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Pixel Studios, a digital agency born out of passion & expertise offers Internet Marketing services to brands who want to establish a strong presence online. This presentation takes one through from 'why internet marketing?' to the 'steps' involved. Feel free to contact us... contact@pixel-studios.com

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Pixel Studios Internet Marketing Services

  1. 3. INTERNET IS CHANGING THE WAY CUSTOMERS RESEARCH, EVALUATE & PURCHASE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES The internet has become the medium of choice for a new generation of consumers who integrate digital media into every facet of daily lives. Even if your products or services are something that cannot be sold online, your customers will use Internet to acquire firsthand information to compare with competition, discuss among friends and decide to buy it off-line. For businesspeople and marketers, the challenge is to become fluent in this new digital language to connect to their customers. IS INTERNET MARKETING PART OF YOUR MARKETING MIX ? As consumers increasingly embrace new ways of communicating, the four P’s of marketing mix - Product, Price, Place and Promotion have taken a paradigm shift. Where once the Internet was considered to be a mere choice among promotional media, it has received a more significant importance in recent times . If you want to connect with your customers today and into the future, you’re going to need digital channels as part of your marketing mix. INTERNET MARKETING IS NOT ABOUT TECHNOLOGY; IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE! Internet marketing is not about understanding the technological aspects of the internet. Its all about understanding how people use internet and how the marketers can leverage the power of this online media.
  2. 4. DO YOU NEED INTERNET MARKETING NOW ? If your customers are using internet to research and purchase your products and service, then you need to embrace internet marketing now to engage and retain them. If they don’t, then you need not. But, as the next generation of consumers start to become your new customers, they’re likely to demand more digital interaction from your business.
  3. 5. Run Campaigns • With focused message • To the right target • With higher ROI LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY TO RUN CUSTOM DESIGNED CAMPAIGNS FOR MAXIMIZING IMPACT Engage your customer with • Your brand • Your product / service • Your special offers INTERNET MARKETING IS ALL ABOUT ENGAGING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS IN INTERESTING WAYS. Participate • In discussions • In decision making • Support GET TO PARTICIPATE WITH YOUR CUSTOMER’S DISCUSSIONS AND DECISION MAKING PROCESS Be informed of • Customer trends • Competitor trends • Concept testing UNDERSTAND THE CHANGING NEEDS AND EFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR CAMPAIGNS What do you get out of internet marketing ? Participate Influence their decision Research Feel their pulse Engage Get their attention Promote Become their choice
  4. 6. INTEGRATED INTERNET MARKETING SERVICES From CORPORATE BLOGGING Share valuable information and create a two way communication channel between you and your stakeholders STRATEGY AND CONSULTING Knowing the different ways to reach out to customers in the internet will not produce results, knowing what to do and how to promote is what makes campaigns succeed SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Get your website on top in the leading search engines for relevant keywords and increase your visibility in the competitive internet space. ONLINE ADVERTISING Create a visual appeal in the areas where your customers choose to dwell. Engage them with creative and interactive display banners and increase your visibility online. EMAIL MARKETING Reach the inbox of your prospective customers and entice them with a strategically designed emailer. CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION Fine-tuning your website to lower bounce rate and lead a visitor to the action you want them to take SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Make strategic moves in the Social Media to attract, retain and communicate with customers and other stakeholders. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Get ahead of your competitors and attain a quick position and promote your products and services to potential customers.
  5. 7. CASE STUDY 1 VIRAL MARKETING HELPS REAL ESTATE MAJOR TO PROMOTE A NEW PROPERTY Need : A successful Real Estate giant wanted to have a very fresh approach to reach out to its tech savvy customer’s and promote its new property Our Deed: We worked on a Viral Marketing concept that would entice the ‘tech-savvy’ crowd to get introduced to the project in an interesting way. We implemented the concept by developing a facebook application, which was promoted in facebook and other social media. Within a period of a month, the viral caught-on amongst the social network users and the hits to the project’s microsite quadrupled. The campaign not only increased the mindshare of the prospects, but also helped immediate bookings.
  6. 8. CASE STUDY 2 INTEGRATED INTERNET MARKETING HELPS A GARMENT MAJOR TO ESTABLISH A NEW CONCEPT Need: An ambitious Organic clothing brand from Mumbai wanted to sell their unique products to the global audience and create a niche for themselves Our Deed: To create awareness in the market is one. To excite and pull traffic to the website is another. To convince those who visit the website and make them BUY the product is essential. Pixel Studios, as an Integrated Internet Marketing Consulting firm, supported the brand right from design and development of the website to managing the online campaigns to create awareness and bring business. Choosing the right keywords, being in the right forums, participating in discussions, tracking the website usage, making necessary changes to facilitate conversions, and many more parallel activities projected the ‘online store’ as a premium brand and helped the brand breakeven within 6 months.
  7. 9. <ul><ul><li>With more than 10 years of expertise in helping clients across the globe to succeed in the internet, Pixel Studios has transformed many brand messages into redefined interactive communication. </li></ul></ul>Clients We Serve
  8. 10. Get in touch with our Internet Marketing Consultants today to take your brand online +91 - 44 - 2618 0901 +91 - 44 - 4266 0601 contact @pixel-studios.com www.pixel-studios.com visit our website and request for a free website analysis