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  • The customer Journey to offering IT as a service typically starts the same for everyone. You virtualize the “low-hanging fruit” first and begin to tackle server consolidation to manage hardware that is growing out of control to accommodate projects driven by the business. Since the launch of vSphere 4.0 in May 2009, customers have began moving further along the adoption curve because vSphere 4.0 allowed for much greater virtual machine scale to handle virtualizing the applications that customers use to run their business. The last phase is where customers begin looking at ways to provide service levels, chargeback models, and standardization within IT to better align business goals to projects.
  • Complete System Integration – Deliver integrated product roadmaps inclusive of all major components of the Vblock converged infrastructure. VCE benefits from selecting the best products from its parent companies. Solutions Optimized on a Vblock– Deliver and actively promote specific solutions for the Vblock converged infrastructure including application ports and differentiated solutions for targeted use casesSeamless Support – Provide single point of configuration validation, ordering, delivery, support and warranty for the coalition converged infrastructure solutionsPartner Enablement – Enable partners and coalition sales forces and service teams with product/solutions support, training, competitive intelligence, configuration and delivery support while ensuring global consistency and customer satisfaction Market Catalyst – VCE catalyzes the market through innovative thought leadership programs, competency centers, best practice replication, mentored installs, and technical assistance but does not operate or aim to become a service company in itselfDon’t forget to emphasize that these value propositions help the customer ‘Accelerate Time to Results – Reduce TCO’.
  • The goal of this slide is to show customers how best of breed products from undisputed leaders in their markets, Cisco, EMC and VMware make up the Vblock package offerings. Highlight the key components of the solution – application & management (including user access from different devices and locations), VMware virtualization, Cisco Unified Computing, Cisco networking, and EMC storage.Vblock enables customers and partners to significantly reduce implementation times, risk, and cost, accelerating the journey to pervasive virtualization and private cloud computing. Because they are pre-packaged and highly standardized, Vblock Infrastructure Packages ensure security and minimize risk with certification paths, enable data center managers to more easily support and manage Service Level Agreements, facilitate resource metering & reporting, simplify & automate configuration & provisioning, and drive higher resource utilization.These three “#1 companies” have come together to create the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE). This truly supports the best of breed message. If you receive questions on Cisco UCS servers, here are a few additional points on Cisco UCS that might be useful. “Cisco UCS Servers are growing at a rate of 82% quarter over quarter” “Cisco UCS Servers are expected to jump to the #2 position for worldwide x86 blade server shipments in two quarters”- John Chambers, Cisco Financial Analyst Conference, Sept. 14, 2010
  • The Vblock platform currently consists of Vblock 0, Vblock 1, Vblock 1u, Vblock 2. With the launch of Vblock 300, we have also renamed Vblock 2 to Vblock 700. This new naming convention will give us the opportunity to add additional specificity, by having model numbers. VCE will focus on Promoting Vblock 300 and Vblock 700. While Vblock 0, Vblock 1, and Vblock 1u are still available they will not be actively marketed.
  • The Vblock platform currently consists of Vblock 0, Vblock 1, Vblock 1u, Vblock 2. With the launch of Vblock 300, we have also renamed Vblock 2 to Vblock 700. This new naming convention will give us the opportunity to add additional specificity, by having model numbers. VCE will focus on Promoting Vblock 300 and Vblock 700. While Vblock 0, Vblock 1, and Vblock 1u are still available they will not be actively marketed.
  • So I am PROUD TO ANNOUCE here at EMC WORLD:THE NEW VNX-BASED VBLOCK!The VBLOCK 300 SERIESAs most of you know, the VCE coalition was formed to help IT shops deploy HIGH PERFORMANCE, TURN-KEY CLOUD SOLUTIONSAnd with all the FIREPOWER of the modern CISCO/INTEL SERVERS, it was NATUTAL to make the transition to VNX and FLASH 1st.4 POWERFUL VNX models forms the base of the VBLOCK 300 models EX, FX, GX and HX!It is NOW EASIER than EVER to deploy YOUR OWN PRIVATE FLASH 1st CLOUD. VBLOCK 300 – coming to a DATA CENTER near you!<CLICK>
  • IMPORTANT: The following ‘Technical Overview’ slides are intentionally kept generic with regard to model numbers, etc so that you can talk to them overlaying information on the latest component details obtained from the VCE Portal.What exactly does a Vblock consist of?Compute: Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)Below are some of the areas of the compute layer that you can highlightUnified Fabric: Performance bottlenecks are often attributed to storage I/O-operations-per-second (IOPS) performance. Cisco Unified Fabric architecture provides a lossless 10 Gigabit Ethernet ultra low-latency Ethernet fabric that converges LAN and multiprotocol storage traffic, helping ensure high levels of storage array throughput and IOPS for primary and replicated user desktops, applications, and data. Cisco Unified Fabric drastically reduces the number of adapters and devices that need to be purchased, powered, cooled, configured, managed, and secured compared to other deployment models. Service profiles: Cisco UCS manager implements role and policy based management using service profiles and templates – such as power & cooling, security, identity, hardware health and Ethernet storage and networking – needed to deploy applications are encapsulated in a service profile. Security: Cisco Unified Computing System™, unified network services, and VN-Link solutions provide visibility and security for the network all the way to the virtual machine. Each virtual machine is configured with the policy, security, network, and application optimization profile specific to that virtual machine. These profiles stay with the virtual machine even as VMware vMotion moves it across the data center between virtual machine clusters, helping ensure continuous protection of the VM.Dependent on the model of Vblock there are two Cisco Fabric Interconnect offerings:CISCO 6100 FABRIC INTERCONNECT BASIC DETAILS:6120XP1 Rack Unit (RU)20 port fabric interconnect520 gigabits per second throughput (Gbps) 6140XP2 Rack Units (RU)40 port fabric interconnect1.04 terabits per second throughput (Tbps)
  • What exactly does a Vblock consist of?Network: Cisco Nexus family, Cisco MDS 9000 seriesNexus 1000V – Switch Virtualization: With Cisco’s industry first virtual switch in the Nexus 1000v and new VN-Link technology, network policies can now be tied to each virtual machine and templates can be applied in near real-time leading to heavily decreased service delivery times among other benefits. VM visibility and controlUnified and Distributed Virtual Switching embedded within vSphereContinuity of Server and Network administrative divisions
  • What exactly does a Vblock consist of?Storage: EMC Symmetrix V-Max or EMC Unified Storage (Celerra and CLARiiON)For this slide re-emphasize many of the EMC storage features outlined earlier in this deck, in particular:EMC Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) cache technology: ensure maximum performance by holding frequently used data in high-speed EFDs. Reduce storage requirement:By up to 50% with Celerra Data Deduplication and compression for primary file and system and end user file dataMaximize storage efficiency by eliminating redundant data such as repeated copies of application executables.Tight APIs integration:High availability:Tight integration of EMC replication and Vmware Site Recovery Manager enables DR protectionVMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI)Intelligent off-loading of storage functions to EMC storageAccelerates VM deployment, clone, snapshot, and Storage VMotionClear benefits:Improve scalability and performanceEliminate out-of-space errorsTransparently leverage array function10-times less I/O, 10-times more VMs, 10-times faster
  • What exactly does a Vblock consist of?Management: The core management products used in a Vblock Cisco UCS Manager EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM) VMware vCentervSpherevSphere provides rich application and infrastructure services. It has strong integration with compute and storage and network infrastructure through APIs.All management components run in virtual machines (vCenter, Vblock Unified Infrastructure Manager, and all security VMs).vCenter is used to manage the virtualization platform.Ensure to emphasize the benefits brought to the Vblock package by EMC’s UIM.UIM provides a single point of management for Vblock Infrastructure Packages and manages multiple Vblock Infrastructure Packages across compute, network, and storage resources anywhere in the world. It also comes with an open management framework (API) to leverage other management solutions. UIM is not an element manager…it sits above them Interfaces with the element managers of the various domains XML API for Cisco UCS Manager CLI/SNMP for the Nexus and MDS Symmetrix Agent on the Service Processor (SMI-S) (Future) Remote agent for Navisphere (SMI-S) (Future) Acts as a top level management point Orchestration and visibility across the Vblock stack New with UIM 2.0 provide the IT infrastructure service catalog and provisioning center – a web-based interface for managing the infrastructure service lifecycle - creating the infrastructure services, provisioning those services on demand, and decommissioning services when resources are needed for other applications. UIM 2.0 will also interface with EMC CLARiiON systems that are part of Vblock 1 configurations to provide storage visibility and configuration / provisioning automation. UIM 2.0 also introduces an API that allows higher-level provisioning portals and orchestration tools to query and provision the infrastructure services managed by UIM.
