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America's only free hindu spiritual magazine published by dr commander selvam

America's only free hindu spiritual magazine published by dr commander selvam



Toll Free: 888-808-1418 ...

Toll Free: 888-808-1418
Vedic Astrology / Janmakshar / Kundli / Jathagam / Vasthu / Spiritual Counseling &
Holy solution for problems with Marriage, Divorce, Children, In-Laws, Health, Relationship, Business, Partnership, Blockage in Success, Court Cases, Black Magic, Kala Jadoo, Bad Dreams, Sleepless Nights, Depression And Much More . . .



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    America's only free hindu spiritual magazine published by dr commander selvam America's only free hindu spiritual magazine published by dr commander selvam Document Transcript

    • On September 2011 937-222-5799 Fax: 937-222-1200 & Bar
    • Karma 1 Special Sections Editor & Vice President Ilavarasan Editor Pundit Madhu Manikandan Reporter & Art Director C.T.Kumar Contributing Writers Legal Advisors Creative Art Director & Graphic Designer Pundit Jeyakumar Nirmala Sujatha Reddy Deepika Raina Sheetal Suganya Prathap Jesse W. Hill, Esq Quentin C. Jones, Esq A.P. Jayachandran, Esq The nation’s largest full color monthly spiritual and metaphysical magazine. Submission & Disclaimers: Weacceptarticles,photography,and art work that is in keeping with our mission. We do not endorse any particular opinion, program, or advertisement. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material we receive. We will do our best to honor the integrity of our readership. It is merely our sincere hope that we help our readers to achieve success in their lives. Post Masters: Send address changes to Karma, Suite No E, 2222, Olive Road, Dayton, Ohio. 45426. Note: Karma does not accept any responsibility for products or services advertised. The publisher has the right to deny any advertising at its sole discretion. Contact Information Publisher : jk@parutower.com Editor : jk@parutower.com Advertising & Marketing : avtemple@aol.com Subscription & Postage : parutower@gmail.com Telephone : 1-888-808-1418 web : www.karmamagazine.org Peace Of Mind 2 Black Magic 4 A living God? 8 Kids / Children Karma 16 Pregnancy 22 Herbs and your Life 24 Atharva Vedic Astrology 26 Jyothisam 29 Chettinad Samayal / Cooking 36 Kal Sarpa Yog / Dosh 44 Sex - Signs 54 Content......... Karma Empowering Self & Community
    • Karma 2 The mad race of competition to which we find ourselves pulled willingly or unwillingly has a heavy toll on the human psyche. The demands of our work places are too much. Anxiety hangs in the air, unhealthy competition verges to the brink of jealousy and hatred, differences of opinion are taken as attacks on one’s ego, like the sword of Damocles insecurity keeps one’s nerves in a jangle and if these were not enough we carry our tensions back home with the inevitable result of family quarrels, fights, accusations and counter accusations, thus making home more of a hell than a heaven. Still worse is the fact that we fail to realize this situation. Just hint to someone that he or she is mentally ill or disturbed and the daggered looks would make you wish you had never mentioned it. For us mental illness is some alien malady that could never afflict us. Are not our superb performances at work, the large pay checks, social status and affluence enough proofs that our mental faculties are at their working best? Well, if you believe so, think again. Sit down and introspect for some moments. Can you still your mind for some time? Can you experience deep divine peace and jubilation that comes by diving deep into the inner conscience? Try and all you shall find would be worries, problems and tensions related to home, office or relatives inundating your mind. The more you shall try to push them aside the harder they shall pound on your brains. Maybe you are young and physically very strong, hence right now you don’t feel the negative effect of the hectic life you lead. But look around and you shall find someone who is almost a mental wreck just because his or her mind could take no more of this jet set life. And if you think you shall never be a prey, you are wrong for the body as well as the mind has a limit and the moment you cross it .....! Or maybe you are already feeling the negative effects -- sleep eludes you, veins stand out on your forehead seemingly ready to burst and giving you an intolerable headache, you lose patience on the slightest pretext, you suffer from frequent indigestion etc. Some try to overcome these by taking to drinking without knowing that they are inviting further trouble, for alcohol dulls physical pain but it cannot wash out mental anguish. Rather on coming back to the conscious state the anxieties return with renewed vigour. Moreover alcohol makes one physically weaker and unable to withstand the challenges of life. Solution to this universal problem lies not in medicine or wine. It also cannot be ignored for in its worst stages it could lead to nervous breakdown, ulcers, brain tumours and even hormonal imbalance. The best and most effective way remedy lies in the field of spiritualism. One way is meditation, but for a mentally disturbed person it is very difficult to concentrate his or her mind. Hence the ancient Rishis suggested Mantra Sadhanas. Mantras are special divine syllables whose rhythmic chanting produces a soothing effect on one’s mind. Regular use of Mantras helps one concentrate better and stills all mental turmoils and nervous disturbances. And once the chaos in the mind is calmed the physical body too returns to a healthy state. A Mantra hence not just flushes out useless, negative thoughts from the mind, rather it helps the body get rid of toxins produced due to anger, frustration or hatred, which if left there could lead to illnesses and physical disabilities. While using a Mantra for such healing purposes we tap into the power of the inner conscience or the Guru who dwells within, for this divine power can cure the worst maladies. Following is a wonderful Mantra Sadhana that can help you get rid of your mental disturbances and finally even your physical illnesses. Early morning at 5-5:30 am on a Sunday have a bath and wear a yellow dhoti/saree. Sit on a yellow mat facing East. In a copper plate place a AtharvaYakshini Nivaran Yantra. On the Yantra place two Manah Chetana Gutikas. Take water in the hollow of your right palm and pledge thus - I do this Sadhana for mental peace and to get rid of all mental and physical disturbances. Let the water flow on to the ground. Next light a ghee lamp and looking at its flame chant thus 5 times. Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah Guru Sakshaat Para Brahma Tasmei Shree Gurave Namah Next chant the following Mantra continuously without counting, for half an hour. Om Hreem Hreem Shreem Shreem Hreem Hreem Om Namah Do this daily for half an hour for 108 days . After 21 days throw the Yantra and Gutikas in a river or pond. After the Sadhna too sit daily for 10-15 minutes meditating on this Mantra. For more information and clarification call Hindu Temple of Ohio, the only Hinu Temple complex specialized in Atharva Vedic Mantras and healing technics
    • Karma 3 Palmistry- Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Index Finger :- Good signs: A cross tells of better prospects to come. A grille denotes advancement in life. A circle tells of a love that is more idealistic than sensual. A star on this finger is a sure sign of success in life. Bad signs: A square on this finger warns of jealousy that is likely to cause a lot of trouble. A triangle indicates troubles to come. Middle Finger :- Good signs: Good signs :Ablack spot on this finger is a good sign though it may bring responsibilities and even sorrow. Happiness in home and family life is indicated by a triangle on this finger. A square forecasts material gains and perhaps an inheritance. Bad signs: A star forecasts domestic disturbances.Across indicated gossip, slander and blacklisting. A grille indicates danger of large, open places. Ring Finger :-Good signs: Good signs : A grille here indicates journeyandacircleindicatessuccessfulcareerandevenwealth, a square indicates a successful career, public recognition and honors. Bad signs: A cross on this finger indicates unhappiness in affairs of the heart. A triangle is also a negative sign in love affairs. Little Finger :- Good signs: Good signs : A circle over here indicates fulfillment of ambitions. A star indicates more than 1 marriage or love affairs. A square denotes happiness but only after hard work and many disappointments. A cross tells of honors to come. They might be quite unexpected. Bad signs: A black dot here tells of upsets and disappointments. Triangle denotes danger from strangers.A grille indicates an accident or an unpleasant incident. Thumb :- Good signs : There are no particular signs which if present on the thumb indicate the good things of life. Bad signs: A circle on the thumb denotes business failures and financial troubles. A Star speaks of family troubles and discord. A cross denotes marital unhappiness, perhaps a separation, divorce or broken engagement. For more help and doubts call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll free in USA @ 1-888-808 1418 Good & Bad Omens - His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar BIRDS : As a rule, birds are lucky and should be welcomed to garden or verandah. They should be given cereals and pulses to eat, light coloured pigeons entering the house presage an engagement or a wedding. CRICKETS : To hear the crickets chirping foretells monetary gain. CROW : Crows entering the house and cawing often bring bad news. To hear a crow after dark is a sign of bad news to come or some illness in the house,. If crow sits upon your head it is a sign of death or deadly pains. DOG : A howling dog (especially when it is crying) means death is about to take place in the house. EARS : Tingling of ear means that somebody is talking about you. FUNERAL : It is a bad omen to meet a funeral when you are on a way to a wedding. HARE : If hare crosses your path be assured of disappointments. HORSES : To see 3 white horses together is a sign of coming wealth. To see a white horse, at the moment you are wishing for something, means fulfillment of your wish. HORSE-SHOE : To get a horse-shoe on you may is a good omen. DONKEY SHOE : If you find donkey’s shoe, it is very fortunate. KNIVES : To find crossed knives is in auspicious. MOON : To see the new moon on a Monday will bring good luck. OWLS : To hear the continuous hooting of owls forebodes ill health and disappointments. PIGS : To meet a pig coming towards you is a good omen. SALT : To split salt is unlucky. To avoid the bad luck water must be thrown over it. SHOOTING STAR : If you make a wish as you see a shooting star falling, your wish will be granted. SPIDER : To see a spider at night is an omen of good fortune. To see a spider in morning is a bad omen, and to kill a spider is supposed to bring bad luck. SWANS : To see 3 swans flying together will bring misfortune.
    • Karma 4 Due to jealousy, heart burning or some base cause, the Tantriks use cheap tactics to overcome the adversaries, which ruins one’s life. Are you also under such a spell? We must have peace and happiness in life, and to achieve the same we work hard. But we do not get in return to the proportions of our labor. We get very little even after the best of our efforts, we toil to get success in our business but the profits are too little. We do not want any discontentment or discord in our family life, but in spite of our best efforts, the peace and tranquility of our family is disturbed. On the other hand people work very little, but get too much in return. Businessmen have ample wealth just be putting in little efforts, bit we are disappointed even after continuous efforts. It leads us to conclude, that there are some evil forces which make our strategies unsuccessful. Whenever you face such situations, feel assured that someone has used Black Magic on you, as a result of which all your efforts become ineffective. Thoughsuchprayogisnoteasy,butsomeTantriksexpertise in it and torture innocent souls at the behest of selfish and greedy people. Such Tantriks have made Black Magic their profession, and use it on others indiscriminately at the behest of their adversaries, to mint money. Thus the happy life of the people is spoiled. Such so-called Black-Magicians, no doubt can harm others, but they do not possess the powers to counter such Tantrik moves. As a result the victim keeps on suffering and sometimes it leads to the death of the victim. It is in fact very easy to cause harm through Tantra, but very difficult to amend the damage done. In order to learn the art of saving, one has to undergo Sadhna and Siddhi, and only a Tantrik of high caliber can do so. Symptoms of KalaJadoo/ Black Magic/ Evil Curse/ Mantira Kattu 1. Continuous illness. All treatments fail. 2. Constant worries, suicidal tendencies, or a desire to move away from home and family. 3. Continuous illness of any member of the family. 4. Too much weakness associated with obesity and being short tempered.
    • 5. Sterility, without any physical deficiency or without any medical reason. 6. Repeated miscarriages or death of the children. 7. Sudden unnatural deaths in the family. 8. Problems in the construction of house, factory or any other building. 9. Shortness of money, inspite of hard labour. 10. No desire to live. Feels suffocated. Life seems useless. No desire to rise in life. 11. Sudden quarrels between brothers or the members of the family, without any reason. 12. Achievement of objectives seems impossible. 13. Loss in the business of property. 14. Ill-health and under-development of children. 15. Loss of peace due to the fear of enemies and their evil designs. 16. Discord between spouses or the family. 17. Greatest efforts resulting in a failure. 18. Lack of Govt. favors, promotions and the desired transfers. 19. Poverty, in spite of hard work. These are some effects which prove that you are under the spell of Black Magic. Though intelligent, you fail to find solution to such problems. It is due to the Tantrik Prayog that all your wisdom, all your strategies and all your intelligence fails. In order to overcome all these troubles, Atharva Soolini Raksha Prayog is indispensable, to make such Black Magic ineffective. As already told, such art is known only to those Tantrik scholars, who have performed Sadhna and attained Siddhi. Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan Magazine will guide you in this respect. Its aim is to make your life happy, to make your life trouble free, so that you can move forward continuously. Our society is ridden with enmity, jealousy, and prejudices. Hence people use Black-Magic against each other, as a result of which, the victim remains disturbed, depressed and ultimately he meets his disaster. Business is ruined, health deteriorates, loss and mental ailment result in untimely death. Due to a maran prayog, he resembles a moving corpse. We receive hundreds of such letters, with such problems. Therefore the kind-hearted Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar have made an “Shiva Soolini Rudra Vishnu Malya Thantra Raksha Kavach” available, which is Mantra Siddh, Pranpratishtthit, (i.e. energized, consecrated and sanctified) and is very effective. As soon as one wears it, all his troubles start decreasing. A different Yantra is energized specially for every individual. No Tantra Prayog is effective on its user. Rather the Black Magic boomerangs back at the Tantrik practicing it. Even if we are under the spell of Black Magic, its use will cure the same within a month. The user of such a Kavach will always be immune to Tantra Prayogs throughout his/ her life. For more help call immediately “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar“, who is the ONLY Atharva Vedic scholar / swamiji in the whole nation and in the western countries. “DO NOT WAIT ANY MORE”. Call now the Toll Free# 1- 888 808 1418 Karma 5
    • Karma 6 1.You are as you are because you want to be so. If you want to be different in life then start changing yourself today. 2.The mind of the Sadhak is like the tree Kalptaru that fulfils all wishes. The thoughts that rise in the mind can be converted into power of the soul. If the mind of the Sadhak is full of fearlessness, hope, confidence and kindness then he gets all boons in life. But if he becomes afraid of adverse circumstances then he loses confidence and destroys his own chances of success. 3.Devotion to God does not mean giving up things. Devotion means the flowering of all one’s capabilities. True religion never tells a person to give up worldly duties. Religion asks a person to get rid of mental disturbance, moral wrongs and ignorance. 4.Sadhana means toiling hard from morning till evening. Just chanting of Mantras is not Sadhana. 5.There is no more a happy person than a Sadhak in this world. A common person is ignorant. Ignorance leads to egotism. Egotism generates fear. Fear leads to confusion. Confusion is there because man has many wishes. And most wishes are there because man desires pleasure. It is due to indulgence in pleasures that a person develops traits. It is due to these traits that a person has to take birth again and again and has to suffer sorrows and pain. 6.For becoming fully happy one has to cut the roots of ignorance, egotism and confusion with the help of the means prescribed by the Guru. 7.Prayers and speaking out one’s feelings to the Lord is a medium of making the mind pure. It helps get rid of evil thoughts. 8.One should not hide anything from the Guru. One should speak out everything to him. The Sadguru knows everything. Still one should speak out everything because this helps to get rid of the evil thoughts within. One should admit all faults and mistakes before the Lord. 9.You might live anywhere but you are my disciple if you are devoted to service to the Guru and performing Sadhanas. 10.If along with pure feelings for the Guru you are also devoted to Sadhanas then I can change your future. 11.If you wish to attain to knowledge then you shall have to go through the tests of a Guru. When the Guru tests your mettle you shall have to pass with flying colours. You shall have to smile and show full faith in him with your heart, soul and mind. 12.The Guru should not allow you to become another Paad Padam ( a corrupt disciple of Shankaracharya). The Guru should test you again and again. He should be unrelenting no matter how much you plead before him. 13.Shankaracharya made the mistake of giving knowledge to Paad Padam even before the latter had become free of false ego. When the false ego was shattered Paad Padam decided to kill Shankaracharya so that he could declare himself as the Guru. He committed this serious crime because he was not free of ego. It was the fault of Shankaracharya and he had to pay for it with his life. 14.History is replete with such mistakes committed by Gurus. And disciples have always tried to take advantage of these mistakes and have as a result tread on the wrong path. But I will not commit the mistake done by Shankar, Buddha or Mahaveer. 15.The Guru should not allow Paad Padams to be born. A disciple should try to become like Vivekanand through devotion and service. 16.If you are not devoted to the Guru then everything is useless. If you cannot serve the Guru then too it is useless. And if you are devoted or are serving the Guru you are not doing it for the Guru but for your own progress. 17.If you have devotion and you serve the Guru dedicatedly Guru immediately pays off the debt. The Guru does not wish to remain indebted. But it is the Guru’s duty not to bestow totality till the disciple is fully egoless. Till then the Guru does not pay the debt. 18.But the moment the disciple becomes egoless the disciple attains to totality and the Guru becomes free of his debt 19. If you want to have a glimpse of the Lord, if you wish to dance with the Lord, if you wish to give a permanent place
    • Karma 7 to Him in your heart then you have to have a soft heart like a woman. A woman means one who thinks with the heart and only by activating the feelings of the heart can one know what true love is. 20. A man always remains divided whether to use his mind or heart, He always remains in a dilemma to do something or not. He always keeps thinking about the consequences of his actions. He always keeps worrying what other people would say. This state of dilemma is the work of the mind. And if a person remains in a dilemma he cannot love. 21.A disciple can get closer to the Guru only by thinking like a woman i.e. with one’s heart. By activating the feelings of the heart he can become fully conscious. Then he has only one aim, one thought, one goal in life and this is to make the Guru a part of his heart and soul so that each cell of his body could vibrate with the Guru energy. 22.Establishing of the Guru energy in each cell of one’s body is possible only through the medium of true love. 23.If you care to observe carefully you shall find that I am present everywhere and all around you. I vibrate in each particle of nature and am present in the fragrance of the flowers as well. Just look carefully at a flower. Do you not behold me in its beauty ? 24.You might fail to behold the beauty in a flower, you might fail to hear the music in the waves of a river but the fault lies not in the flower or in the waves. Nature has done its work. Now it is up to you to discover its wonders. 25.Spiritualism means to become aware of one’s internal beauty i.e. the beauty of the soul. A very small portion of the same beauty can be seen in the clouds above or in a flower in full blossom. But within is a source of infinite beauty with which you have never tried to form a link. It is within that you can find all divine powers and wonders. 26.It is my most cherished dream to see my disciples reach the divine land of Siddhrashram and become permanently linked to its divinity, sacredness, piousness and purity. And one they have achieved this I want them to return to the material world and reveal the people here about this great seat of spiritual attainments. I want them to tell the common man that even without renouncing the spiritual world one can rise high spiritually 27.It is very easy to identify a Guru. Guru is one in whose company one feels great peace and joy. One feels as if one is very deeply related to him. One feels very close to him. Without him life seems to be purposeless. He is the true guide in life. 28.Atrue Guru always remains ready to give much to the disciple. A Guru does not wish for personal fame nor does he want to be worshipped all over the world. His only wish is to make the disciples capable and unique so that they could achieve absolute success in life. 29.A Sadhak should have firm determination that either he shall procure divine help through Sadhanas or he shall perish in the process. Such a challenging spirit, such a determination alone can help one succeed in Sadhanas and only such a person can be called a Sadhak. 30.When a pot filled with water is immersed into an ocean the water in the pot becomes part of the vast expanse. Similarly a disciple through the medium of selfless service to the Guru fuses his soul with that of the Guru. This process of becoming one with the Guru is known as Siddhi or divinity. 31.A true disciple is not afraid of death, the society and challenges of life. He has a fire of determination is his eyes. His hands have the power to even smash boulders and he is fully devoted in the feet of the Guru. 32.A Guru has amazing foresight and he well knows on which path the disciple has to be propelled. And he directs the disciple in a manner so as to push him onto that very path. Hence a disciple should make every effort to follow the directions of the Guru. 33.You have to come to me like an empty vessel, like a blank page so that I could write the secret of total success on it, so that I could write about the way to totality and divinity upon it. Only then can I tell you what is totality of life, what is true joy, what is success and what is the Supreme. 34.Totality in life is possible when a disciple places his head in the holy feet of the Guru and washes them with the tears of devotion. This happens when one is truly devoted, when the heart seems filled with tremendous joy, when one is so overcome with love for the Guru that words fail and if any word does escape from the lips it is Guru. 35.Devotion does not mean joining the palms, or singing hymns. Devotion means following the orders of the Guru without hesitation and doubt. 36.A disciple always feels like rushing to the Guru. Of course due to some problem he might not be able to do so but the longing, the desire is always there to be with the Guru.
