2010/10 - Database Architechs Consulting Services Summary


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Database Architechs is a database-focused consulting firm employing the world's databases' top experts and providing a wide variety of database and data services.

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2010/10 - Database Architechs Consulting Services Summary

  1. 1. DATAbase ArchiTECHS Consulting Services Summary Database Architechs, has been operating in the United States since 1991 and in Europe (Paris, France) since 1998, offering unrivaled database design, data modeling, data architecture, business intelligence, distributed data/replication, performance & tuning, high availability, data security, and master data management consulting to its global client base. This core data expertise consists of some of the world’s top database experts and our clients have included Intel, Cisco, Apple Computers, Wells Fargo, PG&E, Visa International, Charles Schwab, Toshiba, Sony, and many other global 5000 organizations. “Data by Design” is our mantra and this drives each project - from early data requirements all the way through optimized database designs and implementations. Our database engine coverage includes Sybase Adaptive Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, and Postgres to name a few. Our database services also include several outstanding Database and SQL courses, and a graphical Performance and Tuning database product called SQL Shot for Sybase, SQL Server and Oracle DBMS platforms. We are the authors of Sybase’s performance and tuning and physical database design methodologies (and courseware) and some of our expert data professionals are noted authors of bestselling books such as ‘SQL Server 2000 Unleashed’, ‘SQL Server 2005 Unleashed’, ‘SQL Server 2008 R2 Unleashed’, ‘Sybase SQL Server 11 Unleashed’, ‘SQL Server High Availability’, ‘Cryptography in the Database’ and ‘ADO.Net in 24 Hours’. Database Architechs is based in the Pacific Northwest with offices in California and Oregon and serves most of Europe from Paris, France. www.dbarchitechs.com
  2. 2. Database courses & training Moreover, we have authored database courses for the benefit of the database companies themselves, including the following: Sybase’s “Performance & Tuning Methodology”, Sybase’s “Physical Database Design”, and Dr. Peter Chen’s “Entity/Relationship Modeling and DB Design”, to name a few. Frequent Speakers at Events Our consultants frequently appear at major database-related events around the world, such as ‘SQL Server User Groups’, ‘Sybase User Group’, ‘Informatica World Our technical teams possess a deep Conference’, ‘Data Administration User understanding of current and emerging Group’, ‘MS TechEd,’ and many others. technology issues and have proven their High Availability & Continuous ability to provide a cost-effective and timely delivery while maintaining the Operation highest quality standards of the industry. Database Architechs is showcasing its expanding high-availability service Database Architechs continually proves its capability by offering short (mini) high- ability to deliver outstanding results to its availability assessment projects and full customers, in the following areas: (complex) high-availability implementation Database Architecture projects to move your critical operations to new levels of continuous operation. Five- Data Architecture/Database Design 9’s are frequently attained in different Data Analysis/Data Modeling configurations. Our expertise allows us to build very efficient high-availability Database & SQL Performance and Tuning architectures using technologies such as Distributed Data, Data Replication, and Clustering, Virtual Servers, Data Database Mirroring Replication, Database Mirroring, and Data Integration & Transformation Database Snapshots. Data warehousing & Business Intelligence Database Security and Database High Availability Encryption Database Architechs also offers a wide Master Data Management variety of services related to the security Metadata Management of information. We often work in other areas as well; it is impossible to secure Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity the core if the perimeter is poorly defined. Database Security, Cryptography and Our analysis generally starts with the Compliance information you want to secure before Database administration moving on to the review of all security and control issues that exist at each level of Database Consolidation your infrastructure. We pride ourselves for Enterprise Application Integration having a practical, results-oriented approach to threats and risks. Data Services/Business Services – SOA Project Management Education and Training www.dbarchitechs.com
  3. 3. Performance & Tuning Performance & Tuning Tools Database Architechs is proud to have in We have also had its team some of the world’s best experts the privilege of in database performance and tuning, and developing our own performance engineering. This includes set of graphic Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive performance and tuning tools. SQL Shot Server, Oracle, and DB2. As part of any exists for Sybase, for Oracle, and, P&T engagement, we use a detailed recently, for Microsoft SQL Server as performance and tuning methodology that well. has been developed over many years to offer predefined deliverables that These tools are extremely helpful tool for maximize the end-result of our customers. isolating and resolving the most difficult Typically, our results include an performance and blocking and/or locking improvement in database throughput issues. ranging from 100% to 750% as well as a massive reduction in response times. All of our P&T experts are certified in at least one database platform. Database Architechs frequently works hand-in-hand with the key leaders of such powerful technologies as SSD/RAM disks providers to accelerate database engine performance far beyond what is usually feasible. These partnerships often include undertaking extensive benchmarking with This Performance and Tuning Tool will be installed and a variety of different database topologies. used during the assessment. At the engagement’s end, For more information on our recent we can either uninstall it, if you wish or keep it installed to benchmarking results, please review the let you continue to evaluate it. white papers that Database Architechs has made available. A Free SQL Shot for Microsoft SQL Server evaluation copy is included in “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Unleashed’ best-selling book from SAMS. www.dbarchitechs.com
  4. 4. We make your company’s initiatives a success as we know how Project Management Organizations (PMO’s) and Project Management methodology work. All of our project managers are PMI- certified. Current and Past Customers: Apple Computers, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Cisco Systems, CSAA, Federal Express, Honda Motors, Intel Corporation, Merrill Lynch, Data Architecture & Database Nissan Motors, Design Pacific Gas & Electric, Database Architechs is lucky enough to Robert Half, use the services of highly skilled people Safeway, that have designed and delivered world- Silicon Graphics (SGI), class database systems to numerous Sony Corporation, Fortune 500 companies around the world. Sybase, Their expertise covers such systems as Symantec Corporation, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Toshiba Computers, Server, Oracle, DB2, and PostgreSQL. Veritas, We have designed and deployed all kinds Visa International, of systems, from OLTP databases to Vivendi, Decision support systems (Data Wells Fargo, warehouse, Business Intelligence and Many other companies around the OLAP cube technologies). world. Our intervention quite often involves using advanced techniques such as data replication, clustering, and database mirroring. Project Management Database Architechs has proven its ability to optimize projects and to deliver programs and results that exceed customers’ expectations. We bridge the gap between business needs and technology capabilities. We are also known for being able to build excellent relationships at all levels of a company, from the CEO to the staff. DATAbase ArchiTECHS – “Data Architecture for the Future” contact@dbarchitechs.com www.dbarchitechs.com