Textualy - The product in detail


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See a detailed presentation of how Textualy can assist you and your organization or group use SMS for your benefit. Also how Textualy is set to change the mobile landscape with a simple and yet powerful SMS

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  • What is the idea?
  • If you're a restaurant, a school, an MNC or even an NGO, the main issue at times is a communication gap with your customers, students, employees or volunteers. There are many ways to keep everyone updated and in the know, but things can get complicated at times.
  • Some solutions need internet access,
  • and others need high end mobile devices to work.
  • and others need high end mobile devices to work.
  • With Textualy you can use a simple text-message system to communicate with your audience through a cheap and readily accessible way,
  • With our text-based solutions, you can run a subscription-only notification system,
  • a managed list for communications with groups of people,
  • or even make your own Interactive SMS Response system!
  • It's available anywhere with a cell phone signal, and you dont need any fancy devices, hardware or software to make it work either!
  • Textualy is bringing in highly simplified services which all run through simple text messages. These systems can be used by businesses, or even for emergency broadcasts, disaster relief, health and other such areas as well. Since a simple text message is a means of communication, the mass appeal makes this a solution worth backing.
  • Textualy allows for the normal consumer to stay in touch with their favorite businesses, an employee to access information in a simple manner, or even the Government to have massive scale narrow or broadcasting. With the ability to access information from cheap cell phones, and spread information on massive scales in a cheap manner, on the country level various application set-ups could use Textualy as their means of communication.
  • For Social circles, Textualy is already the means to stay updated of events theyre interested in, utilize it as a means of dissemenating important information, and even is headed to provide potential life-saving information, such as emergency contacts and integration into the health system.
  • Textualy - The product in detail

    1. 2. What is the Idea?
    2. 12. What’s so special about Textualy ?
    3. 14. What is the social impact of Textualy and how would it change Pakistan in the long run and a city or your social circle in the short run?
    4. 15. <ul><li>Consumers stay in touch with their favorite businesses </li></ul><ul><li>Employee to access information in a simple manner </li></ul><ul><li>Even the Government to have massive narrow or broadcasting </li></ul><ul><li>Access information from cheap cell phones </li></ul>
    5. 16. Textualy is already the means to stay updated of events they’re interested in for Social Circles Means of disseminating important information. Corporates are using it for emergency notices to their employees.. With plans for a Natural Language Search System underway, Textualy will allow anyone to search for businesses, retrieve public information etc through a text message!