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Texila American University - Clinical research degree

Texila American University - Clinical research degree



Texila American University is a top international medical university accredited by WHO and several standard Accreditations for the quality in medical education at South America.

Texila American University is a top international medical university accredited by WHO and several standard Accreditations for the quality in medical education at South America.



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    Texila American University - Clinical research degree Texila American University - Clinical research degree Presentation Transcript

    • www.tauedu.org
    • About Texila www.tauedu.org
    • Texila American University is located in Guyana, the only English Speaking Country inSouth America.TAU graduates are eligible for licensing exams in different countries like USMLE(USA), PLAB (UK), CAMC (Caribbean Countries), MCI (India) , etc.,TAU is registered with the National Accreditation Council Guyana, a body constitutedby Act of the Parliament of Guyana, overseen by Ministry of Education and Ministry ofHealth-Guyana.The university is created to break down educational barriers between nations, serve thenational & international community and solidarity, and lead highly qualified applicantsto study health science programs.TAU inspires within every graduate of the university the humanity and desire to providethe highest quality of medical care to their patients. www.tauedu.org
    • ACCREDITATIONS www.tauedu.org
    • Texila American University (TAU) is listed in the WorldHealth Organization - The AVICENNA DirectoriesAn International Association for Medical EducationTAU is listed in the International Medical EducationDirectory (IMED) FAIMER.TAU is approved Member with International Associationfor Distance Learning, United Kingdom.Our Clinical research program has received accreditationfrom Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals www.tauedu.org
    • Texila American University has been added to register of participants in United Nations Global Compact program.Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME) is dedicatedto the advancement of innovation in medical educationTAU is recognized by the Department of Educationwith the National Accreditation Council of Guyana. www.tauedu.org
    • Clinical Research COURSES OFFERED• M.Sc., Clinical Research• Ph.D., Clinical Research www.tauedu.org
    • M.Sc. Clinical ResearchA comprehensive study on medications that is to be carried out in humans on treatingvarious life killing diseases and disorders are termed as Clinical Research.Course Structure:• M.Sc. Clinical Research program is a 2 year program which is available on distance learning where the students are been trained up with research experts online.• Students are been guided by them and exams will be conducted online on evaluating those credentials of student to award the M.Sc. Clinical Research degree.• Students completed bachelor’s degree in medicine, health science programs can apply to this program. PG Diploma graduates can also apply to this program. www.tauedu.org
    • Outcome of Clinical Research Degree from TAU:• M.Sc. Clinical Research degree earned from Texila American University will carve the students on understanding clinical practice, operating procedure for clinical research and clinical data management.• Students get the ability on designing and organizing global clinical trials conducted in various Multinational Pharmaceutical industries worldwide.• Working as a Clinical research Investigator in Biomedical & Pharmaceutical industries is possible for organizing research on drug development and preparing submissions on market authorizations in top drug development countries.• Demand for Clinical research professionals are getting rose year by year due to the rapid growth of patient’s population. www.tauedu.org
    • Ph.D Clinical ResearchPh.D. in Clinical Research forms the doctors to design, assess and to discover the newMedicines hat is been used to treat new health issues brought up in current environment.Pharmaceutical Companies are choosing lot of doctoral learners to perform scientific tests.Clinical Research is a study that is been carried out to apply a new medication on illnesseswhich is tested on different kind of individuals to recognize the impact of the discovereddrug and its adverse reactions. Need for research students in pharmaceutical sectors aregetting increased season by season. As a WHO study says there might be a lack forhealthcare professionals in millions last season. www.tauedu.org
    • Program StructurePh. D Clinical Research is classified into two types:Ph. D Clinical Research (60 Credits)Students with Post graduation in Life Science degree, PG Diploma level, M.Sc. ClinicalResearch (or) M.Sc. in Lifestyle Science + Clinical Research PG Diploma can apply for thisDoctoral program. The system consists of 6 Semesters for about 3years in duration. First 3semesters consists of Theory & Workshops while the last 3 semesters are been utilized forThesis purpose where the learners are required to present their study as a Dissertation.Ph. D Clinical Research (75 Credits)Minimum Qualifications for this program is just a M.Sc. degree in Life Sciences. The entirecourse would carry about 3.5 years with Six Semesters with a Foundation Course forlearners from non clinical research background. 15 Credits will be provided for thisfoundation course. www.tauedu.org
    • Worldwide opportunitiesBright Future is waiting for the Clinical Research Graduatespursuing this year as the demand is already crossing more thanmillions in the upcoming year across the globe.Important aspect of this course is Job Security where it providesa strong platform on health promotion, public health practice,epidemiology and chronic disease control.Most of the organizations are spending 30% of their revenue onperforming clinical trials to discover medicines on treatingsevere wellness issues in individual humanity. www.tauedu.org
    • Earn a world class doctoral degree in ClinicalResearch industry from a reputedinternational medical university with studentsfrom more than 50+ countries. For more details www.tauedu.org