    • Karma 8 Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar is considered to be a Living God to his followers. He has made miracles in people’s life. He has cured “ spiritually” thousands and thousands of people to come out of their various difficulties in their life with problems and concerns relates to Marriage, Children, Black Magic, Mother in Law, Sister In Law, Father In Law, medical malpractice, Cancer, Heart attacks, skin diseases, business, job, divorce, immigration, court cases, enemies, drugs addicts , sexual addicts, drinks addicts etc., The following are the unforgettable experience of Swamiji’s followers all over the world EVIL DESTROYED I was troubled by spirits. I obtained Rituals through the support of Siddhar Ji. My brother was also affected by spirits and occasionally he would lose balance of mind. Local Tantriks had given up the case. One day I read the experience of other people with Siddhar Ji in the Karma Magazine and it encouraged m approach swamiji. Surprisingly he benefited a lot from it. I started consulting swamiji regularly and he became normal. But then my married sister started to be troubled by spirits. Her in laws tried to get her treated but failed. They left her with us and also abused us. Again my Swamiji helped me too. One day when she was being traumatized by a ghost I put the Swamiji’s picture in front of her neck.The spirit left immediately. Now my brother and sister are both well. It is all due to the grace of Siddhar Maharaj. - Rajesh Saini , Detroit, Michigan , USA. PASSED MEDICAL SCHOOL EXAM BY GURU’S GRACE Swamiji I am very happy today that you have fulfilled my wish. Due to your grace I have passed the examination. I was to appear in the USMLE exam this year and I was very worried. The reason was that I was not able to complete my course. But I was sure that Gurudev’s blessings were with me. I had written a letter to you and you had sent me some Mantra to be chanted daily 108 times. I did this and due to your powers I was successful in the exam. I know that you are very kind to us and I also know that when you are with me then my misfortune can change into good luck and failure into success. Your kindness is beyond words. I just hope that may you keep making me progress in life. May I get your love throughout life. - Sunil Malhotra , Campll, CA, USA LIFE GRETELY SAVED BY GURUJI SELVAM My younger brother’s daughter had been ill for the past several days.Atlastonedayshehadtobeadmittedtoanursinghome.She was given glucose intravenously but there was no improvement in her condition. After some time white foam started to appear from her mouth. The doctor rushed to her bed and started to shake her. He also slapped her gently but there seemed to be no life left. Suddenly my mind went to Guruji Selvam and I prayed to him to help. I thought that if Sadgurudev did not help me now who else would? I thought that if Guruji did not help now the family’s faith in him would be shaken. As I concentrated on the form of Guruji I also started to chant the Atharva Mantra initiated to me by Guruji . I had read somewhere in the magazine that if one is chanting Guru Mantra death can not come near. Till the Guru does not assent death can not harm the person chanting the Guru Mantra. I caught hold of the hand of my niece and started to chant the Mantra. After half an hour the foam from the mouth stopped. Then the body moved and she returned to the conscious state. I called out her name and she uttered a few words. I was filled with joy and I felt indebted to Guruji . The doctor too was baffled how the child had returned from death. The girl is healthy now and Guruji saved me from disgrace. Whenever we worship Guruji the child comes to the room and bows before the picture of Guruji . When ever I remember that day I bow to Gurudev and I feel like chanting - Jaya Gurudev! Please make sure that have Guruji “ Selvam Siddhar’ s picture in your pooja room and namesake to Guruji every day morning and evening - Jitendera Nambiar, Ashville, TN, USA, PURE LOVE & AFFECTION OF OUR GURU I am a farmer in Bakersfield , CA. I used to work very hard in my fields but the fruit of my labor was never adequate. This is why I started to feel bored of farming. The work was more and returns were poor. I also found it difficult to sit in Sadhanas and chant Mantras. So Guru Maharaj advised me that I should offer my services to Him. So with the help of other disciples of Gurudev we organized a Sadhana Camp in our farm . Revered Gurudev Ji graced the occasion. After this there was no looking back.
    • Karma 9
    • Karma 10 The doors to fortune that seemed to be shut for me for the past five years were thrown open. This year I had record turn over from my land. This happened due to the love and blessings of Sadgurudev. - Darpan Singh, Bakersfield, CA, USA LIVING GOD CURED ME I have been reading the magazine for the past several years. I obtained Guru Diksha in the retreat camp last year . In November last year my second son got married. A month before that I suddenly developed Sciatica pain. The pain grew so much that I found it difficult even to walk. Many expert doctors were consulted but the pain grew worse. I became very worried and one day while worshipping Swamiji I prayed to him to cure me so that I could attend the marriage of my son. I even sent a letter to Swamiji to this effect. Then all of a sudden I came into contact of a person who knew about nerves and how to cure related ailments through massage. The doctors advised me against it but I went to the person for three days and within three days I was fully cured. The marriage went off well and I could participate in it due to Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar ji ‘s grace. Today I am totally healthy. I offer my prayers to Swamiji and ask him to keep showering his grace on us always. Seema Solanki, Singapore, Asia HOLY GLIMPSE OF SWAMIJI SELVAM JI This event relates to 22nd June 2011. As usual that day I was engaged in worship early in the morning. Suddenly I had a very strange experience. As I was chanting the Guru Mantra my eyes closed on their own. I wanted to but could not open them up. Thereafter I started to chant the Atharva Soolini Siddhi Manrtra. I felt as if my body had become lifeless. I also felt as if I was not in my Sadhana room rather I was somewhere else where there was snow on all sides. Then suddenly I saw Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar. He was seated on a very clean and huge rock. His eyes were closed and he was deep in Samadhi. Very wonderful was the scene. For some moments the scene remained before my vision and then suddenly I opened my eyes to find myself at home. It seemed as if I had traveled from somewhere far. Tears were flowing incessantly from my eyes and I was feeling very peaceful at heart. I have had many experiences during Mantra chanting but this experience was unique. It was all due to the love and blessings of Swamiji. I often feel the subtle presence of Sadgurudev Nikhil. Many times I can smell a divine fragrance marking his presence. - Archana Shivsahankar, Dallas, TX, USA ALL BY SWAMIJI SELVAM’S GRACE In July 2011 as directed by you I started the Atharva Soolini Sadhana in order to complete 1.25 lakh chantings of its Mantra. I did the Sadhana both in the morning and at night. When I started the Mantra chanting all was fine. Fifteen days went by but I had no divine experience. But suddenly one day my body became tense and my hand telling the beads of the rosary stopped. There was intense pain in the whole body. I could hardly hold the rosary. Then I clearly heard a woman’s voice. I could not understand what was going on. Then again my fingers started to move and I resumed the Mantra chanting. That night I felt very light. I realized that Mother Goddess Soolini was there somewhere nearby. Thus I completed 1.25 lakh chanting in 21 days. I had to perform oblations twelve thousand times in the holy fire. Along with other disciples of Swamiji we started the Yagna. The Yagna had just started when suddenly a milky light appeared in the room. One of the disciples even took a photograph of the divine light, Then there was a loud knocking at the door. When the door was opened there was no one there. When the Yagna was over the sweets were distributed. After some days when the negatives were developed we clearly saw the form of Goddess Soolini in the picture of the holy fire. It is all due to the grace of Swamiji that I could accomplish such a tough Sadhana. When we were singing a hymn, in the end one of the disciples became so overwhelmed by the divine atmosphere that she suddenly shouted - Swamiji is here! Sing loudly! Thus this wonderful Sadhana was accomplished with amazing experiences. May holy Swamiji’ always shower his grace on us. Nilotama Patnagar, Geneva, Switzerland SWAMIJI IN MY DREAMS One night after I had gone to bed I had the glimpse of Swamiji in a dream. I saw a scene in which a Yagna was going on and it was being performed by Swamiji in the company of several disciples. In the next scene I saw Swamiji with both palms joined seated before the Yagna fire. Siddhar ji was chanting yakshini Thilotma Mantra. In the third scene I saw that Swamiji had raised his right hand in blessing and he was seated three feet above the ground. A divine radiance was pouring out from his hand and eyes. The brightness of the light made me shut my eyes. The next morning when I saw the rising sun I realized that the light I had seen in the dream was even more bright than the sun. I felt blessed on having the glimpse of our Swamiji . I hope he keeps blessing me all my life. - Krishnaveni Sundarajan, Amsterdam Netherlands,Europe
    • Karma11 Negotiating a better salary package has put more than a few stomachs in knots over the years. Remember, we all go through it sooner or later. Try to keep these basic tips in mind when it’s your turn to ask for a sweeter deal. 1. Be Persuasive: It’s hard to force your boss to increase your compensation, and trying to do so can potentially damage your working relationship. Think about the process as trying to convince him that it might benefit the organization to pay you more 2. Aim High and Be Realistic: Many researchers have found a strong correlation between people’s aspirations and the results they achieve in negotiation. At the same time, you want to suggest ideas to which your boss can realistically say yes. 3. Start Off with the Right Tone: You want to let your boss know you will listen and try to understand his views. At the same time, you expect your boss to do the same for you so you can work together to address this issue. Avoid ultimatums, threats and other coercive behavior. 4. Clarify Your Interests: Your compensation should satisfy a range of needs, not just salary. Make sure you have thought about other points of value to you as well -- like profit sharing, stock options that vest immediately, a bonus, greater work responsibilities, a quicker promotion schedule, increased vacation or flexible hours. 5. Anticipate Your Boss’s Interests: Just like you, your boss has needs and concerns. To persuade him to say yes, your ideas will have to address those things that are important to him. 6. Create Several Options: Joint brainstorming is the most effective way to find ideas that satisfy everyone’s interests. It works best when you separate it from commitment -- first create possible solutions, and then decide among them. 7. Focus on Objective Criteria : Itisfareasiertopersuadesomeonetoagreewithyourproposal if he sees how that proposal i s firmly grounded on objective criteria, such as what similar f i r m s p a y people of like experience or what others in the company make. 8 . Think Through Your Alternatives: In case you cannot persuade your boss to say yes, you need to have a backup plan. Part of preparation is creating a specific action plan so you know what you’ll do if you have to walk away from the table.
    • Karma 12 “I have not come to establish a new religion or sect, but I have come to give you Knowledge of Truth. If you come to me with a guileless heart you will surely receive this most ancient spiritual Knowledge, which, if practiced upon, will give us perfect peace of mind.” Do not speak when speech is not needed; Do not do what is not wanted; Do not poke your nose in other’s business; Otherwise it’s like having itchy boils all over! Sachchidananda, Lord of true bliss eternal The following quotes are some of our Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar’s messages /Golden sayings prepared by Rukmani Iyengar from Sunnyvale, CA, USA a long time devotee of our Guru ji. 1. God is one 2. Let noble thoughts surround us from all directions. 3. When I hear the experiences of devotees I could realize that a divine power was operating through me. 4. One day we will all meet in our true home. 5. Whatever I undertook was not planned by me. It was divinely ordained. 6. Even today, I do not prepare my speeches. It is all God’s grace & His will. 7. I am only an instrument in His hands. 8. Whatever He wants to convey, He speaks through me. 9. More money, more problems, less money less problems, no money severe problems. 10. In whatever form you perceive God, He will appear in that form. This is the truth. 11. God cannot be many. 12. Experience is my Guru. 13. The story of Swamiji is the experience of his devotees. 14. The world is one family. 15. We are all descendants from the same source. 16. The world is one big home. 17. The different countries are different rooms. 18. All are children of God. 19. It is good to respect and feel attached to the country of birth. 20. Problem arises when the other countries are considered as enemies. 21. Even a stone will give peace of mind if you pray with total devotion. 22. Some ask whether all those who call themselves as Guru could be believed. Some books in a library may not be good, but we cannot conclude that all books in the library are worthless. 23. There is no doubt about God’s existence. 24. Faith is most important. 25. Whether the problem is major or minor in reality, for the person who faces it, it is always severe. 26. Throughout the world people are suffering. 27. There is confusion as to whom to trust. 28. You may worship God in any form. 29. God is omnipotent & omnipresent. 30. If a person intends to harm another his conscience may caution him not to do so. If he abides by that conscience then he has realized God.
    • Karma 13
    • Karma 14 31. God is not only in temples .He is everywhere. 32. There is nothing that God does not know. That is the truth. 33. Faith in God is more important, no matter where you worship God. 34. On realizing God. A person will be relieved of doubts & worries. 35. God provides many opportunities to give the message of peace to the world. 36. On experiencing my Arul Vaakku the conclusion is that there is a Supreme Power without whose knowledge one cannot even think. 37. Newspaper, Radio & TV have got a great responsibility. 38. Today as an instrument of God I will give you whatever message I get from Him. 39. In this nuclear age, countries should unite think and work for peace. 40. God consciousness is very essential. 41. People need peace. 42. It is a situation where we have to purify our mind. 43. If mind is pure God will take us in the right path. 44. Therefore faith in God is more important than forms of worship. 45. Like the thread of the kite is needed to control and protect the kite, the thread of devotion is very important in the present world. 46. Though I don’t have wings Hanumanji makes me fly all over the world. 47. We can overcome fate by wisdom, the wisdom of prayer. 48. One can win over fate by faith in God. 49. We have to be conscious of our duties. 50. We have come to this world. We have to do our duty. 51. Suppose you are stranded in an unknown place not knowing where to go. You pray to God. Someone comes in a car or scooter and offers you help. He is actually God. 52.We should be responsible and do our duty. 53. If you expect God to take over your responsibilities, forgetting your duty, He will not do that. 54. When I sit in puja, I speak Tamil, Malayalam, sing in English, Telgu etc. 55. I did not learn many world languages. I started speaking these languages while in puja and I have perfected them over a period. 56. It is okay to appeal to God. But God knows when to fulfill the appeal. 57. What is visible to our eyes is very little. God can see everything. 58. It is not necessary that whatever we desire should happen. He will give us what is best for us. 59. Whatever has to happen will happen? I never plan it. 60. It is not necessary that what we desire should happen. He will give us what is best for us. 61. The blessing of Arulvakku was given to me not because I asked for it but due to the fruits of my karma. 62. I do not do anything artificially. 63. God would come in any form. 64. I think of even you all as little ‘ Yakshini”. 65. God is giving me messages through you all and taking me all over the world. 66. What is important for this world is to unite world leaders and provide an opportunity to run their affairs properly and efficiently. 67. Every man has to face difficulties at some stage of life. 68. It is not possible to have a good and trouble free life throughout. 69. In old days reading palm during the night was not advisable because in the absence of electricity those days’ lines on the palm will not be clearly visible at night 70. Worship any form you like .You may worship even your mother. Devotion, faith &involvement are most important. 71. My Yakshini is watching you all the time. There is nothing that you can hide from Him. If your prayer is sincere He will even come as a servant, have no doubt about that. 72. Purity of heart is essential for God realization. There is no point in making a number of pilgrimages to temples or mosques unless you achieve purity of heart. 73. God knows your limitations. You do not have to bring them to His notice. 74. In Kali Yuga, people tend to question anything and anyone. Even if Lord Vishnu is to appear in front of them they would ask Him to produce His identity card, such is the world today. 75. You may visit any Mahatma of your choice if you think you would obtain peace in His |Her presence. 76. Do not criticize a person without first hand experience. If thousands flock to a Mahatma it is due to the divine charisma around Him, so do not ridicule such persons without verification. 77. In the court of Yakshinis, justice alone will prevail. You cannot demand something that is not dharmic or righteous. 78. Devote some time for prayer everyday because mental peace is most important in the present day world.
    • Karma 15 79. Treat everyone with respect and kindness because God may come to you in any form. 80. Devotion is like the thread of a kite. It connects the kite to its Maker. Devotion is the thread which connects the devotee to God. 81. When the thread gets cut, even if the kite has a heart and wishes to come back, it cannot. 82. Witnessing God’s effulgence by our physical eyes is very difficult but the Supreme Power can be perceived through devotion. 83. Devotion enables one to attain peace of mind like cooling off an overheated radiator. 84.All major religions are like parallel cables never touching at any point. This must change. 85. Even though Anjaneya is a Brahmachari it was He who brought Sri Rama and Sri Sita Devi together. 86. Purity of mind and sincere prayer are essential for realization of God. 87. A pilgrimage or a visit to a temple does not necessarily imply devotion, as devotion has to emanate from one’s within. 88. It is not necessary to visit a temple or attend a bhajan mechanically as a means to obtain God’s grace. 89. The world is one family and the countries are but the different rooms. 90. The food you take should not hurt others’ sentiments or cause inconvenience to others. 91. Vegetarian or non vegetarian food, one should not feel guilty after taking it. 92. Life is a drama and we have to play our roles to perfection. 93. Arulvakku cannot be different at different places. God will communicate the same wherever you go. 94.Karmasuddi and Chittasuddi are very important for realization of God. 95. If Lord Vishnu were to appear before us some would even ask for His identity card. That is the kind of faith people have today. 96. Worship any form you like. 97. You may worship even your mother. 98. Devotion, faith & involvement are most important. 99. There are persons who visit a temple for particular favors. If the favor is not granted or delayed they stop going to the temple. 100. If God does not grant a particular favor they may even remove the photograph of God from the prayer room. 101. Devotion is unconditional. 102. God knows what you need, that will be given and that alone will be given. 103. A temple priest has to be extremely careful just as an electrician has to be careful working with an electric current. 104. God would appear in any form and offer you solace. 105. Just as one has a variety of fruits to choose from, a seeker also has a variety of forms to contemplate upon. 106. He may choose the form according to his taste and inclination. 107. You may worship any form of your choice or follow any guru in whose presence you get real peace of mind. 108. There are people who believe and even tell others that Anjaneya’s picture should not be kept at home on the pretext that Anjaneya is a brahmachari. This is not true. 109. It is enough if one carries out hisher duties honestly and with a sincere prayer to God. 110. A mere display of devotion would not last long as none can display artificial devotion for long. 111. Holy Men should not be compared as they differ in their background, mission and powers. 112. Some Holy Men are jnanis who take upon themselves the task of educating people. 113. Guru guides you from outside as Sadguru and as Atma Swarupa from within. Guru Purnima, the full moon represents the light of the atman and is a reflection of blessings from your beloved guru. Tonight, this full moon will remind you the divinity of your beloved guru. The full moon tonight represents your enlightened guru whoever he is wherever he is. I shall take away all the darkness that has accumulated around you and release you from the bondage into the light of freedom and happiness. 114. For me, Guru Purnima means the bright faces of all my devotees across the globe. It is my wish to see your faces brighten up like this wonderful full moon. My blessings to all. I am with you all always
    • Karma 16 The Banyan Deer In a forest, on the outskirts of Benaras, there lived a beautiful golden deer. He was called King Banyan Deer and was the leader of a herd of five hundred deer. Not very far off, in the same forest was King Branch Deer who was also the leader amongst another five hundred deer. He was also e x t r e m e l y beautiful with a coat of a shiny golden hue and sparkling eyes. Outside this beautiful forest, in the real world, there reigned a King who loved to eat meat at every single meal. He was King Brahmadatta of Benaras. Not only was he fond of hunting, but he also enforced the same on his subjects. He forced them to leave their own businesses and join him regularly on his hunting spree each and every morning. After awhile the villagers got sick of this regular routine as they had much better things to do with their lives. Besides, their work and means of livelihood had also begun to suffer. They realised that they must find a solution. Together they came up with a plan. They decided to grow plants, sow crops and dig water holes in the royal park itself. Then they would drive a number of deer into the confines of the park and shut the gates. In this way the King could hunt at leisure and would not require any further help from his obedient subjects. So at first they went about preparing the royal park for the deer. Then they went into the forest armed with weapons and sticks in order to drive the deer into the royal park. They surrounded the territories of both the herds, those of King Banyan Deer as well as King Branch Deer, and drove them into the royal park, with shouts of glee as they beat their sticks on the ground and waved them in the air. As soon as both the herds were in, the gates were shut and the deer entrapped.They then went to their King and told him that as they could not accompany him any more on his hunts they had successfully managed to entrap a number of deer in the royal park for his royal pleasure. The King was absolutely thrilled when he set eyes on the great number of deer in the royal park. While gazing at them his eyes fell on the two beautiful golden deer and he at once decided to spare their lives. He issued an order that they were not to be shot at any cost. Each day after that, either the King or one of his hunters would shoot arrows at the deer. The deer would scatter wildly in every direction and get hurt in the ensuing stampede. So one day King Banyan Deer and King Branch Deer put their heads together and came up with a plan. They realized that each day their herds were getting wounded in great numbers and some were getting killed. Even though death was inevitable they could at least try to save the living ones from unnecessary pain and torture. So they decided to send a deer to the royal palace to be slaughtered and served to the king each and every day. The pact was to alternate between the two herds. In this way at least the rest of the deer would be spared unnecessary torture. This system continued for some time. Each day a deer was sent to the royal palace to be slaughtered by the royal cook. And the rest of the deer were allowed to live in peace until it was their turn. One day it was the turn of a young female deer with a newborn baby. She belonged to the herd of King Branch Deer. She was worried that after she was killed there would be no one to take care of her child who was still too young to look after itself. So she approached her king with the plea that he send another deer instead of her that day and she would willingly go to the slaughter after her fawn was old enough to look after himself. But King Branch Deer would not listen to her plea and told her to accept this as her fate as he could not ask another deer to replace her on the execution block. The mother doe looked at her baby and just could not take a step towards the palace. So she approached King Banyan Deer with her plea. King Banyan Deer looked at her with great compassion and told her to go look after her baby, as he would send another in her place. Then King Banyan Deer himself walked to the palace and placed his head on the execution block. The royal cook was shocked to see him and remembering the King’s orders, went running to the King to ask him what was to be done. The King came down to see what was happening. On seeing King Banyan Deer he went up to him and gently asked why he was here. King Banyan Deer related the story of the fawn and the mother doe and told him that as he could not order another to take her place, he had decided to do it himself. The King was highly impressed with this supreme sacrifice and the great love and compassion that this King of deer possessed. So he decided to not only spare his life but that of the mother doe as well. But King Banyan Deer was not satisfied. He asked that the lives of the other deer be spared as well. So the king granted him his wish. Then he