  • Obviously, to support pervasive virtualization, a broad range of operating and applications need to be supported without making changes to the operating system and applications that are to be hosted. Vblock platforms provide the broadest support for both operating systems and applications within the industry. Firstly, Vblock platforms support a broad range of Linux and Windows operating systems that means many existing servers can simply be virtualized using physical-to-virtual migration techniques.Secondly, Vblock platforms also support over 300 applications that have been certified and validated by the ISV: Lastly, Vblock Solutions Engineering is validating a number of applications to provide prescriptive guidance as to how best operationalize these applications on Vblock platforms. This includes VM profiles, data store guidance, performance tuning, as well as sizing data to help accelerate and optimize the application deployment, as well as better operationalize the application environment.
  • This is the ‘glue’ slide that provides the opportunity to bring all the aspects of the Vblock together.Building in blocks has distinct advantages. The self contained resources serve to isolate faults, but can also be aggregated to provide scalability. Vblock platforms:Are units of assembly that provide sets of services, at a known level, to target consumersAre self contained, but can also use external shared servicesAre optimized for the classes of services that they are designed to provideCan be clustered to provide high availability, or be aggregated for scalabilityIsolate faults. The failure of a Vblock does not impact the operation of another Vblock (service-level degradation might occur unless availability or continuity services are present).Predictable and granular SLA measurement and assuranceDeterministic space and weight: floor tiles become unit of capacity planningConsistent power and cooling (KWh/BTUs) per unitPre-determined capacity and scalabilityUniform workload distribution and mobilityDeterministic fault and security isolation
  • Work 11 FC DiskBoot 28 FC Disk
  • What is your cloud strategy?How do you plan to get there?Use this slide to get the audience to think, and also to give the account teams an entry point in to further conversations.
  • We hope this presentation helps you better understand what integration EMC has with VMware, and we hope to serve as your vendor of choice for the long-term. Thank you for your time.
  • Cygate Lounge 2011 - VCE

    1. 1. VBLOCKProduce, Deliver and ManageIT-As-A-ServiceMagnus BackmanEMC 1
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. VCE Vision – Accelerate the Journey % IT PRODUCTION BUSINESS PRODUCTION IT-AS-A-SERVICEVirtual Lower Costs Quality Of Service Produce and Consume Mission Critical EMC IT-owned IT 100% Applications Applications 86% Scalable Standardised 75% Simple Automated Effective Available 40% Protected Policy Driven Dynamic SLA 30% Secure Run IT as a 15% Business 3
    4. 4. Why an IT Journey? 27% Invest 73% Maintain 4
    5. 5. VCE Value Proposition Accelerate Time to Results — Reduce TCO 5
    6. 6. Introducing the Vblock - Integrated Bestof Breed Technology by Industry Leaders Presentation (user access) Application & App Middleware serversManagement Management & DB servers Virtualization Unified Computing Network Storage Pre-Engineered, Pre-Integrated and Validated 6
    7. 7. VBLOCK PLATFORM SERIES Vblock 2 Large-scale, Public, Private & HybridCapability Storage - Symmetrix Vblock 1/1U Scalable Storage 1 – CLARiiON Storage 1u – Celerra Vblock 0 Entry Level Storage - Celerra 10’s 100’s 1,000’s 10,000’s Performance/ Scale 7
    8. 8. VBLOCK PLATFORM SERIES Vblock 2 Large-scale, Public, Private & HybridCapability Vblock 300 Vblock 700 Storage - Symmetrix Scalable Cloud Large Scale Storage – VNX Storage – Symmetrix VMAX Smaller Base Configurations Chassis Activation Kits RAID and DAE Packs 10’s 100’s 1,000’s 10,000’s Performance/ Scale 8
    9. 9. New VNX Vblock Series 300Engineered. Integrated. Supercharged. VBLOCK • Vblock Series 300 model EX (VNX5300) Series • Vblock Series 300 model FX (VNX5500) • Vblock Series 300 model GX (VNX5700) 300 • Vblock Series 300 model HX (VNX7500) 9
    10. 10. Vblock: Compute• Cisco Fabric Interconnect• Cisco UCS Blade Server Chassis - Multiple 10 Gb/s uplinks - No independent management - Fewer physical components - Energy efficient• Blade Server - Full & Half height server options - Extended memory - Virtualized Adapters - vSphere Boot from SAN Unified Computing 10
