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My presentation at 2012 Dreamforce in San Francisco

Patients and clinicians are more active than ever in Social Media. How are you listening and engaging? Join us to learn how innovative healthcare companies are leveraging the meteoric growth in social media channels to build community, educate, and inspire wellness for their stakeholders.

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  • Tim’s background:In my role at WellPoint I do a lot of work in Social media, Health IT, Payment Reform (ACOs)I teach and do research at Columbia Univ. on behavioral economics and health
  • Question: How many of you would like to interact with your health plan over social media (customer service, health coaching)In terms of social media started in 2009START ANIMATIONOur primary goals in social are to service our customers and promote health & wellnessTwitter: Customer service via @anthemhealth and wellness at @HealthJoinin ~29K followers; PR directors use Twitter as does Public Affairsfacebook: Customer service WellnessHealth Join In and Healthy Chat ~150KYouTube: Wellness Health Join In ~4M viewsLinked in is an HR pilot building relationships with future employeesWe use the Radian6 and are evaluating Social HubWe have a pilot running on Pinterestthrough programs such as the 5 day boost (user generated wellness contest to elicit best fitness tips from community members) and the Social Summer Games (launched during the Olympics; allowed consumers to “medal” based on taking health quizzes)
  • How WLP got into Social 2009:START ANIMATIONDoing nothing could mean disintermediation, we could be locked out of the conversationSTART ANIMATIONWhy being active in social is critical for WLP?:Our mission is wellness and the health of our members, social clinically proven wellness toolSocial is a huge component of health purchasing decisions. 2014 health exchanges will propel health further into retailOur business is prone to crisis (people understandably, get emotional about their health), we can avoid crisis by investing is social, gaining credibility and interacting authentically with our members
  • Our approach; Develop a strategy to scale with the enormous conversation surrounding our brand (Social CRM Framework)BEGIN ANIMATIONConversations are the new unit of currency – This is how we nurture them….Great Storytelling We tell stories about your brand that are contagious Link our media together and make stories immersive, engaging and hopefully viralRelationshipsWe are the catalyst to:Introduce customers to each otherOur employees to our customersOur vendors to each otherBrand AmbassadorsTo scale in social we need to bring the hole company with usThey might not all be “on message” but they are on your side (today’s consumers don’t demand perfection)Give them access to the storytelling toolsThe R6 social hub is a very effective way of coordinating and amplifying the impact of these activitiesThe social ecosystem we create will be indispensible to the companyThe following use cases demonstrate our solution framework in action
  • WellnessPhase 1:InteractivityCreateda gallery of community members’ favorite workoutsWe are facilitating the conversationPhase 2It’s the content people wantExecution matters tooSuccess:Over 2MM impressions generated; 2k fan comments; 500 video submissionsAudience Participation went up 1,000% (.5 to 14%) in one month (It’s not just about follows and likes)Tripled our facebook followers 50K – 150k April to JulyGet as many people as we can on the path to wellness
  • Most people don’t tend to think of the web as a database but it is, and it’s latency and depth are its greatest values. Radian 6 can help you mine these data for critical customer insights e.g., how people respond to wellness, healthy lifestyles, etc.BEGIN ANIMATIONNot surprisingly, people who displayed a negative sentiment towards wellness found time was an issue towards attaining a healthy lifestyleWhat can we do with this information?Create products that somehow address the concept of available time to be healthy?Unlike a survey, we can talk to these people! How cool is that! (Footprint?)These people where the majority of our medical costs are coming fromWe can dig down deeper into their profiles using R6
  • Looking at the differences in sentiment within people who discuss health & wellnessRadian 6 allows for a detailed analysis of specific populations by their social characteristicsPeople who expressed negative sentiments followed more people, posted less and had 25% fewer followersThis is significant because it speaks to the social nature of wellness and gives hints on how to improve this critical group’s wellness experience
  • We can now use the social database to generate sales leads the same way (if not better) than traditional CRMConsumers will ask each other for recommendations for purchase of goods and servicesSometimes they will even reference you directlyBrands without a significant footprint in social will be locked out of these conversationsThey will not have the credibility to sell
  • The beauty of social media is its transparency, spin or insincerity does not workTook us 4 years to build trust and critical massUsing R6 for customer insight allows us to gather meaningful data at “social speed”The challenge ahead is to scale as health becomes a retail business and our direct consumer touch points grow. The social hub is a great tool to help organizations meet this challenge
  • Big Health Goes Social

    1. 1. Big Health “Goes Social”Lessons from WellPoint’s four year social journeyTim Gilchrist, WellPoint, Director
    2. 2. Tim GilchristDirector eBusiness@timgilchrist
    3. 3. All about WellPoint •WellPoint is one of the nation’s largest health benefits companies, with nearly 34 million members in its affiliated health plans and approximately 65 million individuals served through its subsidiaries. • Radian6 customer since 2010 ~29K ~150K ~4M In Pilot
    4. 4. Problem There is a conversation going onabout our brand we can not control •Wellness is a social activity •Healthcare increasingly retail •Crisis happens
    5. 5. Solution Relationships Great One to One Storytelling One to many Many to Many Brand Ambassadors
    6. 6. USE Cases
    7. 7. Launched 5 Day Boost in Spring 2012Asked our audience to submit videos of themselves performing their favorite exercises,participate in our community’s conversations, and provide encouragement to others. Phase 1 Phase 2 Success • Engaged our community • Showcased the•Call to action •Content! membership benefit of Anthem Blue Cross Blue•Dani asks people to •FB page released a Shield Health Coaches send in videos of new video every day themselves performing of the week for 3 • 2M+ impressions their favorite exercises weeks • 2K fan comments • 500 video submissions 7
    8. 8. Avoiding Crisis / Building Relationships “Mind you, we paid $800 up front, pharmacy had no prob taking, but #Anthem, it seems put their foot down & demanded full payment. rationing?” “But back to WellPoint for a moment. The woman who called was incredibly kind. She said that she was following-up to make sure the Synagis was shipped.. She went on to say …she and her colleagues at WellPoint, along with her colleagues at Anthem were cheering Luna on. I was touched. Really. I almost burst out into tears.”
    9. 9. New Product Development Negative Sentiments Towards Wellness (topics related to time)
    10. 10. New Product Development FOLLOWING FOLLOWERS UPDATES Positive 297.4 794.1 3270.8 Sentiment Negative 339.5 595.5 2817.5 Sentiment 13% 25% 14% *Source – 2,000 hand-screened Tweets relating to health & wellness during Jan-Feb 2010
    11. 11. Listening For Dollars River of News“@thejessicadrake: Hey guys? Do you havehealth insurance that youre happy with?Whos your provider? I may be switching...”-anthem
    12. 12. Summary •Our total commitment pays dividends •We can learn more about our customers by listening / Radian6 •Next challenge is to master content and empower employee / ambassadors (Social Hub) •Open consumer sales channel to social #RealHealth