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Joining Rs.7700/- Get your own Website + Training Kit + Physical Training on Digital Marketing.
Also Get Stipend (Lead Filling) income @2700/- X 11 Months
And also referral downline leads income (if your direct downline fills lead u also Earn.)
Even More Direct Referral Rs.700/- Binary Rs.700/- Daily Cap 25 Set

For this course NIIT Charges Rs. 35,000/- + 12.36% Service Tax = Rs. 39,326/-

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Mytechplanet Presentation

  1. 1. Most Awaited “ Daily Directs Rewards” A unique reward structure to boost up our frontline publishers and apprise their efforts of training their direct referrals. Top 10 publishers with maximum direct sponsorships will qualify for the reward. Minimum 3 Direct referrals in a day are required by a publisher to enter into this competition for that particular day. All the achievers would receive their rewards within 15 working days from the date of achievement.1,000 Mobiles to be given off..!!! Claim yours...!! Starts from 1st March 2013
  2. 2. "My Tech Planet" is committed to bring an evolutionin the digital marketing industry and to uplift themasses towards a healthy economic environment,with a vision of perfect support, best software backupand training people on required skills for a rapid andstable growth simultaneously in their own business.”With a population of more than 125 crores, door to door or telephonic marketing in Indiais less likely to succeed specially when the target audience for a business is huge. Today,stronger digital channels are enhancing the competition in the market and with theirexponential growth, the competition further intensifies.In an environment like this, it is quite usual for a common individual to be influenced bythe developments happening around.With increasing Internet education in India and rapid growth in Internet usage, the digitalmakeover is set to happen. More and more people today are attracted towards theInternet and eventually becoming a part of this new digital story. One of the majorreasons for this attraction is the ability of the Internet to change lives.What My Tech Planet intends to create is a defined platform for the common peoplewhere it shall be possible for them to monetize their Internet activities without the needto start from scratch.
  3. 3. Digital Marketing in IndiaWith a constantly increasing Internet population, India hasstepped in the era of trust and security with respect to theconcept of Internet-based shopping and digital transactions.Today it is not considered sane to buy something over theInternet and making online payments on e-commercewebsites. This is not an overnight change in the psychologyof people, but is an outcome of years of hard work of trend setters and market analysts.Using Affiliate marketing and Search Engine Optimization, and keeping track of changingmarket trends is essential when someone is ready to make his/her own business usingthe Internet.As of March 2012, the total advertising spends including classifieds was valued atINR 2,850 crores of which, 20% are in search advertising, 13% in Portal/ Vortalwebsites, 3% in Social Media ads, 5% in advertising on Email services, 2% onvideo ads, 4% in mobile devices and the major part (i.e. 53%) relates to classifiedlistings. Since March 2010, there has been a strong growth of around 25% in allthe components of digital advertisement (Search, Display, Classifieds and Mobile)as depicted in the figure below. Further, it is expected that this growth is going tocontinue - reaching INR 3535 crores by this year end and INR 4391 Crores by thenext financial year (March 2013).
  4. 4. Main Components of Digital AdvertisingDigital Advertising can be classified into the following maincomponents: Display Ads - Advertisements which are placedat various parts of a web page that typically contains text,the logo, photographs and other images. Banner ads arepriced slightly higher than Search Ads and are known to havehigher effectiveness.Search Ads - Advertisements made up of text (displayed largely as sponsored links onsearch engines) constitute this category. These are backed by hyperlinks that whenclicked on, take the potential customer to the advertisers website. Search Ads cost lessbecause they are simple and a lot of websites accepts them.Online Classified Ads These are meant to attract consumers and sellers to a single place.These listings are posted on matrimonial, job and other B2C classified websites.Mobile Ads - The number of active Mobile Internet users had crossed the 35 Million mark(Source - ICube 2011) by March 2011. This number has reached 48 Million by March 2012as per the latest reports. As a result, advertisements placed on mobile phones and tabletsare increasingly becoming common. Additionally, Internet accessibility is another reasonwhy Mobile Ads are increasingly gaining prominence.My Tech Planet has made it way easier for you to be in the "Class" of people makingmoney online, and have made it easier than ever before. With flexible work timingoptions and endless opportunities, it is you who decides the what and how of workingwith joy.
  5. 5. Our Affiliate Partners
  6. 6. Standard Kit - INR 700  One Fully managed Domain name  100 MB Hosting Space for 11 months  Blogging software pre-installed  1 GB Data transfer per month  5 Email addresses on Domain Advanced Training Kit - INR 7700  SEO Video Training DVDs  One Fully managed Domain name  10 Sub domains  UNLIMITED Hosting Space for 11 months  Blogging software pre-installed  UNLIMITED Data Transfer per month  25 Email Addresses  Gain Full access to all other services provided by companyNote:- A member with standard package can upgrade itself any time to ADVANCE TRAINING KIT
  7. 7. Job Work Income Members will get online job on daily basis to achieve this income. This income will be provided by Admin on a daily basis First income will be provided after 30 days This income will not be considered as Fixed Income or ROI You can earn up to INR 2700/month by completing the online work provided by the company Amount and nature of online work will depend on companys T&C.
  8. 8. Direct Sponsor Income  Member will get a Direct Income for n number of units  Member will get a Direct Income INR 700 per Unit.  Payout will be calculated on daily basis from admin  Only extreme left and extreme right directs are allowedExample:If A is referring to B, A will get INR 700 as a commission and thenwhen A will refer C, A will get commission of INR 700 once againand henceforth, A will get INR 700 for every direct referral.
  9. 9. Binary Income The binary income will be given to the B.A who will upgrade his/her standard package to Advanced Training kit One left and one right direct sponsor is compulsory to get this income Binary will be calculated Unit based First Pair will be 1:1 (Unit Match), then 1:1 unit Match for Unlimited depth Per Unit Match = INR 700 Binary for Unlimited depth Binary will be calculated as per the Units matches Capping of 25 Units match in each cut off daily basis Daily Closing Simulation & Trimming is applicableBinary Income will be given daily by AdminExample:In above case when A will have two candidates on hiseither side and one at the opposite side, A will getcommission of INR 700 for making this pair. After thispairing will be considered at a ratio of 1:1 and thisprocess will continue till unlimited depth
  10. 10. Deductions 10.3% TDS will be deducted on every payout 20% TDS will be deducted if PAN card is not updated Administrative charges of 3.9% will be deducted from the total Payout
  11. 11. Level 9 Raheja Towers, 26-27 Mahatma Gandhi Road,Bangalore, 560 001Grievances: