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Main Business: TUNL specializes in construction service as following. ...

Main Business: TUNL specializes in construction service as following.
- Consultant Service.
- Engineering Service.
- Civil works.
- Steel Structure Fabrication & Installation works.
- Piping Fabrication & Installation works.
- Mechanical & Equipment Installations works.
- Blasting, Painting and Insulation works.
- Maintenance, Shutdown works.
- Manpower Supply.



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    Company profile 1 Company profile 1 Document Transcript

    • Company profile Welcome to THAI-UNITECH (TUNL)"Provide the best solutions to our client’s satisfy” “Construction Success without Lost Time Accident”
    • Company profileTHAI-UNITECH LIMITED (TUNL), was established by Mr. Wattana, Mr. Luechai and team of engineers who hasexperienced in the construction field for Petrochemical, Oil Storage Plant, Gas Plant, Petroleum Refinery Plant andIndustrial Plant more thane 20 years of experience in the engineering and construction field. Services Companyoffering civil work, steel structure work, mechanical work, piping work, painting work, insulation work, buildingconstruction work, maintenance work, manpower supply and engineering service.TUNL aims to maintain and build on its good standing in the construction industry by providing service excellence tocustomers and upholding the highest safety standards, professional service for you requirements and build qualityconstruction project according to their original specification, on time delivery.TUNL is able to bring you the quality of service at the most competitive price as a business partner. Our aim is toprovide the best service possible, by keeping our overhead low and provide the best solutions to our client’srequests.THAI-UNITECH LIMITED, We hope you take some time to explore our site and learn more about our company. TUNLgoal is to deliver value through innovation. We benchmark our best practices, pay attention to lessons learned andconstantly challenge ourselves to do better. From materials and construction methods to management techniquesand information systems, we always seek new and better ways to help our customers achieve their goals.Main Business: TUNL specializes in construction service as following.-Engineering Service.-Civil works.-Steel Structure Fabrication & Installation works.-Piping Fabrication & Installation works.-Mechanical & Equipment Installations works.-Blasting, Painting and Insulation works.-Maintenance, Shutdown works.-Manpower Supply.Vision & Mission:TUNL focuses on effective collaboration and win-win solutions. We welcome projects of all sizes and are committedto delivering the highest level of value and service to every customer. Vision: We are dedicated to continually develop our personnel quality and at the same time increase our corporate potential in an attempt to be a professional contractor and leading firm in construction business. Mission: We always pay special attention to every working step to ensure quality of work and on-time delivery at a reasonable cost under the efficient security system. We care about our client’s benefits as if we were the project owners to achieve their maximum satisfaction. “Construction Success without Lost Time Accident”
    • Company profileSafety:“Construction Success without Lost Time Accident”Safety is our priority. In every move we take before starting of the works, firstbasic element to safety practice how to get the work done with life safety andwithout injury. Good work plant will be going strictly in accordance with our safetyregulation. All work forces in the first time are on site shall be inducted beforework is proceeding. During construction work, pre-commissioning andcommissioning period, special HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) trainingcourses will be provided occasionally. Always, an every-day concern safety policy that engraved upon to all workforces is aware of their own safety. Toolbox talk will be performed every morning prior work is starting. The topic of toolbox talk is the safety deficiency and correction. The hazard area of the special work activities will be immediately to perform induction and safety precautions. Supervisors will be responsibility for those work activity with the assistance of HSE Officers. Safety, this magic word has recently been introduced into Thailand constructionIndustries, but TUNL management has exercised it long. TUNL as routine follows the basic Safety requirement andhas set up the following system that shall be followed in all projects. For each individual project a Safety Managershall be assigned who has to control the entire operation of that particular project 24 hours a day until completion.He reports to the Safety general manager whom he directly reports to ABEJ board of directors.Safety Team Main Framework:The main framework of Safety team within each project is to make sure and enforce to at least have one weeklyunannounced inspection to make sure:-Protective clothing are all worn and in good condition by all employee.