    11. 11. Vblock: Networking• Cisco MDS Series Switching • FC Fabric• Cisco 5000 Series Switching • Ethernet• Cisco Nexus 1000V • Virtual Switch•Cisco 7000 Series Switching (Optional) • Enterprise Level Network 11
    12. 12. Vblock: Storage• High End • EFD, FC, SATA Disk • Block and File • FAST• Mid Range • EFD, FC, SATA Disk • Block and File • FAST • FAST Cache• Entry Level • EFD, FC, SATA Disk • File • FAST Cache Storage 12
    13. 13. Vblock: Virtualization• Hypervisor • VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus• Advanced Management Pod (AMP) • Management switch • Management Router, • 2 x Management Servers• Vblock Management • EMC Ionix UIM • EMC Ionix UIM Orchestrator • Cisco UCS Manager • EMC Unisphere • EMC Symmetrix Management Console • EMC PowerPath /VE • VMware vCenter Server Virtualization & Management 13
    14. 14. Q: What runs on a Vblock?A: Simple: Anything that is approved to runon VMware vSphereVblock accelerates virtualization of Operating System Supportapplications by standardizing ITinfrastructure and IT processes Windows NT 4.0 Solaris 10 for x86 Windows 2000 NetWare 6.5It offers a broad range of operating system Windows Server 2003 NetWare 6.0support with over 300 enterprise applications Windows Server 2008 NetWare 6.1explicitly supported Windows Vista Debian Windows XP CentOS RHEL5 FreeBSDVblock tested applications: RHEL4 Asianux • SAP Netweaver and ECC v6 RHEL3 SCO OpenServer • VMware View 3.5 and 4 RHEL2.1 SCO Unixware • MS Exchange SLES10 … • MS SharePoint SLES9 • Oracle SLES8 Ubuntu 7.04 14
    15. 15. Vblock: Management Service-oriented infrastructure provisioning Dashboard capacity views per resource domain 1 15
    16. 16. Delivery of a Vblock 16
    17. 17. Vblock Seamless Support ExperienceEnabling Pervasive Virtualization and Private Cloud  Unified inter-company  Single experience for onsite collaboration tool and remote support  Joint problem  Cross-company, re-creation labs cross-product-trained support experts  Cooperative Engineering Groups  Common metrics and alignment  Shared problem resolution and escalation processes  Documented processes via best practice Support Implementation Plan 17
    18. 18. GLOBAL COVERAGE HELPS GUARANTEECONTINUOUS, CONSISTENT SUPPORT Multiple, dedicated joint support labs worldwide 24x7 follow-the-sun support Cork, Ireland San Jose/Palo Alto, California Bangalore, India Broomfield, Colorado Shanghai, China Raleigh, North Carolina Tokyo, Japan Hopkinton, Massachusetts Duluth, Georgia Toronto, Canada Sydney, Australia 18
    19. 19. Vblock Infrastructure Packages ArchitectureVirtualized, Virtualization Aware, Virtualization Optimized Systems Applications & Operating Systems Management & Monitoring Multi-Tenancy High-Availability Security Service-Tiering Performance Management & Orchestration Vblock Foundation VMware vSphere 4 Cisco Unified Computing EMC Unified Storage System Vblock 19
    20. 20. Use Case: Accelerating Virtualization Accelerate IT Standardization and Simplification V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V Database Virtual Desktops Email Custom Web Enable Virtualization at Scale—Simplify IT 20
    21. 21. Use Case: VDI 160 Desktops 21
    22. 22. Build, Handle, Govern and Manage a VDIInfrastructure Server ExpertNetworkExpertStorageExpertClientExpert 22
    23. 23. Define Your Cloud Journey 1 2 3 4 Build a Define key Virtualize Evolve your cloud programs for everything IT business roadmap your journey model 23
    24. 24. Deliver IT As A Service Define Service Catalog, Publish To Self-Service IT Portal Availabilit Security Performan Cost y ce SLA DrivenManagement 99.99% High 0.2ms $500K Self Service IT Portal Application VMware Service vCloud Catalog Director Service Catalog Platinum GoldInfrastructure Service EMC Silver Bronze Catalog UIM 24
    25. 25. To make this possible, cloud requires new resource abstractions VMware vCloud Director Organization: Marketing Organization: Finance Users & Policies Organization SLA’s Service Catalog Users & Policies Organization SLA’s Service Catalogs Service Offerings / Provider vDCs (Bronze) (Silver) (Gold)Resource Pools Storage Pools Network Pools VMware vSphere 25
    26. 26. VCE is the BEST Solution for Your Cloud Where are you along the journey? IT PRODUCTION BUSINESS PRODUCTION IT-AS-A-SERVICE PercentVirtualized Lower Costs Improve Quality of Service Improve Agility Development, test, and 100% IT-owned applications Simplicity Scalability Standardization Efficiency Availability Automation Protection Protection Policy Driven Security Mission-critical Run IT as a applications business 26
    27. 27. THANK YOU 27