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The Creative World Of Advertisement
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The Creative World Of Advertisement


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Vikram B. Thadeshvar [email_address]
  • 2. Consumer Buying Behavior Model [email_address]
  • 3. Consumer Buying Behavior Model Complex Buying Behaviour Habitual Buying Behaviour Post Purchase Dissonance Reduction Buying Behaviour Variety seeking Buying Behaviour [email_address] Huge Significant Few Significance Difference between brands Buyers Involvement in Buying Decision High Low
  • 4. [email_address]
    • Vertu Mobile by Nokia
    • Platinum and gold plated mobile
    • with original diamond.
    • Mobile range starts from 1.5 lack
    • to 2 crore.
    • In India only 5-6 persons having
    • Vertu Mobile. (Vijay Mallaya,
    • Shahrukh Khan)
    • High status and luxury lifestyle.
    • Detailed features available in
    • brochures and fashion interest
    • magazines.
    Complex Buying Behaviour
    • Collection of lot of facts and figures.
    • Comparison with other brands.
    • Evaluation and cost benefit analysis.
    • Give innovative product.
    • Create superior features and benefits.
    • Advertisement and communication.
    • Ferrari
    • High performance and high speed
    • Attractive look
    • Price range from 1.6 Crore and
    • above.
    • Premium Status
    • Thrilling experience.
    • Convenient deign for safety and
    • great performance.
    • Solid mechanism.
    • It can raise your eyebrows.
  • 5. [email_address]
    • Raymond
    • The Complete Man
    • High quality fabrics
    • Wrinkle free office wear.
    • Rich colors.
    • Feel like heaven.
    • Variety of product range.
    Variety seeking Buying Behaviour
    • Shift from the leader to create new
    • superior features and benefits.
    • Reason to communicate for the
    • product.
    • Sugar Free by Cadila
    • For diabetic patients
    • Low calories, same taste.
    • Live happy, live long.
    • Taking care of you to take care of
    • your family.
  • 6. [email_address]
    • Pepsi
    • Reducing the discomfort of pesticides by strictly following standards and assuring by high advertisements.
    • Reassuring by similar product innovation and building trust amongst people.
    • Diversification in fruit juice segment by taking over Tropicana.
    Post Purchase Dissonance Reducing Buying Behaviour
    • Difference in brand is very little.
    • Marketer tries to reduce to
    • discomfort.
    • Reassuring people.
    • ICICI Bank
    • Reassuring the consumer through high advertisement and different communication media.
    • Reducing the discomfort or fear of liquidity.
    • Building trust.
    • Reassuring again and again for what they bought is right product or service.
  • 7. [email_address]
    • Amul Milk
    • Reward for repeat purchase collect 30 empty Amul Plastic bags & get Rs.30 discount on Nutramul.
    • Discount on bulk purchase
    Habitual Buying Behaviour
    • Low involvement of buyer.
    • Difference between brand is negligible.
    • Loyalty rewards
    • Price discounts
    • More volume for same price
    • Rewards for repeat purchase
    • Give incentives to communicate
    • Sales promotion to continues buying
    • Dermi Cool Powder
    • Buy one get One free.
    • More volume for same price.
    • For repeat purchase, product bundling with similar company brand or different brand.
    • Discount offer.
  • 8. Six Cell Matrix [email_address]
  • 9. Degree of rationality in buying decision. [email_address] High Extensive Problem Solving Buying Behavior Limited Problem Solving Buying Behavior Image Buying Behavior Sensual Buying Behavior Impulse Buying Behavior Routine Problem Solving Medium Low Logic Reasoning and Measurement High thinking Tangible High Feeling Intangible
  • 10. [email_address]
    • Mahindra Royal Homes
    • ( By Mahindra and Mahindra Group)
    • Luxury flats.
    • Comfortable living experience.
    • Spacious living area.
    • Better amenities.
    • Good locality and location.
    • Rich style of living.
    • Eco-friendly atmosphere.
    • Solid architecture.
    • Innovative deign of homes.
    Extensive Problem Solving Buying Behaviour
    • Each buying type requires a separate
    • communication strategy.
