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New york city Presentation Transcript

  • 1. New York City: Crossroads of World Trade
    By: Twyla Gollery
  • 2. Central Park
    In the summer of 1865, Frederick Law Olmsted returned to New York and resumed work on the park
    An average of 8.5 million people came to visit the park on a yearly basis
    People of all different classes, races, and ages would all come to enjoy the park
    "A majestic breathing space for the life of the city" - New York Times
  • 3. The Brooklyn Bridge
    One of the oldest suspension bridges
    Completed in 1883
    Connects Manhattan and Brooklyn over the east river
    The bridge was designed by the German engineer John Augustus Roebling, who had designed other suspension bridges before
    After his death his son was left in charge of the project
  • 4. Boss Tweed
    A tall man, over 6ft and weighed about 300 pounds
    Before being a politician, Tweed worked as a fireman and a chair-maker
    Tweed is most known for stealing an estimated $200 million dollars from New York Tax payers
    Tweed controlled politicians by his power in Tammany and jobs he would create or dispense, to influence the vote
  • 5. Scott Fitzgerald
    Fitzgerald described New York as having " all the iridescents of the beginning of the world"
    Is widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers in the 20th century
    His novels as well as his short stories described the twenties, as well as New York and what they were really like
    Two of his novels were later turned into movies
  • 6. Jazz
    Jazz music and dance became widely popular in the twenties
    The radio spread Jazz
    A variety of races including African Americans and White Americans produced Jazz music
    New York became engulfed with Jazz musicians because people would come to New York looking for entertainment
  • 7. The Empire State Building
    Is 1,250 ft tall
    Was build out of competition for the title of worlds tallest building
    Took only 14 months to complete
    Four to Five stories of the building would be completed each week
    It's now one of the famous landmarks in New York
  • 8. A Merger That Puts New York on Top
    The worlds leading internet company is merging with the worlds leading media entertainment company
    New York is struggling to be the economic center of the country
    The west coast holds many big companies that make it possible for it to become the economic center
    By keeping 55% of AOL-Time Warner in New York it may help New York's position
  • 9. The City in the Land of the Dollar: Chicago
    During the last part of the nineteenth century Chicago was the fastest growing city in America
    This growth was because of the great commercial and industrial expansions
    This is where urbanization started
    The skyscraper was invented here and so was the use and meaning of 'downtown'
  • 10. The City in the Land of the Dollar: The White City
    An area part of the World's Columbian Exposition
    Most of the buildings were based on classical architecture and stuccoed white
    Robert A.M. Stern has called the Columbian Exposition "the first effectively planned complex ot public buildings built in America since theJeffersonian era,"
    Was the inspiration for other architecture projects to come
  • 11. The City in the Land of the Dollar: City Beautiful
    Emerged in 1900 as a slogan for an urban improvementcampaign in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
    City beautification activists focused of improving the downtown of cities by designing a classical city hall, a publiclibrary, and an auditorium placed around a square.
    They also improved grand American railroad stations, because at that time they were also focal points for the expression of civic values.
  • 12.
    Immigrants and Cities, "The City in the Land of the Dollar"
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