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11/2 Meeting Slides

  1. 1. fifth general meeting 02 november 2011welcome to theTEXAS PRE-DENTAL SOCIETY
  2. 2. ! FIRST MEETING?Come talk to me after the meeting to get filled in on the logistics of TPS
  3. 3. Members of the Week Do something good and you can be the next one. Congratulations to TAMMY CHUANG &President – Dana CHARLES ESPANOL! They were fantastic tooth fairies at Longhorn Halloween!
  4. 4. Upcoming Events Not for points, but still worth your time. • Personal Statement Workshop TOMORROW 11/3, 4-5:30pm in PHR 2.110President – Dana Next Monday 11/7, 3:30-5pm in WEL 2.304 • Letter of Recommendation Workshop Wednesday 11/9, 3-4:30pm in WAG 101 • Study Abroad in Spain Info Sessions Ochem: Wed 11/9, 5-6:30pm in PAI 3.14 Genetics/Spanish: Fri 11/11, 2-3pm in RLM 5.126
  5. 5. Apply for a Scholarship Earn some cash for being an awesome member.Vice President – Ram • Application is available online and must be completed by THIS FRIDAY 11/4 at 11:59pm • We will give out scholarships primarily based on your involvement in TPS. If there are other factors you’d like us to consider (financial burden, etc) feel free to include them. • 1 upperclassman will win $200 and 2 underclassmen will win $100 • You MUST be present at the last meeting in order to win. We will have alternates ready.
  6. 6. Officer Elections Become a leader of TPS.Vice President – Ram • Application is available online and must be completed by THIS SUNDAY 11/6 at noon. • You can apply for up to two positions. We will ultimately select three people to run for each position based on involvement in TPS. • President is the only non-open position • To qualify, you must be a paid member, have not applied for admission to dental school for Fall 2012, and be free on Wednesdays from 4:30-9pm. • Interviews will take place NEXT WEDNESDAY 11/9 anywhere from 6-8pm.
  7. 7. Last Meeting Food Choose your dinner for election night. Order Rudy’s again?Treasurer – Jason Try something else? You decide! If you will be at the last meeting, fill out the food survey in the “Others” section of the Signups! Please only reply if you plan on attending – this will also give us a better headcount so that we don’t waste $$$!
  8. 8. DISCOUNT KAPLAN COURSE!!!DISCOUNT KAPLAN DAT CLASS$1000Contact tulsi@raasrodeo.com for more details.All proceeds benefit Baal Dan Charities!
  9. 9. Upcoming Socials Get to know the person sitting next to you. • You loved BOOGER WARS so we’re bringing it back! • Tuesday 11/15 from 7-8pm in AHG 135 • Signups close Friday 11/11 at noonSocial – Angela
  10. 10. Upcoming Socials Get to know the person sitting next to you. • Show your TPS members some support at INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL against other healthSocial – Angela professions organizations! • Sunday at 6pm at Gregory Gym 11/6 • The roster to play is full • Come and cheer at our games for ½ a point – you really do need to cheer. Posters are encouraged!
  11. 11. Community Service – Bridget Upcoming One-Time Events Donate your time to help someone else. • Get ready to get dirty at NATURE TRAIL WORKDAY! • Saturday 11/12 from 9am-noon at the Copperfield Nature Trail • This will be work! Be ready to lop brush, rake paths, whack weeds, and plant shrubs. • We are limited to 20 spots, so sign up quickly! • Lend a hand at the KOMEN RACE FOR THE CURE! • Sunday 11/13 from 8-9:30am near the Capitol • We are limited to 16 spots, so sign up quickly!
  12. 12. Community Service – Bridget Ongoing Commitments Donate your time to help someone else. • Please continue to attend your weekly commitments • Remember to have your supervisor sign the attendance check sheet with your days and times!
  13. 13. TPS Newsletter Keep dental schools up-to-date with what we’re doing.Public Relations – Sierra • Submit an article idea to Sierra for approval. If you get the green light, write a short article for a PR point! • The deadline to submit an article idea for the Nov/Dec newsletter will be sometime in the middle of November
  14. 14. Photos Make sure UT knows that we’re here.Public Relations – Sierra • Take photos of any event(s), print 5 on photo paper, give them to Sierra, get a point!
  15. 15. The TPS Website It’s just easier online. • Everything you need to know about TPS can be foundWebmaster – Terry online •Links to sign up for events will appear under the “SIGNUPS” tab as well as on the homepage, and will appear online at approximately 10pm after meetings • Be sure to register for the Listserv under the “ABOUT US” tab to receive all TPS emails!
  16. 16. and now here’sDR. PIERPONT,Associate Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs,UTHSCH School of Dentistry
  17. 17. CONTACT USFeel free to reach out to any of us at any time:» Dana: TPSpresident@gmail.com» Ram: TPSvicepresident@gmail.com» Heena: TPSsecretary@gmail.com» Jason: TPStreasurer@gmail.com» Angela: TPSsocial@gmail.com And find us online:» Bridget: TPScommunity@gmail.com» Sierra: TPSpublicrelations@gmail.com » www.texaspredent.org» Terry: TPSwebmaster2@gmail.com » www.twitter.com/texaspredent » search “texas pre-dental society” on facebook » join the listserv
  18. 18. UNICEF BOX UP FRONT!!!Please consider donating your pocket change!
  19. 19. • remember to sign in • pay your dues and get a receipt • sign up for events onlineTHANKS FORCOMING!Next meeting: 11/16, Elections