    • Karma 17
    • Karma 18 asked about all the other four-footed animals in the forest and then about the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea. And King Brahmadutta agreed to spare the lives of all. King Banyan Deer thanked him from the bottom of his heart and returned joyfully to the park. The gates were opened wide and both the herds were set free. Needless to say they lived peacefully and happily ever after The Great - Hearted Monkey In a forest glade, by the side of River Ganges, high on the mountains there lived about eighty thousand monkeys along with their giant monkey king. And by the side of the clear gushing water stood a tall shady tree bearing big beautiful juicy golden fruits commonly called mangoes. All the monkeys just loved these mangoes and ate them off almost as soon as they had ripened. This was a very good thing as their wise giant king had warned them not to let a single juicy fruit fall into the river. Because if the current carried even one of these fruits down the river to the land where the men lived, they would surely come in search of this delicious fruit and destroy the peace in the land of the monkeys. It so happened that a branch of this tree hung low over the river and a mango that was hidden behind an ant’s nest ripened and fell off without anyone’s knowledge. It was taken down south by the rapid flow of the river and reached the city of Benaras. One fine morning when King Brahmadutta of Benaras was bathing in the riverbetween two nets, a couple of fishermen found a bright golden fruit caught in the mesh of the net. Very excited they took it to show the King. The King examined the fruit carefully and asked where it had come from and what it was called. The fishermen did not know much about it but guessed that it must have flowed down the river from the valleys of the far-flung Himalayas.He then asked them to cut the mango and tasted a slice. It was simply delicious. He shared the rest of it with his ministers and Queen who loved its divine flavor. A few days passed, but the King could not get this exotic fruit out of his mind. He could not work; rest or sleep for wants of some more. Finally he could bear it no longer and set sail in search of it. He organized a fleet of rafts and sailed up the river accompanied by his men and a few fishermen.Many days and many nights went by and they passed many valleys until they finally came to the one where the mango tree stood. Mission accomplished, the King was delighted and began enjoying the mangoes to his heart’s content. Finally, that night, the King lay down to sleep under the mango tree while his faithful soldiers stood guard. Fires were lit on either side for protection against wild animals. In the middle of the night when the guards had dozed off to sleep, the monkeys came and finished off all the mangoes that were left on the tree. The King awoke with all the noise and ordered his guards to shoot at the monkeys so that they could feast on monkey flesh along with the mangoes. On hearing this, the monkeys trembled with fear and escaped to inform their King. They told him what had happened and he promised to save them. But for that he had to come up with a plan. So he climbed up the tree and swung across the river with the help of a branch. He found a bamboo shoot which he measured and cut carefully, and then tied one end of it around his waist. The other end he tied around a tree trunk. He had decided to leap back to the mango tree and help the rest of the monkeys across over the bridge that he had made with the help of the bamboo shoot. But alas... he had not taken into account the portion that he had tied around his waist. So when the monkey king sprang back into the mango grove he was just able to cling to a branch of the mango tree. He quickly summoned his monkeys to climb over his back and onto the reed in order to escape to the other side. In this way, eighty thousand monkeys climbed over his back one by one and made it to safety. But unfortunately there was one evil monkey who hated his leader and wanted to destroy him. His name was Devadutta. This mean monkey purposely jumped hard over his poor king’s back and broke it, while he himself escaped to the other bank. King Brahmadutta, who had been awake for awhile, had observed this whole episode. He felt extremely sorry for the monkey king and asked his men to help lower him to the ground. He then had him gently bathed and wrapped in a soft yellow cloth and asked him why he had sacrificed himself for his tribe. The great monkey answered that as he was their guide and chief, they were his children and it was his sacred duty to protect them. He had absolutely no regrets as he had ensured their safety. He also went on to say that the King should always be mindful of his subjects’
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    • Karma 20 welfare even at the cost of his own. Saying this the monkey king died at peace with himself. King Brahmadutta had learnt a great deal that day. He ordered his men to organize a funeral fit for a King. He then built a shrine in the monkey king’s memory where he offered flowers and lit candles and incense. On returning to Benaras, he built another shrine there and asked his people to pay homage to this great soul. He always remembered the last words of the monkey king and ruled his subjects with wisdom and compassion. The people in his kingdom were eternally grateful to the great-hearted monkey. The White Elephant Once upon a time, there lived a herd of eighty thousand elephants at the bottom of the majestic Himalayas. Their leader was a magnificent and rare white elephantwho was an extremely kind-hearted soul. He greatly loved his mother who had grown blind and feeble and could not look out for herself.Each day this white elephant would go deep into the forest in search of food. He would look for the best of wild fruit to send to his mother. But alas... his mothernever received any. This was because his messengers would always eat them up themselves. Each night, when he returned home he would be surprised to hear that his mother had been starving all day. He was absolutely disgusted with his herd. Then one day, he decided to leave them all behind and disappeared in the middle of the night along with his dear mother. He took her to Mount Candorana to live in a cave beside a beautiful lake that was covered by gorgeous pink lotuses. It so happened that one day, when the white elephant was feeding he heard loud cries. A forester from Benaras had lost his way in the forest and was absolutely terrified. He had come to the area to visit relatives and could not find his way out. On seeing this big white elephant he was even more terrified and ran as fast as he could. The elephant followed him and told him not to be afraid, as all he wanted to do was to help him. He asked the forester why he was crying so bitterly. The forester replied that he was crying because he had been roaming the forest for the past seven days and could not find his way out. The elephant told him not to worry as he knew every inch of this forest and could take him to safety. He then lifted him on to his back and carried him to the edge of the forest from where the forester went on his merry way back to Benaras. On reaching the city, he heard that King Brahmadutta’s personal elephant had just died and the King was looking for a new elephant. His heralds were roaming the city, announcing that any man who had seen or heard of an elephant fit for a King should come forward with the information.The forester was very excited and immediately went up to the King and told him about the white elephant that he had seen on Mount Candorana. He told him that he had marked the way and would require the help of the elephant trainers in order to catch this fantastic elephant. TheKingwasquitepleasedwiththeinformationandimmediately dispatched a number of soldiers and elephant trainers along with the forester. After traveling for many days, the group reached the lake besides which the elephants resided. They slowly creped down to the edge of the lake and hid behind the bushes. The white elephant was collecting lotus shoots for his mother’s meal and could sense the presence of humans. When he looked up, he spotted the forester and realized that it was he who had led the King’s men to him. He was very upset at the ingratitude but decided that if he put up a struggle many of the men would be killed. And he was just too kind to hurt anyone. So he decided to go along with them to Benaras and then request the benevolent King to be set free. That night when the white elephant did not return home, his mother was very worried. She had heard all the commotion outside and had guessed that the King’s men had taken away her son. She was scared that the King would ride him in to battle and her son would definitely be killed. She was also worried that there would be no one to look after her or even feed her, as she could not see. She just lay down and cried bitterly. Meanwhile her son was led in to the beautiful city of Benaras where he was given a grand reception. The whole city was decorated and his own stable was gaily painted and covered with garlands of fragrant flowers. The trainers laid out a feast for their new state elephant who refused to touch a morsel. He did not respond to any kind of stimuli, be it the fragrant flowers or the beautiful and comfortable stable. He just sat there looking completely despondent. The worried trainers went straight to report the situation to their King, as they were scared that the elephant would just waste away without any food or water. The King was extremely concerned when he heard what they had to say and went to the stable himself. He offered the elephant food from the royal table and asked him why he grieved in this manner. He thought that the elephant should be proud and honored that he was chosen as the state elephant and would get the opportunity to serve his
    • Karma 21 King. But the white elephant replied that he would not eat a thing until he met his mother. So the King asked him where his mother was. The elephant replied that she was back home on Mount Candorana and must be worried and hungry as she was blind and had no one to feed her and take care of her. He was afraid that she would die. The compassionate King was touched by the elephant’s story and asked him to return to his blind, old mother and take care of her as he had been doing all along. He set him free in love and kindness. The happy elephant went running home as fast as he could. And he was relieved to find that his mother was still alive. He filled his trunk with water and poured it over his sick mother who thought that it was raining. Then she cried out as she thought that some evil spirit had come to harm her and wished and prayed that her son was there to save her.The white elephant gently bent over his blind mother and stroked her lovingly. She immediately recognized his touch and was overjoyed. Her son lifted her up and told her that the kind and compassionate King of Benaras had set him free and he was here to love and look after his mother forever. His mother was absolutely thrilled and blessed the kind King with peace, prosperity and joy till the end of his days. She was so thankful to him for sending her son back home. The white elephant was able to take good care of his mother till the day she died. And when he died himself, the King erected a statue of him by the side of the lake and held an annual elephant festival there in memory of such a caring and noble soul. The Story of Krishna and Narakasura Bhoomi Devi (mother Earth) had a son named Naraka. Even though Naraka was the son of a divinity, he had the nature of a demon. Naraka was powerful and he took pleasure in terrorising the inhabitants of the three worlds. Narakasura would raid and plunder the kingdoms of the three worlds. He did not even leavethe women and would kidnap them for his own personal harem. Narakasura heard that Indra, the king of the devas, had thousands of divine elephants in his army. Now Narakasura, greedy that he was, wanted to possess everything, so he attacked the heavens. Indra was helpless as he watched Naraka’s minions plunder the heavens. Naraka himself began pursuit of the devas. While pursuing the devas, a glimmering object far away caught his eye. Upon inspection, he realised that the glimmering object was mother Aditi’s (the mother of the devas) earrings. He assaulted mother Aditi and grabbed her earrings. Now Indra, feeling humiliated at his loss and even worse that his mother was assaulted, wanted revenge and he knew that there was only one person who was a match for Naraka. It was Krishna. Indra reached Krishna’s palace when Krishna was spending quality time with his wife Satyabhama. He told Krishna about the happenings and begged him for his help. Krishna was enraged that Naraka might lay his hands on mother Aditi and said that Naraka must die for his insolence. Satyabhama looked annoyed because Krishna was about to leave her. Wanting to please Satyabhama and Indra, Krishna decided to take Satyabhama with him into battle. Krishna summoned his mount Garuda (a giant eagle) and made way towards Naraka’s fortress. An impenetrable barrier of magic mountains surrounded Naraka’s fortress. The mountains were such that a barrier would come up from any side that Krishna tried to enter the fortress. Krishna, unperturbed, hurled his mace at the barrier and shattered the entire mountain range in one blow. A downpour of magical weapons rained down on them. Krishna fired multiple arrows and destroyed all the weapons. In this manner Krishna destroyed countless other magical barriers and finally reached Naraka’s fortress. Naraka’s palace was guarded by the five-headed demon Mura. Mura hurled countless weapons at Krishna, but Krishna shot each one down with his bow and arrow. Then Krishna picked up his flying discus and hurled it towards Mura dislocating Mura’s five heads. Mura fell to the ground, dead. Krishna challenged Naraka to battle and killed him easily. Bhoomi Devi then sang hymns in praise of Krishna and begged him to take Naraka’s son Bhagdatta under his protection. Krishna placed Bhagdatta on the throne and then freed all of Naraka’s prisoners. The devas showered Krishna with flowers from the heavens.
    • Karma 22 Old wives tales about pregnancy abound, and almost every pregnant woman is inundated by them. Even though you may not know the sex of your baby, you are sure to hear lots of people telling you whether you will have a boy or a girl based on the shape of your stomach, on the way you are carrying your baby, or on the position you had sex in when your baby was conceived. How true are these old wives tales anyway?According to research conducted by Yale University, they are completely baseless and the tales are nothing more than fanciful rumours. Baby’s Sex: If your stomach sticks out, it means nothing more than the fact that you have a small upper body, so your baby is pushing out since he has no where else to go. If you are carrying the baby wide, it is because your baby has positioned himself horizontally. If you are carrying the baby high, it is because your stomach muscles are not very strong; it does not that you are having a boy. Child Size: A big belly does not mean a big, tall child. The tallest of people may have been born to women whose bellies increased almost imperceptibly during pregnancy. Why then place so much belief in old wives tales? Essentially such sex-determination tales have a fifty percent chance of being right. So if you are pregnant and someone tells you that you are going to have a girl because you are carrying her low, and if you really do give birth to a girl, you will remember with amazement and wonder that your aunt had predicted your baby’s sex accurately and your own faith in the tail is bound to increase. But on the other hand if you give birth to a boy, you will forget who said what and no one would broach the topic again. Increased Odds: Of all the old wives tales out there, this possibly takes the cake: “To get pregnant, stand on your head after intercourse. Gravity will ensure that the egg gets fertilized.” Well, you can stand on your head all you want. It is good for you, but it will not help you get pregnant. Simply placing a pillow under the pelvic region and lying down in this position for a few minutes after sex should give you the extra push that is needed. Mother’s Pregnancy: Although women get many characteristics and physical attributes from their mother, their pregnancy normally does not depend on how their mother’s pregnancies were, unless of course it relates to a genetic disease. No, just because your mother had stretch marks does not mean you will have them too. If you look after your skin, moisturize it well, you just may be lucky and not develop any stretch marks at all! On the other hand if your mother had no stretch marks don’t think you will automatically escape them. Yes, if you take the benefit of your mother’s knowledge, like her, you too could get lucky ] Your body changes a lot at this time, and if you are unaware of what to expect, you may be subject to unnecessary worry. If you don’t know what to expect during pregnancy, you may be in for quite a few sleepless nights, as you wonder whether what you’re going through is normal. Here’s when you need to call the doctor, and when you don’t. Pain Women often get worried when confronted with slight sharp stabs of pain in the stomach. If the pain is severe, you should call your doctor, but if it is slight, there is nothing to worry about. Your uterus is growing, and it is applying pressure on the other organs of the body, due to which you experience some pain and discomfort. These are just growing pains. Spotting Women often get alarmed at the first sign of spotting. Spotting, if not accompanied by pain, is not a cause for panic. It often signals a greater need for rest, and your doctor may suggest bedrest for a few days. It is also not uncommon for a woman to spot during the time she would be expecting her period. Although most women don’t get their period during pregnancy, some women experience light bleeding throughout their pregnancy, on the dates they would be expecting their period. Don’t worry too much about spotting that is not accompanied by strong pain, but do make it a point to let your doctor know. Also, bleeding or spotting during the first month is very common. Many women don’t even realise that they are pregnant as they think they have had their period.
    • Karma 23 Iron Iron levels often fall during pregnancy. Be regular with your iron supplements, and eat foods rich in iron like beans, potatoes with skin, chicken, whole grains, enriched breakfast cereals and lentils. Don’t take iron supplements immediately after spinach, sweet potatoes, wheat or soy products, since these inhibit iron absorption. If you take chapattis with every meal, you could consider taking your supplement a couple of hours later, along with an orange and a glass of juice. This will ensure maximum iron absorption. Thyroid Thyroid medication is completely safe during pregnancy. If you have thyroid problems, let your doctor know so she can monitor your levels through your pregnancy. Leg Cramps You may wake up one morning, stretch, and suddenly experience unbearable pain shooting through a leg. The intense pain lasts for just a minute, but your legs may continue to feel slight pain for the next couple of days. Leg cramps are If you have been experiencing leg cramps, here’s an easy exercise to make sure they stay at bay. Stand a couple of feet away from a wall. Place your palms on the wall and lean forward, bending your elbows. Don’t bend your knees. Feel the stretch in your calves. Hold this position to the count of ten and let go. Do this five to ten times a day. Blood Pressure Many women experience elevated blood pressure at this time. If you have been thinking of investing in a blood pressure machine, now may be a good time to do so! In any case, your doctor should take your blood pressure every visit. If your blood pressure is on the upper limit, around 130/90, cut down on salt before your level goes up. There aren’t many symptoms, although blurry vision is one of them. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience vision problems
    • Karma 24 Herbal Remedies or Home made recipes are the best for any skin type. Below are listed a few herbal remedies that have various benefits. Basil (Tulsi) has antiseptic qualities. 1. Tulsi helps to heal pimples. 2. Tulsi face pack: add mint to tulsi leaves and crush both. Add a few drops of lemon juice and apply on th affected area to heal it. 3. Boil Neem leaves with Tulsi leaves and allow this water to cool down and then you can wash your face with this water as this will prevent pimples and any sort of allergies on the face, because of the antiseptic properties. Aloe Vera has many benefits: You can include aloe vera in your daily diet, as it benefits in multiple ways. Neem Neem is another herb to list. It is a wonderful herb that will prevent pimples, and infections on your face. Neem can also be eaten raw and will help you have clean mouth and a clean stomach. A clean stomach will result in a beautiful face. Your Skin Our face and hair reflects our inner health.So to look beautiful it is important that we are fit. To stay fit and look beautiful, follow these steps - - Drink at least 1 glass of warm water, the first thing in the morning when you get up.Take a good night’s sleep. You can eat fish, as it improves the texture of skin a lot. During the day, it is good to take atleast 8 glasses of water. It is good to eat a fresh fruits, like Blue Berries(Jamun), Black Berries(Falsa), Straw Berries, Rasp Berries, Red Berries, Apples, Oranges, Watermelon, Anaar, etc. .
    • Karma 25 Avoid food that is high in cholesterol, start thinking about about your health at an early age. Exercise regularly. It keeps your muscles moving and you will stay young for a much longer time. Apply Sunscreen daily before stepping out in the sun. Harmful Sun rays can damage the cells on your face and cause aging. You can also carry an umbrella to protect your skin. Simple India Beauty tips makes you look fresh forever. India is a country which is famous for its natural beauty tips. The queens also used to follow these natural beauty tips to look beautiful throughout their lives. Always young? To look young, you have to eat healthy and it will automatically show on your face.Drink a lot of water during the day to moisturize your skin. Include Aloe Vera in your diet as it has multiple benefits. Apply aloe vera on your face as it is a natural moisturiser and keep wrinkles away. Aloe Vera is a natural sunscreen and helps in rebuilding the tissues on the skin. You can use a mixture of saffron and milk to remove blemishes on the face. If you have open pores on the face, it will appear as wrinkles. You can apply tomato on the face to close the open pores. Wash your face with the face wash that suits your skin type, only twice a day. If you wash your face using the face wash many times then the skin may also start producing more oil, resulting in more pimples Beautiful Face: For a beautiful face, you need a beautiful smile.For a beautiful smile, you need strong teeth. For strong teeth, follow these simple India Beauty Tips: 1. For strong teeth, brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth before going to sleep is must as when you sleep germs can harm your teeth and make them weak. 2. Always do a mouth wash, after eating anything. You can also keep a good Colgate mouth wash in your office drawer, so that you can rinse your mouth properly after every meal that you take in office. 3. You must eat fruits that are high in calcium content to keep your teeth strong. 4. Change your tooth brush every month. Choose a tooth brush that suits your teeth (soft, medium or hard). 5. It is advised by Doctors that consuming cold drink immediately after a hot drink or hot drink immediately after a cold drink can harm tooth enamel, which is irreplaceable. So protect it. 6. Chewing sugar cane will strengthen your teeth, but avoid it if you are diabetic. 7. There are many tooth powders available in market, which make use of herbs. Some of these are Dabur Red Powder, Vicco Vajradanti and one Black powder. 8. In traditional Indian Homes, the shells of almonds and a number of other things are burnt and mixed with various salts (black, white, rock salt etc.) to make an excellent tooth powder with very little cost. 9. Indians also traditionally use soft and thin branches of NEEM TREE to brush their teeth and keep them strong. 10. There is an old Indian couplet also which says , But consult an herbs expert in our Mandir before trying this because method to prepare this tooth powder is typical.
