Help them shine:Inspire Leadership


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Spring Blog Festival On WiziQ

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Help them shine:Inspire Leadership

  1. 1. Spring Blog Festival Help Them shine Image by Joe Ormonde
  2. 2. Inspire Leadership Build Share
  3. 3. My Journey Influences Path Those who have made a difference to me through blogging Webinars + Blogs = Power to make a difference
  4. 4. Motherhood and babies
  5. 5. Nik Peachey Interview one Interview two DigitalClassrooms
  6. 6. Russell Stannard
  7. 7. Russell Stannard Edupun k My classes on Edupunk George Machlan on Edupunk
  8. 8. Ten Year Old Publishes Personal Learning Networks My Interview
  9. 9. My articles on WiziQ Creativity collection
  10. 10. Why? How?
  11. 11. ―It will strike them in some place that is not the mind and glow there till the time comes for them to comprehend it‖ Review of The little Prince Antoine de Saint- Exupery
  12. 12. Warning: This goal is an exercise in sincerity Find someone in your online personal learning network or from your local area who is doing some exceptional and inspiring work in education. Choose someone who seems to be very passionate about making a difference for authentic reasons – someone who is ‗real‘. This person is modest and doesn‘t try to attract attention but would appreciate some validation or recognition. Write a blog article about this person and the work he/she is doing. Add your own personal insight into why his/her work is important. You can also say how this person has made a difference to your own work, attitude or feelings about education. If you can‘t manage a blog article you can make a big difference in small ways by giving someone positive feedback, paying a compliment, or lending a helping hand for no reason other than to care.
  13. 13. ― Chance favours the connected mind‖ Steven Johnson Think about how we can help our students shine. Consider attitude, rapport-building, and creative activities that help students shine. How about helping shy students or creating positive classroom dynamics, solving bullying issues? How can we get students to discover, recognise and express their talents in positive ways that build self-esteem? Try out your new ideas, link to other useful ideas you find, or share things you‘ve already done to help students shine. I find myself naturally ‗helping others shine‘ in my own work as I‘m always inspired by what I see around me and I love to show appreciation in one way or another. It‘s a powerful way of communicating with others and of strengthening community ties – not to mention sharing values and insights.
  14. 14. Don‘t define success incorrectly ―One of the primary tasks of parents is to find an environment in which their child shines‖. Put differently, we should worry less about creating goals for our children and more about finding environments where they will experience successes and acceptance. ―A shining place‖ has three important components. First, it should be a good match to a child‘s talents and interests—a place that they show skill and a desire to improve. Second, the ―shining place‖ should provide challenges and opportunities to grow by overcoming these challenges. My wife (and co-director of our summer camp) often stresses ―confidence comes from competence‖. The final component of a ―shining place‖ is community and acceptance. This component is often neglected as parents consider activities for their children. ‖ Psychology Today
  15. 15. Illustration of ‗shining‘ places through music Tell me baby: what‘s your story Where you come from And where you wanna go this time
  16. 16. Trying to shine in the wrong places with the wrong people? I‘m a dancer, singe r, model and actress Like I was pretty big in Memphis I just like being me What the hell, you know I came here in the early 90s.. In six months to a year I‘m gonna be huge I wanna play music for my life….
  17. 17. Trying to shine in the wrong places with the wrong people? They come from every state to find Some dreams were meant to be declined Tell the man what did you have in mind What have you come to do No turning water into wine No learning while you're in the line I'll take you to the broken sign You see the lights are blue At first they are ridiculed and made to look silly as in all of those cheap ‘talent’ shows. Then each individual finds a place and we have synergy and excitement.
  18. 18. When you help others shine you validate potential…… Potential is more important than ‗actuality‘ Potential can seem more elusive if you don‘t know how to find it. The best way is to shine a warm light and coax it out. According to Vygotsky, the zone of proximal development is "the distance between the actual developmental level as determined by independent problem solving and the level of potential development as determined through problem solving under adult guidance, or in collaboration with more capable peers." Parents and teachers can foster learning by providing educational opportunities that lie within a child's zone of proximal development.
  19. 19. Blogging is a very powerful way to ‗speak to potential‘. Some of my articles have resonated with educators to such an extent that they‘ve taken up blogging or online teaching after reading something from my articles. Not only that, but their potential sky- rocketed into inspirational ‗actuality‘. They knew they could do what I was doing and they went ahead and did it. Some of these readers of my blogs are amongst my close colleagues today ….and so it goes on…… We use our Edugoal communities and online Educational communities to appreciate potential, connect and then feed this inspiration back into our classrooms.
  20. 20. Help them shine: Friday This webinar and presentation is based on The 30 Goals challenge movement created by Shelly Terrell. Reflective blogging: Saturday My next webinar will focus on collaborative journalling through blogging as a powerful form of professional development. I‘m using ‗Zen and the act of Teaching‘ By Davis Deubelbeiss as our inspiration. David is giving away free copies of his ebook to those who attend the webinar. Multi-media blogging 4 parents, teacher & students: Saturday My Final Spring blog webinar will study creative blogging environments through best use of brain- friendly multi-media for learner empowerment.
  21. 21. Final acknowledgements: Who is currently making a difference to my work?. Three people with whom I‘ve worked closely with recently are Jason. R. Levine, Dr. Nellie Deutsch and Shelly Terrell. Jason has been a longterm colleague and inspiration since I met him in 2011. The full Edugoal network, my own online networks, and WiziQ colleagues past and present continue to make a difference, and last but not least, The wonderful educational blogoshere out there and the teaching English page on facebook which encourages bloggers and ‗sees‘ their potential. Are you ready to create your own digital’ footprint?
  22. 22. Presentation by: Sylvia Guinan @ESLbrain Wiziq Author blog Are you ready to create your own digital’ footprint?
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