Breakdown the Silos in your Channel Sales


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Here is a sneak peak for the upcoming presentation to be delivered by Michael Harrison and Marcus Tewksbury at the Integrated Marketing and Sales Summit to be held in St. Louis on December 10th

You can checkout some of their collective works at:

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Breakdown the Silos in your Channel Sales

  1. 1. Sneak Peak: How to Save Your Agent Sales Channel By Michael Harrison & Marcus Tewksbury DMA Fall 2009
  2. 2. Visualize the Sales Funnel The physical structure of the channel reveals a lot about how it functions Awareness Interest Desire Acquisition Heat Map Carriers / Suppliers Agent Ex. StateFarm, NationWide, Fidelity, etc. Ex. SBA, Co-ops, etc. Ex. Kevin Molloy (top 10 Google for Chicago) Distributor
  3. 3. Inefficient Operations Across the channel efforts are duplicated, data is not widely shared, and the sales cycle is lengthened Marketing Fulfillment Local Search Limited Print Brand Traditional 180 ° Carriers / Suppliers 90 ° Distributor 90 ° Agent In order to close the loop, or in other words connect the prospect behavior and marketing programs, you need to be able to connect an initial prospect to the final sale. In the existing model this is very complicated because the interaction data is captured across three different organizations and three or more systems.. 1 1 1 Data Islands 2 Inconsistent Branding While corporate marketers and agencies can do a great job developing compelling story lines and branding it can be exceedingly difficult to push it down the line through the channels. Not only is there a people / communication issue as you cross organizational lines, but at times the motivations of distributors and agents may not be in line with marketering at the suppliers. Lead Handoffs Necessarily, in this structure leads must be passed off between the organizations. This has many implications, but one is that it certainly extends the customer life cycle. 3 3 4 Duplication And finally, at times not only can the channel members duplicate their efforts, sometimes they can even be competing with one another like with search.
  4. 4. Pancake the Interactions One approach is to use technology to either go direct to prospect, or at least eliminate steps in the sales cycle Shorten the cycle… … . with technology
  5. 5. Squeezing Partner Margins Suppliers begin to offer more services and pass on the cost Local Search Limited Print Carriers / Suppliers 90 ° Distributor Marketing Fulfillment One approach some suppliers are taking is to beef up their co-op marketing offerings in part to eliminate the need of like services at the distributor level. Of course, in so doing they will also push the cost to the distributor in the form of lower margins.
  6. 6. Problems Qualifying The inability to close the loop inhibits the ability to truly qualify leads Marketing Fulfillment Local Search Limited Print Brand Traditional 180 ° Carriers / Suppliers 90 ° Distributor 90 ° Agent Data Islands + Multiple Handoffs = Big Problem The inability to relate activity to financial results, and correspondingly the ability to score, results in poor leads being injected into and then passed through the channels. In turn, the cycle of poor leads results in slower responsiveness which further lengthens the already long process and ultimately lead decay.
  7. 7. Cost of Lead Generation Growing Top of the funnel activities are all becoming more expensive Search Traditional Display Email Awareness
  8. 8. Contribution Margin Problems The economic reality underlies the structural problems Customer LTV 20% 80% $120 Avg LTV Attracting – $50 Nurturing – $30 Acquiring – $20 High and growing Driven by channel inefficiencies Paid to agents* What is the acceptable contribution margin for your business? Can you break yours down? Do you know where your problem areas are?
  9. 9. Thank You! Marcus R. Tewksbury Director of Customer Intelligence Alterian Email: [email_address] Twitter: @tewksbum Michael Harrison Chief Strategy Offices Razor Email: [email_address] Join us on December 10 th in St. Louis to learn how we fixed these problems for organizations like yours....