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  1. 1. Let’s SOAR with Excellent Behavior!
  2. 2. What Does SOAR stand for? S=safe O=obedient A=accountable R=respectful
  3. 3. Goal  To assist and empower teachers, students and staff in establishing a school wide environment that supports student learning.
  4. 4. Now let’s learn “The Eagle Way”
  5. 5. LISTEN! Can you hear the teacher, adult or guest? When we are all together, we will say the BIRCH CHEER! We will say the cheer 3 times and then sit quietly with our hands folded on our laps.
  6. 6. Excellence!
  8. 8. TEAMWORK !
  9. 9. SUCCESS!
  10. 10. Our Birch Family is a step above the rest!
  11. 11. Gooooo Birch! B
  12. 12. Now let’s learn the rules…
  13. 13. Arrival  We will walk into the school.  We will hang up our bookbags and coats.  We will keep our things off the floor.  We will use our indoor voices.  We will immediately go to our classroom.
  14. 14. YES! This is how we walk into the school.
  15. 15. BATHROOMS  We will use our indoor voice.  We will wear a pass.  We will use the restroom.  We will wash our hands.  We will return back to class as quickly as possible.  We will keep the restroom clean.  We will walk back to class.
  16. 16. YES! We will have a pass when we are in the hall.
  17. 17. Hallways  We will walk on the RIGHT side of the hall.  We will keep our hands at our side.  We will NOT talk in the hallways.  We will “Catch a Bubble!”
  18. 18. Yes! We will walk in the hallways.
  19. 19. SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES We will sit flat on the floor. We will listen to the adult speaking. We will not talk with our neighbors. We will keep our hands folded on our laps. We will clap politely. We will NOT “Boo” or be disrespectful to our guest. We will NOT raise our hand until the speaker is done speaking.
  20. 20. Yes! We are sitting and waiting for the speaker to finish talking.
  21. 21. Lunch Room  We will sit quietly and eat our lunch.  We will raise our hand if we have a question.  We will use an indoor voice.  We will clean up our own garbage.  We will show the noon aides RESPECT!  We will wait for our teachers before we are dismissed.
  22. 22. Dismissal  We will ALWAYS walk.  We will go directly to our bus line.  We will not “YELL” when the bell rings.  We will not hang out in the bathrooms.
  23. 23. Yes! We are going straight to our bus line.
  24. 24. Let’s show our Eagle pride by demonstrating the “EAGLE WAY”!  We need to follow these rules in and out of the classroom.  We need to act appropriate even when we are by ourselves.
  25. 25. Look at all the wonderful behavior!
  26. 26. We can do it! We are a team!
  27. 27. How many can your class   earn? BIRCH BRAVOS
  28. 28. 3rd Grade Safety Patrol We are going to have third grade safety patrol. These students will remind us of the rules. They can also give us a “Birch Bravo”.
  29. 29.  At the end of the week, the homerooms with the MOST “BIRCH BRAVOS” will get the trophy for the week.  Let’s see how many times your class can earn the trophy.