How Do You Use Technology To Promote Your Online Workshops?

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10 steps to promotion …

10 steps to promotion
1)The inner game/psychology
2)Platforms, blogs, websites
3) Social media
4) Email marketing/ clickbank
5) Traditional
6) Word of mouth
7) Communication skills
8) Writing skills
9) Sticky content
10) Organisational skills Three vital ingredients for each stage

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  • 1. How do you promote your online workshops and courses?
  • 2. Four principles
  • 3. Dragon Fly Video
  • 4. 10 steps to promotion           1)The inner game/psychology 2)Platforms, blogs, websites 3) Social media 4) Email marketing/clickbank 5) Traditional 6) Word of mouth 7) Communication skills 8) Writing skills 9) Sticky content 10) Organisational skills Three vital ingredients for each stage
  • 5. The inner game A  1) FOCUS  Tips  A good service, class, course or What are you promoting? Why this product or service? Who will it benefit? Who is the target audience? What value does your service bring to others? Do you believe in your own product? Is it unique in some way? Have you found a niche? How are you going to share that? book is usually one that solves a problem. You may have seen or experienced problems in the education system and found solutions that other people need. It brings value if it can help other people with the same problem and if it is significant in terms of the “big picture” with regard to innovation, inspiration and influence.
  • 6. The inner game B  ENGAGE You have a perfect class, course or book to promote . How do you exude confidence in the product and reach out to those who need it? You need to communicate through various venues online and offline. Engage people by appealing to their needs and emotions. Build trust by focusing on customer needs. Tips  1) Focus on the positive aspects       of your course. 2)Use them as selling points. 3) Predict customer objections 4) Fine-tune/improve your product or service 5) Address possible qualms people may have in your promotion letters/articles 6)Include testimonials and stories 7) Use persuasive language
  • 7. PLATFORMS  GRAB  I’ll use WiZiQ as an example of a platform which makes promotion easy. Actually I don’t know of any other platform which is so community based. WiZiQ combines the best of teaching, sharing and promoting technology within a user-friendly interface. This multi-purpose tool makes promotion fun and effective. If you combine WiZiQ with social networking the effect can be very powerful WiZiQ as a promotional tool 1)Personal profiles & online biographies 2) Virtual classroom links and embed codes 3) Communities and social networking 4) simple sharing across all social networks 5) Integration with moodle 6) Public classes for promotional When I started on WiZiQ I learnt from other teachers there. Tutorials are plentiful and professional curtesy is generous and inspiring. My free weekly classes were shared all over social networks especially facebook, where people could see my class recordings.
  • 8. Share courses in style Sample widget on my blog side bar. This widget can be shared everywhere online. The widget has a scroll bar for students to see all of the available courses.
  • 9. Marketing of courses on WiZiQ
  • 10.  Websites and blogs  This is where you can really GRAB attention  Show who you are  What you do  What you offer  Write and inspire The appearance of the website should reflect who you are and what you offer I am a professional , passionate teacher, which I show with three central shots of myself teaching live. I was in full teaching mode here and didn’t know my husband was capturing my class online Therefore what you see is natural and authentic. I also have a creative, artistic, story-telling side that is crucial to how I communicate and how my niche has developed. I combine serious exams training with brain-friendly, fun methodologies. .
  • 11. Niche and logo Description of service Welcome to Sylvia’s English Online. ESL stands for English as a Second Language. I use brainfriendly techniques to help you to learn English quickly, whatever your learning needs. Just click on a teaching cloud to get around.  Description of blog Brainfriendly learning methods, tools, environm ents and communities.
  • 12. 30 seconds to make an impression Psychology of colours  “Are you stimulating emotions while marketing with your business logo, stationary, business cards, brochures, signs and with your website? If you know it or not, colors speak very loud to our subconscious and have a positive or negative reaction within 90 seconds. On the web you have less that 30 seconds to make a good first impression. Are you using the silent language of color to impress, motivate, divert and persuade your prospects to buy from you?”  My website colour scheme is orange and blue. ORANGE suggests pleasure, cool, excitement, cheer,endurance, strength and ambition.  BLUE suggests security, authority, faithful ness and dignity  What about yours?
  • 13. Social Media  ENGAGE   What’s behind a link? If you just share links around facebook or Twitter, you stand little chance of being noticed. Use your personal profile and facebook page/group to………………      Facebook is extremely visual. Use images. Address people directly Share original work such as you tube videos or presentations. Start discussions related to your niche Help people with their questions Build up a powerful PLN Appeal to emotions Create suspense
  • 14. Sample of great FB promotion FluencyMC on facebook &WiZiQ Unique branding & using images to display teaching expertise and creativity