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Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
Myetus Restaurant Applications
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Myetus Restaurant Applications


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Restaurant Web Technology featuring Reservations, Events and Staff and Placement Management Applications

Restaurant Web Technology featuring Reservations, Events and Staff and Placement Management Applications

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Technology & the WEBImpacts On Your Restaurants Bottom Line<br />A presentation by the Power of Myetus<br />
  • 2. Why Are You Here?<br /><ul><li>Who is Myetus and Why are We Unique
  • 3. To learn More About:
  • 4. 21st Century Restaurant Technology
  • 5. The Myetus Power in YOUR Restaurant Business
  • 6. How can technology help you achieve your business goals?
  • 7. Guest satisfaction
  • 8. Positive effect on your bottom line
  • 9. Solutions (What's In It For You?)</li></li></ul><li>Myetus, Why We’re Unique !<br />Complete Life Cycle WEB Presence Solution<br />Launch – Optimization – On-going Analytics<br />Marketing – Social Media – Blogs – CMS <br />Consultative Long-term Partnership<br />Specific Solutions Designed Individually<br />Design – Content Specific – Competitive Position<br />Integration – Application Focus – Client Specific<br />Events – Reservations – Operations Management<br />Restaurant Events, Reservation, Staff Operations<br />
  • 10. The Restaurant Industry is changing…are you?<br />According to a Zagat2009 restaurant survey :<br />Over 38,000 diners,<br />31% say they typically make reservations online (up from 17% two years ago)<br />79% visit a restaurant&apos;s website before eating there*<br />Eight out of ten diners will have already made an impression about your restaurant before entering your doors.<br /> *<br />
  • 11. 21st Century Restaurant Technology<br /><ul><li>Many restaurants have
  • 12. Computerized ordering system
  • 13. Inventory control/Portion control system
  • 14. Point Of Sale Systems (POS)
  • 15. Wireless & Online ordering
  • 16. (Papa John's, Pizza Hut, and many others)
  • 17. Reservation Systems
  • 18. Phone & email based – Manually controlled
  • 19. Managed and Administered by Third Parties
  • 20. Minimal Integration to the Restaurant WEB Site
  • 21. Minimal to NO table and staff management options</li></li></ul><li>21st Century Restaurant Technology<br />Competitive Restaurants Want and Need:<br />Virtual Restaurant Office Software<br />Table Management Software<br />Event Scheduling <br />Online Reservations – Site Based and Controlled<br />Guest Tracking Systems<br />Frequent Guest Communications<br />Special Offers and Discount Dining Rewards<br />Online Dining Coupons & Gift Certificates<br />
  • 22. The Real Role of Restaurant Technology<br /><ul><li>Myetus Can assist you & your managers in
  • 24. Portion Control & Inventory management
  • 25. POS Tracking
  • 26. Menu Planning and Alterations
  • 28. Monitoring your serve staff performance
  • 29. Controlling Guest Reservations & Monitoring guest satisfaction
  • 30. Tracking Return Customers & Automating Communications
  • 32. Guest Margins & Online Effiencies
  • 33. Overall Guest Satisfaction & Rewards
  • 34. ROI and Bottom Line Consistency</li></li></ul><li>Your Website should be a Powerful and Dynamic Tool<br />Menu – Updates, Specials<br />Events – Plan, schedule, and advertise all of your upcoming events with an interactive calendar<br />Interact with Diners – Word of mouth is always best…include a section for diner comments and reviews<br />Email Communications and Specials Offers for Frequent Diners<br />Links to local events, social media sites, etc.<br />Online Reservations & Special Requests<br />E-Commerce for Certificates & Dining Rewards Programs<br />
  • 35. What Does Technology Provide You?<br /><ul><li>Efficiency: technology makes it easier to decrease your expenses relative to your revenue so you can increase your efficiency
  • 36. Definition: economicefficiency = revenue/expenses
  • 37. Implementing online/social media marketing strategy offers savings over traditional advertising such as newspapers, phone books, and magazine ads
  • 38. Virtual management software increases efficiency of wait staff thereby decreasing expenses such as free meals and employee turnover</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Effectiveness: technology enables management or staff to accomplish certain goals in a shorter amount of time that it would normally take without the presence of technology.
  • 39. Covering more tables and turning them faster over a given time period while maintaining the highest level of service.
  • 40. Using online reservations allow hosts to tend to more pressing front of the house issues and thereby decrease customer wait time and increase customer service.</li></li></ul><li>You Are Probably SayingTo Yourself Now:<br />This All Sounds Great<br /> But <br />What’s In It For Me?<br />
  • 41. Getting Started<br />Myetus can create or enhance your current website using a comprehensive menu of individual modules:<br />Core Modules – The Foundation<br />Back Office Modification <br />Social Media: Blogs, News, Forum<br />E-Store / E-Commerce Options<br />Links and connections to industry and referral sites<br />Media & Content management, updates and annimation<br />Restaurant Specific Applications<br />