    • Karma 26 Experience #1 THE WRONG TIME FOR MARRIAGE (Note:-the follower’s names has been changed for privacy) “He died?” I exclaimed in surprise, “how did he die, betty?” “He hanged himself in our living room…” she replied. I could sense the sadness and tears through the telephone as I realized that exactly what I feared had happened. “Did you do the second marriage ceremony that I had requested you to do?” I asked. “I remember a year ago I had told you to ask a priest to do a second marriage ceremony one year following the first ceremony for you and Rick…Did you do it Betty?” Her answer was, “No, I didn’t, we just exchanged rings at the restaurant.” “But that was not what I wanted you to do, Betty. Do you remember what I had told you fifteen months ago, that there was danger to this marriage because of the timing?” I said. “Yes I did”, She said, “but Swamiji’ said that it was ok to wait for later” I realized immediately that Betty’s Priest was at fault Betty was born under the life code number 6. I had known her for many years. She was a struggling single woman who worked very hard to take care of herself and her daughter. Her husband and her were separated more than 10 years ago. A year and a half ago she met Rick in 2001. her vedic year code with the year 2001 added up to the number 9. Also, rick’s life code was number 6. Thus Rick’s vedic year code also added up to a 9. Together their marriage code came up to 18 [666]. When she called me fifteen months ago and told me she wanted to marry Rick in the year 2001, I was totally against it. I had told her I was very happy that she did meet Rick and that he was her soul mate, but that the relationship cannot be consummated until January of 2002. Betty had insisted that Rick did not believe in any sort of astrology or vedic predictions and that he will not listen to my advice about postponing any marriage relationship for later. I practically fought with her to bring him to see me, but he would not come. Betty pleaded with me to find some solution to the situation. I finally conceded on one condition: that she sould do the marriage ceremony twice between her and Rick. She agreed to talk to the priest, Pundit Chu, who agreed to do the ceremony 12 months later again. After that, the ceremony took place, Betty got married in August of 2001 and I did not hear from Betty again until two months ago. The year is 2004, and both Betty and Rick are now experiencing Vedic Year Code number 3. Now both of them would run a Vedic Marriage Code of 6 for the year. Betty had called me about two months ago and told me about how Rick was depressed. And once again I insisted that she should bring him to me. Once again Rick refused to come and see me. Now, two months later, Betty is calling me with the news that I feared. I was very sad and disappointed, not with Betty, but with Pundit Chu, who, as a reverend and holy leader, should have insisted that Betty and Rick should remarry again. Had he done this second ceremony, Rick’s life would have been changed. The year is 2008, and Betty has remarried to Ray, who’s Lifecode is number 8. Their marriage code is 5 and Betty is somewhat happier, but because of her sufferings, cannot find any trust in her marriage with Ray. As her guidance counselor, I have been able to help her spiritually survive Rick’s death and she has found a lot of peace and tranquility in having the knowledge of the Life code. The above story illustrates how powerful the Vedic science of Life code is needed for people to understand the path to happiness. Had Rick come and seen me and understood the knowledge of the Life code, or more importantly, if the second marriage ceremony had been performed, it would have helped them to avoid a path of depression that eventually led Rick to suicide. One can argue
    • The Monkey and the Crocodile Once upon a time, a clever monkey lived in a tree that bore juicy, red rose apples. He was very happy. One fine day, a crocodile swam up to that tree and told the monkey that he had traveled a long distance and was in search of food as he was very hungry. The kind monkey offered him a few rose apples. The crocodile enjoyed them very much and asked the monkey whether he could come again for some more fruit. The generous monkey happily agreed. The crocodile returned the next day. And the next. And the next one after that. Soon the two became very good friends. They discussed their lives, their friends and family, like all friends do. The crocodile told the monkey that he had a wife and that they lived on the other side of the river. So the kind monkey offered him some extra rose apples to take home to his wife. The crocodile’s wife loved the rose apples and made her husband promise to get her some every day. Meanwhile, the friendship between the monkey and the crocodile deepened as they spent more and more time together. The crocodile’s wife started getting jealous. She wanted to put an end to this friendship. So she pretended that she could not believe that her husband could be friends with a monkey. Her husband tried to convince her that he and the monkey shared a true friendship. The crocodile’s wife thought to herself that if the monkey lived on a diet of rose monkeys, his flesh would be very sweet. So she asked the crocodile to invite the monkey to their house. The crocodile was not happy about this. He tried to make the excuse that it would be difficult to get the monkey across the river. But his wife was determined to eat the monkey’s flesh. So she thought of a plan. One day, she pretended to be very ill and told the crocodile that the doctor said that she would only recover if she ate a monkey’s heart. If her husband wanted to save her life, he must bring her his friend’s heart. The crocodile was aghast. He was in a dilemma. On the one hand, he loved his friend. On the other, he could not possibly let his wife die. The crocodile’s wife threatened him saying that if he did not get her the monkey’s heart, she would surely die. So the crocodile went to the rose apple tree and invited the monkey to come home to meet his wife. He told the monkey that he could ride across the river on the crocodile’s back. The monkey happily agreed. As they reached the middle of the river, the crocodile began to sink. The frightened monkey asked him why he was doing that. The crocodile explained that he would have to kill the monkey to save his wife’s life. The clever monkey told him that he would gladly give up his heart to save the life of the crocodile’s wife, but he had left his heart behind in the rose apple tree. He asked the crocodile to make haste and turn back so that the monkey could go get his heart from the apple tree. T h e s i l l y crocodile quickly swam back to the rose apple tree. The monkey scampered up the tree to safety. He told the crocodile to tell his wicked wife that she had married the biggest fool in the world. The Stork and the Crab Once upon a time, there was a stork that caught the fish in a particular tank. The stork always had a full meal. As the years went by, the stork grew older and weaker. His ability to catch fish diminished. At times he would even starve. He knew he had to do something to survive. One day he stood by the side of the tank with a very forlorn look on his face. The frogs, fish and crabs wondered why he was not trying to catch any food. A big crab asked him what the matter was. The stork answered that he was sad because all the fish in the tank were going to die and he would have to starve. He said that he had heard that people were going to fill the tank with mud and grow crops over it. The fish were very worried and asked the stork to help them. The stork offered to take all of them to a bigger tank some distance away. But he said that he needed to rest between trips because of his age. He would only be able to carry a few fish at a time. The stork took a beakful of fish on his first trip. He flew to a big Karma 27 that maybe it was time for Rick to die or that it was not his time to die, but that is a weak excuse for people avoiding the path of knowledge concerning their selves. One cannot say that the blessing and opportunities were not presented to all three of the individuals involved, the priest, Betty and Rick. Each one of these individuals had a free will in choosing whether to follow a positive or a negative path. It is clear that the priest chose the negative path and did not make a sincere effort to remind them about the second ceremony. It is also obvious that Rick was not open minded and that Betty could have believed more in prayer to the point of where she could have influenced Rick a lot more into a spiritual path. This would have guaranteed a second ceremony, even if it was not the same priest that was required to do it. To get a better prospective of the powerful benefit of Lifecode knowledge, let us analyze a second case. EXPERIENCE #2 SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP AT THE WRONG TIME Sunil, a devotee of the temple, was a single guy seeking to get married. One day while he was attending the various functions of the temple, he met Sunita, another devotee of the Temple, and fell in love. They decided to consult with myself, the Swami, about getting married. Since Sunita lived in New York, they wanted to get married within a month when she returned. After careful analysis of their life charts and with the observation that Sunda’s life code number is 8 and Sunita’s life code is 9, I warned them about starting a relationship in the year 2007 when they met, the reason being that Sunita’s life code would match negatively with the year code (number 9) and any marriage or sexual relationships will result in possible death, separation or financial difficulties. They both promised to wait until the year was finished before starting any intimacy in their relationship. Needless to say, I observed that in 2008 Sunda’s yearly code [8 +2008] will result in a 9. After careful advice and instructions, they and I agreed that we will do a ritual prayer to offset the negativities before they can get together intimately. I also extracted a promise to them that they would agree to get married twice within the next two to three years, in other words they have to perform two marriage ceremonies before the marriage can become satisfactorily happy. All in agreement, Sunita went back to New York and Sunda waited fore her. Two months later, in July of 2007, Sunita came back to do the special prayers required to start the relationship. Sunda and Sunita were scheduled to perform these prayers a few days after she arrived to the Temple. Thinking that the Swami would not know or their actions, Sunda and Sunita secretly went to the hotel straight from the airport and became intimate with each other. Not realizing the consequences of their sexual relationship before the ceremony and urged by lustful desires, they broke the promise with me and thus created the future karma that I feared most. I realized immediately that now the path of their relationship will become a negative one though I did not instill them any fear of this negative path but I advised them to pray for forgiveness. I proceeded to perform the marriage prayers. Sunita took most of the blame for what happened but asked for forgiveness. After starting to live together, Sunita purchased a $50,000.00 mercedes benz and Sunda lost his job after a month into the marriage. Six months later, the Mercedes benz was repossessed by the dealer because Sunita could not afford the payment and Sunda’s mother quarreled with Sunita. Both Sunda and Sunita came to me to settle their differences. And in all those times, I reminded them that they violated the rules when they slept with each other prior to the ceremony, and that is why they have to suffer the consequences of their actions. It is the year 2008, one year after I performed their marriage ceremony. Both Sunita and Sunil never performed the second ceremony as requested. One day, Sunda called me and told me that he is sending Sunita back to New York. I consented immediately, I told him to send her back to New York because I realized that this is what was needed to repair the relationship. Even though they did not perform the second ceremony, the simple act of separating from each other while Sunda is experiencing a number 9 vedic year code, will bring them back together in a happier and more divine connection.
    • Karma 28 Here is a case where all of the separation and troubles in a relationship could have been avoided if they had followed some of the rules I presented to them. My feeling that it was lust at first sight that created this problem, and had it been real love at first, each person would have waited patiently and they would have not lost two years of their life without progress. This is a clear indication of how people can avoid negative karma in their life if proper knowledge of their life code is followed. The vedic science of life code can prevent such things as death, sickness, divorces, separation, infertility, depression, health problems, wars and more. It is truly the science of the future and if used by every individual on earth, it will present unlimited prosperity for everyone. Experience #3 THE DANGER OF MOVING INTO THE WRONG HOUSE Kami was a devotee of the Swamiji. Every time she wanted to do something new she would consult with Swamiji. After getting married to Chubby, who being a #3 lifecode person was a perfect match for her, she got married with blessings of every one. Before having the child, she wanted to buy a house, so after a long search she found one that she liked.Her Life code being #8, the house was very appropriate for her it was a #6 house and the sum of that was #5 which was good for Kami. However the #6 house was not compatible with Chubby and Swamiji insisted that they should look for another house. “My dear Kami, even though I know that you like this house very much, I do not recommend it as your husband may be in danger from sickness or death.” “Ok Swamiji, I will look for another house.” Replied Kami A few days later she returned to the temple with her husband and met with the divine teacher. “Namaskar Swamiji, My husband does not want another house. He insists that we buy this same one. He wants to talk to you about it,” requested Kami as she bowed and took a seat in front of the Holy teacher. “Hi Swamiji,” said Chubby as he did the same. “You cannot have lived very successfully in this house, Chubby,” said Swamiji said as he blessed them with a smile. “But I like this house and I do not agree that it is a bad house.” said Chubby as he looked very doubtful in his expression. “Well even though you may see the house as harmless, the number of the house indicates that negative forces present there will affect your health and your happiness.” said Swamiji “I do not believe in this, Swamiji. I am still going to buy the house.” replied Chubby adamantly. “Well, I am very unhappy to hear that, but you still have my blessings.” said Swamiji as he turned to Kami, “Please let me know if you have any problems, my dear.” After bidding Swamiji goodbye they left. Chubby and kami moved into the house as they said they would and Kami got pregnant while living there. After the baby was born Swamiji again heard from Kami, who reuested a name for the baby. Incidentally the life code # of the child was #9, indicating that Kami and Chubby had some unhappiness in the house during the pregnancy. A few months later Kami called Swamiji in a frantic voice. “Swamiji, Swamiji, Chubby is very sick and is in the hospital. The doctors have assessed the disease as Cancer. I need your help and blessings. Do you think he will recover from this if you pray for him.” said Kami in a distressed voice. “I will see what I can do, my dear Kami. You know I had warned you about this house number and its effect” “I know that you had warned us but Chubby never believed it, but I love him dearly, Swamiji. Please see if you can save him.” She said in tears. Swamiji then visited Chubby at the hospital. He prayed for Chubby to get well and even though Chubby participated in the rituals and prayers he still was not as devoted as he was supposed to be. He still had his arrogance and did not seem to believe in the Swamiji’s teachings. However he was able to come out of the hospital. After a few months in the #6 house he ended up in the hospital again and a few weeks after he died from a reappearance of the cancer. Kami out of the house after selling it and she stayed with her parents in #4 house where she was much happier. As you can see from the above, the house number where you live in is very important. If you add you Birth Life code # to the House and it results in a #9 or a #6 then you should not buy or live in that house. The same will apply to apartment numbers and suite numbers. Even if you go to stay in a hotel you should choose the best room number that matches your life codes. For more help call immediately “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar“, who is the ONLY Atharva Vedic scholar / swamiji in the whole nation and in the western countries. ‘ DO NOT WAIT ANY MORE”. Call now the Toll Free# 1- 888 808 1418
    • Karma 29 -Param Pujya, His Holiness, Jyotish Samrat, Param Purush, Atharva Veda Thilak, Siddha Purush, Mahrishi “ Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar” - The word Jyotishâ is derived from the Sanskrit word which means the light of knowledge. It is the science of light which is the most time-tested system of astrology in the world. The word “jyotish” is derived from the Sanskrit word “jyoti” which means the light of knowledge. It is the science of light which is the most time-tested system of astrology in the world. Being one of the six disciplines of the Vedanga, it is also called as the Vedic astrology, or the Aagam Shaastra or the Indian astrology or the Hindu astrology. This knowledge of science originated in the Vedic civilization of Bharat or India. The Jyotish forms a part of the many manuscripts and translations taken from the Vedic scriptures. It is the instructional element of the Rig Veda, and as the Vedanga, it is referred as the Eye of the Veda having the phenomenal reality and the wisdom. It offers a holistic approach to living and to spiritual practice within the life of Hindus predominant in India. There are many branches in the Vedic astrology as given below. Siddhanta - This branch deals with the astronomy and its application to astrology. Samhita - This branch, also called as the Mundane astrology deals with the predictions of the important events related to countries such as the war, the earth quakes, the political events, the meteorology, the financial positions, the electional astrology, the Vaastu Shaastra, the animals, the portents and the omens. Hora or Predictive astrology - This branch has many different styles or sub branches as given below. The Jaatak Shaastra or the Hora Shaastra or the Natal Astrology or the Horoscopy: This branch deals with the predictions based on an individual horoscope. The Muhurt or the Muhurtha or the Electional astrology: This branch deals with the selection of the beneficial time to initiate an activity to get maximum result from the life activities. The Swar Shaastra or the Phonetical astrology: This branch deals with the predictions based on the name and the sounds. The Prashna or the Horary astrology: This branch deals with the predictions based on time when a question is asked by some one. The Ankjyotisha or the Kabala or the Numerology: This branch deals with the astrology based on numbers. The Nadi Astrology: This branch deals with an ancient treatise which provides the detailed predictions for the individuals. The Tajik Shaastra or the Varsha Phal or the Annual Horoscopy: This branch deals with the astrology based on annual solar returns. The Jaimini Sutras: This branch deals with non-conventional method of timing of events based on famous Indian astrologer, Acharya Jaimini. The Nastjaatakam or the Lost Horoscopy: This branch deals with the art of tracing or the construction of lost horoscopes. The Streejaatak or the female astrology: This branch deals with the female nativities. The Grahas/ Planets The Graha means any heavenly body which casts an impact on human affairs. Referred as the planet, it also includes the lunar nodes, the Rahu and the Ketu and the sub-planets or the upgrahas which are not planets but no less effective than planets. The Graha means any heavenly body which casts an impact on human affairs. Referred as the planet, it also includes the lunar nodes, the Rahu and the Ketu and the sub-planets or the upgrahas which are not planets but no less effective than planets. The extra-saturnine planets such as the Uranus, the Neptune and the Pluto are not included in the category of the Graha. The list of nine grahas according to the Vedic astrology is given below.
    • Karma 30 supernatural influences The Graha means any heavenly body which casts an impact on human affairs. Referred as the planet, it also includes the lunar nodes, the Rahu and the Ketu and the sub-planets or the upgrahas which are not planets but no less effective than planets. The Graha means any heavenly body which casts an impact on human affairs. Referred as the planet, it also includes the lunar nodes, the Rahu and the Ketu and the sub-planets or the upgrahas which are not planets but no less effective than planets. The extra-saturnine planets such as the Uranus, the Neptune and the Pluto are not included in the category of the Graha. The list of nine grahas according to the Vedic astrology is given below. The Rashi or the Signs The Sidereal zodiac is an imaginary belt of 360 degrees, divided into 12 equal parts where each twelfth part of 30 degrees is called the sign or the rashi. The Sidereal zodiac is an imaginary belt of 360 degrees, divided into 12 equal parts where each twelfth part of 30 degrees is called the sign or the rashi. They also recognize twelve zodiac signs, or Rashis: The rasis are further divided into several categories as given below. The Trikona or the Triangular groups The 1st triangle is formed by the Aries, the Leo, and the Sagittarius representing the group of the Agni-Tatwa or the fire signs.The 2nd triangle is formed by the Taurus, the Virgo, and the Capricorn representing the group of the Bhu-Tatwa or the Earth signs. The 3rd triangle is formed by the Gemini, the Libra, and the Aquarius representing the group of the Vayu-Tatwa or the Air signs. The 4th triangle is formed by the Cancer, the Scorpio and the Pisces representing the group of the Jala-Tatwa or the Water signs. The Kendra or the Quadrangular groups The 1st quadrangle is formed by the Aries, the Cancer, the Libra, and the Capricorn representing the Chara or the Movable rasis. The 2nd quadrangle is formed by the Taurus, the Leo, the Scorpio, and the Aquarius representing the Sthira or the Fixed rasis. The 4th quadrangle is formed by the Gemini, the Virgo, the Sagittarius, and the Pisces representing the Dwichara or the Dual rasis. The Bhava or the Houses Based on the position of lagna in the chart, an individual horoscope is divided into 12 bhavas or houses. There are two types of house system. The whole sign house system The Sripathy or the Porphyry house system Based on the position of lagna in the chart, an individual’s horoscope is divided into 12 bhavas or houses. The basic inherent qualities of the houses include the nature and the qualities of the rasis, the planets and the nakshatras. The sign in which the lagna or the ascendant is placed becomes the 1st house. The sign next to that (clockwise in the south chart and anticlockwise in a north chart), becomes the 2nd house. The other signs are placed in the similar manner. The 1st, 5th, and 9th houses are called the trikonas or the trine houses and are the most powerful and auspicious houses. They are also referred as the Lakshmi sthanas as they rule all kinds of prosperities. The 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are called the kendras or the quadrants which are also auspicious and powerful houses next to the konas. The 3rd and the 11th houses are called the upachayas or the houses of growth. The 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are called the dusthanas or the bad houses. Similarly, the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses are referred as the dharma houses. The 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are referred as the artha houses. The 3rd, 7th, and 11th houses are referred as the kama houses. The 4th, 8th, and 12th houses are referred as the moksha houses. 1st house - The first house or the Lagna is also called as the Tanu Sthana representing the native, the appearance, character, the longevity, the health, the nature, and the purpose of life.
    • Karma 31
    • Karma 32
    • Karma 33
    • Karma 34 2nd house - The Second house is called as the Dhana Sthana, representing the wealth, the speech, the family, the face, the right eye, the mouth, the education, the food, the charity and the death. 3rd house - The Third house is called as the Bhatru Sthana representing the younger brothers and sisters, the courage, the servants, the subordinates, the communications, the talents, the skills, the sports, the business, and the short distance travels. 4th house - The Fourth bhava is called as the Matru sthana, representing the mother, the home, the relatives, the office or the factory, the emotions, the domestic and the house related happiness, the landed property and the conveyances, the education, the mental peace, and the chest and the lungs. 5th house - The Fifth house is called as the Putra Sthana, representing the children, the education and the intellect, the creativity, the mantra, the tantra and the pooja. 6th house - The Sixth house is called as the Shatru Sthana, representing the health, the illness, health, the injuries, the loans, the sports, the maternal uncle, the enemies and the opposition. 7th house - The Seventh house is called as the Kalatra Sthana, representing the spouse, the sex life, the reproduction and the genital organs, the partners, the enjoyments and the Kundalini shakti and the death. 8th house - The Eighth house is called as the Ayu Sthana, representing the destruction, the accidents and the failure, the family of spouse, the dowry, the physical pains, the inheritance, the legacies, the death and the insurance. 9th house - The Ninth house is called the Bhagya Sthana, representing the luck, the prosperity, the guru, the father, the religious and the spiritual progress, the knowledge of the scriptures, the sadhana, the pilgrimages, the foreign travel and the foreign trade, and the grandchildren. 10th house - The Tenth house represents the profession, the status, the business, the authority, the father, the mother-in-law, the power, and the honors and the achievements. 11th house - The Eleventh house represents the gains and the income, the good news, the money, the elder brothers and the sisters, the friends, the hopes, the daughter, the son-in-law, the long distance travels, the air lines and the entertainment. 12th house - The Twelfth house represents the losses, the waste, the expenses, the foreign countries, the imprisonment, the death, the sleep, the donation, the foreign stay, the sadhana and the Moksha or the final liberation. Nakshatra or The lunar asterism The zodiac is divided into 27 equal parts of 13 degree 20 minutes each which is called as the Nakshatra.The zodiac is divided into 27 equal parts of 13 degree 20 minutes each which is called as the Nakshatra.Each nakshatra is further divided into four equal segments known as the charan or the pad. Nakshatra has an important place in the astrological match making, the Mahurtha, the Panchanga and the Prashana affairs. Veshaish Lagna - Special Ascendants According to the Sage Parasara, there are few special lagnas which can be used for certain clear purposes. They are as given below.Chandra Lagna - It is the ascendant counted from the natal Moon sign and is the most important langa. Surya Lagna - It is the ascendant counted from the natal Sun sign. Karak Lagna - It is the signification taken as ascendant for all grahas. Varnada Lagna - It is specified for the social company. Shri Lagna - It is specified for the prosperity and the marriage. Indu Lagna - It is specified for the wealth. Hora Lagna - It is specified for the financial prosperity. Gati Lagna - It is specified for the name and the fame Yoga or the planetary combinations According to the Vedic astrology, yoga implies the combination. There are hundreds and thousands of yogas. According to the Vedic astrology, yoga implies the combination. There are hundreds and thousands of yogas. Some yogas such as Chandra yoga, Dhana yoga and the Raja yoga are important. Shadbala or the six fold strength .The Shadbala refers to the six fold strength combined to find the effect of planets on the lives of the natives. The following strengths are the parts of the Shad Bal. 1. Sthan Bal or the positional strength .2. Dig Bal or the directional strength 3. Kaal Bal or the temporal strength 4. Chesht Bal or the motional strength 5. Naisargika Bal or the natural strength 6. Drik Bal or the aspectual strength
    • Karma 35 Chettinad Samayal / Cooking -Vishalakshi Kalyani Aval Kesari Ingredients : Aval - 2 cups :Milk - 1/2 cup :Sugar - 2 cups :Cashew - roasted 2 tbsp Ghee - 1/2 cup :Cardamom - 2 :Orange food color Preparation : In a pan, add 4 cups of water, color and cardamom. Now add aval to the boiling water. Keep stirring. Let it cook for few mins. Then add milk to the pan, Keep stirring. After the aval is cooked now add sugar to the pan. Now you will get a kesari texture. Bring down the heat and add cashew and ghee. Serve it hot. Mangai Pachadi Pachadi is a side dish for south Indians as raita for North Indians. Pachadi is commonly eaten with rice and lentils. Main Ingredients : Mango and Jaggery Ingredients Mango - Peeled and sliced 1 cup ;Jaggery - 1 cup; Chilli - 1; Seasoning - 1 tbsp ;Curry leaves
    • Karma 36 Preparation : Heat the pan, add little oil. Then the seasoning and curry leaves. Add chilli and Mango. Add little water to cook. Now add jaggery. Let it be in a low flame. When you get the thickness. Serve it with rice Pepper Garlic Kuzhambhu Ingredients : Black pepper - 2 tbsp :Garlic - 1 cup peeled :Channa dal - 2 tbsp :Urud dal - 2 tbsp Malli seed - 2 tbsp: Jeera - 1 tsp :Sombu - 1 tsp :Turmeric - 2 tbsp: Red chili - 5 Tamarind paste - 2 tbsp :Sesame oil - 1/2 cup :Salt to taste :Curry leaves :Seasoning - 1 tbsp Preparation : In a kadai, dry roast - Channa dal, black pepper, jeera, sombu, urud dal, malli seed, red chili. Allow it to cool, then grind into a powder. Then in a pan, add oil. Wait till the oil gets hot. Then add mustard, urud dal and curry leaves. Now add garlic. Add tamarind paste with little water. Add turmeric to the pan. Now add the powder to the pan. Let it boil till oil separates. Serve it hot with rice. Chow Chow Kottu Ingredients: • 1 Chow Chow (Medium):• 1 Onion:• 1/2 Cup moong dal:• 1 tsp Urad dal • 1 tbsp Coconut (grated):• 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder:• Few green curry leaves • 1/4 tsp Chilli powder:• Oil for frying:• Salt to taste Method: • Peel the chow chow and cut into pieces.• Cut the onions and green chillies. • Mix moong dal and little amount of water.• Add turmeric powder.• Cook it in a pressure cooker for 5 minutes.• Mix onions, green chillies and chow chow pieces. • Pour 1/2 Cup water.• Boil the mixture till chow chow pieces turn soft. • Now add turmeric powder and salt.• Mix cooked moong dal and add chilli powder. • Boil it over medium flame till the mixture turns thick.• Keep it aside.• Heat the oil. •Add cumin seeds, green curry leaves and urad dal.•Allow them to splutter. • Pour it on cooked chow chow mixture.• Stir it.• Adorn with grated coconut. Healthiest Ways to Cook Your Favorite Meals Even if you use the healthiest of ingredients in your recipes, certain cooking techniques can actually eradicate the goodness from foods. For healthy cooking, give the following techniques a try: 1.Avoid using charcoal or gas grills, as these can increase the production of cancer-causing chemicals. Use an electric grill, instead. 2.Steam your vegetables. Boiling depletes vegetables of many of their nutrients, while steaming removes far less of the good stuff, leaving vegetables with a wonderful taste and texture. 3.To reduce the amount of fat when cooking, use broiling, baking and roasting pans (drizzle your items with extra- virgin olive oil instead of drowning them in margarine). Chinese steamers is also good low-fat cooking option. 4.Never microwave anything in plastic wrap or plastic containers. If you must microwave, use glass containers and covers. 5.Replace all saturated fats in your kitchen with extra- virgin olive oil, canola oil (organic), grape seed oil - these monounsaturated fats are much healthier than the saturated ones.
