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Four Keys to Great Content
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Four Keys to Great Content


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"Four Keys to Great Content" from SMX NY 2012 goes into audience, branding, goal-setting and keyword determination to create content marketing success.

"Four Keys to Great Content" from SMX NY 2012 goes into audience, branding, goal-setting and keyword determination to create content marketing success.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Four Keys To Great Content Phillip Thune CEO-Americas Textbroker International @textbroker
  • 2. What Is Great Content?
  • 3. Four Keys to Great Content• Audience• Attitude• Goals• Keywords
  • 4. AudienceIt’s not about you.
  • 5. AudienceWho is your audience?-Check demographics, locations (Google Analytics)-Understand motivation for visiting and buying-Look for social signals (Likes, Re-tweets)-What are their needs?
  • 6. AttitudeNow it’s about you.
  • 7. Attitude: Outdoor OutfittersREIMoosejaw
  • 8. Details for Establishing Attitude What attitude do you want? Serious, funny, happy, salesy? What’s your company history? What are your competitors doing? What makes you different from your competitors? How do you want to be seen? Company perspective (“we”) or third-person (“the company”) communications? Can communications address the reader directly?
  • 9. GoalsWhat should the piece do?• Establish as a leading source?• Review an item?• Raise awareness?• Prompt purchases or subscriptions?Are there sub-goals, likeincreasing brandawareness?
  • 10. KeywordsBase keywords off of your audience’s preferencesand your piece’s goals.Items that are written starting from the keywordcan lack focus and easily become stilted.Keywords inspire snappy, pertinent headlines.Headlines can be re-worked after the content isfinished for a stronger correlation between articleand title.
  • 11. Where To Outsource Your ContentFreelancers Bidding Sites Writing Sites+ High quality + Low prices + Set quality for set prices+ Personal attention - Long negotiations + Options to work directly- High price - Manage multiple offers + Quick turnaround- Long negotiations - Unclear timelines + Simple approval- No backups - Can’t talk to writer beforehand
  • 12. Using a Writing ServiceSet length and the general qualityGive your titles and your expectations The more information you give in your instructions, the better the author can complete the assignment. With a strong title and clear instructions, any author should be able to write the post.Instead of choosing from a pile ofsubmissions, you simply say yes or no.
  • 13. Conclusion● Understand as much as possible about your audience● Keep your attitude consistent● Set goals for each piece of content● Use your audience and your goals to generate keywords and titles● Writing sites keep the process efficient and affordable Let’s make great content!