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student information

student information

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  • 1. Student Teaching and Methods PracticumProfessional Teaching Series August 3rd, 2011
  • 2. Pre-field Pre-field Who Primarily Experience Experience Does PotPouri 6750/6755Requirements Procedures What? 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point ? Point 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points ? Point 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points ? Point 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points ? Point 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points Gazillion Point
  • 3. Praxis I and Praxis II
  • 4. According to WDPI whatcertification tests must bepassed prior to receiving a state teaching license?
  • 5. Fingerprints,Background Check TB Test
  • 6. What things must beaccomplished prior to enrolling in a field experience class?
  • 7. A successful placement is more likely when you contact this person Early and Often
  • 8. What is aCooperating Teacher?
  • 9. Being:Prepared On-time Dependable Are examples of this . . .
  • 10. What are some characteristics of theprofessional educator?
  • 11. The Illinois Basic Skills Test
  • 12. What test satisfies elem.content testing for bothIllinois and Wisconsin?
  • 13. 5755 - During the school day whenstudents are present
  • 14. What hours may becounted to fulfill theminimum 50 required hours
  • 15. The purpose of this course is to begin teaching using incremental steps, i.e. one-to-one, small groups, larger groups, whole class
  • 16. What is the methods practicum 5755?
  • 17. In this field experiencecourse, the student teachertakes the role of the person in charge of the classroom
  • 18. What is 6755/6750?
  • 19. Examples include: For Men: Collared shirts &appropriately fitting slacks with belt For Women: Appropriately fitting dresses, dress slacks, tops which cover shoulders, midriff, cleavage
  • 20. What is consideredprofessional dress foreveryday of the field experience?
  • 21. Examples include:student information is confidentialParticipation in additional classroomand school community functions, i.e.faculty meetings, conferences, clubs,student activities
  • 22. What are some elements ofprofessional conduct?
  • 23. This person ensures that all docs and evals. arecompleted and available for the univ. spvr.
  • 24. Who isthe student teacher?
  • 25. An administrator whoshould be invited into the student teacher’s classroom
  • 26. Who isthe building principal?
  • 27. This person collaborates at an initial meeting, conducts observations, and providesinformal and formal feedback and written evaluations
  • 28. Who isThe university supervisor?
  • 29. This person has appropriateclassroom experience, academicdegree, and willingness to share teaching knowledge
  • 30. Who isThe cooperating teacher?
  • 31. This person may co-observe with the univ. spvr. andfacilitates student teaching placements
  • 32. Who isThe university representative for student teaching placements?
  • 33. Due to time demands of the67506755 course students maynot register for additional . . .
  • 34. What are academic courses?
  • 35. Sometimes seen as peripheral,these sessions include important information for students in 6750/6755, and are a required course component
  • 36. What are“Professional Teaching Series” Seminars?
  • 37. Be open to ideasDo not go overboard inattempts to get the students tolike youDemonstrate pride in theteaching profession
  • 38. What are someteaching guidelines?
  • 39. •An incident that jeopardizes the health,safety or well-being of a district employee, student, or other person •When performance negatively impacts teaching/learning process
  • 40. What are reasons forwhich a student teacher may be removed from student teaching?
  • 41. Creates an environment conducive tolearningUses alternative explanations or tools topromote student understandingUnderstands and practices collaborationand cooperation in all relationshipsIs punctual, responsible, dependable
  • 42. What are someCharacteristics of a studentteacher in a very successful field experience?
  • 43. September 22nd
  • 44. What is the date of the next PTS?
  • 45. The Livetext Portfolio
  • 46. What is the required Key Assessment for 6750/6755?
  • 47. ActYourAge! Audio Clue
  • 48. Why do your studentssometimes act in ways that make you wonder “what were you thinking”?
  • 49. What does aninterdisciplinary math,P.E., and music lesson look like?
  • 50. •Make a student work collection •Observe a different class at the same grade level •Plan and teach a follow-up lesson •Make an educational game•Set-up work stations based on differing learning modalities
  • 51. What things can I do to strengthen my pedagogical toolbelt?
  • 52. Make your wager
  • 53. Final Answer
  • 54. Final Question