-Construction sign with strict requirement for wearing PPE is posted at all the entrance.-All trenches are properly shored up or laid back against any cave ins.-Warning types properly mark all excavations and temporary ditches.-Equipments are properly ground against any electrical shocks.-Masonry works above ground must have proper scaffolding with rails as well as safe timber boards to work on.-Steel work must have the necessaries safety belts harnesses.-All the grinders and welders are all wearing the protective clothing and masks must be required. The night worklighting must be required.-The equipments have been examined by TUNL safety department.-Back up horns are operative on all the construction equipment.-All measuring equipment has been update and calibrated.-Rented machinery and construction equipments must safety construction.-Adequate fire extinguisher is available for fire hazard area.-Ladder and working platform are safety and accepted by responsibility.-Eating area if any are kept clean and enough cleaning staff to control any spills.-All temporary structure is safety and secure against rain, wind and uplift force.-Material storages are safety and free from collapse.-The emergency signs as to procedure after an accident is well posted within working area.-Emergency transport and proper communication is always available at site.-The site condition must be cleaning and housekeeping.Safety Hierarchy:-TUNL General Manager: Safety area manager responsible to training classes for the safety personal and review allaccident reports and takes general corrective action.-Safety Project manager: responsible to the entire safety team and backup for safety operator of particularassignment “Construction Success without Lost Time Accident”
    • Company profileSafety Matters:-Hazard detection.-Hazard and accident prevention.-Accident remedy.-Accident, Incident, Near miss follow up.-Instruction, Name, Telephone and Address of doctors and clinics.About us:Company Name : THAI-UNITECH LIMITED.Address : 39/26 Soi 5, Nongwa Road, Tambol Huai-Pong, Amphur Muang, Rayong 21150 ThailandTelephone : +66(0)-3860-2286Facsimile : +66(0)-3860-2287Mobile : +66(0)8-0301-0875E-mail : Thai-unitech@aol.comBusiness : Engineering & Construction Service.Registered Capital : 1,000,000 THB. (One million THB.)Nature of Business:Civil Work:-Engineering Work.-Excavation Work.-Underground and Soil Work.-Building Work.-Steel Reinforcement Work.-Concrete Work.-Road and Drainage Work.-Testing Work.-Finishing Work. “Construction Success without Lost Time Accident”
    • Company profile Steel Structure Work: -Fabrication Work. -Erection and installation Work. -Metal Sheet Work.Piping Work:-Above/Underground Piping Work.-Fabrication Work.-Pressure Test.-Erection and Installation Work. “Construction Success without Lost Time Accident”
    • Company profilePainting and Insulation Work:-Sand/Grid Blasting Work.-Tank, Equipment, Piping and Steel Structure Painting Work.-Cold Insulation Work.-Hot Insulation Work.Maintenance Work:-Machine Overall and Installation Work.-Emergency Plant Shutdown.-Manpower Supply. “Construction Success without Lost Time Accident”
    • Company profileOrganization Chart: Manager Director Engineering Business Project Safety Administration Manager Devlopment Manager Manager Manager Design Construction Safety Puchasing Personal Engineer Manager Offict Estimator AccouningEmployee:Directors Permanent TemporaryAdmin & Support 3Safety 2Engineer & Engineer Design 4Superintendent & Supervisor 3Foreman 3Draftsman 2QA/QC Inspector 2Skilled (Maintenance, Fitter, Welder) 12 150 UPUnskilled (Hipper, Worker, Painter) 4 70 UPCapability in Mobilizing Manpower Resources for This Project.Location: CHONBURI BANCHANG NONG-BON Sukhumvit 19 Road Ban-Rong Road WAT Nongwa Road HUAI-PONG Hi-Way 31 Road Sukhumvit Road MAPTAPHUT INDUSTRIAL 3191 Soi 5 3191 Soi 3 EASTERN HRH-HERBS GARDEN MAP-KHA Hi-Way 3191 Road RAL 3191 Soi 9 3191 Soi 4 INDUSTRIAL PTT PLANT EASTERN RAYONG RAYONG “Construction Success without Lost Time Accident”
    • Company profileContact us:THAI-UNITECH LIMITED.39/26 Soi 5, Nongwa Road, Tambol Huai-Pong, Amphur Muang, Rayong 21150 ThailandTelephoneFacsimileE-mail Thai-unitech@aol.com “Construction Success without Lost Time Accident”