Credemus event, 2 march 2012. London


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The World in the Palm of Your Hands: SMS & Mobile Communications

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  • Impact: match phone numbers, also at AIC
  • Health looking person can have HIV?
  • Also health worker programmes, three-way. Medical adherence: pillboxes. TTC Platform.
  • Credemus event, 2 march 2012. London

    1. 1. Text to Change,a social mobile ventureCredemus,London March 2nd 2012 Hajo van Beijma +31 (0)20 8202058
    2. 2.  5.3 billion Mobile Phone subscriptions Globally (ITU,2010) Over 1 billion people in Africa 80% of Africans have access to mobile phones Majority of mobile phones are in emerging markets
    3. 3.  Founded in 2007 in Amsterdam Social Mobile Service & Content provider. Behaviour Change Communication. TTC develops Interactive and Incentive based mobile programs Pioneer and market leader in mHealth in Africa TTC is structured as a non for profit which holds shares in for profit spinoffs. Consultancy and Research
    4. 4. Text to Change has active programs in 6 countries(red) and upcoming programs in programs in 6(yellow) Text to Change has active 8 more countries (red) and upcoming programs in 8 more (yellow)
    5. 5. Behavior ChangeCommunication Mobilization Tomorrow is HAND WASHING DAY! Come join us to promote HAND WASHING at City Square. Campaigns: Competitions, quizzes, dance, come join the fun. -Medicine adherence -Awareness quizzes -Patient records Information -Health Management Information Systems -Closed user groups on healthcare topics -Outbreak information Wash your hands thoroughly & -Clinic location systems frequently with soap, especially -Clinic referral messages after being in crowded public places and around food.
    6. 6. Don’t guess the answers, learn the truth Target: 15.000 Airtel subscribers HIV/AIDS Quiz Interactive, confirmation/correct answer Incentives: airtime and mobile phones Increase knowledge and uptake in testing Results: 20 % response rate Uptake in HCT of +40% at AIC Built our own platform + toll free short code
    7. 7. How many children die from diarrhoea every year? 3.780,000 4.1,200,000 5.1,700,000 To reply send QUIZ <space> <answer nr> to 8181 Well done! 1,700,000 children die of Diarrhoea every year. This can easily be prevented by good hygiene. Just by washing hands with lifebouy soap and water, we can reduce diarrhoeal deaths inUsers participate in free children by an amazing 43%. Health quizzes
    8. 8. Incentives with monetary value Airtime Examples: •Airtime •Merchandise •Health products •Social incentivesBarcelona shirt Mosquito net
    9. 9. EPMTCT/ Mother Reminder program in rural Uganda Increase number of ANC visits to a minimum of 4. Increase PMTCT uptake & adherence for HIV positive pregnant women Increase number of women delivering at the health clinic Provide postnatal support; examples: info about nutrition and hygiene.
    10. 10. Data Collection
    11. 11. Behavior ChangeBehaviour ChangeCommunication Mobilization Communication Mobilization Tomorrow is HAND WASHING DAY! Come join us to WASHING Tomorrow is HAND promote HAND WASHING at Citypromote DAY! Come join us to Square. HAND WASHING at City Square. Competitions, quizzes, dance, Competitions, quizzes, dance, come join the fun. come join the fun. Information Information Wash your hands thoroughly & Wash your hands thoroughly & frequently with soap, especially frequently with soap, especially after being in crowded public places and around food. public after being in crowded places and around food.
    12. 12. TTC’s goals and Titel Healthy families, ambitions communities, children Transparency & Accountability Informed citizens who freely choose their path of development Educational promotionMarket activations Better agricultural Nutrition counseling services Tekst gaat hier, sleep het vakje zoals je het wilt hebben. Data collection
    13. 13. Combining strengths: Good Partnerships