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  1. 1. Hacking refers to an array of activities which are done to intrude some one else’s personal information space so as to use it for malicious, unwanted purposes. Hacking is a term used to refer to activities aimed at exploiting security flaws to obtain critical information for gaining access to secured networks.
  2. 2. •Denial of Service. •Trojans. •Worms. •Virus. •Social Engineering. •Password cracking. •System Failure. •Hacking Wireless Networks. •Hacking Mobile Phones. •Spam. •Phishing. •Identity Theft. •System Hacking. •Sniffing. •E-mail Account Hacking. • …etc.
  3. 3. 1. Reconnaissance : The hacker seeks to gather as much the information as possible about a target system prior to lunching an attack. 2. Scanning: The hacker scans the network for specific information gathered during reconnaissance. 3. Gaining Access: Refers to the penetration phase. The hacker exploits the vulnerability in the system. 4. Maintaining Access: The hacker tries to retain his/her ownership of the system. 5. Covering Tracks: Refers to the activities that the hacker does to hide his misdeeds.
  4. 4. Robert Morris • Graduated at Cornell University. • He makes the worm as an attempt to measure the size of the internet today. • Following its release on November 2, 1988, the Morris worm successfully infected 6000 systems (approximately 10 percent of computers connected to the internet at this time). • The worm is designed to do no harm, but due to an error in replication algorithm, the worm can copy itself quickly, causing excessive load. • In 1989, he became the first person charged with the Act of Computer Fraud and Abuse in 1986.
  5. 5. Kevin Mitnick •Kevin Mitnick is probably the most famous hacker in the history of computers. •As a master of social engineering, Mitnick was not just computer hacking, he also did a hack on minds of people. •In 1979, when he was 16 years old, he made his way to hack into computer systems and copying paid software. •He involves himself with the personnel administrator, such as through a phone call or an email message and deceive them to provide passwords and other security information. •After two and a half years away, Mitnick was finally caught and jailed for five years. •He now runs a computer security consultant, Mitnick
  6. 6. Linus Torvalds •Linus Torvalds is the other white hat hacker. •On his QL machine he made his own Text Editor program, even he made Pac-Man clone called Cool man. •In 1991, he has Intel 80836 PCs and began to create Linux, the first has a limited license in its own name, and then joined the GNU Project under the GNU GPL. •Torvalds did not originally intend to continue working to build the kernel, because he considered it as a hobby, but then said another history, and now Linux operating system became the most familiar with hackers and also the most secure ever available in the
  7. 7. • Perform required software updates for your operating system and web browser. • Install a firewall on your computer. • Change your passwords every month. • Purchase or download anti-virus software. • Install anti-spyware/adware programs onto your system. • Delete emails from unknown sources.