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Health & Fitness Week 2010
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Health & Fitness Week 2010



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  • 1. ISB’s Health & Fitness Week
    Sept. 13-16, 2010
  • 2. Healthy Planet: Healthy People
    What’s the link? (take a minute to discuss)
  • 3. Exercise
    Walking and biking are great for your body and reducing the carbon
    costs of motorized
    forms of transport.
  • 4. Hygiene
    We need water to:
    wash our hands
    brush our teeth
    wash clothes & dishes
    Do you turn it off?
    What are some ways to conserve water?
  • 5. Hygiene
    We want a clean house and school
    But are your cleaning products toxic to you and the planet?
  • 6. Sleep
    When we get a good night’s sleep we learn better, feel better and give our bodies the chance to grow.
    Research shows that adolescents need 8.5 – 9.5 hours of sleep/ night! Do you get this much?
    To help us to fall asleep, we need to turn off the TV, computer, phone, etc. at least 30 minutes before we go to bed.
  • 7. Food
    Lower carbon costs
    Reduce packaging, waste
    Reduce Red Meat – to lower heart disease, cancer
    Reduce chemical runoff
    Eat fresh, unprocessed food, to feed your brain, reduce obesity and other illness
    Eat organic food to reduce your risk of cancer and other illnesses
  • 8. True or False
    Transportation has a higher
    environmental impact than meat?
  • 9. False
    According to U.N. report
    (29 November, 2006)
    18% of Greenhouse gases comes from meat
    13% comes from all the world’s transportation
    Changing what’s on your plate can make the biggest difference
  • 10.
  • 11. Could your diet affect…your health? the planet?
    Ready to do something about it?
  • 12. Coming to ISB, Sept. 13, 2010
    Do your part for the planet and go
    Meatless on Monday!
    Find out more at www.meatlessmonday.com
  • 13. Take a pledge to go Meatless on Monday’s
  • 14. True or False
    When I eat a burger I could be contributing to the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest?
  • 15. TRUE!!
    Environmental Impact:
    • habitat loss
    • 16. animals are displaced
    • 17. ecosystem breakdown
    • 18. soy and beef travel around the world
    • 19. enormous water use during production
    • 20. cows produce methane
    • 21. pollution from manure
    • 22. waterways damaged
    And you thought it was just a simple burger.
  • 23. Why Meatless? Because…
  • 24. Not all food is equal
    Compare the difference of CO2 produced from each item
  • 25. Why Meatless? Because…
    Clean water is a scarce resource.Should we be using it on cows?
  • 26. Forget about the environment.
    I like my meat and I need it to be healthy!!
  • 27. WRONG!
    Eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables can
    Fight diabetes
    Curb obesity
    Help you live longer
    Reduce risk of heart disease and cancer
  • 28. TRUE or FALSE
    If I don’t eat meat I will not get enough proteins.
  • 29. This is a common misconception about eating less meat.
    We actually eat much more meat than recommended.
    According to USDA, in USA, men consume up to 190%of their daily recommended allowance of protein and women 160%
  • 30. You can also get proteins from many other food sources such as
    beans lentils grains nuts fruits vegetables
  • 31. Veggies don’t have to be boring
  • 32. When are fruits and vegetables NOT good for you?
    When it is sprayed with poisonous chemicals.
    A lot of our food is sprayed with pesticides to kill bugs. This chemical is also VERY dangerous to us.
    Some foods you can clean to get the chemical off, others you can’t (e.g. strawberries, spinach…).
    Eating organic food is the best way to protect your health and your environment.
  • 33. Take a pledge to go Meatless on Monday’s
  • 34. ISB’s Health & Fitness Week 2010
    Sept 13 – 16
    Schedule of events
  • 35. Monday
    Morning Walking Bus
    (for those near ISB)
    Meatless Monday
  • 36. Tuesday
    Health Checks
    by Samitivej Hospital
    9:30 – 3:00 in HS Cafeteria
    Japanese Morning Radio Exercises
    In front of ISB @ 7:05
    by Mr. Udagawa
  • 37. Wednesdays
    Burn Calories; Not Oil
    Ride your bike to school
    Can we get 500 bikes in at ISB?
  • 38. Thursday – Health & Sustainability Fair
    Fitness vendors
    Martial arts (Karate, Ju-jitsu, Muay Thai…)
    Mind & Body (Yoga, Dance…)
    Bumrungrad Hospital
    ES Health Sessions
    Healthy snacks
    Informative displays
    And more
  • 39. Discussion questions
    What do YOU do to keep healthy?
    What is the connection between healthy people and a healthy planet? How does one affect the other?
    ISB wants to be a “healthy school” and a “greener school”. What are some things ISB should do to reach its goal?
    What can you do to help?
  • 40. Please show if you have time.
    Food Inc
    Food Matters
    Meatless Monday
    Full details on Green Panther blog
    Healthy Planet, Healthy People.