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  • ST Score Sheet
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  • Spring2012.gpsa grants workshop

    1. 1. image1.jpg Funding Workshop for SRAC & ST SPRING 2012
    2. 2. What grant should you apply for?SRAC or ST or GRD
    3. 3. Student Research Allocations Committee SRAC• Development and dissemination of research including travel for research related purposes• Research related to completion of degree or field of study• Conference at which you ARE PRESENTING
    4. 4. Specialized Travel ST• Travel expenses that further the professional and career development of students• Travel for clinicals, mock trials, classes, workshops, interviews, or auditions• Conferences you ARE NOT PRESENTING
    5. 5. Guidelines & Rules• One application per semester for each grant• One event or activity in the next, current or previous funding period• $500 per year• Must claim within ninety (90) days• Must appeal within three (3) weeks
    6. 6. Tips & Tricks for aSuccessful Application
    7. 7. Application Requirements• ALL APPLICATIONS ARE ONLINE ONLY• Application – ANONYMOUS budget – ANONYMOUS proposal – ANONYMOUS letter of recommendation• Read bylaws• DEADLINE February 17th @ 5pm
    8. 8. gpsa.unm.edu
    9. 9. Know your audience• General academic audience• Made up of graduate and professional student peers• Readers will NOT be from your department• One reader from your perspective, one reader from outside your perspective, and one reader will be randomly assigned
    10. 10. Know your PerspectivesQuantitativeMethodologically and/or theoretically based in measurable, numerical, and/or empirical information, data, and/orphenomenaQualitativeMethodologically and/or theoretically based in describing and investigating phenomena via various methods. It iscontext-specific and fundamentally interpretiveCriticalTheoretically based in interrogating and contesting power dynamics. It is often invested in researching andaccounting for histories and enduring practices of oppression and resistanceCreativeEngages in performative and/or artistic processes and/or productsAppliedImplies the acquisition and/or development of professional or vocational skills
    11. 11. Write to the Score Sheet• Download the score sheet for your grant• Technical Merit• Proposal• Benefits to applicant , department, UNM• Budget
    12. 12. Writing the Proposal• Be as specific as possible, poor applications suffer from being too vague• Avoid jargon and define all terms• Free of grammatical and spelling errors• Organized format
    13. 13. Sample Proposal Example• Introduction: “I am a graduate student seeking funding for my dissertation research.”• Paint a better picture of who you are and why you seek funding: “In my current studies as a second year doctoral student in the department of history I have been researching homosexual oppression in the United States with the intent to publish a scholarly article.”y current studies as a doctoral student in the history department I have been researching the history of homosexual oppression in American society with the intent to publish a scholarly article.
    14. 14. Sample Proposal Example• Benefit Section “I will be able to network with professionals in my field at the conference.”• Instead give specific details: “I will be networking with Dr. Patrick Ettinger from New York University whose research on the U.S. Mexico Border intersects with my dissertation chapter on reforms to U.S. federal immigration policy.”
    15. 15. Revise and Review• Advisor• Peer in department• Peer outside department• Peer who received a grant• Graduate Resource Center (GRC)
    16. 16. $$The Budget$$• Include the entire budget for the project, even if it exceeds $500.• You will not be evaluated on the amount requested however, make sure your budget is economical• Demonstrate that you have researched your budget – List specific hotels, airlines, etc.
    17. 17. Getting Funded• Score Normalization – (Raw Score*Group Average)/Reader Average= Normalized Score• Re-Reads• Funding Procedures Spring 2009 Spring 2010 Spring 2011 51/118 SRAC 41/113 SRAC 51/118 SRAC 17/23 ST 18/28 ST 17/23 ST
    18. 18. Questions?Need additional help?
    19. 19. Contact GPSA image1.jpgGPSA Office Student Union Building 1021(505) 277-3803unmgpsagrants@gmail.com