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MVP - Music Video Parties



Created Company and then internet-based marketing plan

Created Company and then internet-based marketing plan



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  • Immediate impact in Social Media Sphere with accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Viddy, etc. Create positive press about ourselves from Boston Globe within one month of initiation of Plan.Become the number one music video provider in the New England area within 3 years.Appear above the fold on the organic search results page of Google within 6 months of the grand opening.Retention rate of 50% after year one
  • 4x as many people click like when asked to do so

MVP - Music Video Parties MVP - Music Video Parties Presentation Transcript

  • Music Video Parties M. V. P.Music Video Professionals
  • * Who Are We? What’s An MVP? Objectives Competitors Win An MVP E-marketing Strategies Budget Timeline M. V. P
  • We are a group of 5 Energetic andMotivated Workers Who Are The MVP’s of Partying M. V. P
  • * Established in 2009 * Started Shooting Amateur Artist’s Music Videos * Turned Focus to Music Video Parties in 2012 * Based out of Worcester, Massachusetts M. V. P
  • * •Stage to Perform On•5 Skilled •3 DVD CopiesProfessionals of Each Video •300,000+ songs M. V. P
  • *• Men And Women • State of Massachusetts• Aged 24 – 44• Steady Source of Income M. V. P
  • * Whatever the Occasion Our Team Will Come Dressed To Party M. V. P
  • * 1 Hour Session: $300 - Includes 5 separate costume selections * 2 Hours Session: $500 - Includes 10 separate costume selections * 6 Hours Session: $1200 - Includes 30+ costume selections with makeup artist All sessions include a DVD copy of the Music Video All DVD’s come pre-edited ready to watch M. V. P
  • M. V. P
  • 1. Increase Brand Awareness through Social Media2. Convert Online Awareness to Parties3. Become top Music Video provider in Massachusetts M. V. P
  • * * Strengths: * Facebook and YouTube * Diverse Product Line * Photo Gallery * Weaknesses * Lack of social media * No Sweepstakes * No Pricing * No Expertise in MVP* M. V. P
  • * Phenomenon Events and Productions * Strengths * Facebook, Twitter, Blog * Package Deals/Diverse Product Line * Offer of Free Party to College/High School * Weaknesses * Location – Lawrence, MA * Lack of specialization * Younger Target Audience* M. V. P
  • Put Your Hats On And Party!
  • * 15 second submission videos are placed on Viddy * Must follow on Viddy * Topic changes each month – Impression of Celebrity, Best Snowman, Best Sports Trick Shot * Final 10 are posted on Website * Must provide email, name, address before submission* End of every month most voted on submission video receives free Music Video Party * Voters must subscribe to website to vote M. V. P
  • M. V. P
  • *Social Media * Facebook * Twitter*Email Marketing M. V. P
  • ** Facebook * 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up Website Number of MA Minutes Average Users Spent/Month Number of Followers Facebook 3.7 Million 405 Minutes 130 7 hours Twitter 1.3 Million 21 Minutes 27 2011/ M. V. P
  • Jumpstart Awareness of MVP in Cyberspace usingFacebook and Twitter Post Past Month’s MVP winner’s submission video and MVP Views and Likes = Subscriptions Advertise to New England Residents in Ad Space Units using the CPC basis (Avg. $.80 per click) 350 click-throughs per month. Conversion Rate of 3% Friend all past and future clients with MVP account Acquire 200 NEW friends/followers per month M. V. P
  • Ages 24 – 44: Men: 40% Female: 36% M. V. P
  • * Create Account and promote MVP* Obtain 30 Followers per month* Promoted Tweet Daily in search results Target Music Video Party seekers in Massachusetts Area* Conversion Rate of people who book MVP – 20% M. V. P
  • M. V. P
  • * Extremely Cost Effective* Highly Targeted* Completely Customizable * Information displayed in “F” Shape* Easily Measurable * Open Rate * Click-through Rate and conversions * Number of bounces Purchase Email list- MA Cost $300 600,000+ Total Records M. V. P
  • M. V. P
  • * 50% Open Rate* 5% Conversion Rate* 50% Open Rate* 25% Click-through Rate* Chance to double opt-in Statistics * Average Open Rate In US * 20% * Average Click Through Rate In US * 5.4% M. V. P
  • Sign up for a Party Receive Consultation, and packet regarding party select package informationStep 1 Step 2 Step 3 Determine date and Time to time of Video Party Party! Step 4 Step 5 M. V. P
  • *Campaign Expenses CostFacebook: $.80 x 350/month =Average Cost per Click $280/month $1,120 over 4 monthsTwitter: $1.25 x 30 = 37.50/monthAverage Cost per $150 over 4 monthsEngagementDirect Email List One Time Payment $300Total Per Month: $317.50 4 Months: $1,570 M. V. P
  • *Month December January February March 2012 2013 2013 2013Event • Sweepstakes • 1st Month • Solidify • Judge Overall Start MVP Customer Effectiveness of • Campaign • Implement Email Campaign Start Twitter Database • 3rd Month MVP • Purchase Campaign • 2nd Month Email MVP Database M. V. P
  • Let’s Party! M. V. P