    • Karma 37 This temple located in Dayton, OH is the only Biggest Hinu Mandir in the whole USA to settle problems to Black Magic, Kala Jadoo, Court Cases, Enemies, life and Death situation, serious marriage problems, Immigration Problems, Business problems,serious health problems like cancer, heart attack, tumor, aids etc., Job Problems, Your Children’s drinks, drugs and unwanted relationship problems CALL IMMEDIATELY TOLL FREE @ -1 -888- 808 1418 IMMEDIATELY TO COME OUT OF YOUR PROBLEMS. Do not live with your problems Goddess Pratyangira is an Ugra Avatar or powerful incarnation of Mother Goddess Shakti. One school of thought is that Pratyangira Devi is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. She appeared when took the Sharaba Avatar to control the Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu. Goddess Atharva Pratyangira is a female form of Narasimha and the tradition has it that she appeared to control both the Narasimha and Sharaba Avatars. Kali Sahasranama Stotra refers to Pratyangira Devi as Narasimhika. Some other texts associate her with Bhairava form of Shiva. Pratyangira Devi has the face of a lion. She has four arms. In Tantric worship, she is black in color and sometimes depicted as nude. This form of Mother Goddess is beyond imagination. She takes this angry form to keep Adharma under check. She appears to restore dharma. She is propitiated for protection. Goddess Pratyangira an attempt by human mind to give form to the formless Supreme Truth – here the dominating aspect is of fear. Pratyangira, the symbolic representation of this deity is shakti. Each form of the deities is created with a definite purpose. So, why Pratyangira? This question takes us to Prahlada charitra. WeallknowLordNrsimhaappearedtodestroyHiranyakashipu. We all know the demon king had one of the complex boons with regard to his death and he thought he had conquered death. Narayana had to come down to finish the arrogance of this demon and save his bhakta, Prahlada. Here begins the story and the answer to Why Pratyangira. Rakshas is the adhama form of existence. Manushya is a slightly better form. The rishi- munis come in the next strata while the devas occupy the next strata. Gods are the next and final layer directly connected to the cosmic creations and controlling them. Including gods, all of them have forms, figures, attributes, gender and limitations. I repeat, even Gods have limitations. Parabrahma is the only nirguna nirakara tatva which is ultimate and called satya. Nrisimha is none but Sakshat Narayana. By drinking the blood of a rakshas, he looses his natural godly attributes. Possessed by the rakshatva, even after the destruction of Hiranya, Nrisimha’s ugra could not be pacified. He was in a dhvamsa mode, which made everyone tremble. Shiva came to pacify him and he could not succeed. The humkara of Nrisimha was jolting everything and everybody. Lord Shiva took yet another ingenious form to extricate the effects of the demon in Nrsimha. He took the form of Sharabha a bird and human combination with two wings of shakti. One wing was Shulini and the other was Pratyangira. Sharabha’s efforts or shulini’s efforts could not control the Lord. Pratyagira was released
    • Karma 38 from his wing and she takes the female form of Nrisimha. The war was between the purusha and the prakriti. What was this war for? To establish satvikata…, to establish satya. She redeems Narayana to resume the satvik form. She is recognized as aparajita and atidevata of nikumbala dharma. Indrajit was an adept of this vidya. Ma Pratyagira represents satya and impeccable justice. She will not help even her own devotees if the cause is not just. That is precisely the reason why Indrajit could not complete his yagna. Let us see the morale of Indrajit’s story. Vibhishana refused to indulge in the fight against Rama as that was not for the right cause; because it is against dharma. Therefore he defied his own brother and sought refuge at Rama. There is an eternal debate going on Vibhishana’s stance. Indrajit was different. Not that he agreed with the cause, Indrajit thought his dharma as the son of Ravana was to support his father. He was an adept in Nikumbala yagna. He was also recognized as Aparajit (Unbeatable because of this vidya). But his cause was not dharmic and Ma Pratyangira did not support her own favorite devotee and the fact that he died in the war is everybody’s knowledge and proof to this fact. Because she is a symbol of truth and justice, naturally ill effects will be nullified for those who worship her. Associating this form with blackmagic and so on is very sad. The way I was initiated into this was a regular and simple method of chanting the mantra and learning to do havan etc. But the actual expectation by my guru was the yogic method of reaching siddhi through the kundalini shakti. She is introduced to me as Mahakundalini and Nadabrahmamayi. To be honest, my serious learning of music started after the initiation of this mantra and my quest for Nadbrahm began there. The thousand headed form indicates the sahasrara and the script that I have indicates the chitagnikunda and shavasana. I gave my script to one vaishnavite gentle man, just a part of it. He was overwhelmed by it. Unfortunately he mistook the words shavasana and chitagnikunda etc. for the blatant meaning of the words. He asked me to accompany him to Banaras and help him to sit on a corpse and do ahuti on a burning corpse! Oops. I felt like puking. My heart sank with gross sadness. What is meant here is to invoke kundalini while in shavasana (the knowledgeable and enlightened will understand that both are paradoxical states) and give the ahuti of aham at the chitagnikunda, which is the sahasrara. I explained it to him and asked him to try to achieve such a state if possible. He thought I was very arrogant and was extremely angry. With the fractional script that I gave him he tried to perform homams claiming himself to be an adept. While going for one such homam he met with an accident and died. People claim that she is the deity for removal of black magic. If so both Chinmayi and I have suffered the worst from this problem. How would you answer that? Yes, my worship has kept us both intact, but we were not unaffected. We have suffered the worst so many times. We were in a war kind of situation. We held tight on dharma. And she saved us several times. Worshipping her helps you circumvent the negative periods of shani, rahu or ketu dashas and bhuktis. But we have simpler ways to redeem such problems. She is essentially a devi of a larger, much much larger purposes. My heart aches when she is misrepresented. My heart aches much more when she is used as the commercial commodity for receiving petty material benefits. Shatrumadhye or ranasankate, she is a great helper provided you have justice on your side. She certainly does not help rakshas. ( you know rakshas is not a species, but an attribute only). She is a deity to be worshipped for winning a war by a nation, saving a dharmic purpose and such other mighty and noble reasons. She is certainly not for the appeasing of petty desires of man and certainly not to help anyone who indulges in doing wrong for others. That is why forty years back, my guru said, “ This worship is very sacred and keep it as an atirahasya. She will reveal at the appropriate time. You will also understand why you were given this initiation at an appropriate time. She will also reach you to your destination at an appropriate time”. I understood why he said so. But for her we would have perished by now.
    • Karma 39 The following are the few of our Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar’s Indian Devotees spiritual experiences and benefits that, they have received from our beloved swamiji Millions of devotees of Swamiji Siddhars may narrate their experiences whenever and wherever they meet or assemble. Here is an experience of an ardent devotee. A top ranking A professional of a power utility, had to undergo a lot of mental torture in his profession due to a problem for which he was not responsible, sought the blessings of Guruji. Guruji blessed him in the very first Pournami pooja and in the Arul vakku was told that all the problems would be solved smoothly and would be put in a better position in recognition of his expertise in the power sector. This came true and he was put in an important position in the management. On the very day, SWAMIJI said in the Arul Vakku that his daughter would be married soon in a fitting manner and he even said that on the day of the wedding (which happened to be during the monsoon period) the rains would clear out and not hinder the wedding ceremony. The devotee’s son, a computer software professional in USA for over a decade, wanted to come back to India for good. Swamiji , in his Arul vakku, said he would come back to India with a job similar to the one he had in USA and purchase a big bungalow and be blessed with children when he returned. This “Vakku” came true to the last word and today the son is a top software engineer in a leading Indian computer firm and is well settled with his family and twin sons in Chennai. Similar to the experiences of this devotee, several IAS, IPS officers, leading textile merchants, political leaders, and needless to mention several hundred devotees have been blessed and are leading peaceful and contented lives after they submitted their problems and requests to Swamiji. They continue to visit the temple regularly and contribute their mite in material and service. Swamiji does not take any money for Arul vakku and blessings. All goes to the Temples benefit only An academician who got employed in Bahrain... As a fully qualified person in the field of Human Resources and Business Communication but not worked in a college as a lecturer, I happened to come across an advertisement from the Govt. of Bahrain in 1999 calling for application for the post of a lecturer in one of their colleges with a minimum teaching experience of 5 years. I requested Swamiji whether I can apply for the above, in spite of pessimistic advice from my friends and relatives, as I did not have the basic requirement of 5 years experience. Swamiji advised me to apply and he even wrote in the application form “OHM”. To everyone’s surprise I received the appointment order after attending the interview. Nobody knows what made the Govt. of Bahrain to waive the prerequisite condition (it is all Swamiji blessings...) When I was working in the college, the Head of the Dept. suddenly asked one day to deliver a lecture on “Experience”. I prayed to Guruji and Lord Muruga to give me all the input for the lecture. I presented the lecture which was well appreciated by my colleagues who were hailing from USA, UK, Iran, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Egypt, etc. The college administration gave me the “Best Lecturer Award”. It is now very clear that the above experience (blessings of our Swamij Siddhar) is incredible, the divine power of our Swamiji is immeasurable, and the depth of compassion of Sri Swaminatha Bala Murugan is beyond our comprehension. I owe and place all my success at the lotus feet of my living God Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar in USA - K. Santhakumar Neelakantan , Triplicane, Chennai, India Spiritual Experience of an young and upcoming sportsman.. I would like to share with you all my experiences with our beloved Swamiji Siddhar Maharaj .My parents and myself invariably attended the siddhar pooja at the temple every Sunday, as we strongly believed in him. I am a Table Tennis player representing
    • Karma 40 TN and India at some events I know miracles happen but hadn’t experienced it in my life. In the year 2000 at my Sub Junior level with the blessings of Swamiji , I had a good start that and was competing for the number 1 spot .I suddenly fell severely ill with stomach infection and was admitted at the hospital. It looked, as I had to give up my playing Table Tennis as I was advised to rest for 2 months and the ranking tournaments were fast approaching. I went and prayed to Swamiji and told him how severe my health was. Swamiji blessed me and also asked me to stay away from even going to the next door to play. When I heard this news I felt very sad because I had some important matches the very next week, and my parents almost asked me to give up sports and concentrate only on studies But to my greatest surprise I got news the very next day from my friends that all the tournaments to be held that month were postponed by 2 months. It was a miracle indeed. I recovered in the next 2 months and went on to become the State Champion that year rank as No. 1 player. I believe and always seek Guruji’s blessings with a lime before every match I go. Till day I have made it a point to always have the lime that Guruji gives me not only for my Table tennis but also for all my important things. I have seen and experienced the strength of our Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar and his blessings. Naresh Kumar, Royapuram, Chennai,India A former high ranking professional of an autonomous body… I was thrown out of a moving town bus in July 2008 and the massive rear tire of the bus ran over my right thigh, inflicting two deep wounds and three bones broken. I got admitted in the nearby clinic and later shifted to a Multi-specialty Hospital for further treatment. While getting transported by an Ambulance to the Hospital our Swamiji phoned up to me (on getting information through my brother, who is his staunch devotee) and stated that by Lord Shiva’s Grace I was spared from further hardship. He further said that he has prayed to Lord Shiva for my speedy recovery and sent Vibuthi packet and lemon fruit to the Hospital the next day. Thestorydoesnotendhere.TheOrthoSurgeonafteranalyzingthe X Rays till midnight, came to the conclusion that no emergency operation was needed and the wounds could be healed. I was in the Hospital for 12 days and got discharged with Plaster of Paris bandage and after imparting training to walk with the help of a ‘walker’. During my stay in the Hospital, Swamiji spoke to me reassuringly again and said that Lord Shiva would help me in all respects. I am now taking treatment for healing of wounds and physiotherapy. Now I pose the following open questions: a) I had Swamiji’s Vibhuthi/ Holy Ash packet and lemon fruit in my LEFT pant packet; but got ran over on the RIGHT thigh. What is the reason for this phenomenon? b) My association with Swamiji is only for a month. In spite of that, am I so fortunate to get His Grace at this crucial juncture? c) Is time frame not needed to get His Grace? In that case what is then needed to get His Grace? The only answer I could think of, is our Swamiji is my Savior with full of compassion. Long live our Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar is my prayer to the Lord. With Pranaams to our Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar Dhanasekaran Pillai, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, India Experience of a Tamil speaking Indian Canadian now Settled in Canada I would like to share two different experiences with Swamiji in my personal life. Before coming to Canada, I was in Chennai and I was working for Ashok Leyland Ltd. I wanted to migrate to Canada with my family. I approached our Swamiji in this regard. After being blessed by our Swamiji , both me and my wife went to New Delhi to apply for Canadian Visa. On that particular day, in New Delhi, our interview before Canadian immigration officer went on well in the morning hours and we were asked to come back in the evening to collect our visas. Since we had booked our return flight ticket for the same day, we vacated the hotel room where we were staying and came to Canadian High commission with all our belongings, well in time. Since taxis were not allowed to park near high commission, our taxi had to be parked in a nearby street, which was about one kilometer from the high commission building. The taxi driver was waiting there with our belongings in the taxi. Around 5.00 p.m , after receiving our visas, with our heartfelt thanks to Lord Shiva and my Swamiji , both my wife and myself were walking on our way to taxi. It was a calm evening where not many people were seen in around the area and we had to cross three streets to reach our taxi. When we reached the turning of the street where our taxi was parked and we were only a few yards to get into the taxi, suddenly a stranger approached me and threw red chilly powder into my
    • Karma 41 eyes and tried to snatch the brief case from my hand. Somehow it struck to my sense instantaneously; I held my brief case tight in my right hand fell on the floor and struggled to retain the brief case from being snatched away. The brief case contained all our credentials, passports, visas and related immigration documents. Simultaneously, my wife started screaming out of fear: “Robber….Robber”. To our wonder, a young man suddenly appeared on the scene in his motorbike. Having understood the critical situation, he just dropped his bike on the road, ran and came to rescue us and started hammering the robber with his helmet. In the process of hitting, the young man’s helmet itself got broken. The robber could not withstand the blows from the stranger; he ran away and managed to escape by getting onto his bike which already was parked at a nearby distance. The young man who rescued us, with all his kindness continued to be with us until we left the place safely with our belongings and bid farewell to us. This incident remind us our Guruji’s Arulwakku, on leaving Chennai assuring our safe and successful return and Lord Shiva’s presence with us at the time of distress in the form an young man who rescued us from the thief. But for his help, we would have lost our brief case and hence all our credentials and immigration documents were inside. Just because of this miracle, we are safe alive now live in Canada as Blessed by Swamiji and so was Lord Shiva’s wish. Although, currently we are living in Canada now, I personally maintain my contacts with Swamiji , consult him and continue to seek his Blessings and guidance in my endeavors. In the recent past, I wanted to venture into an import and export business from Canada. I sought Swamiji’s permission and Blessings for the same. But,Swamiji sincerely advised and not to proceed with that proposal and warned against its adverse effects. Still out of greed, I continued with that business. But, finally landed up in a huge loss. I am currently struggling to get rid of this financial crisis. Once again, as usual, I have sought Swamiji’s mercy. Swamiji has magnanimously agreed to relieve me from this crisis within the earliest possible time. In both the above incidents, Swamiji could foresee the ultimate outcome. He advised me accordingly if I could proceed further or not. In the first incident, even something that was not in our control (a sudden attack by a thief), Lord Shiva came for our rescue and we were miraculously saved without any bit of loss. In the second incident, since I did not obey to Swamiji’s word; I ended up with severe loss. To the feet of our Beloved Swamiji , Mr Gopinath Narasiman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada TRIBUTES FROM EMINENT PERSONALITIES Thousands of devotees throughout India who have benefited by the Arul vakku and blessings of our Swamiji have paid rich tributes. Due to lack of space, we have included excerpts from only two well known devotees.We apologize for not including the tributes of others. (Late) Dr. K. Venkata Subramanian, M.A., B.L., B.T., Ph.D., Former Vice Chancellor, Pondicherry Central University,paid his tributes on the felicitation function in honour of our Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar From his tribute : “I had the privilege of coming into contact with the sacred Guruji for the last few years. He is a great soul of prayer and devotion. He is a divine man who has the grace of Lord Shiva amply. I feel that Lord Shiva Peruman ( shiv Ji) speaks through him. “Savants like him can save humanity from its present day troubles and turmoils. I join the scores of his devotees in offering my humble salutations to him today.”(Late) Sri K. Rajaram, former Member of Parliament, former Speaker of Tamil Nadu State Assembly, former Minister of Tamil Nadu, in his tribute to Guruji Dr. A.R.Varadararajan stated as follows : “Wherever Tamilians go, especially to foreign countries, they take Murugan with them either in the form of pictures or idols. In the Murugan temples situated in various parts of Tamil Nadu, the Vadapalani Murugan temple is also a famous one, worshipped by thousands of people, which was built by Siddhars. “I had the oppurtunity through my friend to visit the Siddhar Peedam, of Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar inAnaikatti, Coimbatore India. There I had the privilege of meeting with Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar, affectionately and reverentially called ‘Siddhar, Without expecting anything in return for him personally , he performs the pujas, Homoms to the devotees welfare Siddhars and through his Arul Vakku whoever comes there gets their problems solved and go with happiness.
    • Karma 42
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    • Karma 44 - Param Pujya Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Kal means death and Sarpa means snake. The person born under Kal Sarpa Yog passes through sufferings and agonies throughout the life. The Kal Sarpa Yog is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu. Kal Sarpa is of 288 types few of them are Karkotak Kal Sarp Dosh, Ekdant. The effect of each one varies. Hence a detailed and thorough analysis is to be conducted to demarcate its effect. How is the Kal Sarp Yog formed ? If all the seven planets come between Rahu and Ketu then Kal Sarp Yog formed.If rest seven planets come in between Rahu & Ketu then it is not good. The person who takes birth in Kal Sarp Yog suffers from various problems like child problems, loss in business, family problems etc. Rahu is known as snack and Ketu is its tail. All planets come under the execs of Rahu & Ketu because of which Kal Sarp Yog is formed in horoscope. This Kal Sarp Yog can be formed in any person’s horoscope and those who have Kal Sarp Yog in their horoscope, inspite of having all kind of facilities they will always suffer from tension, fear, insecurity.Just like a person bitten by snake cannot sit comfortably similarly a person who has Kal Sarpa Yog in his horoscope always fear from death.Because of its evil effect the Kal Sarpa Yog is known as Kal Sarp Dosha. Kal Sarpa Dosh should not be confuses with Nag / Naga Dosha or Karaka Dosha Why is Kal Sarp Yog formed? Kal Sarp yog is more dangerous than other malefic yoga. Kal Sarp Yog effects a person till 47 years and some time throughout his life, its depend upon the position of Kal sarp yoga. If all the planets are placed between Dragon’s-head (Rahu) and Dragon’s- tail (Ketu), it is considered to be a Kal Sarp yoga. According to Indian astrology, there are many types of Kal Sarp yoga. If inauspicious planets like Mars and Saturn are placed on the opposite side of ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’, then it is considered to be a partial Kal Sarp Yoga. If in horoscope all 7 planets are between Rahu and Ketu but partially few planets are outside the axis of Rahu and Ketu then Partial Kal Sarp Yog is formed. If only one planet is outside the axis of Rahu and Ketu then also Partial Kal Sarp Yog is formed. According to the situation of Rahu in 12 houses of horoscope there are Kal Sarp Yogas of 12 major types. Anant Kal Sarp Yoga, Sheshnag Kal Sarp Yoga;Ghaatak Kal Sarp Yog:Kulik Kal Sarpa Yoga: Shankhchud Kal Sarp Yoga: Vishdhar Kal Sarp Yog: Vasuki Kal Sarpa Yogas:Padma Kal Sarpa Dosha: Takshak Kal Sarpa Yog: Shankhpal Kal Sarp Dosha:Mahapadma Kal Sarp Dosha: Karkotak Kal Sarp Yog The Kal Sarp Yog is further categorized into two types- Uttari Golaardh Kal Sarp Yog and Dakshini Goalaardh Kal Sarp Yog. It is believed that if all the 7 planets are eaten away by Rahu’s mouth then it is Ascending Kal Sarp Yog. If all planets are situated in back of Rahu then Descending Kal Sarp Yog is formed. Effects of Kal Sarp Yog : A person having a KalSarp Yoga in his horoscope faces problems of instability in his life, defamation, problems in progeny, mental disturbances. A person affected by KalSarp Yog will see Panthons and Sanakes in his dreams. A person affected by KalSarp Yog has to struggle all through his life. KalSarp Yog negates the positive effects of the house where it starts and ends. This way the benefit one is supposed top get is completely stopped. The native having KalSarp Yog suffers from mental unrest, hurdles in gain of wealth, barriers in having children and uninterrupted disputes in married life. Usually the native sees bad dreams and there is danger of sudden death. Different fears and worries persist.The native does not get full reward of his talents. Normally the success in work is delayed.
