Quality Control of PDF Files
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Quality Control of PDF Files

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Although presented in late 2007, "Quality Control of PDF Files" offers a reasonable summation of the problems faced by publishers when submitting PDF files for print output. I examine the technical......

Although presented in late 2007, "Quality Control of PDF Files" offers a reasonable summation of the problems faced by publishers when submitting PDF files for print output. I examine the technical issues, and recommend an optimal workflow to address the inherent challenges.

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  • 1. Quality Control y of PDF Files Thad McIlroy TheFutureOfPublishing.com San Francisco & Toronto
  • 2. My Background M B k d  8 years in bookselling & publishing in Canada; 4 in the U.S.  18 years studying the intersection of technology and print publishing, working with both printers & vendors  5 years with Seybold Seminars
  • 3. More Recent Background g  10 years studying the impact of the Internet on graphic communications  Major focus now:  TheFutureOfPublishing.com  Workflow (JDF)  Publishing automation
  • 4. We W All Know the Problems in K th P bl i Dealing in a Digital World
  • 5. 20 Years Later
  • 6. What d Y Wh t do You Mean, “Erratum”? M “E t ”?
  • 7. $10k f an “E for “Exculsive” L k l i ” Look
  • 8. How M H Many H Here…  …have the luxury to get a print file just right, to go through multiple p g g g p proofing g cycles, not to fret too much about costs, and to work back and forth with the printer?
  • 9. How M H Many H Here…  …are under insane pressure to get their p print work out ASAP, because costs are (seen as) out of control, and besides, the p Web site is more important?
  • 10. Another Question Q estion  How many here are printing in China now (or other offshore location), or seriously looking into it?
  • 11. The Chi St Th China Story (in part) (i t)
  • 12. So Wh t C S What Can I Do Differently? D Diff tl ?  Augment their remarks (and occasionally disagree) g )  Try to pull their many insights into a unified theory
  • 13. So What C G W S Wh t Can Go Wrong, if… if  You create a perfect PDF  Using the latest PDF standards  And understand reliable PDF workflows? Theoretically, nothing.
  • 14. Meeting f th Mi d M ti of the Minds  This was Dov Isaacs term for “communicate with your p y printer before you begin the job” (or very early in the p process) )  But I think the future of print publishing is “blind” transfers, without a chance to blind communicate.
  • 15. And So Q lit C t l A d S Quality Control…  …becomes solely the responsibility of the document creator Advantages  Cheaper  Faster  (Not better) ( )
  • 16. Technical Issues
  • 17. Font I F t Issues Font Types  Adobe Type 1 (with hinting) — the original  TrueType: an outline font standard originally developed by Apple Computer in the late 1980s as a competitor to Adobe’s Type 1 fonts Adobe s  OpenType: developed by Microsoft & Adobe. Font files are intended to be cross-platform, have extended glyphs, incorporate Type 1, etc.
  • 18. Adobe F t I Ad b Font Issues: Embedding E b ddi
  • 19. Font I F t Issues  As of early 2005, there were around 10,000 fonts available in OpenType p yp format, with Adobe’s library making up under a third of the total. — (Wikipedia)
  • 20. The S l ti ( ) Th Solution(s)  http://www.gwg.org/ (Ghent PDF Workgroup  http://www.pdfxreport.com/ (background)  Enfocus technology ( gy (Certified PDF, etc.)) (www.enfocus.com)  Callas Software (pdfToolbox and more) (p ) (www.callassoftware.com)
  • 21. Remember: Objects in Car Mirrors Are Closer Th They Appear! A Cl Than Th A ! — Wendy McCully
  • 22. Thank Th k you thad@theFutureofPublishing.com