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LLTCon ROOT talks II

Interviewed by Kirsten Winkler on google hangouts about teaching approaches.

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Brain friendly English Online

  1. 1. Technology & the Brain
  2. 2. What is the most important question facing teachers? According to Einstein the ultimate question should be….. “ Is this a friendly universe”?  Are you defensive or creative?
  3. 3. In a nutshell Is this a brain-friendly learning environment?  Create or wait??  We‟ve got the tools Now what should we do with them? Create, share, influence comunity = learn
  4. 4. Feelings drive learning Feelings Mindset Spirit MATTER!! than you, me or ANYone else
  5. 5. How far can you reach? “ The arts aren‟t just important because they improve maths scores. They‟re important because they speak to parts of children‟s being which are otherwise untouched.” Ken Robinson Layers of experience
  6. 6. Come on baby light my fire!! Play Laughter Senses Exaggeration Imagination Colours
  7. 7. Does it have to be like this? Cliché
  8. 8. Fossilisation  We repeat the same mistakes so many times that we may as well call it tradition……… Stuck in the moment U2 Music quiz
  9. 9. Story- telling Paint Production Inspiration Imagination Creative fluency development
  10. 10. Fully engaged Stories  Write stories with     new vocabulary Context Creativity Memorising Self-expression 100 proficiency words in a gangster story
  11. 11. Stories with „hair‟ idioms Who are our students? Read the story here
  12. 12. Make it real Comics  Visual  Students create their    own Social/emotional learning embedded in stories Grammar and vocabulary Coursework filed in comic form
  13. 13. Comics  The question of what a successful government policy should entail dogs administrations all over the world. ISSUE STATEMENT REALITY The question of…… is a good expression for all topics and essay introductions
  14. 14. Mindmapping
  15. 15. Planting ideas
  16. 16. All Students are poets Poetry
  17. 17. Music Music poster
  18. 18. Music poster
  19. 19. Try a Clean Slate!! Some tools for self-expression Eduglogster imind Mindmaple Prezi Animoto Go animate
  20. 20. Platforms with school Where accounts schools are welcome Learning environments  Artistic platforms Eduglogster Story Bird  Learning spaces Moodle Club EFL Bitstrips Edmodo Make Belief Comix OpenClass Pixton comics Wikis Go animate Second Life Blogs
  21. 21. Learning goes viral? Communities
  22. 22. That’s all folks Technology is beautiful!! Fourteen articles about creativity, technology and learning
  23. 23. Images created by:  Prezi  Wordle  imind Learn more by staying connected with your PLN Online The End
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