  • 42. The Power of Myetus Restaurant Management Software<br />Specific Restaurant Components<br /><ul><li>Event Management System
  • 43. Online Reservation System
  • 44. Table & Staff Management Software
  • 45. Saves You Time & Money
  • 46. Increases Your Customer Satisfaction
  • 47. Provides High Return on Your Investment</li></li></ul><li>Event Management System<br /><ul><li>Allows you and your management team to schedule, advertise, and accept reservations through your WEB site for special events:
  • 48. Wine Tastings and Special Dinner Events
  • 49. Weddings, Parties, Group Events
  • 50. Allows your staff to conveniently track, plan and modify requirements as necessary
  • 51. Allows you and your team to plan and budget your resources to meet the needs of the specific event</li></li></ul><li>Online Reservation System<br /><ul><li>Allows your Guests convenient reservations directly on your restaurant's website, for individual or group requests
  • 52. Enables immediate confirmation on your site, no phone backs or waiting for emails
  • 53. Allows your staff to track, plan and change reservations as necessary, and communicate changes to your guests and staff
  • 54. Allows you to plan ahead and budget your resources most efficiently</li></li></ul><li>Virtual Restaurant Office Software<br />Enables you or your manager to<br /><ul><li>Add, relocate or remove a staff member
  • 55. Create specific schedules for your staff
  • 56. Manage open hours for all locations
  • 57. Create attendance and payroll reports
  • 58. Create and manage events (such as graduations, weddings, private parties)
  • 59. Update and post current menus
  • 60. Add seasonal content</li></li></ul><li>The Power of Myetus Restaurant Table Management Software<br /><ul><li>Allows your staff convenient and hassle free handling of the incoming flow of your guests even during the busiest hours
  • 61. Allows you or your manager to conveniently put your staff where they perform the best
  • 62. Allows you to track guest satisfaction and staff performance
  • 63. Enables integration with POS & Inventory Systems</li></li></ul><li>The Power of Myetus Restaurant Tracking Software<br />You can Improve Performance and Income by:<br /><ul><li>Tracking the flow of guest in real time
  • 64. Measuring the efficiency of your serve staff
  • 65. Determine peak hours so your resources can be allocated to provide 100% guest satisfaction even during the busiest times
  • 66. Enabling optimal staff utilization and location configuration to maximize the value of your guests and their experience</li></li></ul><li>If you Build it they Will…Not so Fast<br />Restaurant Specific Functionality is only part of the WEB Presence Partnership<br />Website marketing isn’t as easy as PPC<br />PPC and SEO are only half the battle, you need to add content such as blogs, links, ezine articles, etc.<br />It takes time…Rome wasn’t built in a day, your online customer base won’t be either<br />And remember, the prettiest site is not always the best…some things that people include purely for aesthetics actually deter viewers.<br />
  • 67. The Critical Elements of the Equation Myetus – Marketing Products<br />Search Engine Submission<br />Landing Page Testing<br />Email Marketing<br />On-line Ad Submission<br />PPC Advertising<br />Blog & Forum Establishment and Tracking<br />Press Releases<br />Printed Ad & Flyer Design<br />Mass Mailing & Target Mailing Programs<br />
  • 68. So, What is the Investment?<br /><ul><li>A Partnership with Myetus provides value and return over the short and long term
  • 69. We work with you to provide the optimal presence and marketing plan for your establishment
  • 70. We establish an on-going program of support and services to assure visibility and optimization
  • 71. We provide monthly analytics that measure the complete effectiveness of your investment and our recommendations, and highlights areas for improvement and concentration to maximize your ROI
  • 72. We continually provide consultative recommendations to improve the positioning of your Restaurant in your local competitive environment.
  • 73. The most expensive thing in a restaurant is an empty table.</li></li></ul><li>A Real Restaurant Case Study<br />The Reservation Book Inaccuracies<br />Chaos, Confusion, Guest Dissatisfaction<br />Staff Assignment & Seating Configurations<br />Implementation – WEB & Internet Based<br />Reservations Immediately Posted & Confirmed<br />WebBook for Walk-in placement<br />Alignment of Table & Staff Resources<br />Maximized Guest Experience & Return<br />
  • 74. How can Myetus technology help you achieve your business goals?<br /><ul><li>Increased efficiency and effectiveness of your staff
  • 75. Better way to control your inventory, portions and manage your waste
  • 76. Ease of use provides better environment for your staff
  • 77. Happy staff members will work harder to provide high guest satisfaction
  • 78. High Guest Satisfaction will show in higher revenue for you
  • 79. Implementation of Frequent Dining Rewards Programs Attract Loyal Customers
  • 80. Positive effect on your bottom line from Dining and Staff management Programs</li></li></ul><li>THANK YOU<br /> THE POWER OF MYETUS<br /><br />888-9-MYETUS<br />