I phone hig ~to be or not to be~


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I phone hig ~to be or not to be~

  1. 1. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall! Tell me, the most coveted smartphones of the all! iPhone Master, iPhone! Yes, this is absolutely true. iPhone is the most desired smartphone with a very strong customer base. It is the fantasy of many smartphones lovers and this is because of the highly desirable aesthetics and simplicity of design. I would reflect on the most important aspects that a developer or for that matter anyone creating an iOS app should keep in mind. These guidelines arereally very important while submitting an app for the evaluation to the iPhone App store. Great iOS Apps embraces the platform and human interfacedesign principles also, should abide few basic principles explained in this post. There are over 250,000 apps in the app store and there are high possibilities that the app submitted will be rejected if it doesn’t do something useful or provide lasting entertainment. The functional aspects are the most important of all the points and app should prove its worth on following pointers: 1. Apps crashing will be straight away rejected 2. Superficially, but Yes, Apps exhibiting bugs shall be eliminated as well, because it doesn’t perform as flacked 3. Apps that uses non-public APIs and the ones reading or writing data outside its designated container area will be rejected 4. Duplicate apps or very similar apps which are already in app store will be turned away 5. Apps larger than 20MB in size could not be download over cellular networks and thus this is automatically prohibited by the App Store 6. Apps that browse the web must use the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit Javascript Basic iOS platform characteristics should be kept in mind before developing an app. A. The Display Is Paramount, Regardless of Its Size suggests that the comfortable minimum size of tappable UI elements is 44 x 44 points. B. Device Orientation Can Change to portrait and landscape and user has to keep in mind the iPhone and iPad users at the same time as the iPhone apps must also run on iPad without any modification C. Apps Respond to Gestures and below table suggests the gestures iOS users make to interact with iOS based devices Gesture Action Tap To press or select a control or item (analogous to a single mouse click). Drag To scroll or pan (that is, move side to side). To drag an element. Flick To scroll or pan quickly. Swipe With one finger, to reveal the Delete button in a table-view row or to reveal Notification Center (from the top edge of the screen). With four fingers, to switch between apps on iPad.
  2. 2. Double tap To zoom in and center a block of content or an image. To zoom out (if already zoomed in). Pinch Pinch open to zoom in. Pinch close to zoom out. Touch and hold In editable or selectable text, to display a magnified view for cursor positioning. Shake To initiate an undo or redo action. Reference: App Store Review Guidelines - App Store Resource Center