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Country report
Country report
Country report
Country report
Country report
Country report
Country report
Country report
Country report
Country report
Country report
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Country report


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Published in: Education, Travel
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  • 1. Country Report Part. 1
    By: Twyla Gollery
  • 2. Geography: Simple Facts
    From North to South Chile is 2,880 miles long
    From East to West Chile, at it's widest part is only 265 miles wide.
    Altogether it contains 292,260 squire miles of land, and a wide variety of climate zone, terrain, animals, and plants
    The Atacama Desert is known for the rich amount of minerals found within it
    A well known volcano is the Parinacota Volcano
  • 3. Geography:Climate
    There are, within Chile's borders seven different subtypes of climate.
    This is because of it's large geographic scale
    Chile spans anywhere from deserts to alpine tundra's to tropical climates and anywhere in the middle.
    It's climates allow a vast variety of plants and animals to inhabit Chile.
  • 4. Geography:Biodiversity
    Animals- many Latin American animals have adapted to live in Chile
    A wide variety of birds, whales, and fish have been found to thrive there
    Plants-Chile has a wide botanical variety because of it's wide climate range.
    In some areas plants flourish and grow rapidly
    In other areas it's either to cold and rugged or to hot and dry for hardly anything to survive
  • 5. People: Indigenous Communities
    Are about 4.6 % of the total population
    691,000 people as of 2002 registered people from indigenous orgins
    Indigenous people include the Mapuches, Aymara, Atacamerio, Rapa Nui, and the Kawaskhar
    The Mapuches make up about 85% of the indegenous people from Chile today
  • 6. People: Immigration
    Many people immigrated from Spain, Italy, Ireland, France, Greece, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Stotland, Croatia, and the Middle East during the 16th century
    Spain had the most people immigrating into Chile at the time
    Today people immigrate frome Europe, America, and Asia
    People now mainly Immigrate from Argentina and Peru 
  • 7. People: Religion and Languages
    There are many religions in Chile
    Most people identify themselves as Catholics, about 70% of the country
    Spanish is spoken in Chile but it's accent and dialect are different depending on the regions
     The "s" sound is dropped and other consontents are spoken softly, this is unique to the Spanish spoken in Chile
  • 8. History: Colonization
    About 10,000 years ago Native Americans settled in what is now Chile
    The Mapuches were the largest inhabitants of Chile 
    In 1540 the conquest of Chile began and was lead by Pedro de Valdivia
    He founded the city of Santiago on February 12, 1541
    Because of the agricultural potienial of Chile, it became part of the Spanish Empire
  • 9. History: 19th and 20th Centuries
    Chile was proclaimed an independent republic on February 12, 1818
    The social structure of Chile, however, didn't change much
    It's social structure was influenced mainly on family politics and the Roman Catholic church
    During the beginning of the 20th century Chile was politically unstable
    It chenged hands of some ten different governments
  • 10. History: 20th Century
    In 2000 Ricardo Lagos won the Chilean election to presidency
    In 2006 Michelle Bachelet Jeria was elected, Chile's first female president
    In 2010 Sabastian Pinera was elected, he was the first rightest President to be elected in twenty years
    On February 27, 2010 Chile was hit by an 8.8 earthquake, it's estimated about 500 people died, buildings were destroyed and severly damaged
  • 11. Sources: