In Focus Class Project


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A reserach one by a KSU communication student about Environment and Social Media.

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In Focus Class Project

  1. 1. Social Media• An open-ended platform that allows individualswith similar interests connect with one anotherthrough to different networks.• Numerous types of social media networks;– social networks like Facebook– media sharing like YouTube– visual story telling networks like Pinterest– Blogs and so on.
  2. 2. Environmental PR• Communicates organizations corporate socialresponsibility or environmentallyfriendly practices.• Manages tough environmental conflicts.• Formulates guidelines on environmentalawareness campaigns for different target groups.• Tries to change behaviors and encourageparticipation on environmental protection whiletrying to improve the organizations reputation .
  3. 3. GREENPEACE• Takes the audacious, activist, committed,aggressive approach in their public relations.• Used a strong and traumatic YouTubeadvertisement on social media for the campaignagainst Nestlé . The palm oil companies they usedtrashed Indonesian rainforests, threatened thelivelihoods of local people and pushedorangutans towards extinction.• The tremendous affect on social media causedthe success and Nestlé cut its ties with palm oilusing companies.
  4. 4. Sierra Club• Promotes information service and disseminationof information to the public.• Coordinates with the government and privatesector on public relations campaigns anddissemination of information and data onenvironmental conservations.• Uses social media as a space where users can talkabout innovations and how they are used tofurther campaign goals.
  5. 5. EPA• The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wascreated for protecting human health and theenvironment by writing and enforcing regulationsbased on laws passed by Congress.• Uses social media technologies and to shareinformation in order to increase the potential foreveryone to gain a better understanding ofenvironmental conditions and solutions.• They do not endorse any particularsocial media site or technique.
  6. 6. Edelman PR• A leading independent global PR firm founded in1952 by Dan Edelman, is one of the first one tostart environmental PR.• Works with different industries ;technology, non-profit, healthcare and so on.• Ranked as the top PR Firm and won the GlobalCampaign of the year for transforming the brandglobally .• Starbucks Campaign was named as the globalmonth of service with storytelling.
  7. 7. Edelman & Starbucks & Social Media• An Earth Month was created to underlineStarbucks’ commitment to environmentalresponsibility and the customer experience.• Social media networks enabled Edelman to;– reach the target audience– receive a successful positive activity and immediateresponses– allowed the team to stay in contact during and afterthe campaign with the targeted audiences.• The brand favorability rise of 40 percent amongconsumers and 87 percent among partners.
  8. 8. Environment and Social MediaSocial Media is a great tool for Environmental PRbecause;• Social media = Quality+Reach+Frequency+Usability+Immediacy +Continuity.• The immediacy will increase interactivity andengagement.• The constant information flow will take themessages to different audiences.• It is a cheaper source for promoting and interactingdirectly with the audience.