    • The message must communicate
    • because people take decision from
    • logic, performance and economic
    • benefits, features, lot of facts and
    • figures and comparative data.
    • Full and more detailed information.
    • Print medium should be used.
  • 11. [email_address]
    • LG 3 Door Refrigerator
    • Fast Cooling.
    • Intelligent cooling system.
    • More space for storage.
    • Separate storage for freezing,
    • liquid, vegetables and fruits.
    • Contemporary design.
    • Power saving utility.
    Limited Problem Solving Buying Behaviour
    • It is medium involvement situation.
    • The communication should have
    • simple, short but powerful message
    • that we call as USP (Unique Selling
    • Proposition).
    • One large reason to buy it is the
    • benefits and brand image.
  • 12. [email_address]
    • Godrej No.1 Soap
    • Buy 4 Get 1 Free.
    • Variety in fragrance.
    • Save cost on bulk buying.
    Routine Problem Solving Buying Behaviour
    • People buy because of logic, facts .
    • and features.
    • Habit is a determinant of choice.
    • Customer wants free offers, samples,
    • price cuts, free etc.
  • 13. [email_address]
    • Tag Huear
    • Luxury Brand.
    • Status Symbol.
    • High end Product and wearing
    • experience.
    • Sophistication brand personality.
    Image Buying Behaviour
    • Consumer feel the product as
    • reflecting the status, lifestyle or
    • personality.
    • Discover an image that they appeal
    • the target buyer.
  • 14. [email_address]
    • Zatak – Very Very Sexy
    • For sensual brand persona.
    • Sexual appeal.
    • Various fragrance range.
    • Youth target audience.
    Sensual Buying Behaviour
    • Appeal to all five senses.
    • Designed for pleasure.
    • Sensual image, fantasies make the
    • people feel and dream.
  • 15. [email_address]
    • Parle Agro – Appy
    • Creative display material .
    • Niche product.
    • Innovative packaging.
    • Different taste.
    • Imaginary advertisements.
    Impulse Buying Behaviour
    • Creative idea rather than practical
    • information.
    • Spur of the decision variety.
    • Packaging should be attractive.
  • 16. Classification of Indian Contemporary Advertisement [email_address]
  • 17. To Inform
    • About New Product,
    • New Service,
    • New Features,
    • New benefits,
    • New price, place
    • Re-launch.
  • 18. [email_address]
    • Great informative advertisement by Heinz which delivers the perfect message that everything is pretty much tasteless without it.
  • 19. [email_address]
    • Interesting WWF advertisement that uses a see through in the shape of South America on a paper vendor.
    • This advertisement campaign would surely decrease the usage of dry hand papers in the toilet.
  • 20. To Persuade
    • Comparative ads,
    • VISA v/s American Express,
    • Through TV Ads, Print Medias,
    • IBM, BAJAJ pulsar, etc.
  • 21. [email_address]
    • Amusing Fedex ad that features UPS inside the Fedex truck.
    • The words on the UPS truck are German. Competitive advertisement at its best.
  • 22. [email_address]
    • Real billboard wars in Mumbai, India where three Indian airlines battle it out on the streets.
    • Jet Airways started and Kingfisher responded and lastly GoAir had the last laugh.
    • Creative advertisement war at its best.
  • 23. To Remind
    • Continuous Ads,
    • Again and Again
    • About new service or product
    • Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc.
  • 24. [email_address]
    • South Africa’s state owned electricity provider Eskom brings this creative ad of using electricity wisely. It is an advertising campaign by Eskom to save energy.
  • 25. [email_address]
    • This BMW reminding ad situated in the center of Moscow city is the biggest ad in Russia (probably the largest in the world). The square size is more than one and a half acres (6000 m2). It uses a number of full size cars stuck on the board with back lights and headlights turned on in the evening.
  • 26. To Reinforce
    • To convince current purchase that they made the right choice.
    • We delivers the values which you think of.
    • Designing ideas as per your feeling and thoughts
  • 27.
    • You made the right choice
    • The more interesting ads around like the Nike ad.
  • 28.
    • BBC outdoor advertisement campaign which shows that we deliver the stories to help you to see both sides.
  • 29. [email_address]