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Speak asia

  1. 1. Speak Asia was started by Ms. Haren Kaur in the year 2006 in Singapore, & thenexpanded to Indonesia & MalaysiaIn April 2010 Speak Asia was launched in India.In 2011 Speak Asia was launched in BangladeshShortly it will be launched in Philippines & China.
  2. 2. Speak Asia is a Market Research & Survey CompanyAn organization spends millions in designing, manufacturing & marketing a productand to succeed they require huge sales & proper marketing techniques, for whichthey have to know the wants & requirements of the consumers & thereforeconsumers opinion is required. At times after a product is launched they seek thefeedback from consumers/users which help them to improve the launched products.NGO’S & Government’s too require feed backs to know their progress in thecountry eg. Census for population, exit polls at the time of elections etc.Advertisement Company also requires to know whether their advertisements areaccepted, liked & understood by the viewers, and how many of the public areviewing them.All the above companies spends millions to know the answers from the public whereone is asked a set of questions and the answers collectively helps them to take thebest possible decisions and have a successful organizations. These Questions andanswer given by the public are known as Surveys’Today the survey industry is a Rs.10000 Cr. Industry & is poised to grow toRs.40000 Cr.
  3. 3. The above companies employees a Survey company that conducts surveys throughthe staffs employed by them.These staff unable to complete the targets given due to their incompetence & nonco-operation of public as they do not gain, would pick up a telephone directory, fillthe names, contact nos. & surveys themselves there by giving wrong surveys to theorganizations thereby leading to wrong judgment & decisions resulting in a hugeloss to these organizations. Here enters A on line survey company that pays you for your opinion
  4. 4. Your Success ratio with is 100%This is not a scheme where you invest money to do nothing – Banks or CompaniesFixed Deposits, (at times companies disappear)Nor a product based company where you earn only if products sold.Yes! A work based company paid for your right & honest opinion.Your Investment to Participate:Rs.1000/- life time joining fee.Rs.10000/- yearly for E-Bulletin that will educate you on the survey that you aregoing to give your opinion on.
  5. 5. Your Income:1. Survey income: 2 Surveys every week. You are paid @ Rs.500/- per survey = Rs.1000/- per wk. into 4 weeks/1 month you earn Rs.4000/- (your investment of Rs.11000/- is recovered in 3 months) You can have upto 3 id’s on one mobile no.& email address (opinion giving persons have to be different) and upto 9 sub panels (@ Rs.10000/- per sub panels on each id) and you receive 2 surveys for every additional panels and earn upto Rs.132000/- per month.2. Referral Income. You are paid Rs.1000/- for every referral or a person joining through you plus Rs.75/- for every survey completed by your referral person.
  6. 6. 3. Binary Income: (Team Bonus 1.) Rs.1000/- for every pair, capping at Rs.20000/- per day.4. Table Binary (Team Bonus 2.) One can earn upto Rs.256000/- per day, on a single id, when your pair panelists adds subpanels on their id, depending the nos. of sub panels added in your left & right group. Hence one can earn more than Rs.7 lac per day if you have your own 3 id’s.Coming shortly:Income on viewing advertisementsSpecial discounts on most branded products for Speak Asia Panelists.And many more.