is there, oh! that he should help him.” The smith caught sight of him, and he threw John amongst the iron; and because the iron was so rusty, it went into each wound and sore that John had; and so it was, that John became rough skinned and bald. Here we will leave John, and we will go back to the pretty little jewel that John left in the Green Isle. She became pale and heavy; and at the end of three quarters, she had a fine lad son. “Oh! in all the great world,” says she, “how did I find this” “Foil! foil!” says the hen-wife, “don’t let that set thee thinking. Here’s for thee a bird, and as soon as he sees the father of thy son, he will hop on top of his head.” The Green Isle was gathered from end to end, and the people were put in at the back door and out at the front door; but the bird did not stir, and the babe’s father was not found. Now here, she said she would go through all the world till she should find the father of the babe. Then she came to the house of the big giant and sees the bottle. “Ai! Ai!!” said she, “who gave thee this bottle?” Said the giant, “It was young John, son of Erin’s king, that left it.””Well, then, the bottle is mine,” said she. But to make the long story short, she came to the house of each giant, and she took with her each bottle, and each loaf, and each cheese, till at length and at last she came to the house of the king of Erin. Then the five-fifths of Erin were gathered, and the bridge of nobles of the people; they were put in at the back door and out at the front door, but the bird did not stir. Then she asked if there was one other or any one else at all in Erin, that had not been here. “I have a bald rough skinned gillie in the smithy,” said the smith, “but,” “Rough on or off, send him here,” says she. (Continued page 7)
  7. 7. Clan Donald Mid-east Page 7 — late Fall 2013 S t o r y C o r n e r : T h e B row n B e a r o f t h e G r e e n G l e n No sooner did the bird see the head of the bald rough-skinned gillie, than he took a flight and settles on the bald top of the rough-skinned lad. She caught him and kissed him. Thou art the father of my babe.” “But, John,” says the great king of Erin, “it is thou that gottest the bottles of water for me.” “Indeed, ‘t was I,” says John. “Weel, then, what art thou willing to do to thy two brothers?” “The very thing they wished to do to me, do for them;” and that same was done. John married the daughter of the king of the Green Isle, and they made a great rich wedding that lasted seven days and seven years, and thou couldst but hear leeg, leeg, and beeg, beeg, solid sound and peg drawing. Gold a crushing from the soles of their feet to the tips of their fingers, the length of seven years and seven days ■ Upcoming Events There will be two Glencoe Clan Donald AGM cake at the Friday night Mariner’s Remembrance events coming up in February. One will be in Richmond Museum dinner in Newport News, Virginia but we don’t have the details on this event at this time. The other Glencoe Remembrance will be held at Rick Keller’s home in Arlington, VA on 16 February 2014 from 1PM to 6PM.. More details on both these events will be noted in an upcoming newsletter after the Alexandria Christmas Walk. I would like to wish all you Clan Donald types a happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you at the Scottish Christmas Walk in Old Town Alexandria on 7 December.
  8. 8. Clan Donald Mid-east Page 8 — Spring 2013 Clan Donald Mid-East Officer Information Clan Donald Regional Officers Regional Commissioner: Stan Darroch Email: Deputy Regional Commissioner: Vacant Regional Genealogist: Louise McDonald Email: Chaplain: Rev. Ernest McDaniel Email: Chancellor: vacant Newsletter Editor: Vacant Region Historian: Bob Scripp Email: Webmaster & Glencoe Day Event Coordinator: Rick Keller E-mail: Delaware Commissioner: Vacant District of Columbia Commissioner: vacant Maryland Commissioner: Michael McDonald Email: Virginia Commissioner: Maureen McConnell Email: West Virginia Commissioner: Vacant
  9. 9. Clan Donald Mid–Ea st 6907 Hard Rock Ct Alexandria, Virginia 22306 Tel: 703-768-1526 E-mail: Check out the Clan Donald Mid-East Website