Masters in Medical Science - MMSc


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Texila American University has developed knowledge, competency and research based customized Master of Medical Science programs in various medical specialties to augment the dearth of specialty doctors in various medical fields.

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Masters in Medical Science - MMSc

  1. 1. Texila American University
  2. 2. Master of Medical Science Program (Also termed as MMSc) isdesigned to provide additional opportunities to those individualswho would like to enhance their medical career by offering astrong, challenging medical science core curriculum.Texila American University has developed knowledge;competency and research based customized Master of MedicalScience programs in various medical specialties to augment thedearth of specialty doctors in various medical fields.What is MMSc..?What is MMSc..?
  3. 3. DemandDemandforforMMScMMScGraduatesGraduatesGlobally, the WorldHealth Organization(WHO) estimates ashortage of 4.3 millionphysicians; nurses andother health workersworldwide, especially inmany developingcountries often havephysician shortages dueto limited numbers andcapacity of medicalschools and what morefor specialty doctors.
  4. 4. Unique FeaturesStudents will complete a mentored researchproject focused on delivering health care in alow-resource setting.The projects will be directly relevant to caredelivery.Students will actively work on innovations todeliver health careThe opportunity to contribute to the quality ofhealth care at the sites where they workGives an opportunity for the doctors to upgradewithout disturbing their current practice/jobThe blended learning is very much user friendlyOnline support for the complete duration of theprogram
  5. 5. ELIGIBILITYELIGIBILITY• 1 year MMSc program:1 year MMSc program:Eligibility: For doctors who have a PostGraduate diploma in RelevantSpecialization• 1 year 4 months MMSc program:1 year 4 months MMSc program:Eligibility: For doctors who are MBBS /MBch Equivalent Qualification
  6. 6. ACADEMIC PROCESSACADEMIC PROCESSAfter enrolling in the university, student will pursue his course fromhis own place of residence and from the place where he is workingHe/she will identify a mentor, who will monitor and guide thestudents during his/her course of studyStudents will submit periodical reports to the university PGcoordination officeThe students will also review the latest research articles in hissubject and publish it in international journals. These articles will bepeer reviewed before publicationAt the end of the course student will appear in clinical theory andpractical
  7. 7. VIBRANT SPECIALISATIONSPediatric EmergencyPain ManagementTranslational MedicinePalliative CareSports & Exercise MedicineCritical CareMedical GeneticsClinical Laboratory TechniquesHealth & Family WelfareAdvanced OncologyPalliative MedicineNewborn and Infant CareEpidemiologyClinical TrialsInfectious DiseasesInternational Primary Health CareRheumatologyPsychological MedicineDiabetologyMaternal and Child HealthReproductive HealthErgonomicsFamily MedicineMaternal and Neonatal CareCosmetologyGeriatric MedicineEmergency MedicineForensic ScienceLaboratory MedicineTropical MedicinePreventive MedicineMedical EducationEndocrinologyClinical CardiologyPreventive CardiologyHIV
  8. 8. About TexilaAbout TexilaAbout TexilaAbout TexilaTexila American University is located in Guyana, the only EnglishSpeaking Country in South America.The university is created to break down educational barriersbetween nations, serve the national & international communityand solidarity, and lead highly qualified applicants to study healthscience programs.TAU is registered with the National Accreditation Council Guyana,a body constituted by Act of the Parliament of Guyana, overseenby Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health-Guyana.TAU inspires within every graduate of the university the humanityand desire to provide the highest quality of medical care to theirpatients.
  10. 10. Texila American University (TAU) is listed in the WorldHealth Organization - The AVICENNA DirectoriesAn International Association for Medical EducationTAU is listed in the International Medical EducationDirectory (IMED) FAIMER.TAU is approved Member with International Associationfor Distance Learning, United Kingdom.
  11. 11. Texila American University has been added to register ofparticipants in United Nations Global Compact program.Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME) is dedicatedto the advancement of innovation in medical educationTAU is recognized by the Department of Educationwith the National Accreditation Council of Guyana.Our Clinical research program has received accreditationfrom Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals
  12. 12. www.tauedu.orgFor more DetailsTexila American UniversityBringing Education to Life