2010/08 - Database Architechs Physical Database Design Assessment


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Physical Database Design 2-day assessment

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2010/08 - Database Architechs Physical Database Design Assessment

  1. 1. 4733925-49530DATAbase ArchiTECHS  <br />Physical Database Design <br />Assessment<br />Database Architechs employs some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of database performance and tuning, and High-Availability (HA). They have thoroughly mastered the technical platforms used by Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Server, Oracle, and DB2. <br />Data Architecture & Database Design<br />Database Architechs is lucky enough to use the services of highly skilled people that have designed and delivered world-class database systems to numerous Fortune 500 companies around the world. Their expertise covers such systems as Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Server, Oracle, DB2, and Postgres. <br />We have designed and deployed all kinds of systems, from OLTP databases to Decision support systems (Data warehouse, Business Intelligence and OLAP cube technologies). Our intervention quite often involves using advanced techniques such as data replication, clustering, and database mirroring.<br />Database Architechs provides a quick (4-day) Physical Database Design assessment to help you achieve a scalable, high-performing database design that is tailored to your unique business needs.<br />This 4-day engagement consists of:<br />A high-level discovery and gathering of target physical databases that you want to re-evaluate and/or re-engineer.<br />A high-level discovery of primary data access and service level agreements that are needed from the physical DB layer.<br />An identification of the major database-related concerns/areas to address.<br />Deliverables: <br />The discovery of the high-level Physical database design is documented.<br />The areas of concern and/or enhancement of the high-level Physical database design are identified.<br />The areas of concern and/or enhancement of the high-level Physical database design are identified.<br />The database courses that we have authored for the benefit of the database companies themselves include the following: Sybase’s “Performance & Tuning Methodology”, Sybase’s “Physical Database Design”, and Dr. Peter Chen’s “Entity/Relationship Modeling and DB Design”, to name a few. <br />Database Architechs has some of the leading experts in the world in database performance and tuning and High-Availability (HA). This covers technical platforms around Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Server, Oracle and DB2. <br />DATAbase ArchiTECHS – “Data Architecture for the Future”<br />contact@dbarchitechs.com<br />Database Architechs has been operating in the United States for seventeen years and in Paris, France for ten years, offering unrivaled database consulting to its customers.<br />Our area of expertise is primarily focused on the following activities: database design, data architecture, distributed data/replication, performance and tuning, database security, and high availability. <br />We are proud to have some of the world’s best database experts as part of our team. Among them are Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and PostgreSQL, among others. <br />Moreover, we have been able to develop several outstanding Database and SQL courses that combine live customer implementations with the precision acquired from years of course- development experience.<br />Our technical teams possess a deep understanding of current and emerging technology issues and have proven their ability to provide a cost-effective and timely delivery while maintaining the highest quality standards of the industry. <br />Database Architechs continually proves its ability to deliver outstanding results to its customers, in the following areas:<br />High Availability/Continuous Operation<br />Performance & Tuning<br />Data Architectures/Database Design<br />Distributed Data, Data Replication and Database Mirroring<br />Business Intelligence/Data warehousing<br />Data Integration/Enterprise Application Integration<br />Database Security and Cryptography<br />Data Services/Business Services – SOA<br />Data Analysis/Data Modeling<br />Master Data Management – Customer, Product, other key data categories<br />Project Management<br />Education and Training<br />DATAbase ArchiTECHS<br />“Data Architecture for the Future”<br />contact@dbarchitechs.com<br />Our consulting pool employs some of the world’s top database experts, some of whom are acclaimed database and SQL Server authors. This includes bestselling books such as ‘SQL Server 2000 Unleashed’, ‘SQL Server 2005 Unleashed’, ‘Sybase SQL Server 11 Unleashed’, ‘SQL Server High Availability’, and now, the release of “SQL Server 2008 R2 Unleashed”.<br /> <br />Current and Past Customers:<br />Intel Corporation <br />Cisco Systems<br />Charles Schwab<br />Aplia<br />AGIS<br />Veritas<br />Symantec Corporation<br />Merrill Lynch<br />Wells Fargo<br />Apple Computers<br />Pacific Gas & Electric<br />France Telecom<br />Toshiba<br />Sony Corporation<br />Many other companies around the world<br />