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Some things that I believe.

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  1. 1. CREDO
  2. 2. I will cease to exist. I believe that when my brain stops functioning, whether alive or dead, Whatever remains, will not be me.
  3. 3. … and is not a reason to be sad or afraid. I believe that this is simply the natural way of things…
  4. 4. I believe I should do the right thing … not because I hope to go to heaven. because it is right…
  5. 5. I believe that I should do the right thing because it is right, not because I fear hell.
  6. 6. how to live your life. I believe that as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else, I should not tell you
  7. 7. I believe you should offer me the same courtesy.
  8. 8. I believe that you have the right to believe in something that I don’t believe in.
  9. 9. I believe you should offer me the same courtesy.
  10. 10. I believe that no one or their religion. in the name of their god or any thing should hurt anyone
  11. 11. the colour of your skin I believe that does not matter.
  12. 12. I believe that having or not having a Y chromosome does not make you SUPERIOR or inferior , just… … complementary
  13. 13. I believe that love is love, regardless of the gender combination involved.
  14. 14. I believe that marriage not two genders. is the union of two lives,
  15. 15. I believe that people have the right to choose a dignified death.
  16. 16. I believe that if my way of life scrutinising my way of life. you should spend causes you offence, less time
  17. 18. I believe that when we die, our unique universe ceases to exist, thus nothing we do in life matters.
  18. 19. I believe that when we die, thus everything we do in life matters. our unique universe ceases to exist,
  19. 20. I believe that diabetes, makes you go blind. not masturbation,
  20. 21. I believe that bad things happen to good people… … because they were there at the time.
  21. 22. I believe that everything has a cause… … but nothing happens “for a reason”.
  22. 23. … until death is unavoidable. I believe, therefore, that we should continually make the best of our current situation…
  23. 24. I believe that whining serves no purpose.
  24. 25. I believe that I am flawed.
  25. 26. I believe that I can be better.
  26. 27. than puritanical anger. I believe that light hearted profanity is less fucking offensive
  27. 28. I believe that all children should feel wanted.
  28. 29. I believe that no child should hear the words “ You are stupid”.
  29. 30. I believe that all children should be aware of their weaknesses as well as their strengths.
  30. 31. they will never be anything. I believe, therefore, that telling children they can be anything is as harmful as telling them
  31. 32. I believe that society should help the sick. All of them.
  32. 33. … begins at home. I believe that charity…
  33. 34. I believe that the whole planet is our home.
  34. 35. … between me and Kevin Bacon. I believe that there are no more than six degrees…
  35. 36. is not simply their problem. I believe, therefore, that someone’s problem on the other side of the planet,
  36. 37. I believe in teaching people to fish.
  37. 38. I believe that human civilisation is a marvel.
  38. 39. in the life of the cosmos. I believe that human civilisation… is a fleeting… inconsequential micro-blip…
  39. 40. is actually worth worrying about. I believe, therefore, that none of the bullshit we think is so IMPORTANT
  40. 41. … you should pull me up on it. I believe that when I behave like an arsehole…
  41. 42. I believe I should offer you the same courtesy.
  42. 43. I believe that the world should be a better place… … for my having been in it.
  43. 44. I believe that infinity is a concept, not a being.
  44. 45. I believe in myself.
  45. 46. I believe in you.