    • Karma 45 Sudden loss of money or prestige is an indication of this yoga. The native without any reason suffers from diseases that are not cured by medicine. It causes malefic impact on houses occupied by Rahu and Ketu. It causes malefic impact on houses aspected by Rahu and ketu. It spoils the benefic planets joining with Rahu and Ketu. It causes severe hardship when related with Sun and Saturn or the lords of the houses occupied by Sun, Saturn,Rahu and Ketu. Its impact will be clearly noticed during periods and interperiods of Rahu and Ketu. Its impact is more severe when Rahu/Ketu are in 1,5 or 9th position from themselves or Sun, Mars and Saturn. Ketu is always 180 degrees from the longitude of Rahu .Ketu’s aspect is less malefic than Rahu - For Example, If someone has a KalSarp Yog affecting the First and Seventh house it will cause him prolonged illness and will adversely affect his/her relationship with his/her spouse. Following are some other effects of Kal sarp Dosh : 1. Hurdles in every important and auspicious work. 2. Lack of Mental peace 3. Low self-confidence 4. Deterioration of health and reduces longevity of life. 5. Poverty and destruction of wealth. 6. Destruction of business and loss of job 7. Poor Relations with family members and friends/ colleagues. 8. Treachery from friends and business partner. Impact of Kal-Sarp Yoga : Kal Sarp dosha with Rahu in first house and Ketu in 7th house: Downfall, loss of position and reputation, mishappening, marital discord, loss of wife and children. Kal Sarp dosha with Rahu in second house and Ketu in 8th house : Reduction in wealth and health causes poverty, worries defects in body and lot of traveling. Kal Sarp dosha with Rahu in 3rd house and Ketu in 9th house: Involved in criminal activities, unpopular, waste energy and wealth, selfish, accident prone and paralysis is possible. Kal Sarp dosha with Rahu in 4th house and Ketu in 10th house: Loss of property, disappointment, loss of job and business, unhappiness, sarpdosha unhappy and unsettled life Kal Sarp dosha with Rahu in 5th and Ketu in 11th house: Heavy losses in litigation, failure in love affair, loss of children and betrayal by friends. Kal Sarp dosha with Rahu in 6th house and Ketu in 12th house: imprisonment, secret enemies, bad health and serious sickness and set backs in married life. Duration of Kal-Sarp Yoga : Rahu in 1st house: KalSarp Dosha effect lasts up to 27 years of age. Rahu in 2nd house: KalSarp Dosha effect lasts up to 33 years of age. Rahu in 3rd house: KalSarp Dosha effect lasts up to 36 years of age. Rahu in 4th house: KalSarp Dosha effect lasts up to 42 years of age. Rahu in 5th house: KalSarp Dosha effect lasts up to 48 years of age. Rahu in 6th house: KalSarp Dosha effect lasts up to 54 years of age. For more help call Swamij immediately in USA @ 408 829 780
    • Karma 46 -H.H Parampujya Swamiji “ Sri Selvam Siddhar” Maharaj What is Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha ? The name Manglik dosha means a Dosha or a defect caused by the effect of planet Mars. Manglik Dosha is found in the kundli or Birth Chart of the Native. A comparative analysis of the Birth Chart, the Moon Chart & the Navamsha is done to conclude whether a person is Manglik or not. Manglik Dosha is also known as Kuja dosh. How is Mangalik Dosha formed in the kundli/ Jathakam ? Mangalik Dosha is formed when Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th house from the ascendant (lagna), Chandra lagna (moon sign) in lagna horoscope, Chandra horoscope or navmansha horoscope. The highest degree of this Manglik dosh is formed when mars is placed in ascendant or the seventh house. These two placements form two most severe manglik dosh out of which placement in seventh is the most severe of all. Next in severity in decreasing order come the mars in eighth house, then forth and then twelfth house. In addition to mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and ketu’s placement in the houses mentioned above also forms partial Manglik dosh. Why Mars causes this Dosh ? Mars is considered the most malefic planet as far as marriage of a person is considered. Mars is a fierce planet and its placement in certain houses results in Mangalik dosha. Marriage is considered as one of the most auspicious ceremony. In Hindi the word Manglik denotes auspiciousness. Hence a manglik dosha makes the even inauspicious or causes problems in this event. What are the effects of Manglik Dosha ? The most common effect of Manglik dosha is - Delay in Marriage. Manglik dosha causes the marriage to be solemnized as late as at the age of 34 years, 38 years and even in 40s.Apart from this if a manglik boy/girl is married to a non-manglik spouse then the event of death or severe accidents have been witnessed by many couples which lead to death, permanent disability of the non-manglik spouse. Manglik dosh formed by mars is believed to cause following effects: 1. Delay in getting married :2. Difficulties in marital life: 3. Continuous fight between couple.4. Divorce:5. Death of the spouse: Manglik dosh formed by other malefic planets: 1. Delay in getting married: 2.Difficulties in marital life: 3. Continuous fight between couple Manglik dosh causes excessive delay in the marriage. There are so many Boys/girls who are afflicted by this dosha and because of this, there are going through a bad phase of life whether it is due to delay in marriage, fight between couples or divorce. Hence, it is advisable that a Manglik boy or girl must always be married to a manglik partner only. Some experts have the opinion that the Manglik Dosh is neutralised when the native reaches his late 30s in life. I personally, disagree on this point because in my experience of more than 45 years i have come across many such mishaps caused because of this belief. It is a further belief, that a manglik girl will have problems in marriage till her Manglik dosh is NOT solemnized. What are the remedies for Manglik dosh ? At some places you will observe a list of remedial measures mentioned to solemnize the manglik or kuja dosha. kuja dosha CANNOT be solemnized by following some common remedies by all. To suggest a remedy for the manglik dosha it is necessary that a thorough analysis of the birth chart is done. In some cases, i also advise Palmistry analysis for people in whose cases the exact horoscope is not available. Positive Effects of Mars Mars is a hot planet and plays a very important role in our horoscopes. It is the planet of action and our capacity to project emotion - its nature is that of a brave warrior, one who is also ruthless and rash . A correct balance of Mars energy is most desirable in all lives - but unfortunately, only a lucky few possess this dynamic balance. Mars is the planet of emotional excitability, which can become violent at the slightest instigation. Mars is exalted in Capricorn a sign owned by Saturn that depicts discipline; it is quite evident that once Mars energy is harmonized and made to act in a disciplined fashion it can be a very powerful and auspicious force in our lives. On the positive side, a strong Mars is necessary to give us the energy, independence, will and self-confidence to carry out our endeavors. Without this we would have no real interest, passion or motivation to carry out anything to an end and accomplish its objective. On the negative side, the same aggression brings about competition, argument and conflict - which, if unchecked can lead to domination, violence, injury and disaster. For more help call Swamiji immediately @ 408 829 7780. Toll free 1-888-808-1418 Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha
    • Karma 47 If your name starts with” S” or your last name starts with “ S ” then read it Every successful person in the world is born with an ‘A’ or ‘S’ initial or by number 1. ‘S’ is governed by number 1 in numerology. Number 1 is a fire element number and is ruled by sun. In one of my previous articles I mentioned the special qualities of A & S initials. I got mails and requests from many readers regarding a separate article for ‘S’ initials where their qualities could be discussed in detail. So I decided to write an article on ‘S’ initials separately. If one looks around to see the list of successful people, one will witness innumerable examples with ‘A’ or ‘S’ initial because they are among the most powerful initials in Numerology. Why do most successful artiste have a name with ‘S’ initial? Why are most of the rags to riches stories about persons with ‘A’ or ‘S’ initial?‘S’ possesses the might, glow and power of the Sun. It is also influenced by number 19 (19th alphabet). As a result, it is a slow but consistent in life. It attains gradual rise in life and creates a niche for itself in whichever field it moves. One can also find many examples where a child with ‘S’ initial rose to heights of success and fame at an early age. This is found when they are assigned a lucky name spelling influenced by the master numbers 11, 22 or 33.A person whose name begins with ‘S’ has spiritual roots and follows a spiritual path. It holds within it, individuality and ambition but often feels alone. They are independent and courageous and set examples of subtle ways to express emotions, which can create cooperation. They are very conscious about their self respect. The vibration of ‘S’ is emotional but it must not be misunderstood as a tolerant temperament. They are charismatic in public relations. Few famous personalities with ‘S’ initial are Sonia Gandhi, Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Shakespeare, Sushmita Sen and evenSaddam Hussein.And this does not end the list because every year the list of meritorious students in IIT, CPMT, CAT, IAS, PCS and other competitive examinations contains nearly 60 % students with ‘A’ or ‘S’ initial and nearly 25% are those with ‘S’ initial only. Some peoples might start thinking that mostly the names start with these two initials only. I would just request them to see the list of applicants which will clarify that not more than 35% applicants have names beginning with ‘A’ or ‘S’. But the list of successful persons in every field contains only the two initials in majority, with ‘S’ dominating the creative field and the sports or athletic field. Few days back I suggested Sonu Niggaam (30th July 1973), the famous singer, to use his original spelling & wear a yellow sapphire of 7 rattis. He is governed by number 3 as per the date of birth and his name (number 12) vibrates perfectly in affinity with the birth numbers. With the use of an unlucky spelling he lost ‘Sa Re Ga Ma’ and his movies flopped. His annual ruling as per the name was extremely negative in 2003-04. Following my guidance has given his album ‘Chanda ki Doli’ a very good public response along with other opportunities. Often people ask me to change their spelling not knowing whether a name correction is actually required or not. I suggest that they must let a numerologist decide and not jump to conclusions. A change in name can make as well as mar one’s life, so it must be taken seriously. SPECIAL DIRECTIONS:- ‘S’ initial is most suited to those born in January, September, October, November and December. ‘S’ initial must NEVER be assigned to those born in February, July and August. ‘S’ initial is the luckiest for those born on 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 20th , 28th and 29th . Persons born on 6th, 15th, 24th have also been extremely successful with this initial. But they must be assigned a name governed by master numbers (11, 22 or 33) or an extremely lucky name spelling which is compatible with their date of birth. Such a name initial results in a drastic failure after great success. Saddam Hussein is the best example to illustrate. ‘S’initial must NEVER be assigned to those born on 5th, 14th, 23rd or 8th, 17th and 26th of any month. It makes them suffer a lot in life and fills their lives with miseries. ‘S’ initial if assigned to a child born on Karmic dates 13, 14, 16 or 19 makes him/her indecisive and the sufferings of the malefic effect of Karmic numbers are intensified. Persons with ‘S’ initial must call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar in USA to safeguard them from health ailments, various problems in their life, since Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar is the ONLY Atharva Vedic Scholar in UA and western countries who can help you immediately to come out of your difficulties. Call Swamiji in the Toll Free @ 1-888-808 1418 initials are Successful, Sensational & skillful
    • Karma 48 Dreams and its meanings Based on Atharva Veda Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Dreams reveal a lot about our present past and future events. Get your Dream(s) analyzed by me and I know what secrets are hidden in your dreams. Does something haunt you in dreams? Consult us and we will help you find the answer to the puzzle in it The human get often dreams. Sometimes very scary, sometimes funny, sometimes happy. I normally get at least on an average of more than 2100 people contacting us regarding their concerns about their various dreams. Hence I have made a small “dictionary” for the dreams. Secure this wonderful magazine always in your home, so that you could use as a reference guide for you or you could help your friends or family when a need arise to interpret about a dream. Also you are welcome o call me @ Toll free 1-888-808 1418 for more help. My temple doors are 24 hours opens for you and for your family to give unconditional help and love. To interpret dreams, you need to determine what type of dream you are dealing with. There are two categories that they fit into, those that are generated from within your physical body and mind and those that come from your spirit guides or tutors. They have different purposes and its necessary to recognize what these differences mean to you and how they interact in your waking and dreaming state.The dreams that originate with the physical body are for your functioning and survival in the world of physical nature. They deal with your physical and psychological well being. These dreams are like your manager and janitor who try to keep body and mind tidy for your general well being.Then, there are those dreams that have a mystical and special characteristic to them which are for your spiritual development and progress. They produce instant knowledge and information that is beyond your ability to garner through intellectual or logical means. Why you get information when you sleep. When you are asleep, so is the physical component of your self. The five senses, smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing, and hearing, and your ego, the controlling master, are all temporarily suspended from activity. Sleeping allows the other sense that you have, the sixth sense, to take over for awhile with out much interference. This is when both the physical body and your spiritual essence can perform maintenance simultaneously to help unwrinkled parts of your life. Its ironic that this is the state of being that psychics and mediums practice for years to achieve, and everyone enters it every time they fall asleep Abandon:-To dream that you are abandoned denotes that you will have difficulty in framing plans for your future. Abbey:-To see an abbey in ruins foretells that your hopes and schemes will not be completed. Abdomen:-To see an abdomen in your dreams foretells that you have great expectations and that you should double up your energy level. Abhor: To dream that you abhor or hate a person denotes that you shall entertain a strange dislike for some person and your suspicion of his/her honesty will prove correct. Abortion: For a woman to dream that she assents to abortion means that she is contemplating some enterprise which when carried out shall bring her disgrace and unhappiness.Abroad: To dream that you are abroad or going abroad foretells that you shall soon have a pleasure trip to a foreign land. Abyss: The image of an abyss is a danger signal. If the path leads to an abyss and no further, then it is advisable to return. On the other hand, a path leading down into an abyss can signify that the dreamer should acquaint himself with a situation in all its depths. Accident: To dream of an accident is a warning to avoid any mode of travel for a short period as you are threatened with loss of life. Aches:-To dream of having aches implies that you are putting too much in your business and that some other person is profiting by your ideas. Actor/Actress: - To dream of an actor or actress denotes that your present state will be one of unbroken pleasures and favors. Adam: - WhenAdam appears in a dream, or the dreamer sees himself as Adam, the images of an initial situation are presented. Academy:- To visit an Academy in your dreams denotes that you will regret opportunities that you have left past, through sheer idleness and indifference. Afternoon:-To dream of an afternoon denotes that you will form friendships which will be everlasting and entertaining. Alligator:-To dream of an alligator is a dream of caution that something dangerous is lurking around you. Amputation:-The loss of a member in a dream is a warning signal. The loss of a leg indicates impeded progress, or the loss of an intellectual or spiritual base. The amputation of a hand can be interpreted as the loss of freedom to act. Angel:-An angel in a dream can also be regarded as a symbol uniting material and psychic aspects. Ants: This dream means many petty annoyances during the day and general dissatisfaction in life. Apple:-In younger people’s dreams, the apple frequently has an erotic significance. In mature people’s dreams, the apple is a symbol of spiritual fertility. Arrow:- Pleasure follows this dream. Entertainments, festivals and pleasant journeys may be expected. Aunt:- Dreaming of one’s Aunt indicates that you will receive sharp censure for some action, much to your distress. Automobile ;-To dream of riding an automobile denotes that you will be restless under pleasant conditions and will make a change of your affairs. Baby :To dream of crying babies is indicative of ill-health and disappointments. Baker:-The baker is the symbol for that inner aspect of the dreamer which is responsible for spiritual nourishment. Bald- Head :-To dream of a bald- headed man denotes that cheats are on the look to adverse your interests but if you keep awake you can outsmart them. Ball:- Like the sphere, the ball is a symbol of totality.It indicates processes of alteration and change.:-Banana:- This dream foretells that you will be mated to uninteresting and an unloved companion.:-Baptism:The dream image of baptism indicates that it has become necessary to liberate oneself from old,
    • Karma 49 obstructive and incorrect attitudes. :Barn:-If the barn appears to be full of grains then it is an omen of great prosperity.:-Bath:-The image of a bath or bathroom occurs particularly before decisive turning-points in the dreamer’s life. The water in the dream bath symbolizes spiritual energy. Bats:-Sorrows and calamities from evil works are against you when you dream of bats. Battles:-Battle signifies striving with difficulties and a final victory over the same. Bear:-The bear appears mostly as a helpful, motherly, earthy animal.The bear can appear as an indication of the neglected motherly side character. On the other hand, the bear embodies a powerful natural force also. Bed:-A bed which fills the whole room means that the dreamer awards sexuality too much significance in his life. The reverse is true when the bed is too small or too narrow. Bees :-Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements. Beggar:-This is a sign of bad management and unless economical you shall lose much of your property. Bells;-To hear bells tolling in your dream implies death of distant friend. Belt:-The belt denotes vitality and sexual potency. For women dreaming of it , the belt is a symbol of virtue and purity. Bird:-Birds live in the air, the world of the pure intellect. Birds in a dream symbolize intellectual matters. Birth:-The process of birth in a dream is a sign for the beginning of something new. If men dream of childbirth, it is an allusion to the origination of new ideas, career prospects. Blood:-Loss of blood can indicate loss of love, but can also indicate a necessary spiritual sacrifice. A blood transfusion can be seen as spiritual enrichment .Boat Boat symbolizes bright prospects, if upon clear water. If the water is murky then unhappy events are likely. Bombs:-Things of this nature are to be regarded as danger signals. They can conjure up past war-time experiences. They can indicate events which have caused shock. Books:-Dreaming of studying books indicates pleasant pursuits, honors and riches. Bottles:-Dreaming of bottles is good if it is fully filled with liquid and is transparent. Bread:-Bread symbolizes ‘the staff of life’, and also spiritual invigoration. Bread always assumes a positive significance in dreams. Bridge:-Whenever a bridge appears in a dream, the psyche is signaling that a difficulty can be reconciled or bridged over. Buildings:-To see large buildings is significant of a long life with many travels and explorations to distant countries. Bull:-The image of a bull is not unfavorable, as long as the dreamer sees it as an indication that corresponding psychic energy should be tamed. Burglars:-With this image, the dream is expressing the invasion of the dreamer’s imaginative sphere by unconscious elements. Burial:- Death represents a process of change. Frequently something new replaces that which has been symbolically buried. Marriage to someone close to the deceased usually occurs. Butterfly:-The butterfly appears in a dream as a symbol for a mind which is going astray. It also denotes prosperity and fair attainments. Cab :-To ride a cab in a dream is significant of pleasant avocations and average prosperity. Cabbage:-It is bad to dream of cabbage. Disorders may run riot in all forms in your life. Cage:-Dreaming of a cage full of birds indicates that you will be the happy possessor of immense wealth and many beautiful and charming children. Cakes:-Dreaming of cakes and pancakes denotes that the affections of the dreamer are well placed and a home would be bequeathed to him. Cancer:-To dream of a successful treatment of cancer denotes sudden rise from obscure poverty to wealthy surroundings. Candles:-To see candles burning with a steady flame denotes the constancy of those about you and a well-grounded fortune. Canopy :-The canopy is one of the attributes of a ruler. In a dream, it can be a show of male sovereignty. Car :-In a dream, the car symbolizes the motive energy or the vitality of its owner. Both the size of the car and its external appearances can indicate how the dreamer is regarded by the world about him. A speedy sports car can be a sexual symbol. Carnival:-To dream that you are participating in a carnival portends that you are soon to enjoy some unusual pleasure or recreation. Carnivores :-Carnivores symbolize strong aggressive tendencies. This signifies the threatening and negative aspects female sexuality has for men. The dream animals which signify male sexual aggression in women’s dreams are mostly smaller carnivores like polecats and wildcats. Cash: To dream that you have plenty of cash means that you shall be looked upon by others as a worthy man. Castle :-Castles and fortresses, like all buildings, should be seen as the zone of the dreamer’s psychic life. They are also mother symbols, representing the sheltering and protective aspects of motherhood. Cat :-To dream of a cat denotes ill-luck, if you do not succeed in killing it or driving it away from your sight. Cave, Cavern :-To dream of a cave or a cavern indicates that many perplexities will assail you and doubtful advancement because of adversaries. Cemetery:-To dream of a cemetery indicates that you shall soon get unexpected news of the recovery of one who was seriously nearing death. Chains :-Chains symbolize a tie or a bond. This can apply, in a positive sense, to marriage. The negative significance of chains is imprisonment. A shackle in a dream, and also the familiar fashionable gold chain round the ankle, can imply masochistic tendencies. Chair:-To see a chair in your dream denotes failure to meet some obligation. If you are not careful then you have to vacate some of your profitable positions. Chickens:-To see a brood of chickens denotes worry from many areas, some of which will prove to your profit.
