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Presentation given by Christina Zila at WordCamp Milwaukee (#WCMKE) 2013 on content, branding and editorial calendars.

Presentation given by Christina Zila at WordCamp Milwaukee (#WCMKE) 2013 on content, branding and editorial calendars.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Kickstart YourContent EngineChristina ZilaDirector of CommunicationsTextbroker International@textbroker
  • 2. @textbrokerWhat Is Textbroker?Textbroker is a marketplace of over 100,000 U.S.based copywriters. We offer custom, originalcontent solutions that help our clients drive moretraffic to their site, increase the number of newregistrants, leads and sales.Founded in 2005.Over 100,000 U.S.-based writers.Over 40,000 clients, including Top 100 sites.Over 2 million articles written.Backed by leading venture capital firm.
  • 3. ●Audience●Attitude●Attack Plan●AchievementsFour As To Prime The Engine@textbroker
  • 4. AudienceIt’s not about you.@textbroker
  • 5. Who Is Your Audience• Check demographics, locationso JetPack, Google Analytics, Alexa• Understand motivations and needs• Look for social signals (Likes, Re-tweets)@textbroker
  • 6. JetPack: Overview@textbroker
  • 7. JetPack: Referrers@textbroker
  • 8. JetPack: Search Terms@textbroker
  • 9. JetPack: Outbound Clicks@textbroker
  • 10. Google AnalyticsTraffic Flow shows what pages users love.@textbroker
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13. Social Signals●Hashtags = common interests●Likes/favorites = alignment withaudience●Comments = engagement andnew ideas@textbroker
  • 14. AttitudeNow it’s about you.@textbroker
  • 15. Attitude@textbroker
  • 16. Attitude@textbroker
  • 17. Branding Questions•What are your advantages?•What’s your history?•How do you want to be seen?•What worked in the past?•What are competitors doing?•Company (“we”) or third-person (“the company”)perspective?@textbroker
  • 18. Branding Guidelines@textbroker
  • 19. ●Plan large or multiplecampaigns●Promote special events●Avoid writer’s block●Ensure resourceavailability●Brainstorm ideasAttack Plan: Editorial Calendars@textbroker
  • 20. Social Media Calendar@textbroker
  • 21. Parade Magazine@textbroker
  • 22. AchievementsEstablish reputation?Review an item?Raise awareness?Encourage purchasesor subscriptions?What should your content strategy achieve, andwhat role does each piece play?@textbroker
  • 23. What Writers Want●Audience Description●Brand Guidelines●Deadline●Goal of the piece●Keywords●Headline@textbroker
  • 24. Where To Get Your ContentWriting Sites+Quality =price+Quick turnaround+Simple approval process-Can’t talk to writerbeforehandFreelancers+High quality+Personal service-High price-Negotiations-No backupsBidding Sites+Pricing+Pool of talent+All-in-one-Multiple offers-Negotiations-Timelines@textbroker
  • 25. Using a Writing ServiceSet length and qualityGive your titles and your expectations• Include your audience, attitude, goals andkeywords. This sets up any author to writethe post well.Instead of choosing from apile of submissions, simplysay yes or no.@textbroker
  • 26. Conclusion• Understand as much as possible about your audience• Keep your attitude consistent• Set goals for each piece of content• Use your audience and your goals to generate keywordsand titles• Writing sites keep the process efficient and affordableLet’s make great content!@textbroker