How To Manage your Courses With A Simply Beautiful Visual Library


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Sylvia Guinan discussed: How To Manage Your Courses With a Simply Beautiful Visual Library.

We want course management to be simple and inspiring. Sylvia will present ideas for creative, seamless, fun engagement online through an exciting multi-media management tool that you can embed anywhere.

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How To Manage your Courses With A Simply Beautiful Visual Library

  1. 1. How To Manage Your Courses With A Simply Beautiful visual Library
  2. 2. 1) Ideas, tools, analogies 2) Requirements 3) Space and creativity 4) multi-media 5) Tackk environment 6) Simple LMS pyramid 7) Flying LMS Library 8) Class assignments 9) Materials Design 10) Social learning 11) Social Stream 12) Group dynamics A simply Beautiful Visual Library
  3. 3. You Can Cook Up a Multi-Media Library for your students with simple tools and creative ideas.
  4. 4. Requirements for your digital library online. 1) A Place to cook (environment) 2) Cooking utensils (tools) 3) Creative ingredients (imagination) 4) Somewhere to eat, play and experiment (forums and collaborative spaces)
  5. 5. An Infinite Space for Ideas and Creativity. “The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” Maya Angelou
  6. 6. A Place For Simple Creativity. “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.” Charles Mingus
  7. 7. A Place to Cook up multi-media designs, where you can store books, apps, and tools. “But in great books, the mind finds room to put many things.” Joseph Joubert
  8. 8. Say HELLO to Tackk. Simple places where you can embed your beautiful libraries. 1) WiziQ – very simple course creation system. 2) Wordpress sites & blogs 3) Google Docs , drive, communities/Open Class LMS 4) ClubEFL school Edutainment hotspot. 5) Clutter-free Learning Management Systems.
  9. 9. Now you’ve got the place. Your students know the address. They have made themselves feel at home. They are busy on the forums. What next?
  10. 10. Say HELLO to Tackk.
  11. 11. Say HELLO to Tackk.
  12. 12. Say HELLO to Tackk. Created using Tackk
  13. 13. Created using Tackk Simple LMS Pyramid
  14. 14. Created using Tackk Tackk As A Flying LMS Library Think outside the box. FUN
  15. 15. Class Assignments What are class assignments made of? Video, text, image What’s next? Buttons which link from your e-learning nest into the wild Music, maps Language child That’s what class assignments are made of.
  16. 16. Class Assignments Some Ideas Voice recording Multi-media poster design Citizen journalist projects • Visual instructions • Links to tools • Topic -based • Lexical – grammatical form • Action research • Webquests, reports Click here for 50 more ideas
  17. 17. Say HELLO to Tackk. Created using Tackk
  18. 18. Materials Design using Tackk Materials design Multi- media quizzes Music, stories, poetry Comics, infographics Newsletters magazines
  19. 19. Social Learning with Tackk Created using Tackk Ridiculously Simple Sample
  20. 20. Social Learning with Tackk Stream assignments Collaboration Teacher Comments Topic chats Resource sharing
  21. 21. Social Learning with Tackk Created using Tackk Ridiculously Simple Sample
  22. 22. Social Learning with Tackk Created using Tackk My Teacher training assignment
  23. 23. Group Dynamics Ownership of the classroom Personalisation
  24. 24. More Recommended environments for Visual Libraries. Symbaloo Pearl Trees
  25. 25. Interactive Events Accelerate Growth Spurts in Collaborative learning. “Events create ripples and equations are balances: metaphors in every subject” Rick Wormeli The End