    • Karma 50 Child :-The child symbolizes a new potentiality. Usually, the dreamer is being informed of the possibility of a new attitude to life. If the dream child is ill or on the verge of death, this is a warning signal. Childhood :-Childhood is frequently re-experienced in a dream. The dream refers to long-forgotten events which perhaps unconsciously still play too great a role in the dreamer’s life. Chocolate:-To dream of chocolate, denotes that you will provide abundantly for those who are dependant on you. Christ :-When the image of Christ occurs, it should at all events be taken as a serious signal. It indicates that man cannot come to terms with the idea that his life is purely a meaningless coincidence. Church :-If the dreamer finds himself in a church, this indicates the necessity of giving some thought to the meaning of life. Experience has shown that church dreams appear particularly when the dreamer avoids such consideration far too much in real life. Circle:-To dream of a circle, denotes that your affairs will deceive you in the proportions of gain.:-Circumcision :-The image of circumcision or of similar rituals in a dream indicates the necessity of becoming aware of one’s animal instincts. Clergyman, vicar :-If a clergyman or vicar appears in people’s dreams, the dream is indicating the necessity of giving some thought to the meaning of life. In general, the image of a priest can also contain an allusion to his helpful function as a spiritual physician. :-Climbing:-To dream of climbing a hill or a mountain and reaching the top indicates that you will overcome the most formidable obstacles between you and a prosperous future.:-Clock: To dream of a clock implies danger from a foe. To hear a clock strike means that you are to receive some unpleasant news shortly. Clothes :-To dream of soiled and torn clothes denotes that deceit will be practiced to your harm. Clouds:-The symbolic significance of clouds being dark and heavy is that misfortune is likely soon. If rain is falling it denotes troubles and sickness. Coat :-The coat is a symbol of protection and also disguise.As a rule, these tendencies apply to the dreamer’s personality. This image can also indicate that those around him need protection. Cock-Crowing:- To dream of hearing a cock crowing in the morning is significant of good. If single it denotes an early marriage and a luxurious life. Coffin:-This is an unlucky dream. It denotes accumulation of debts, unhappy unions and death of loved ones. Coins:-To dream of gold coins denotes prosperity and pleasure derived form sight-seeing and Ocean voyages. Colors :-It is often asserted that people rarely dream in color. This is untrue. The following should be considered when interpreting the individual colors: BLACK must be regarded as a signal of a state of non awareness in the sense of a standstill. WHITE can indicate forebodings of death. YELLOW is like gold. In a dream, it is the color of mental, intuitive activity. RED is a symbol for animal instincts and aggression. ORANGE is a particularly strong signal for activity. BLUE is the color which symbolizes the intellect. It indicates dispassionate thinking. PURPLE is a signal for special significance. BROWN is preferred by neurotics and indicates unconscious complexes. VIOLET in a dream symbolizes conflict situations arising between the body and the intellect. Comet:-To dream of a comet implies that you will have unexpected trials, but you shall tackle them bravely and rise to heights of fame. Cooking:-To dream of cooking denotes some pleasant duty will devolve on you. Many friends shall visit you. Corn, cornfield :-The cornfield is a symbol of fertility. A waving cornfield in a dream is an extremely positive signal. It indicates a rich harvest. Corpse:-A corpse in a dream is a danger signal of the highest order.It indicates sorrowful tidings and gloomy business prospects. The young will suffer many disappointments and pleasures shall vanish. Dagger:-A dagger in a dream denotes threatening enemies. If you are able to wrestle and get the dagger then it means that you can counteract the infleunce of your enemies. Daisy:-To dream of a bunch of daisies implies sadness but if you dream of a field full of daisies in bloom then it indicates health, happiness and prosperity. Dance :-Dreaming of dancing children signifies to the married that they will be bestowed with loving, obedient, intelligent and cheerful children. Dark: To dream of darkness signifies that any work you might attempt shall not materialize. Death :-Death is, for the psyche, a process of transformation. Things which die in a dream are frequently replaced by something new. Decapitation :-Decapitation in a dream is not necessarily of such a dangerous nature as it may seem at first glance. It means that the dreamer has trapped himself in a situation where there is now way out. The symbolic decapitation indicates a way out of this mental predicament. Desert :-If the setting for a dream is the desert, this should be seen as a danger signal.This image gives symbolic expression to modern man’s isolation in the mass society of today. Devil :-The devil appears in dreams when the dreamer has suppressed religious problems from his consciousness without seriously considering them. Doctor:-His appearance signals a threat of spiritual equilibrium. As a rule, he shows the dreamer which problem needs treatment. It is possible that the doctor appears purely as a warning signal. The dream doctor often signals psychic conflict - and also the outbreak of physical illness - long before the first symptoms can be determined. Dogs:-To dream of a vicious dog denotes enemies and unalterable misfortune. To dream of a dog fondling you, denotes great gain and constant friends. Domestic animals :-In dreams, domestic animals symbolize helpful psychic functions. Donkey :-Riding on a donkey means being in command of one’s animal instincts. In the language of dreams, a donkey does not possess its proverbial stupidity. Door:-To dream of entering a door denotes slander and enemies from whom you are trying in vain to escape. Dove:-A dove in a dream denotes platonic relationships. It also indicates the creative thoughts which arise form a platonic relation. Dragon:-The dragon symbolizes the threatening and devouring aspects of the female personality. A battle with a dragon, however, always signifies the dreamer’s battle with himself or with an unconscious aspect of his psyche. Driving_ To dream of driving signifies unjust criticism of your seeming extravagance. Drowning:- This denotes loss of property and life. If in the dream you are rescued, then you will rise from your present position to one of wealth and honor
    • Karma 51
    • Karma 52 Zebra :-To see a zebra in your dream, represents perfect balance, unity, harmony, and the attraction of opposites. Alternatively, it signifies that you are spending too much time in trivial and varying matters . Zenith :-To dream of staring up into the zenith, symbolizes your potential. You are pushing your limits and overcoming obstacles in pursuit of your goals. Zephyr :-To dream of soft zephyrs, symbolizes your desire for love and happiness over wealth and fortune. Zero:-To dream of a seeing zero, signifies absolute freedom and super-consciousness. It could also warn you that you are going around in circles or that you have nothing. Zigzag :-To see zigzags in your dream, represents you indecision or erratic behavior. It may also indicate that you are being defensive about something Zinc :-To see zinc in your dream, signifies that your business or educational pursuits will go through a process of positive renewal and energetic progress. Zinnias :-To see zinnias in your dream, symbolizes laughter, friendships, and joy. It is also indicates of summer pleasures. Zipper :-To see a zipper in your dream, implies sexuality and innuendos. To see a broken zipper in your dream, signifies your frustration in not being able to resolve a situation or problem. Zodiac :-To dream that you are studying the zodiac, denotes that you will be distinguished in your educational pursuits or in business. Zoo :-To dream that you are at a zoo, symbolizes loss of freedom and your abilities and talents go unnoticed. The zoo may also represent chaos and confusion. Zoological Garden :-To dream that you are at a zoological garden, indicates that you will be a winner in business if you adhere to your ethics. Zoomorphism :-To dream that you are changing into the form of an animal, indicates that you are becoming less civilized and restrained and becoming more free and instinctive. Alternatively, taking the form of an animal, suggests that your primal desires and repressed sexual urges are coming to the surface. Zombie Dreaming about the living dead may carry a powerful message. If you are walking around like a zombie, it usually means that you are emotionally disconnected from things going on around you. To see the letter Y in your dream, indicates some decisions that you need to make. It may represent a fork in the road or path you need to choose. Yacht:-To see a yacht in your dream, symbolizes wealth, pleasure, and luxury. You are worry-free and pursuing a life of ease. It may also indicate your desire to devote more time to recreational pursuits. Yak :-To see a yak in your dream, represents your uniqueness and dependability. Yam :-To see yams in your dream, signifies memories of family gatherings and celebration. Yankee :-To see Yankees in your dream, signifies happiness, possible gains and loyalty to your duty and promise. Yard :-To see a neat and well-kept yard, reflects your ability to maintain and organize aspects of your outside life, such as work and your social activities. To see a messy and un-kept yard, denotes that aspects of your life are out of your control. Yard Sale:- To hold or be at a yard sale in your dream, indicates that you are recycling past experiences and finding use for your old skills and ideas. Yard Stick To see a yard stick in your dream foretells much anxiety over your business and personal affairs. Yarn:-To see tangled and knotted yarn in your dream, signifies emotional distress or confusion you may have with a situation. For an unmarried woman to see yarn in her dream, signifies that she will become the wife of a wealthy and worthy man. For a man to see yarn in his dream, indicates that his present lover will make a good companion and/or wife. Yawning :-To see someone yawning in your dream, foretells that a good friend will be in a miserable state. To dream that you are yawning, signifies your search in vain for love and contentment. Yearn :-To dream that you are being yearned for, indicates that you will soon be greeted with a proposal for marriage. To dream that you yearn for someone, foretells that you will find joy and contentment with your present love. Yeast:- To see yeast in your dream, indicates a spiritual quest. You may need to do some soul searching and/or self-improvement. Yeast is symbolic of your renewed energy or increased enthusiasm for a new venture. Yellow Bird :-To see a yellow bird in your dream, foretells good luck in financial affairs, but not so good in affairs of the heart. To see a yellow bird land on your hand , denotes misfortune. To see a dead or sick yellow bird, foretells disaster in your affairs. Yeti:-To dream of a yeti implies that figuratively speaking, a little bloodshed may be needed to survive your current circumstances. Yew Tree :-To see a yew tree in your dream, foretells much illness, misfortune or familial chaos to the dreamer. To see a dead yew tree in your dream, foretells grief and loss in the family. Yield :-To dream that you yield to another in your decision-making, denotes your willingness to sacrifice your authority to secure peace in the family. To dream that others yield to you, denotes an enhancement in your present business position. Yoga:-To dream that you are performing yoga, symbolizes calmness and control of mind and body. You have great self-discipline. Yogurt :-To see or eat yogurt in your dream, suggests that you need to learn to behave appropriately for the different situations and circumstances you find yourself in. Yoke :-To see a yoke in your dream, signifies your unwillingness to conform to the customs and wishes of others.. To dream that you are yoking an oxen, indicates that your advice and counsel will be accepted by a friend or family member. To dream that you fail to yoke an oxen, indicates your worry for someone in your life. Young:-To see young people in your dream, symbolizes an end to your worries and a fresh outlook on life will be gained. To dream that you are young again, symbolizes your failed attempts to rectify past mistakes and lost opportunities. Yourself :-To see yourself in your dream, is a reflection of you acts and behaves in your waking life. Yucca:-All the spiritual as well as material comforts of life are promised in a dream featuring this desert plant in bloom. Yule Log :-To see a Yule log in your dream, signifies a positive turn of events in the coming year. To dream of burning a Yule log, warns that you should not set your sights too high. Yelling:-Pain or enthusiasm. Emotional release. Strong need for expression. Will be continued in the next edition……………………
    • Karma 53
    • Karma 54 His Holiness Param Pujya Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Note: The following my theory is based on MOON SIGN and not SUN SIGN Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and it’s a fire sign and a cardinal one too. Perhaps it comes as no surprise then that this sign is the most forward of forward when it comes to sex.. Plenty of it is required, and the more exotic and ‘dangerous’ the better. Arians feel the urge to make love in the most unlikely (and frankly uncomfortable!) places, just ‘because’, especially if the risk of someone catching them at it is high - that just adds to the excitement. Alternatively, some (but a minority) of Arians live quite happily without any sex at all - the two extremes of the spectrum, because extreme is something Arians do well. Sexually experimental, the Aries woman is very oral, and also has a deliciously wicked sense of humor with which to charm her man both before and after love-making. Women born under this sign are very spontaneous, full of vitality, aggressive and may have uncontrollable impulses followed by aggressive instincts. It’s very important for them, despite being engaged, to feel free and independent in every aspect of life. They live intense passions and are always full of optimism. Aries man is equally open-minded, but sometimes has a hard time being faithful. Naturally impulsive and often reckless, this sign above all others needs to be careful with sexual health. Aries men need a powerful love driving them all the time. That’s their key. They dream of a perfect couple and won’t give in until they find her. Once they find that perfect love, they give all of their unfettered passion and are willing to fight with might and main. Their outer manifestations don’t match their passionate and love- giving hearts. Taurus is an earth sign, and incredibly sensual - which is not the same thing as sexual. Although they very much enjoy sex with the right partner, they are quite undemanding and don’t go in for party tricks. Better an evening of good conversation, food and companionship, which ends with nothing more than a kiss, than an hour of wild romping with the wrong person - that’s a Taurus opinion. Some Taureans are very modest, and most are shy to a certain extent, especially when younger. The Taurus woman may well be a bit of a late starter, sexually - whilst all her friends are comparing bedroom notes she will sit and ponder and wait for the right time. Mind you, she probably makes up for it by then being considered a far better lover than many of her over-eager companions. Their partners must trust them unconditionally. Taurus man can be quite uptight about sex, but in the company of a gentle and considerate companion both sexes flourish and enjoy. This kind of men are strong, at least in their looks, and bide their time before taking a loving decision. Once that decision is made, they give their best passionately. They fight unimaginably to keep their lovers. They are faithful and passionate. They cannot be reined, otherwise they start acting aggressively and defending themselves. Gemini has a reputation as one of the intellectuals of the zodiac. True, but that studious exterior masks a healthy, lively and joyful appreciation of sex as well. Think of the Gemini woman as the quintessential sexy librarian in films - all neat hair bun and rimmed glasses, just waiting for someone to loosen a few hair pins and talk her into bed. Typical Gemini man in an studious accountant who turns into a hot blooded Romeo between the sheets. As ever with Gemini, there is more than meets the eye. An ever present curiosity means that this sign is willing to try anything at least once, and may develop a liking for some ‘unusual’ routines. Undeniably a very communicative sign, Gemini are turned on by bedroom talk, the raunchier the better. Although this is the sign of the twins, Gemini are not averse to having more than one for company - threesomes and more excite their imagination, even if they never put it into practice. This sign is also the most likely to be bisexual. Gemini women are extremely complicated in their personalities in their way of acting. You never know how they are going to respond, how they are feeling and what their thoughts really are. They change their minds pretty easily. That’s why they can hardly find someone who can truly love and stand them. When that man comes, they love him passionately. These men are real Casanovas who need to live new sensations with new lovers all the time. They need their partners to understand them and support them completely in their complex personality. Somewhat immature in love, they like to fully control their lovers. You need to be truly in love to have a lasting relation with a man like that. With Cancer being a water sign, people often assume that slushy sentimentality takes precedence over sex in their lives. Sentimental they are, but this is a cardinal sign too, and Cancer has a healthy sexual appetite. This is sometimes spoiled by shyness or over-anxiety, however, especially with a new partner. Cancer woman is terribly worried about what a partner thinks of her body, and will cover up when she can if she’s not in tip top shape. Cancer man worries too, but is more likely to just avoid sex if his confidence is low. All Cancerians have a very active fantasy
    • Karma 55 life, and most are turned on by raunchy novels, films or soft porn, so long as there is an element of romance and ‘happily ever after’ about it. Hardcore pornography, though, is abhorrent to them, so a partner needs to know where to draw the line. Sex without love is incomprehensible to a Cancer person of either sex. In a happy relationship both sexes are eager to please their partner, and will take time over making love. In a rocky relationship, neither sign is above using sex (or the lack of it) as a weapon. Cancer women need to be loved and give love, and they’ve got tons of it as if stashed deep in their hearts.They change their mood quite easily, but they are always willing to make love. Excellent partner with a view of a lifetime relationship who never focuses on the present. Men born under this sign are the endless lovers whose instincts take over any reasoning, extremely tender and loving, full of passion. For women who like henpecking men, this is it. Cancer men are always willing to give their partners all the love and passion they need, and a lot more. Leo is the second fire sign, and loves sex nearly as much as Aries does. There’s one important difference, however - they’re fussy. Leos are sticklers for luxury and comfort, and won’t be found bouncing around in bushes for anyone! Being a fixed sign they can also be extraordinarily self-contained, and would rather not make love at all than feel in any way emotionally unsure about it. Dignity is also important, so they don’t find the, ahem, more ‘complicated’ positions nearly as much fun as some other signs might. The Leo woman makes love with more than just her genitals, making full use of her hair, her eyes and her voice. Leo women are selfish and self-centered, but very creative and passionate in lovemaking. They convey optimism toward life all the time, they need to be loved, and above all things, desired desperately. The Leo man is many women’s idea of a perfect lover - slow, sensual and appreciative, and he even knows where the less obvious erogenous zones are without having to find a map first. Both sexes enjoy the use of mental fantasy and imagery, and both are quite vocal in bed. The Leo man, a being controlled by his heart, seeks and finds love all the time. Don’t pay any heed when he gets stubborn and let him cool down. The bottom of his heart is excellent and kind. Give him signs of love and tenderness as much as you can, for he’s very receptive to this kind of affection. For this man, no love is impossible when he has decided to conquer someone. Virgo the virgin is a bit of misnomer, as Virgo men and women are actually quite highly sexed. This is an earth sign, after all, and their curiosity leads them into adventurous situations, often early in life. In their day to day lives, many Virgos are quite quiet and submissive - despite, or perhaps because of this, a Virgo in the bedroom is often keen to be in control. They like bondage, or at least the thought of it - perhaps this is a quirky reference to Virgos being known as the servants of the zodiac! Cleanliness and hygiene are important to them, but not to the extreme that you might believe. With Mercury ruling this sign, Virgo women are often keen to act out their fantasies. Virgo women always look for perfection in their lives. She’s the lady who dreams of love all her lifetime, always willing to find a lover and fight for him. They need to know they’re not only lovers, wives or fiancés, but also friends and advisors. Extremely faithful and communicative, they just can’t stand being used or deceived. Virgo men leans to perfectionism and needs to know they play a major role in their lover’s life. Their dream is to have just one relationship for the entire lifetime, however they must be sure about the person they want to engage with before taking any decision. Right after that, they give their heart and soul. Virgo men are sometimes too shy to ask, but will love you forever if you volunteer to act out theirs. Both sexes worry about their sexual health, and this is the sign most likely to ‘never’ forget the contraception. Surprisingly, it’s also one of the most signs most likely to be promiscuous - sex and love are separate issues for them, and so they don’t feel that being physically unfaithful is necessarily wrong. Libra on the other hand, often confuse sex with love, to the extent that the partner of a Libran may complain that they don’t spend enough ‘affectionate’ time without having sex. The whole aesthetic experience of love-making is very important to Libra, but the details have to be right. Making love on top of a grand piano in an opulent ballroom is fine. A quick fumble up against the juke box down the pub is not. For the Libra woman, quality is more important than quantity. She may not make love as often as some other signs, but when she does, she does it properly. Being in love is the reason to be alive and everything spins around that feeling. They keep a watchful eye on the person she has a relation with before opening her heart lock. They fight and defend their love. They believe in happiness, and they need and expect full support from their better-halves. They tend to help their partners unconditionally. Since they need peace of mind, balance and harmony, they give all that to their partners. This is a perfect woman to keep a lasting and steady loving relationship with. Libra man has an almost intuitive grasp of what pleases a woman, and is especially good at erotic massage. Being ruled by Venus, this is a sensual sign, and they are especially adept at the soft music, candlelight and rose petals bit. They do want to venture further a field than the bedroom, but it’s more likely to be to a scented bubble bath than to a muddy field. Languid and sometimes a little lazy, this sign likes sex that doesn’t require too much physical effort! These men are tender and passionate. Good couples, understanding, tolerant, communicative, sociable, always willing to help out and protect their partner. They are unique when they want ro reveal their love. His better-half gets tuned by their gift of the gab. They’re always on a quest for the perfect couple. When they realize they haven’t found her yet, they let her know tactfully and the search goes on. Once they find her, they give the best. They like fancy, aggressive and crazy sex. Scorpio’s reputation as the sex-machine of the zodiac is unwarranted. This is actually a very sensitive sign, and they are far too emotionally involved with the act of sex to be as promiscuous or as lustful as is often suggested. Many like to cultivate that image, but the reality is a different story - this is one of the more prudish signs of the zodiac.
