Pomelo Logistics 27 Nov 2011

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Development of Quality Pomelo for Export : Pomelo Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Samut Songkram Province

Development of Quality Pomelo for Export : Pomelo Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Samut Songkram Province

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  • 1. Project Title :Development of Quality Pomelo forExport : Pomelo Logistics and SupplyChain Management in SamutSongkram ProvinceAssoc.Prof.Dr.Tippawan LimungguraKing Mongkut’s Institute of Technology LadkrabangFarmer Cooperator : Mr.Vanchai Khon-ngamDepartment of Agricultural Extension
  • 2. Background of the Project
  • 3. Changes in World Business System Virtual Organisation Supply Chain Mgmnt Re-engineering Continuous ImprovementRate of Change JIT / TQM Computer Integrated Mfg. Economies of ScaleEmpowerment Vertical Integration 70’s 80’s
  • 4. Background of the Project:• Pomelo is high potential crop to increase income and alleviate poverty for Thai farmers. It is very famous in Samut Songkram Province. It was promoted for domestic and export.• Planting area of pomelo in Samut Songkram Province were 2,400 hectares, concerning with 3,828 farmer families.• Logistics and supply chain management will develop significant benefits to them.
  • 5.  Increase efficiency and effectiveness in the process of logistics and supply chain Provide apply information technology and communication system in order to reduce steps and time of the process
  • 6. Objectives• To develop pomelo logistics and supply chain management in Samut Songkram Province• To analyze cost, added value• To transfer knowledge of logistics and supply chain management to pomelo farmers
  • 7. Methods• Conduct the team meetings• Design research instrument: Qualitative & Quantitative Research participatory action research in-depth interview, meetings, focus group, structure interview and questionnaires• Collecting data• Analyze data
  • 8. • Conduct farmer participation• Conduct the training program for pomelo farmers in order to transfer knowledge and innovation of logistics and supply chain management in Samut Songkram Province• Produce agricultural media
  • 9. Plans Actions Activities 2010 2011 2012Project PreparationCollecting dataData AnalysisMedia productionStudy visitTrainingWriting report
  • 10. Process/Results• Meeting
  • 11. Farmer Participation in Media Production• Website Development of Farmer Group “Pomelo Quality Development” http://grapefruit-samutsongkram.com
  • 12. Pretest
  • 13. Pre Post Test ( Internet,Website)
  • 14. Training Program• Internet website
  • 15. Farmer Participation in Website Development
  • 16. Website Design Evaluation by Experts
  • 17. Website Design Evaluation by Experts
  • 18. Website Content Evaluation by Experts
  • 19. Collecting Data
  • 20. Logistics & Supply Chain ManagementStructure interview•••• 2• 2.• ……..•• 5.•• …………………•••• ……………•••••••••
  • 21. Profile of Respondents• Female 51.2• Av. Age 54.0 yr.• Family member 3.9 person• Family member for pomelo 2.0 person• Experience on pomelo cul. 17.9 yr.• Own land 85.4• Pomelo training 95.1• Own budget for pomelo pro. 82.9
  • 22. Pomelo Production System
  • 23. • Kao Yai Var. 100.0• Self propagation 90.2• Size of pomelo field / household 1.2 Hectare (7.7 rai.)• Spacing 5.0 x 5.8 meterActivities in 2010-2011• Pruning 95.1• Watering by springer 53.7• Watering by tube 34.2
  • 24. Training Program• Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • 25. Continuous activities• Collecting data at the downstream, posttest (website knowledge), customers users evaluation• Analyze data : eg. cost and efficiency analysis , pre & post test comparision• Training & Visit Program• To complete the website of farmer group by participatory approach• Writing report
  • 26. Pomelo Logistics and Supply Chain Management Gov’t After- support sales service Logisti Energ cs & y price Skill supply labor Reduce chain cost Effective Application of knowle C1) Createinventory dge Pomelo Increase aSystem Logistics & quality compe Raw supply chain C2) titive matterial Management advant s Effective Good age Manage distributi transportati Good ment on on system order Effective manage system use of IT ment
  • 27. Thank you for your kind attention