    • Karma 56 Women born under this sign are tender lovers, full of both sensuality and sexuality. Their sexual capabilities are far beyond belief. They never forgive deceit and this is when they act in a violent, ruthless and implacable way. Very proud and dignified, the Scorpio woman doesn’t want to perform party tricks, and nor does she want to be caught in a compromising position. In private, with the right man, she is often a wonderfully exotic lover, but only if she totally trusts her man. Scorpio men sometimes have difficulty in letting themselves go enough to really enjoy sex, but if they are in a happy relationship they will eventually be persuaded to engage in some of their milder fantasies. Neither sex is particularly vocal during love- making, preferring to express themselves with bodies and eyes rather than voices. Clothes, and the removal of them, are very sexual for this sign, so Scorpios love strip-teases, and also erotic (but tasteful) underwear or outfits. For them, the main features is their hard-to-crack endurance. When they are in love, they fight with tooth and nails and do everything within their reach to conquer that woman. They won’t stop until she falls into their arms. This is a man full of passion, very sexual, always willing to give love. For him, that’s the main drive in life. Sagittarius is a restless, outgoing fire sign, and never more so than when it comes to sex. Fans of the proverbial ‘quickie’, Sagittarians of both sexes enjoy sex which is fast, outdoors and a little on the rough site - or preferably all three! Sex is not a driving force in the Sagittarian’s life, however. Companionship is far more important to them, and this is the sign most likely to have casual sex whether with friends or with strangers. Open- minded in the extreme, both sexes will delve into the realms of ‘kinky’ at least once or twice in their lives - not that they will necessarily enjoy some of their experiments - but the experience is what counts! Vocal and expressive, it’s a Sagittarian woman making love who has the neighbours shaking their heads in embarrassment - and a Sagittarian man who is most likely to rent hardcore porn. For both sexes, fidelity can be a problem, and as with Aries, they need to look after their sexual health. Women born under this sign are marked by outer optimism and strong will. Full of love towards the person they love, they show their feelings in the most natural and unbiased way. Very kind and faithful to their partners. They know how to drive their couples out of strain and depression by proving him support in whatever. This is an extremely understanding and tolerant kind of relationship. Sagittarius men are watchful and willing to learn about everything. Their curiosity can’t ever be quenched. They need to know everything about their partners, and they don’t hide anything to them. Very upbeat, he knows how to help his partner out unconditionally. Deep in his relationships, he’s a good lover and a great friend. Sometimes his partner doesn’t know exactly which side is better: as a lover or as a friend. However, this man knows how to enjoy sex and makes his lover feel great pleasure. Capricorn is one of the least highly sexed signs. Many Capricorns can, and do, do without sex altogether, as other areas of their lives are much more important to them. Some are embarrassed by it, and many are old-fashioned and traditional in their preferences. The majority lead perfectly happy sex lives, but they need to be in a solid and trusting relationship before they will enjoy making love. The thought of casual sex horrifies them, as does anything even remotely ‘unusual’. That said, the Capricorn sense of self- perversity will sometimes lead them into doing the very things they don’t like, in order to dislike them even more. Partners need to understand Capricorn’s sexual motives, which are not always clear. Capricorn women flourish in a relationship with an understanding and relaxed sexual partner who can draw them out of themselves, but suffer in a partnership with an over-demanding lover. This woman has such a strong and determined personality that can really shoo her couple away and he winds up being a tad afraid of her. She bides her time before going steady with someone. She looks for inner beauty. She goes real deeply into her couple as if she were trying to get to the bottom of his truth. When she decides to go steady she means business: a serious, lasting, loving relationship. She knows exactly how to keep her couple and how to swim out of all loving crises. Capricorn men often feel under pressure to ‘perform’, and this is the sign most likely to suffer, in either sex, from psychological sexual problems. With the right partner, however, both sexes have a wonderfully dry sense of humour, which leads them to explore new positions with a text-book in one hand and a large grin all over their faces. They are extremely perseverant when they are attracted by someone. They can’t understand why she doesn’t feel the same way. They bend over backward to meet their couples’ material and spiritual needs. That gives them satisfaction. They can love deeply and are expert love-makers. They know how far they can really push the envelop in this major thing for every relationship called sex. Aquarians:-There are two types of Aquarians when it comes to sex. The first type can frankly take it or leave it. They need sex as a physical release, but don’t become overly keen on it in anything other than a clinical way. The second type sees the sexual act as an almost spiritual practice, and will be the type most likely to get involved in tantric or ritual sex. What both types have in common is an ability to totally separate emotion and sex. In a loving relationship, the Aquarian of either sex is an experimental and open-minded lover, but not a particularly attentive one. Not because they don’t care, just because they are so self-reliant that they expect a lover to be so too. Outside of a relationship this sign is capable of being very promiscuous indeed, and not even enjoying it that much! Either type of Aquarian is prone to some rather kinky stuff, but more out of curiosity than fetishism. These women are independent, breaks old-fashioned styles and traditions. They don’t like longstanding relationships that much and need to be free, even as far as loving is concerned. They give passion but always with their minds set on the present, never planning on the future. Aquarius man is the original ‘roll over and go to sleep’ type, whilstAquarius woman also doesn’t care much for the post-coitus cuddles and small-talk, and would rather get right up and get on with her life.The man of Aquarius is original and creative. He
    • Karma 57 can hardly express his feelings. He hates engaging sentimentally and he rather enjoys his freedom. When he decides to go steady that means he is aiming for his lifetime relationship. This man likes love brimming with passion and unlimited enjoyment. Of all of the signs, Pisces has the most active sexual fantasy life. Rather surprising for a sign known for its romanticism, but in a good relationship a Piscean makes love with no holds barred. Making love in or near water is a huge turn on for them, and as such the bathroom is a particularly erotic place. Fountains, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and the sea also do the trick, with the added bonus of being pretty scenery for the Piscean imagination to play with. Pisces woman is comfortable with sex in any form, and will encourage a partner to really let go. She loves to teach and instruct, and can be most definitely un-ladylike when the mood takes here. Women born under this sign are the most romantic beings under the sun. Each romance, each sexual encounter, every caress is enjoyed to the utmost. Just one touch can make her scream in bliss to the top of her lungs. This is the kind of woman who can do with little love, completely happy and satisfied. Sometimes her partner tends to abuse her, and sometimes she suffer in silence. Pisces man is attentive and encouraging in bed, and is particularly keen on sexily tasteful (as opposed to tacky) underwear on his partner. He’s also fond of sex toys, and would probably buy one for his partner as the ideal Valentines present! Despite being really rather a raunchy sign, both sexes are incapable of sex without love, and both place a lot of emphasis on affection and tactile contact in day to day life as well as during sex. Men of Pisces love tender and sensual romances. They have a special hard-to-find sensitivity among men. They give passion like no other and fall in love easily, a situation that brings about quite a few disappointments in their life. This is the kind of man who makes everything to please his partner and make her happy. Personalized Love Life Analysis & Compatibility Report By Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Exclusively for you Call now the Authority of Atharva Vedic Astrology in USA Toll Free @ 1-888 808 1418 - Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Are you lucky in love? Does he/she love you? When will you get married? Are you sexually compatible? Are you destined for a marital bliss? When will you meet your soul mate? Will the present relationship last long ? The magic mantra to make him/her fall in love. The answer to all these Questions are in our “Atharva Vedic Love & Marriage Report” Our Special “Love & Marriage Report” helps you understand your heart, your love and your partner. You can also find details about your love life based on your Birth Chart & Numbers of self and your partner. We offer complete solutions to love life problems of those looking for a partner, those already in love and those willing to reunite. Indian Astrology has a highly sophisticated system that analyzes the matching based on various criteria like thinking, traits, and sexual compatibility. The Love & Marriage Report, gives a detailed description of - Mental (thinking & intellectual) compatibility; Physical compatibility; Wealth & luck generated due to the match; Longevity of attraction between the couple; Longevity of life of each spouse; Growth of family/ Children etc.
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    • Karma 60 Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Providing highly effective astrological solutions for all problems of one’s life like Love affairs, Love marriages, Health problems, Business Problems, Black magic (Jadu-Tona ) Problems and other problems in Relationships. Yantra in the literal sense of the word mean machine. In the ancient Hindu religious sense the meaning can be taken as unique geometrical forms associated with a particular deity or force of nature. Yantras are often associated with unique mantras, shapes or numbers associated with a particular deity. The combination of the shapes with the mantra or numbers are said to be generators of vibrations associated with that particular deity whom you would like to appease. This is considered to be an extremely powerful combination. Love is only feeling by which we can remove wall of repugnance, difference of color, and wall of cast. I have heard many people to say that Love is God, Love is every thing, today no body can live without love, and there is no any color in life with out love, during the love every thing seems to be very good. Get Your Love Back By Vashikaran. If you love some one more than your life and you want to get him or her at any cost but some one encumbers your love, or due to any other reason you face tight- corner or your love partner suddenly start to ignore you, now you are in dilemma, now you are unable to concentrate your study, family, friends, job or business, than you get trauma and your eyes start flowing, most of time of the day and night you pass with your old remembrance and with distress, nothing feels good in this world, you always want to live alone you do not want to talk to your family or your friends and colleague, you always wait for your love. Get Your Love Back By Vashikaran. Dear Devotees, if you have just kind of situation, if your love partner avoids you or if he/she dose not love you any more, if you have fad-up with your life so we are light in dark for you, 100% we will help you and you will get your love again for forever. It is possible with the help of Thantra Power , by which you can definitely possess one’s mind absolutely as per your wishes or dreams. Whether he/she is married or unmarried, younger or elder, from any caste or religion or even angry with you but he/she will become of you within a few days. He/she will fall in love and can’t live without you. Get Your Love Back By Vashikaran. Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar solves all your Problems by AtharvaVedicAstrology, Horoscope, Palmistry, Vashkiran, Lal Kitab, destroy Black Magic, Mantar-Yantar and other Hawan/ Anusthan/Pooja etc. Get Your Love Back By Vashikaran Did you lose your true lover? Or do you Love someone but she/he doesn’t? Get your love Back By Vashikaran If you love/loved someone truly but you couldn’t get him/her. Now its possible with the help of Vashikaran Power), by which you can definitely possess one’s mind absolutely as per your wishes or dreams. Whether he/she is married or unmarried, younger or elder, from any caste or religion or even angry with you but he/she will become of you within a few days. He/she will fall in love and can’t live without you. So don’t delay and Contact Baba and fulfill your wish. Get your Love Back. Vashikaran Hypnotism is the mode to possess one’s mind in accordance with your wish. Hypnotism is done with the help of Thantra Powers. You can use Vashikaran for fulfill your following wishes Call Shiva Vishnu Temple of Georgia in the Toll free # 1-888- 808 1418 immediately to come out of your problems. DO NOT WAIT ANY MORE …….. CALL NOW THE TOLL FREE 1- 888 -808 -1418” Om Shanthi”
    • Karma 61 Vedic Samrat “Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar” Did you ever notice that your handwriting reveals a major part of your character? If you did not then just sit back and read what all a graphologist can tell about you just after analyzing your handwriting. Amiability : Softly rounded curves of the handwriting and gentle slopes. Candour : It is indicated by an open, rounded hand, of even quality, and generally straight lines across the page. There is frankness in the form of the letter which expresses this quality very obviously. Conscientiousness : It is indicated when the punctuations are well-marked, and there is an evidence of attention to detail throughout, i.e. an attempt to be precise and to the point is clearly visible. The writing is rounded and well-margined. Economy : It is distinguished by the shortened finals of the letters and a general sense of carefulness in the formation of the letters themselves. The handwriting is usually of the angular type. There is no spreading out of this hand, broadcast over the paper, or large flowing initials. Generosity : The ending letters are well-rounded; writing open and clear. The y is allowed a broad spreading curve, and the capitals are of like proportions. Humility : It is indicated by a small writing which is uniformly shaped and free from flourish movements of the letters. The writing is generally well margined in the beginning of the page but takes a zigzag movement as the lines progress. Melancholy : It is indicated by a descending slope of the writing. The writing is more- rounded and the pressure of writing decreases as the line progresses. Punctuations are very clearly marked in the beginning but as the paragraph progresses, the punctuations are missing. Pride : It is resembled by a large –sized letters with capitals that emphasize it. Generally, the ending stroke is very sharp in such handwriting. Sensuousness : It is a typical adjunct to painters and writers. It is generally marked by the heaviness of the line of the signature. The letters are flourished and drawn artistically. A peculiar characteristic of such handwriting is that its size decreases as the sentence progresses. Selfishness : It is indicated by angularity and compression of the handwriting. A rounded style of letter, although it may be compressed, is not an indication of selfishness. When the letter is very pronounced there is a tendency apparent in the initials to reverse the ordinary curve. Selfishness may also be indicated in a writing that is otherwise capable of showing affection by the inversion of curves of capitals. Tact : It is associated with a fine-lined handwriting, tending to the upright, but small and spear-shaped loops to the l and h, and a straightness of line and a final that extends without much rise to it. Vanity : It is easily identified in the ornate, and frequently otherwise unmeaning, flourish beneath the signature. The capitals, too, tend to exaggeration in form and over- elaboration. In the end, I would like to tell the readers that handwriting is a sure guide to character. But it does not mean that, by analysing the handwriting, everything can be told about a person’s character. Other sciences like physiognomy are very helpful in this regard. One thing that can be surely said is : when a person’s character or destiny undergoes a major change, a change is always found in the handwriting too. Similarly, when the name spelling of a person is numerologically corrected and it starts yielding results, the changes will also be visible in the handwriting. Is your signature lucky? Signature is the graph of life. Your signature reveals a lot about your character and destiny. A lucky signature can make you successful and generate positive vibes around you. To get a personalized consultation call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar in USA @ Toll free@ 1-888-808 1418 Atharva Vedic Grapholgy
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    • Karma 63 Our Swamiji has millions of followers presently living all over the world. He became the part of millions of his Devotees life. Without consulting or taking the blessings of our Swamiji Siddhar Ji thousands of people do not finalize any important things in their life at all. The following are just few experiences of Non Indian goods souls with our Siddhar Maharaj Narthaki Devi (Denmark) – took Dhiyan lessons from Swamiji in 2011. I fell completely in love -understand me right- with Swamiji!! So much warmth, heart, humor… Wisdom, beautiful presence, and true humbleness.. How can your heart not melt then I -and the rest of the group – enjoyed each and every class, each and every chanting and meditation with Swami Ji Selvam Siddhar. Real honey for the soul! Just thinking about it now fills me up with gratitude. Swaminji I love you tooooooooooo much!! You are just a miracle. I have never came across any Indian Swamiji with your caliber, intelligence, beauty, kindness, openness, gratitude, in my life at all To receive teaching from Swamiji is such a blessing. Om namah shivaya. Juliet Nickolson (New Zealand) – I stayed at the Dayton, OH Ashram in August 2010 for two weeks while doing the ‘yoga vacation’. I had never been to Temple before so I did not know what to expect or who I would meet there. It was one of the best two weeks of my life. I really enjoyed the whole experience, from meeting absolutely amazing, down- to-earth people to practicing yoga twice a day (also extra lessons were offered if needed, like learning how to make my headstand better) to eating delicious vegetarian meals. I know I made friends for life. When I left the Ashram I was sad to go but happy to take with me a new positive outlook, something that you can only find at an ashram. Swamiji, with his amazing personality, made me feel like I wanted more … so i’m going for more! I am going to take the Teacher Training Course with Swamiji so that one day I will be able to pass the wonderful experience along and become a yoga teacher. Overall, I would recommend taking a yoga course with Swamiji to anyone looking for a genuine yoga experience that will stay with them for the rest of their life . Swamiji is really the “ reincarnation of Lord Shiva” I really mean it…………….. Robert vaidya (Brazil) – I met Swami Siddhar Ji in USA in 2009 when I took my Atharva Vedic Classes .His teachings go beyond the schedule, he is a natural teacher, he can find the best analogies and perfect examples to make us understand the hardest subjects. Swamiji is the kind of Master you can learn by different ways. Sometimes his eyes tell you everything you need to know. I had the honor of being his Staff for a few months and that experience changed my life deeply, hard to explain in words. My admiration, respect and love for Swamiji will last forever in my heart. God bless you Sriguru Swami Siddhar Maharaji!! Janet Lumber (Czech Republic) – I participated in the meditation lass in
    • Karma 64 2011 February, beautiful enlightening experience. Sometimes is better to say less than too much. Therefore: I had many questions in my head during the training. So I used to go for and advice to Swamiji. However before I was even able to ask the question, I already got an answer, I don’t know how, but he always started the conversation and suddenly everything was crystal clear. Thank you blessed swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar . Great Swamiji and most caring Swamiji I have come acrossed n my life. I am sending love and compassion to all yogis around the globe Namaste. - Crish Lundy(UK) - I was lucky enough to experience in he Akasthiya Yoga classes from Swamiji in March 2011. Such an inspiration! Swamiji ‘walks the walk’, he is the true embodiment of the teachings. He answered my questions with humility, clarity and wisdom and not forgetting his smile! Very loveable Swamiji. All my friends will do anything for his simple Smile. Yiou need o meet with Swamiji personally to understand his love and , you guys will feel that you do not need anything except “ just to be with my Swamiji Selvam Siddhar’ Alisha Frances (Italy/UK) - I took the meditation class with swamiji Selvam Siddhar Ji inAtlanta GA, in February 2011. It was a fantastic, enriching experience. Swami Siddhar is a beautiful man, he is able to teach very complicated concepts in a simple and deep way. I felt vitalized by his lectures, full of knowledge and energies. he has also a great sense of humor. I miss the days of the ashram. We were a great group of people and it was a deep and meaningful experience. Very powerful siddhar Swamiji om namah sivaya.In this 21 st century I have never came across any Swamiji with this spiritual power, knowledge …………..he is really superb!!!!!!!!!! Ebany Johnson (UK) - Having spent time as both student and staff with Swami Siddhar Ji, I feel truly blessed to have had these great experiences. I first met Swamiji during my Teachers Training Course in 2011 when he gave me my mantra initiation, I was then very fortunate a few years later to take myATTC with him. Swamiji has amazing energy and presence. His teachings come from the heart and his knowledge goes far beyond the textbooks. I truly recommend him to all wherever you are on your own yoga/sadhana path. Swami Siddhar Ji is truly wonderful. I love my swamiji like anything. I will give my whole life to my Swamiji. He is my living God. The term yantra is a Sanskrit word, in technicaltermsyantra means an instrument, an apparatus, a talisman or mystical diagrams composed of geometric and alphabetic figures usually etched on small plates of gold, silver or copper. These are also made in three dimensions in stone or metal. The purpose of yantra is to focus spiritual and mental energies, to improve health wealth, invoking of god etc. The shastras or ancient texts have held the power of yantra in high esteem as an effective tool in the path towards realization. As said above this is constructed with observing immutable laws of sacred geometry, with inter locking matrix of geometric figures, circles, triangles etc. Being symbolic representation of energy patterns of a deity is rank amongst the powerful centering device for harnessing divine energies. It is prepared and created by a qualified person as it is made under his specific instruction for fruitful results, although it would not be a difficult for most of us to copy the form of yantra, but it does not yield the desired result unless it is energized by a siddha mantra. This task can be performed by a qualified person that he will infuse in to the yantra with the specific energy via the medium of mantra. Yantra is used for various purposes such as to diminish the ill effects of the nine planets, to attain good health and prosperity. It is generally preferred by astrologers to ward off the evil effects of the planets, spirits or ones adversaries. It should be written and used with due reverence and faith and must be prepared according to prescribed rituals and instructions, and the puja should be performed by a competent person. Yantra
    • Karma 65 Hindu shastras designate this yantra as the most important one as it has a powerful effect on the attainment of power, authority and financial success. S p i r i t s deities reside in Yantras and without performing pooja of Yantra neither one can appease them nor attains desired results from Deities. Yantra is a science which can be used through the five elements-earth, water, fire, sky and air and by recitation of mantras to control nature in one’s own interest. Deities are worshiped in different forms and each form is linked to a yantra. Yantra uses signs and writings to remove a planet’s malice effects and increase it’s beneficial aspects. A bindu or zero is used to form various broad figures known as ‘Yantras’. Yantra is an instrument for holding or linear diagrams. It holds a supreme status amongst all the occult sciences and disciplines. Yantras are aboding places of all deities whose seat lies at some place, direction, region or zone. Basically Yantras are secret keys for establishing resonance with the benefit energies of the macrocosm. Very often the Yantras can put in contact with extremely elevated energies and entities, being of invaluable help on the spiritual path system, reflecting on a large scale one of its component systems or parts. Yantras often focus on a specific deity and so by tuning into the different Yantras. One can interact with certain deities or creative force centres in the universe by the Yantras. Yantras may be of simple designs symbolizing basic concepts such as cross, triangle, square, circle or lotus. They may be of more complex combinations of such elements in figures which represent abstract form. Yantras are usually designed so that the eye is carried into the centre. KINDS/CLASSIFICATION OF SPECIAL YANTRA There are some usefull Yantras are Success Yantra, Jyotish Yantra, Rashi Yantra, Vaastu Yantra, Maha Yantra, Jyotish Yantra, Prosperity Yantra, Protection Yantra, Knowledge Yantra and Locket Yantra. Some Important Yantras are:- YANTRA FOR ATTRACTION This Yantra is helpful in attracting young woman, gaining influence in royal courts and Government and control over wild animals. The Yantra be inscribed on gold plate or thick sandal paste or holy ashes, or vermillion (Placed in a silver or copper plate). The following mantra is recited for twenty five days, one thousand times daily facing north direction. The worship of the Yantra is done with Atharvana Sollini and Jagan Mohini with vermillion or washed rice grains mixed with vermillion. The foods for offering are cooked rice mixed with boiled milk, fruits and honey. YANTRA FOR VASHIKARAN- Jeganmohini Yantra This Yantra can also be used by married ladies whose husbands are engaged in extra marital affairs. On Monday mix white dhoob grass white dhamchi and milk of kapila cow and the ink thus is made. Write on bhojpatra and wear in the neck. ATHARVAVANA SOOLINI YANTRA - YANTRA FOR ENEMY VASHIKARAN Take an earthen pot and write the Yantra on it. Kick the pot and again put it in inverted position. Then recite the following mantra hundred and eight times. Write the name of the intended person in centre of the circle.” YANTRA FOR PEACE- Atharvana Gupchika Devi Yantra This Yantra is meant for peace and eradicates the angriness of person. The Yantra be inscribed carved or written on Tadhpatra with gorochan on any Monday. Write the name of person in place of “Devdutt” for whom Yantra is made. The following mantra is recited for eight days, two thousand times daily facing east direction. The worship of the Yantra is done with Lalita Ashtothara and Durga Ashtothara with red flowers and vermillion. The food for offering are
    • Karma 66 cooked rice with green gram pulse, gruel made of green gram pulse and jaggery, honey and coconuts. Yantra for Success- Atharvana Rudra Mukhi Yantra This Yantra is meant for success in business or different trades. The Yantra be inscribed on gold plate or thick sandal paste, vermillion or nice turmeric powder (leveled on a silver plate or plantain leaf ). The following mantra is recited for forty four days, one thousand and eight times daily facing east direction. The worship of the Yantra is done with Lalita Sahasarnama with red lotus petals. The foods for offering are cooked rice, mixed with turmeric powder and a little ghee, sweet milk gruel, boiled milk fruits and betel with slices or arica nut. YANTRA FOR ENHANCEMENT OF KNOWLEDGE Jahajala Yanatra The Yantra is useful in attainment of knowledge of self and misery of spells. Yantra be inscribed on gold or copper plate and do worship for forty five days facing north east direction. The Yantra be worshipped through Lalita Thrishthi with champaka flowers or washed rice grams mixed with vermillion. Foods for offerings are sweet gruel, cooked rice and milk. YANTRA FOR GOOD MEMORY & INTELLECT Dhana Akarshana Atharvana Bhairavi Yantra On Deepawali night, the devotee after taking bath wears white clothes and face towards north direction. Place the Yantra on pedestal covered by rice. Worship the Yantra with panchopchar with the following mantra using rosary of crystal for twelve thousand times. Through this Yantra, the Devi bestows power for better understanding, intellect and good memory. During this Pooja, avoid non-veg, and drink. Different Yantras And Their Uses: Yantras must be prepared according to prescribed rituals and instructions. Yantras may be worn around the neck, finger or placed at prescribed place and each has different effect as described below. Shri Bhairon Yantra : It brings good luck and bestows the sadhak with fulfillment of desires. It is effective for Vashi karan, maran and removal of poverty. Saraswati Yantra : This yantra sharpens the intellect and ensures success in studies and high achievement in competitive examinations. Mrit Sanjivani Yantra : This yantra offers protection from all diseases bestows sadhak with wealth, good fortune, fame and happiness. Mangal Yantra : It provides protection from accidents and enables speedy recovery from operation. It frees the sadhak from debts and cures blood pressure and rash temper. Note : Without Consult any Pandit Or Tantrik don’t use these mantra. Please note “YOU SOULD NOT” simply buy the yantras from a store or from a pundit or Priest. The yantras should be energized by a proper “ Atharva Vedic Scholar” in the continent you live. These are not a grocery store product, although some funny Grocery store owners sell some kinds so called Yantras in their store for sale. If you buy the yantras without proper support of an Atharva Vedic Guru, you will get in to further more troubles. Call Shiva Vishnu Temple of Georgia in the Toll free # 1-888-808 1418 immediately to come out of your problems. DO NOT WAIT ANY MORE …….. CALL NOW THE TOLL FREE 1- 888 -808 -1418” Om Shanthi”